Unofficial Snapchat client, Swapchat now available for Windows Phone

We've previously looked at Swapchat, an unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone, which has been in beta testing for some time now. Much like Instagram, until an official offering is presently available, developers will look to capitalise on the absence with an app of their own. While we're heard from multiple sources that an official Snapchat app is on its way, it's good to see third-party alternatives for consumers to enjoy. 

If you're not familiar with the name, Snapchat is a service that enables users on multiple platforms to share photos in a rather addictive way. It essentially enables one to set how long images that are sent to other mobile phones will be available and displayed. Of course, the system isn't fool-proof and this doesn't mean images you send can't be kept somehow, so be warned!

Swapchat does sport nearly all the features offered by official Snapchat clients on other platforms. This includes the ability to take photos, add captions, set viewing times and fire it off in to The Matrix. Not only photos, but videos can be received and opened to check out what friends and family have been up to.


Since this is an unofficial (but good looking) client for Windows Phone and not supported by Snapchat, we could experience issues that have plagued other developers who have attempted to work around API restrictions. It's a brilliant start and those who are fans of the photo-sharing service will welcome such a client to the Windows Phone Store. We've been informed by the developer that an update is already in the works too, which will add yet more features. Exciting times ahead.

You can download Swapchat for $1.29 from the Windows Phone Store. Both Windows Phone 7 and 8 are supported. A free version of the app is also being published as we speak and should be live soon. We'll update links accordingly.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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