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Mark your calendars: April 2015 is when Windows 9 is expected

Windows 8.1 is only a few months old, but we’re starting to learn more and more about Microsoft’s future plans for Windows. It was recently that we learned of “Threshold”, the company wide update for various Windows-based platforms that is expected to come in spring 2015. We’re now learning more about what’s coming on the Windows side of things when Threshold drops in April 2015.

That’s right, the Threshold update for Windows is expected to drop in April 2015. That’s according to Paul Thurrott and his sources at Microsoft. Over at his blog, Paul has shared some more details on what he knows about Threshold and what to expect at the upcoming Build 2014 developer conference.

First off, the Threshold update for Windows will see the platform called Windows 9. We expect an update to Windows 8.1 at the upcoming Build developer conference. That update will probably be called Update 1, but is known internally at Microsoft as GDR1. Update 1 for Windows 8.1 is expected to be finished in March and released to the public for free in April. What’s the big deal with Update 1? It’s anticipated to be step to bring Windows closer to Windows Phone 8.1, which is also expected around the same time – at Build 2014 over the course of a few days in early April.

So Build 2014… it takes place April 2-4 and should be a very big event for all us Windows Phone fans. We should see Windows Phone 8.1 announced and revealed to the public at large. Of course, we know a bit about Windows Phone 8.1 Things like a notification center are coming, as is a smart AI-like feature which has been rumored as “Cortana”. Build will also see a big emphasis on Xbox, with an update expected to drop for the console. Paul also expects a big announcement at Build about the next major release for Windows.

At Build, Microsoft is likely to share information about Windows 9. This version of Windows will look to rectify some of the features in Windows 8 that alienated customers. Windows 9 will look to further strike a balance between traditional PCs and new mobile devices that current and future customers are moving to. Build won’t see any Windows 9 bits, instead the focus will be on outlining their vision for the future of Windows.

We’ll see the maturation and fixing of the Metro design language. What’s this mean? It’s too early to say, but don’t be surprised if we see Windows 8 apps that can be windowed on the desktop. Right now, Microsoft is targeting a release date of April 2015 for Windows 9.

What do you want from the future of Windows?

