Telstra Windows Phone 7.8 update table heightens hope for a Q1 release

Windows Phone 7.8
Windows Phone 7.8

We began to get rather hopeful with news of an imminent release for the Windows Phone 7.8 update, thanks to a tweet published by UK mobile operator O2. The company has quickly become the premier Windows Phone carrier in the UK, supporting the platform with stock of not only Lumia handsets, but Samsung and HTC as well.

Now Telstra has provided some hints that consumers with Windows Phone 7 hardware won't have to wait too long for the much anticipated update.

If the Australian operator's update tables are anything to go by, Windows Phone 7.8 will be hitting consumers from January 31st onwards. The expected date of arrival is for Lumia 800 handsets, while other Windows Phones are subject to availability - approval and deployment dates have not yet been locked down by Telstra. See all supported Windows Phones below:

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Handset UpdateStatusExpected customer availability dateNotes
Nokia Lumia 800Windows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testing31/01/2013N/A
Nokia Lumia 610Windows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testingTBCApproval/deployment dates not locked down yet. Expected to be available late February/early March
HTC Titan 4GWindows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testingTBCApproval/deployment dates not locked down yet. Expected to be available late February/early March
HTC 7 MozartWindows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testingTBCApproval/deployment dates not locked down yet. Expected to be available late February/early March
HTC HD7Windows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testingTBCApproval/deployment dates not locked down yet. Expected to be available late February/early March
Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone 7.8 updateFirst round testingTBCApproval/deployment dates not locked down yet. Expected to be available late February/early March

Should other mobile operators in multiple markets follow a similar release strategy, we'll expect to see the rollout commence completely by March. That's if the above dates hold out, of course. We'll keep an eye out for more information surrounding the update, but it's definitely not long to go now.

