Build your own Tiny Tower in the Star Wars universe on Windows and Windows Phone

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a business simulation game developed by Disney Mobile and NimbleBit (published by LucasArts), which has come to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, alongside Android and iOS devices.

The latest title is based on NimbleBit's previous hit game, Tiny Tower but is set in the Star Wars universe. Tiny Tower wasn’t available for Windows Phone, so it’s great to see LucasArts/NimbleBit on Windows Phone Store finally.  

The goal of the game is to build and expand a space station - th Death Star - while attracting virtual people known as galactic bitizens to build and run virtual businesses within the Death Star. As you go along, you earn credits to expand your Death Star, and build over 80 types of Star Wars themed residential and commercial floors.

The game has a pretty cool retro Star Wars feel, and while it gets to you slowly, is extremely addictive. Some may find the gameplay to be a little slow, and repetitive though. If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan and are after some action, this is probably not for you.

You can download the game for free for Windows Phone 8 on Windows Phone Store. It is 59 MB, so get on the Wi-Fi when you hit the store. It’s a decent game, and since it’s free, it’s a good addition to your collection. If you're on the desktop or tablet, download the title from the Windows Store.

Via: WPScoops; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Abhishek Baxi