The time is right for PlayStation to bring Spider-Man to the PC

Marvels Spider Man Landing
Marvels Spider Man Landing (Image credit: Windows Central)

Once completely unheard of, times they are-a-changing in PlayStation Towers. Sony isn't just putting its first-party titles on console anymore, and after the likes of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, we're now going to be treated to God of War. Fantastic stuff.

The reason I still own a PlayStation is because of Sony's exclusive games. You haven't needed an Xbox console for some time now to enjoy Microsoft's newest first-party bonanzas, which for PC-first gamers is definitely a blessing. But even with Sony's newfound love for the PC, you're still going to need to have a PS5 if you want the latest and greatest.

That's fine because let's face it, Sony doesn't have the wide array of monetization options at its disposal that the Microsoft-owned Xbox brand does. Without making money none of this happens. So this drip-feed of, admittedly, older Sony games is certainly enough to scratch the itch of many a PC gamer. But where next? Well, after Dad of Boy there's one title that I feel would be welcomed above all others.

It's time for Spider-Man.

The time is right for Spider-Man

Marvels Spider-Man

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

We're a few games in now, they've been well received and a few bugs (which you're always going to get) aside, performance has been good so far on the PlayStation games on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn even seems to work on the upcoming Steam Deck, which is of extra interest, but it does seem that Sony is doing things right.

So now the waters have been tested it's time to bring out the really big guns. Spider-Man coming to PC would be huge. And it's a perfect time for it, too. Marvel hype is building back up again, we've just had the superb Guardians of the Galaxy game, and a year has passed since the launch of the PS5 and the remastered version of the first game. Sony has just announced a full sequel that will bring Miles and Peter back together with Venom making a much-anticipated arrival.

Nobody is expecting Sony to get to a point of day and date arrivals on PC for its games, however exciting that thought may be. The PS5 is still impossible to get hold of so holding out that Spidey could be a "console seller" is ridiculous even to the most stubborn marketing managers. The Spider-Man remaster is perfect for PC. It looks better, plays better, has all that fancy ray tracing kids go crazy for these days, and let's not forget, it's an older game.

Get it onto PC and let a whole new audience enjoy it as the hype train slowly rolls towards the sequel over the next couple of years. After all, by the time Spider-Man 2 comes out, maybe these new fans would be able to drop some money on a PS5 to play it on.

The best game you haven't played

Spider-Man is one of my all-time favorite games and it would certainly be one of the best PC games. I've played it on PS4 and PS5 and would I play it again on PC? Without hesitation. Sony put it on PlayStation Now briefly but, ugh, that's no way to experience it on PC honestly.

I'm not here to review it, plenty have already done that, but if you're a fan of Marvel, superheroes, singleplayer games, great stories, good voice acting, and stunning graphics, Spider-Man has it all.

And it was this compelling back in its original form, limited to 30 FPS on the last-gen console.

To be clear, I don't know anything and I don't know what the arrangements are between Sony and Marvel, whether this could even happen if everyone involved wanted it to. But it's now such a no-brainer I feel like if it could happen, it should.

Come on, Sony, make our day.

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