Source: Supersite for Windows

  • Really❔So, WP9 is coming around September 2015❔
    Also, the goal for WP8.1 is to have 75% of W8's architecture, so will WP9 have over 90% shared architecture❔... That's what interest me.. I guess the Xbox will get a major update to its OS, based off of W9, to complete the whole "threshold" vision.. Interesting, and I can't wait to see what the future brings...
    And, last but not least... If MS can do major updates to Windows desktop so fast, then what takes them so long between major versions of WP❔ Think about that.. Lol❕
  • Should have held this news till we're close yo 2015 lol
  • Microsoft have gone numbers mad!! Windows 8.5 would suffice surely? How about instead of screwing these Windows versions up by removing/fixing things that ain't broke, just so they can run through numbers like they're going out of fashion, they just concentrate on addressing the key issues and user frustrations that exist with Windows 8? I remember a time when they said Vienna would likely be the final version of Windows as we know it, and future versions would be cloud based, still not happened, Microsoft seem desperate to cash in on the brand before its dead in the water or something, so they release a "new" version as often as possible. This means Windows Phone 9 will be out by then too! And 2017 Windows 10, which again will turn businesses further away from Windows. Just release an OS and support and update it (8) until such a time as a fundamental change in computing can be rolled out, such as an entirely cloud-based OS. People hated Vista, people weren't crazy for 7 though it was seen as an improvement, business has shurked away from 8, 8.1 is starting to address some of the issues in 8 and now Microsoft want to kill it off and jump to 9 asap, which we all know will simply be a further update tk Windows Vista, like 7 and 8 and 8.1 were, and basically be the fixed version of 8... Ballmer is starting to look pretty stupid in the strategical department, they really should have waited for the new CEO.
  • I actually agree. People seem to hate every other MS OS. The change to 8 was needed for the future of the industry. But after that, if there is no major change that needs to be done, why make a new OS? Make updates like 8.1 more frequent until people grow more confident in your products. I'd rather build a fan base first before committing to a new project and ditching the old. Kinda like Apple's system right now. They stay on their current OS on their Mac until more advanced hardware is required for a better UI experience. Then they upgrade the OS. That's what MS did with 8, but they are already really far into the future: how much farther can they go? Not necessary yet. In rider to avoid "every other OS hate" once again, take your time with the next one. Don't commit too soon.
  • You'd think they'd heed the lessons taught to the world by Sega and Nokia... Sega announcing The Saturn's successor only a few months after it was released (and even worse Sega of America not knowing was Sega of Japan was doing, and releasing the miserable failure that was the 32X leaving people with their fingers burnt when Sega of Japan was developing and promoting the forthcoming Saturn) which killed consumer trust and led to the Dreamcast struggling sales wise (not helped by developers having their fingers burnt with the Saturn) and then we have Nokia with the "burning platform" memo - it was true, but it was months too early for info like that to be leaked. Shaft your customers at your peril.
  • I just don't think it's the time. Unless Windows 9 is not the official name. Like, I hope that they change the name to 8.2 or 8.3, because consumers would be so confused, exactly what you said. They're starting to warm up to 8, and now you add 9?? A huge slap in the face to consumers everywhere, especially if they change too much too soon.
  • There's little need to call it Windows 9, unless Microsoft are planning to charge for it, and further alienate customers who are already disillusioned with Windows thanks to the fiasco of Vista (which I quite like), the mess it was delivered in and it's short cycle, then 8's metro interface and removal of the start menu etc, by suddenly announcing that 8 is old hat and 9 is on its way. Way to kill Windows 8 PC sales further than they've already slumped? Announce Windows 9!! Microsoft must be walking a tightrope with their partner OEM's at present, because dwindling Windows PC sales and the failure of RT has already smashed confidence in the brand. Windows Phone 7 didn't help the brand either. And Hap know dull well what a snap decision can do to a company, they've still not recovered from Leo's announcement to sell off or close its PC business, despite the decision being reversed and him being removed as CEO less than 2 weeks later. Microsoft really are starting to seem like a company completely out of touch, no wonder Gates wants to have more input with the new CEO in the future.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • How is this too soon? Windows 7: 2009. Windows 8: 2012. Windows 9: 2015. The only difference is that the first two were October launches, while 9 is supposedly April. Are you saying that 6 motnhs alienates everyone, even if it fixes many things people don't like?
