Build your own Tiny Tower in the Star Wars universe on Windows and Windows Phone

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a business simulation game developed by Disney Mobile and NimbleBit (published by LucasArts), which has come to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, alongside Android and iOS devices.

The latest title is based on NimbleBit's previous hit game, Tiny Tower but is set in the Star Wars universe. Tiny Tower wasn’t available for Windows Phone, so it’s great to see LucasArts/NimbleBit on Windows Phone Store finally.  

The goal of the game is to build and expand a space station - th Death Star - while attracting virtual people known as galactic bitizens to build and run virtual businesses within the Death Star. As you go along, you earn credits to expand your Death Star, and build over 80 types of Star Wars themed residential and commercial floors.

The game has a pretty cool retro Star Wars feel, and while it gets to you slowly, is extremely addictive. Some may find the gameplay to be a little slow, and repetitive though. If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan and are after some action, this is probably not for you.

You can download the game for free for Windows Phone 8 on Windows Phone Store. It is 59 MB, so get on the Wi-Fi when you hit the store. It’s a decent game, and since it’s free, it’s a good addition to your collection. If you're on the desktop or tablet, download the title from the Windows Store (opens in new tab).

Via: WPScoops; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

  • Love star wars YAY!
  • Nice! Massive Star Wars fan here and this game looks intriguing. Glad to see it on WP8 as well.
  • "These are not the droids you are looking for."
  • Tiney tower took over my life. my tower was ridiculously tall and it took soooo long to do what was needed to be done. Uuuughhh. This is happening again...
  • Omg I know!!!!!
  • Must...resist...
  • Given into your fear! Fear leads to the dark side!
  • Finally! Love it!
  • So glad to see official games coming to WP8 as well as apps! And this one looks so coooool!
  • It lists ARM.  Is it on RT as well?
  • Found it.  Installed on my Surface 2.
  • I played the original Tiny Tower like crazy. Enough that I'm burned out on the whole concept. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm tempted to download this.
  • Downloading right now. Thanks Disney!!
  • Is it Lumia 820?
  • Yeah! Installed on wife's 820, and clicked with my 1020. :-)
  • I would like to see Star Trek game in Windows Phone ! Yeah lol 
  • Me too! Lol not too into Star Wars...
  • Same here xD
  • looks a lot like world of rabbit, which is an awesome wp game
  • The most important line in this article "alongside android and IOS devices".
  • I agree, that is what amazes me the most. Traction.....gained.
  • I wonder if Xbox live on WP is ever going to live up to its potential. The Xbox division's apparent aversion to WP seems at odds with the corporate decision to spend $7 billion on Nokia's devices business. Games should be easier to certify so when you get multi platform releases like this the WP version stands out. What a change from when WP was released back in 2010.
  • It bugs me. Titles like this should automatically be granted XBox certification. 
  • Awesome! Downloading right now!
  • Downloading this, I will.  Alot of fun, I shall have.  The construction force is strong with this one.
  • Installing. . . . (lumia520)
  • Sweet! I loved TIny Tower, and Tiny Tower + Star Wars sounds like an awesome combo.
  • Noooo... So much wasted time with Tiny Tower. Now this...
  • A lot like the old sim tower game?
  • Wow. It launched alongside iOS and Android? I may stick with WP8 awhile longer. Thanks Disney!
  • Sort of like a Game Dev Story type of experience?? If so im pumped!! Downloading
  • Cool saw this mentioned in an article elsewhere and it referenced ios and android - not WP8. Glad to see it's here just the same...
  • Downloaded, looks very interesting but... is there any option to disable sounds? I can see any option menu...
  • After you've played for a minute and been through the tutorial bits you'll see a menu button at the bottom right. Mine appeared after I was shown that I can watch scenes etc.
  • I found it! Thank you!
  • I thought my tiny tower days were over
  • I dont like it
  • So nice to get sweet titles like this on the same day as other platforms!
  • Is there a way to disable the download restriction when not using wifi??
  • Finally! This is what I have been expecting for C:
  • It's so dense, every single image has so many things going on.
  • This game is strangely addicting
  • Nice! Looking forward to playing this during my commute!
  • whaat. I quit tiny tower after maxing it up through several patches. this is a bad idea, but i must support this on windows phone and windows.
  • Congrats, Abhishek, on a great article. Welcome to the WPCentral team.
  • Thanks! :-)
  • Weird. The app doesn't show up in a store search.
  • It does for me. The title as well as the publisher 'LucasArts'.
  • The WPCentral link works, as usual.
  • would love to see a guide here
  • I don't think i can call the first picture is a quality one, is that from 1020?
  • Great game, love the fact it has a wide live tile with your tower stats.
  • anyone else having an annoying crackling sound in game?
  • The fact that a popular, polished game like this is coming out on Windows Phone at the same time as Android and iOS makes me happy. Also the fact that it's free and not $3 like a lot of ported games. Windows Phone is finally getting some traction in publisher support. Keep 'em coming!
  • Being a current WP fan and ex-iPhone4 owner, it's really weird seeing NimbleBit on my Lumia. I just can't. Next up, bring on Rayman Fiesta Run. 
  • Yay tiny tower!
  • Love this game so much! It's so addicting...
  • Played this game throughout the whole weekend.  Its hardly a 'game' really, but so darn addictive.   My wife plays a game called Happy Street on her GS3, and I never understood why she was addicted to it.  Now I know.
  • BTW... I built the Holonet Cineplex... and I noticed that it has movie posters for New Hope, Empire and Jedi... and it occured to me... if the Bitizens on the Tiny Death Star are watching the trilogy, don't they realize their fate?