Touch HD Hitting Germany, Italy

Our desire to use a Touch HD has been so strong that we've been accused of drooling and, well, fair's fair: we're pretty giddy. Sure, we've been burned by high expectations before (Hello Vox!), but could any device with a 480x800 screen and decent power to back it up really treat us bad?

We suppose it could in two ways: 1. failing to be usable and 2. failing to be used. With regard to the first point -- all indications we've seen so far leave us hopeful. With regard to that second point -- while we're happy to hear that O2 in Germany is picking up the Touch HD for 659 Euro and Telecom Italia is expected to carry it for the heftier 849 Euro (Google Translation), HTC's Europe-First policy is starting to harsh our mellow. Yes, it's much easier to develop a dual-band 3G than it is to get the US-compatible Tri-Band going, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.

Thanks to Diego for the Italia tip!

WC Staff