Source: Telstra (opens in new tab), via: WMPU

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  • Nice news! I'm happy to see the 1gen HTC-devices on the list! Can't wait to get the 7.8-update for my HTC 7 pro!
  • I hope we see something from ATT soon, but would not be surprised if they screw their customers again and we won't see any updates for months to come.
    Waiting for Samsung Focus update.
  • I'm still leery about ATT supporting the focus. I mean they neglected to release tango for it after all. Luckily the focus is pretty easy to unlock, so you always have that option if they shaft us again. I'm very glad I took the time to unlock mine so I could update to tango. I couldn't stand the disappearing keyboard any longer. With any luck, if one of the carriers does push it like Rogers in CA did, you will be able to force update.
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  • Okay.
  • Of course the Trophy isn't on the list because they don't carry it. But I'd love to know how & when VZW is going to roll it out.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.
  • This waiting for 7.8 was like waiting for Nokia to release a competitive OS in 2010, when they depending on their camera technology to sell their phones back then. (must have worked I bought N900 & E7)
  • Faster we get 7.8. Faster we grow tired of 7.8. Faster we get we upgrade. With Nokia's quality craftsmanship, I'll grow tired of 7.8 before the phone hardware malfunction. Since the hardware is obsolete already, WP8 replacement is soon to come.
  • Agreed. I can't believe how slow my first Gen focus is compared to my wife's 920. 7.8 is nice having the new start screen, but unfortunately my phone is slow as dirt and therefore I really can't wait to upgrade when my contract is up.
  • I have the focus and I never had any issues with it being slow, what exactly are you doing that the hardware is slowing you down so much?
    When my contract is up I will be going for hopefully the rumoured aluminium Lumia or a MS Surface phone.
  • He's saying that it's slow compared to the new hardware and he's right.
  • I'm disappointed I have to wait 1-2 months to see my HD7 upgrade :( Hopefully, Nokia or HTC will release a flagship mobile with microSD by then so I can finally upgrade to WP8!
  • Swedish Tre (Three) has this on their site:
      Lumia 800 1750.0805.8773.12220 1750.0823.8858.12460 v. 6-7 Windows Phone 7.8 Lumia 610 1066.000.8779.12201 - v. 6-7 Windows Phone 7.8 Lumia 900 2175.2503.8779.12301 2175.2905.8858.12480 v. 6-7 Windows Phone 7.8   v is for W and W is for Week.   I'm right now upgradering to Wp7.8 through nokia care centre. Personally I can't wait this long for an upgrade even though I'm on an unbranded phone :S
  • Just upgraded to Wp7.8. FEELS GREAT! While everything I have saved is gone and I have to download every app again I can't be more satisfied rather than think everyday if it's been released yet. 
  • That is not good. I have and messages I need to keep.
  • write them down like they use to do in the ole'days ... hahaha
  • No word from the premier WP carrier. SMH
  • But when are we going to here from Microsoft? After all they announced the 7.8 update during the summit and then they just leave us to wonder all thus time? I need Microsoft to CONFIRM some information about the release.
  • And not "coming soon."
  • Exactly, manufacturers had to wait for Microsoft to build WP8. Now Microsoft is playing the 'what are the manufacture waiting for roll'. Confirm 7.8 release date Microsoft.
  • Honestly my plan the entire time is to wait until they release the update for unlocked version of the Arrive, then hope XDA gets a copy of the file types then force update it myself like I did with Tango. I'm not gonna wait for Sprint on this one cause I don't think we got Tango Officially yet.
  • This ^
  • I'm tired of waiting. Hope this long awaited WP7.8 will deliver up to expectation. I don't understand why all the time Nokia first and not HTC.
  • HTC is too big. They snuck in when Nokia dropped the ball and kicked it a few times trying to pick it up (this OS, no this OS, no this OS). Nokia is working to regain it's clout. So it's vital L900, L800, & L710 update first, to Nokia loyalists.
  • March. MARCH. That's 10 months since the announcement LOL I saw this comming a mile away. When they say "Quarter X" they always mean "at the end of that period".
    And then they get surprised people will leave for Android and iOS and the WP market doesn't grow.
  • jap, because the update policy on android is much better... o_0 It sucks that MS needs so long for this though!
  • Well, they did started to roll out Jelly Bean not even 2 months after announcement...
  • This is true... Im afraid that Google/Android was scrutinized over this way too much.  And now that their phones are increasing in specs in the "hardware" department, it is only a matter of time before every device will be able to handle any OS revision.  Even though the entire Android phone market is saturated atm, I foresee the Android update process changing in the next few years to accomodate most of its users. 
  • I agree but my thing is when you're fighting to catch up with the competition and you're so far behind you can't afford to make people wait an extended period of time when the platform is already behind in almost every category as far as abilities and apps. Android can roll out updates to older devices whenever they feel like it cause they don't have to claw their way to the top. Their right there already. We're playing catch up and we have to wait and oh yeah, we have to hear the "your phone can't do that?" comment from Android and iOS owners. As far as charm and personality, Windows Phone is better than all other OSs but we're lagging behind the competition and I can't wait to see Microsoft really make some huge leaps.
  • agreed Microsoft really needs to push these updates out faster right after they are ready and not wait for months to do it.
  • I hope the HD7S gets the update if the HD7 does its the same phone but for ATT has a different screen resalution most people have forgotten about this phone even WP Central which didn't have it as an option for device when i was registering 
  • From January 31st onwards, eh? This basically tells me that you might receive the update a few days.....or even several months from January 31st.
  • I have a cv unbranded phone, basically had to send to Nokia for update. I presume Nokia update their unbranded phones rather than carriers.
  • Yeah, unlocked phone users get all the love.
    For us users tied to a carrier, the agonizing wait for WP7.8 will have to commence.
  • Late Feb?? what? no!! 
    no.. please no... I can't wait another month!!!  :( 
  • Why wait for 7.8 just get a new wp8 phone
  • Some people (i.e. anyone that bought a L900 or Titan2 when it launched in the US) is still on contract for another year plus and need this update. Thanks for your valuable comment. Not.
  • People are tied into contracts. And look forward to say that you when win9 comes out and you are waiting for win8 update :P
  • You don't have to spend 600. I bought my 920 for 300 brand new still in the box. Still on contract for another year too but who gives a shit! Buy a new phone!!!! Its not that hard to save for one.
  • Try saving Rs. 38K, that is equivalent to almost 700USD
  • Not only there are people on contracts but also not everyone has 600€ off the bat to waste on a new phone when they bought one not a year ago.
  • Thats what they want you to do it's most likely a bussiness strategy since 7.8 was released to RTM months ago
  • I'm waiting for a flagship WP8 mobile with microSD. I don't want the huge ATIV. I really wanted the 920 to have 32 GB + microSD, but they didn't add it ONLY because it would 'spoil' the design *facepalm*
  • Lol at facepalm!
  • The Lumia 820 has microSD. Sure it's not the flagship but it's pretty close actually. Appart from the Camera aspects, there's not much difference between that and 920.
  • Will this apply for my HTC radar c110e
  • I hope 7.8 has more coming than what was speculated. If not, it will be kinda disappointing for people still clinging on WP7.x  waiting so long for the update.
  • I agree. A wp8 start screen will be great and all but how long will it take for the excitement to fade after playing with the live tiles for a couple of hours on that first day? What about that moment when you realize that we don't have support for new languages, you still can't send a picture message on facebook and nobody's making apps for your phone anymore? But hey, you'll have a pretty lockscreen wallpaper from Bing everyday...
  • sorry to disappoint, but no...unless you have a Nokia. the final revision "release to manufacture" was sent out in November/December I think. Its in the carriers hands for "testing" supposedly.
  • Nope, it won't have much more than the new tiles
  • I am simply amazed they have waited this long to get this update out. My guess is they are expecting a large amount of customers to have upgraded to WP8. With this, it will limit the amount of phones getting the 7.8 update. Resulting in less issues that tech support will have to handle.
  • Australian Titan? There must be hope for the ATT Titan!
  • It's the same as the Titan II in the US
  • All this chart does is confirm that I'll have WP8 long before WP7.8 would land on my phone. HTC 8X heading my way next month. :)
  • All I can do is stare at the calendar and repeat, "Baby step to August 11." (when my 2yrs is up.) Oh, and hope that one of the VZW WP8 devices is on my work's approved smartphone list.
  • I just doesn't even matter to me anymore. By the time the update rolls out, I'll be due for an upgrade.
  • Lumia 900???? Only the most anticipated windows phone 7 phone.
  • you have nothing to worry about bro.   Every nokia phone will see the update <!>  Now the other manufacturers...not so sure.
  • its not on that list because telstra never sold it.
  • Ever since I have upgraded to 7.8 my internet is sucking.......:(:(
  • Strange, I suggest you try to reflash it. I upgraded my L900 yesterday through Nokia care suit and it has never felt any better. 
  • Ordered my Nokia Lumia 920 in early December 2012 - still waiting for delivery and its the 3rd week January 2013. Is it Telstra's fault for not having enough stock or is it Nokias fault for not providing enough stock. Either way is Nokia is to exist and then go on to grow they need to stop making bluners like this.
  • Ordered my Nokia Lumia 920 in early December 2012 - still waiting for delivery and its the 3rd week January 2013. Is it Telstra's fault for not having enough stock or is it Nokias fault for not providing enough stock? Either way if Nokia is to exist and then go on to grow they need to stop making bluners like this.
  • microsoft are fucking shock
    and people say Apple are money grabbers HA
  • Used sevens eighter to get windows phone 7.8 issues working perfectly