  • All the previous aforementioned OS's contained relatively familiar interfaces. Nothing extremely radical like Windows 8. Therefore it didn't take a lot of time to get used to. Something as breakthrough as Windows 8 takes time to grow accustomed to. I wouldn't mind Windows 9 if it kept the same basic objective of Windows 8. However, they just have to prove to the general public that Windows 8 will not be abandoned and that it will still continue to get better as Windows 9 is announced. So many people are buying Windows 8 laptops and don't know how to use Windows 8. I've witnessed it myself. That needs to change before they commit to another project. You know what I mean?
  • Calm down kid. MS screwed the image with bad launch. Then they remember how they got away with vista and they are doing the same here. Its still the OS we all love.
  • lol I laugh when I hear the windows vista thing. Does anyone remember windows me? It lasted like 10 months tops. Microsoft thereafter released XP. Windows me was 100 times worse than vista. I dont even know why people hated vista so much I dont hate it. Windows 8 to me is like Vista. I really like it but it just doesn't have that complete awesome overhaul feel like windows XP or 7 did.   what's interesting to me is that I like the RT side almost more than the desktop side. Per se. I still mostly use the desk top side I wish they would just overhaul the desktop side to be more sleek like the rt side if that makes sense.
  • I think you are underestimating how large of a pile of shit Win ME was, it was easily 1000x worse than Vista. It was like an alpha being released to the public. I installed it on one computer and went back to Win98 asap.
  • That's what im saying they need to improve windows 8 still add cortana improve any little things that are missing and keep supporting it with some more features its has an app store they aren't going about this too well they need to improve os and app support along with more features like messenger needs to be improved Skype alot missing in OS start menu too but I get the rush to change the UI and get people but they need to make sure that windows 8 continues to improve and get apps etc
  • At least with 8.1, 8.2, etc. it is a free update.  Going to 9 surely will NOT be.  I'm sure that is their motivation.
  • Ok.
  •   Too much sugar on your cornflakes this morning? The number is essentially meaningless for the incremental updates. And the code names mean even less at times. WP 8 was Apollo after Mango with 7.8x sandwiched in between. I am happier with the GDRx nomenclature and there has been a lot of conjecture as to when MS would go to Windows 9. Considering by April 2015 Windows 8 will be closing in on 3 years old, I find it comforting we won't be looking at another 10+ years to meaningful update as we did with XP.   Also, IT departments move notoriously slow. Those now having to change before April are moving to Win 7. Conservative, but not a huge leap to Win 8/9 later.        
  • Windows 8.5 would suffice surely?
    No... no it wouldn't. A quick look at recent history would confirm that. Remember the whole Vista fiasco?  It got hammered for its new UI.  (Sound familiar?)  It was slammed for being very different from the prior version of Windows.  (Sound familiar?)  It was planned by the press as a dismal failure.  (Sound familiar?)  It was avoided by consumers.  (Sound familiar?) Microsoft made a few tweaks and fixes to Vista, renamed it "Windows 7," and launched it to huge critical acclaim and eye-popping sales. The same pattern will likely hold with Windows 9.  Fair or not, "Windows 8" is a damaged brand, and Windows 9 will be the "critically acclaimed" version.
  • Hmm this was all somewhat valid until you said Ballmer was stupid. You said it yourself, "cash in on the brand", that's exactly what they are doing... They are a business. They need to make money. And if win9 will do that, then that's what they will do.
  • 8.1 was technically a new os rather than an update and could be seen as win9. That's what my brother told me so must be true!
  • I wouldn't get too amped up on this so early in the day. A lot will happen between now and April 2015.
  • Right.. So, are we gonna be able to upgrade to 9 for free❔ I mean, the update cycle between major version is much faster now...
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  • Brick killed a guy!
  • Nope, it is still three years. XP lifespan  was an anomaly.
  • To answer the initial question put out by Rodney, maybe. Maybe not. I just read on The Verge that Microsoft is using Windows 9 as a "patch" upgrade, to fix Windows 8. Given that information, and assuming nothing else is being added, it might just be an 8-9 free upgrade. Although given the nature of MS I doubt it. That's why I am against calling it Windows 9. People are JUST NOW buying Windows 8 laptops. They just started becoming relatively mainstream. So why go to Windows 9 and have people pay for it, forcing them to get ANOTHER laptop only a year later, or force them to pay for an update for their laptop that they just got? Most people don't do that. The fragmentation needs to be fixed somehow. Edit: here's the link for you guys:
