Telus' HTC S720 updated to Windows Mobile 6.1

Not to forget our neighbors to the north, users of the HTC S720 (aka the Libra, and a CDMA version of the Vox to the rest of us) on Canadian carrier Telus have a bit to cheer about as an update to Windows Mobile 6.1 has been released [via].

What you'll get in the upgrade:

  • Adds EVDO Rev. A capability for faster download and upload speeds
  • Upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Improves overall device functionality and stability
  • Adds new shortcuts for easy access to TELUS mobile email, TELUS navigator, Pocket Express applications

The larger implication is that official Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades are still rolling out, albeit not as quickly or on as many devices as we'd like. But that's as much (or likely more) of a carrier issue than anything else. So you'll excuse us for taking what we can get. And there are always those back channels for less, er, official upgrades.

Download: HTC S720 update

WC Staff