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Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio may not merge their PC divisions after all

Several months ago, reports came in that Japan-based Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio were planning to merge their PC divisions into one company. Now, a new report claims that merger may not happen after all.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

Japan Industrial Partners Inc., a fund that purchased a controlling stake in Vaio from Sony Corp. in 2014, has already left the negotiations, they said. Fujitsu is still in discussions with Toshiba, but neither wants to take a majority of the proposed joint company, putting the talks at risk of falling apart, said several people briefed on the matter.

The merger talks reportedly started in December, with the idea that combining the three PC divisions would create a new and better company in the smaller PC market. However, it would appear that Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio could decide to go ahead and move on without any deal.

  • Well the laptop market is already flooded. A major joint wasn't that bad idea.
  • They all should merge with Samsung and make a good 2 in 1 laptop.
  • VAIO Z Canvas is a great product, but cannot compete with Surface Pro 4 on price, its too expensive, they should redesign the Z Canvas for a 2016 version but using less expensive specifications like Intel core M 3 and 64GB of storage for $599, Intel Core M3 is the same chip on the Surface Pro 4 and is much more affordable while keeping great specs much higher than Cherry Trail.
  • The qosmio wasn't have bad just not alot of configurations to make it competitive