  • How about MS fixing the touch pad issues on all laptops.
    I setup a brand new dell today for a customer still opening other already apen apps in the background or desktop ect.
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  • True that...great game, go pats...
  • I don't remember where I see this new before but threshold is going to name Windows 8.2
    First time I hear about Windows 9.
    I don't think this is going to be good to Microsoft.
  • I think of it then weep.
  • Woohoo! Just got Dell Venue Pro 8, running 8.1, and now in a little more than a year, I'll get an upgraded OS! It's like getting a new computer again....., at least I hope! Great reporting Sam
  • Keep in mind that it will not be free .... Like every big Windows update
  • But, that's my question.. If MS is going to seriously shorten the update cycle the how can they not make these updates free❔... Something's got to give.
  • Why wouldn't it be free? Windows 8 was not well received (I like it) and the added fact that MS now has a windows store to get some revenue from... Why wouldn't windows 9 be free?
  • We don't know the answer to that question yet..
  • Why the hell should it be free? Just because they are a big company does not mean they should give everything away for free. MS already gives out a ton of free stuff especially for students, schools, etc. If you don't want to spend a bit stay with Win8. The price has gone down a lot already, I remember when we were paying $400+ for new Windows; now with the faster releases the price is already at $200 for the most expensive version. One thing I hope MS never does is make Windows subscription based like they screwed up Office already.    
  • U must be working as a lawyer for MS and fear u won't get paid.. Why else would someone WANT to pay when the company may give it for free?. Apple recently announced that Mavericks OS will be free.. On top of that its giving iwork for free too (I know apple won't do that to its top selling product lol) ok so.. MS is already plagued by a plethora of viruses and malwares imagine how hard it is to maintain 3 main OS and variations of it at any point of time. Now imagine if the OS is free.. Everyone will upgrade so it only needs to do security updates for the latest updates... At present windows is the only main OS that is still paid. Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, chrome OS.
  • Lol at the idea that Ubuntu and chrome are in the same league as windows.
  • +1
  • U can lol all u want doesn't change the fact that Ubuntu and chrome OS are free and are alternatives that run on much of the same hardware as windows. No one really thought android could even compare to the likes of apples IOS(some still think its not there yet) but look at its growth. Many assembled PC owners opt Ubuntu. Google is tried hard with chrome and android comes installed in the new windows PCs.
  • Chrome is a glorified browser, and isn't "free" it's paid for with ads and data mining. If 99% of the worlds software won't run on it, it's not a viable OS. What sort of product support do you get with Ubuntu? What kind of guarantee is their for updates and bug fixes? I'm not saying they're not OS's, but to suggest that because they are free, windows should be too is like saying, homeless shelters (Chrome OS) are free, and you can get plans to build your own house for free using found and reclaimed items (Ubuntu), so all homes should be free.
  • lol, love the analogy  
  • Wrong interpretation.. I didn't say since Ubuntu is free windows should be free.. I m saying free alternatives are available. I have used Ubuntu but I like mac os far better. I have not used chrome OS but I ve heard it has limitations (internet connectivity) but those are eating away on Microsoft's share.. Mac os is pretty much stagnant its growth graph is horizontal. 1 user gained in these 2 OS is 1 user lost for MS. Now imagine if MS give the OS for free to users.. The advantages are many.. Other than the few I mentioned earlier..losses from pirated software, maintaining an anti piracy wing are areas MS can save.. So far u haven't mentioned one reason for why it should be a paid upgrade.
  • Because companies need money to develop software and provide product support and to pay for the FREE upgrades and updates that they do constantly produce and offer.
  • Also many of those 'free' alternatives utilize advertizing and data mining to make their money. I would rather pay for a product then have my data used, or see ads everywhere.  
  • "U must be working as a lawyer for MS" I wish.  
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch for consumers. Only payment in other ways like advertising or data mining. The same can be said about open source. Its not always a good choice.
  • Yea, it will not be free, Ofcourse. But will be cheap in price for licensed users.
  • Sounds good. Maybe we can get those folders now. Can't wait to see how WP 8.1 will be and then integrated with RT.
  • boom
  • Wow, that's pretty soon. Only now am I getting ready to upgrade to Windows 8 (8.1 actually) xD Hopefully they offer a generous discount like they did at the launch of Windows 8.   Well, good for Microsoft. There are definitely still some things that need to be cleaned up in Windows 8.1. Will Windows 9 RT also be announced?
