Tesco Calling brings cheap international calls and SMS to Windows Phone

Should you have family and friends located outside the UK, you'll be able to keep in touch through affordable high-quality voice calls, or for free if you have an app-to-app connection. Calls to over 200 countries kick off from 1p, but using Wi-Fi or data connections you'll be able to text and call for free to another phone with the app installed.

The app integrates with the People Hub to help make the experience convenient by not forcing you to remember numbers or take steps to import contacts. Should you shop at Tesco frequently and own a Clubcard, the app will reward you with points when you top-up.

Calls to the (03) access number are free for Tesco Mobile customers, but should be included in the inclusive allowance for those with other networks, but do check with your operator.

Download Tesco Calling for Windows Phone (free)

QR: Tesco Calling

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Cheaper to call abroad than within the UK, hmm..
  • nvm
  • My dad makes a lot of calls to the Middle East. Currently he uses O2 calling cards or the bolt on. I checked and he currently gets more minutes than Tesco gives and Tescos also charges a connection fee. Nice they made an app though.
  • It looks like the App doesn't have the connection fee which is an added bonus. I think this is only applicable for the Card product.
  • Great..
  • Tesco make great win phone apps
  • Slightly off-topic, but I wish other apps integrated with People hub too. Viber!
  • Yes.. And Viber specially or any of the apps that support video calling should be available to have integrated phonebook with the people hub. It should also be there as an option to choose the default video calling app from the dialer.. My opinion.
    Currently its just the sad and slow skype
  • Hear!
  • Every little helps.
  • thing is there are so many apps that do the same thing.
  • It's better to have more options
  • Yep. I use freecall..topup €10 and get free calls for 90 days.
  • More tax avoidance by Tesco.. No seriously Skype needs to be as cheap or cheaper :)
  • Not working
  • Not available
  • All we need is the banking app & the clubcard app!
  • And the shopping app
  • They used to have a great shopping app for windows phone which wwsnr updated in about 2 years, they pulled the app about 9 months ago. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 930 not supported
  • Why not in ROI?
  • Not available for my NOKIA Lumia 1520 Denim US region
  • People it's only on the UK store so don't try finding it on other stores.
  • This is a UK app so stop complaining its not available in your region if you're not in the UK Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not support in Lumia 520