Top Windows Phone Games from Magma Mobile

Magma Mobile is a gaming developer that has quietly built up a rather impressive and popular portfolio of Windows Phone games. Many of the gaming titles are great time wasters with challenging game play and nice graphics.

For this weekend's Windows Central Roundup, we have plucked a few of the top rated games from Magma Mobile's collection to spotlight. You can find the full, 40 game collection through this link or simply by searching Magma Mobile in the Windows Phone Store.

Bowling 3D

Bowling 3D

Bowling games can be a fun way to pass the time with. Games can be relatively quick and challenging. Bowling 3D is one of three bowling games from Magma Mobile and approaches things from a more traditional manner.

Bowling 3D Menus

Game play supports up to four players (pass and play fashion) and the ability to choose your own bowling ball style. There are 15 styles of bowling balls ranging from sparkly balls, solid colors and sports themed bowling balls (baseball, basketball, etc.).

Game mechanics are simple. You tap/slide sideways at the screen to position your bowling ball on the lane. Then swipe down the lane to send your ball towards the pins. Bowling 3D's course of play follows your typical game of bowling with ten frames in a game.

Bowling 3D Game Screens

Bowling 3D may not have the most bling when it comes to Windows Phone bowling games but if you are in the marked for a simple, challenging game of bowling it is worth a gander.

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Plumber is a challenging puzzle game where you work to prevent a flood from happening. You are presented with a maze of pipe sections that have to be rotated to connect both sides of the gaming board and let the water flow safely from one side to the other and stop the rising waters.

Plumber has two gaming modes that include an Arcade Mode where you make the connections to keep the water from rising and a Challenge Mode that is more level based.


Game mechanics are simple with Plumber. Just tap on a section of pipe to rotate it and make a connection. Pipes that are connected to a water source will turn silver with the red pipes not being connected. To add to the challenge, some sections of pipe are locked and cannot be rotated. The rising water levels are indicated to the right side of the gaming screen.

Plumber comes across as a fun, casual gaming title from Magma Mobile

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Burger is a Windows Phone game for the short order cook in all of us. You are hired by a chain of fast food restaurants to serve customers as fast as you can, earning money along the way.

Burger Menu

The game screen will display your available ingredients across the bottom of the screen and your order will display down the right side of the screen. You will need to build the meal in the specific order given by the customer. As you advance through the game, side orders become available for customers to order (ice cream, french fries, etc.)

Time is money and you will need to serve customers quick enough to reach the daily goals before the game timer hits zero. Burger includes three gaming modes that include a Career Mode, Time Attack and Burger Creator. Time Attack sees how much money you can earn within the time limits and Burger Creator is a free play mode where you have access to all the ingredients to see what fast food creation you can make.

Burger Game Screen

Burger will test your reaction and speed during game play and you may be surprised how tough it is to make the customer happy.

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Words! is a Windows Phone game that puts a slight twist on the classic word search styled games. A list of words is displayed at the top of the game screen that you must find in a field of letters. Tap and hold on a letter to trace one of the words in the list. You can trace sideways, up, down and at angles to find the words.

Words! has two game modes that includes a Challenge Mode, which is a level based game and a Time Attack Mode that has you finding as many words as possible before the clock hits zero.


The Time Attack has three time sessions (1,3,5,10,20 and 30 minutes) while the Challenge Mode has three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard), each having 21 levels per difficulty.

The layout of the game is uncomplicated, game play challenging and overall Words! is a fun title to pass short bits of time with. It is also a game that should be appealing to Windows Phone gamers of all ages.

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Bubble Blast Marbles

Bubble Blast Marbles

Bubble Blast Marbles is a Windows Phone arcade game designed much in the same style as Sparkle or Zuma. You have a row of different color marbles slowly a path and it is your job to eliminate them all before they reach a pyramid.

Bubble Blast Marbles Menu

To eliminate the bubbles, you have to shoot marbles into the row, creating a match of three or more of the same color marble. As the marbles are eliminated, the remaining marbles will roll back to create a solid chain that often triggers a chain reaction of color matches.

Your cannon that shoots these marbles runs the bottom of the screen. You can fire the cannon by tapping/holding the screen to move it in place and when you release the screen, it will fire. You can also just tap on the screen where you would like the marble shot and the cannon will line things up and fire.

Should a marble reach the pyramid, you will lose one life point for every marble. Bubble Blast Marbles is somewhat generous with your life points beginning the game with 100 points in the Arcade mode and 15 per level in the Challenge (or Normal) mode. The Arcade Mode is more of a survival game where the Challenge Mode has 75 levels of play.

Bubble Blast Marbles Game Screen

The game does pick up in speed the further you progress and the path of the marbles changes as well. To help you survive, bonus items will fall from the top of the game screen that you can collect with your cannon. These items include exploding marbles, freeze rays and one that will slow down the marble chain so you can pick your shots more carefully.

Bubble Blast Marbles has somewhat modest (but nice) graphics compared to similar games but the challenge is present. In playing the Windows Phone game over the past few days, it comes across as a nice time consumer of a game.

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What is your Favorite?

In many respects, the Magma Mobile collection reminds me of the penny arcade games that are a fun way to pass short bits of time with. However, many of these games have more meat on the bone, providing a little longer entertainment stretch.

We have highlighted five of the higher rated Windows Phone games from Magma Mobile and if we have missed your favorite title from the Magma Mobile collection, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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