The Simpsons finally covers esports to showcase how big professional gaming has become

Just when you thought esports hasn't had enough exposure, The Simpsons decides to include the industry at the forefront of a recent episode.

Bart Simpson has really done it all, but he's never followed South Park and took gaming seriously ... that is until now. The Simpsons saw Homer's son become entwined with an esports team playing Conflict of Enemies, a nod to League of Legends. Bart eventually travels to Seoul to compete in a world championship, as covered by CNBC.

This episode is important as esports has yet to be featured in an episode until now and co-executive producer Rob LaZebnik said this episode, in particular, represents the shift within the esports scene, which catapulted it into a multi-million dollar industry with millions of viewers worldwide.

Riot Games was even consulted for the episode, which should benefit the industry as those not familiar with esports would see what it's about in a familiar setting.

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  • I didn't realize that The Simpsons was the benchmark that I should be comparing things in my life to.
  • Yeah of course, where have you been /s Seriously though that's not what this article is saying lol
  • He's referring to the tagline, which is kind of obviously tongue in cheek.
  • I hope they do a Rocket League episode!
  • I can hear the chairs creaking under the obese weight of the esport competitors.
  • This is insulting and stupid. Watch some e-sport and come again.
  • Says the guy who comments on online articles.
  • This is because gaming chairs are built cheap (and sold expensive). Even when an ant walks over them, they start cracking.
  • I agree. I'm 60kgs and have been through way too many damn chairs... Some break at the joints others the fabric goes to **** and peels off. I don't even game all that much to be honest. A few hours here and there.
    Cheap quality and a massive price.
  • Just goes to show that the writers for the Simpsons are old and not really with it anymore. Wasn't the case in the 90's. With that said, there just became a point where the Simpsons just became unwatchable.
  • Two things: 1. Playing video games competitively is not a sport. It requires no athletic ability. If anything, it should be called eGames. 2. People who play eGames are not athletes, not even by the longest stretch of the imagination you can make. Sitting on your ass moving pixels around a screen is not athletics.
  • So... car racing isn't a sport either then?
  • Lol Lol Touché...