  • "Threshold" is the group of updates coming out in April 2015 that includes W9, WP integration with W9 and RT merging with WP, and Xbox One improvements that work with W9 as well. Everything is going to be integrated with everything. But Threshold is going to be eliminating RT, so that only WP OS will be found on tablets and convertibles. So unfortunately, there will be no W9RT.
  • Let in begin...LET IT BEGIN!
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  • Really... Just got 8.
  • Hope they make it a free upgrade like 8.1
  • My guess would be no. If it was 8.2 then ya but 9 will most likely cost money.
  • It's like you people haven't been following anything at all about Microsoft. It will most probably be a UPDATE for Win 8.1. And as MS transisions to a devices and services company, they are moving more toward the Apple model of handling software updates. Windows 8 wasn't an update for win7, but win9 is just an update for win8, they're not just going to fix quibbles that people have with the current OS and call it a brand new one, are they?
  • +(insert infinity sign)
  • I am trialing windows 9 now
  • I'm alpha testing WIN10
  • I'm using WIN95 :P
  • I'm excited for build :P
  • Curious what their update model is going to be like. I'm assuming we'll have to pay for W9. How much?
  • man, over a year left! :P
  • Wow, you guys have already bought your 2015 calendars? Thats what I call forward thinking.
  • Hopefully its a back track to 7
  • Hopefully it won't
  • Hopefully it will be. Windows 8 is a joke. Its no good for businesses. Its a gimmick
  • Not sure how a whole operating system can be a gimmick lol.
  • My only computer with Windows 8 is my business laptop. I love the workflow of it. I have never had an issue, and actually prefer it to 7 now. You just have to know how to use it. :)
  • You're obviously not aware of the corporate world; you've just highlighted the key issue for business - users don't know how to use newer OS's because Microsoft seem intent on changing things for no apparent/useful reason, and actually in some cases, takes a step back (Win 8, start screen is pathetic for non-touch devices, removal of the start menu was absurd), and when they make these changes, business don't upgrade because it costs lots of money, time and lost hours of productivity to retrain staff to use pointless changes. I know of a few major employers in the UK who are "still" using Windows XP and will "still" continue to use it long after April 2014 has come and gone - when you have 40,000+ employees, and thousands of systems in operation, upgrading to 7/8 was always going to be a challenge and as it stands, systems are still deployed with XP for the simple reason of employee's.
  • What type of WP device do you have❔
  • At present Lumia 920, Lumia 620 (going soon), Lumia 710 (backup workhorse), Lumia 610 (work phone). Due an upgrade in April so hopefully a 1020 providing they've not announced a successor for it by then, otherwise I might hold off for it. :)
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  • Lol❕.. Not a argument,,, a lesson...
  • You are correct. Its late over here.
  • Time for bed now.. Tomorrow we'll talk about what we learned tonight.. Nite, Nite❕ Don't let the bedbugs bite❕❕❕
  • Thank you! I didn't want to step into the quarrel between them but the "Heir" was really itching my inner-History buff =P
  • Why not❔.. People should speak up against racism.
  • If I was up to me I would ban you both for polluting these threads with your useless bickering. Not everyone wants to scroll through all this crap when trying to read peoples opinions on the posted article.
  • +1 it's like watching two kids with buckets on their heads colliding into each other repeatedly
  • I'm from Braunau/Austria (yes, Hitler's birth place) and if you say Heil Hitler here you should better run fast. You should really stop this shit, as rodney said ...
  • It's so unfortunate that there isn't a "flag comments" button here. This sort of hateful troll diatribe is what I'd expect on a site targeted to nerdy virgin Google fanboys, not Windows.
  • Yeah... I've never seen something like that on a Google/android related forum so... no, just no.
  • Couple of points, in most cases I find that xp is still deployed, not for the sake of the employee but for the sake of IT and the fact that they have no plan in place and they have no system management tools or application testing plans. If a company with over 40000 employees has neither of these and plan to stick with XP after April then the only thing they are planning for is a disaster after official support ends because at some point it's going to happen.
  • Oh yes, the company in question isn't exactly familiar with terms such as redundancy etc, but then they're also not familiar with spending millions every time Microsoft need to raise there share price. I'll leave the company un-named for the sake of privacy (private company) but they run hotels, coffee shops etc... In the UK, narrows it down considerably. The NHS, the 3rd largest employer in the worl