Touch Pro 2 and Nokia N97 do epic battle

We've been watching with great interest the Nokia N97 (be sure to check out all of Nokia Experts' excellent coverage, as well as Matthew Miller's review of the N97), as it's one of the closest competitors to the HTC Touch Pro 2. And while we're still waiting on the Touch Pro 2 to be released in the U.S., it's available outside North America.

So here, now, is a 10-minute battle royale from TeknoReview between the non-U.S. Touch Pro 2 and the Nokia N97, just to whet your appetite for our own Smartphone Round Robin in the coming months.

Via wmpoweruser

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  • great review as always from him
  • Please make a comparison between Touch Pro 2 and the Samsung Omnia Pro.
  • Great review! I'm glad the HTC Touch Pro 2 won, not a big fan of Nokia. But I think that phone will soon lose its championship when the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is released. Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 vs. HTC Touch Pro 2! Can't wait.
  • I am a bigger fan of HTC. However I own shares of Nokia and took a major hit today (down 14%), so I am rooting for them to make great phones. Everyone agrees that they need help in the smartphone dept.
  • I too am looking forward to compare the TP2 with the new Omnio Pro. I'm a big fan of HTC phones, however without the larger screen there is little benefit to upgrade from the touch pro. The Omnia Pro provides the larger screen and additional horsepower.
  • Hands down Touch Pro 2 is on my purchase list when it gets released in USA. I hope it is going to be July 23 and it isnt delaied.
  • That was a priceless review - thank you. I think the HTC TP2 is aesthetically and in the UI, FAR MORE SUPERIOR looking than the Nokia N97. Nokia's phone looks so dull man. HTC hit a homerun, and I am having a ubber hard time deciding between this and the Palm Pre... I guess I'll have to fiddle with both to truly know. But anyway, thanks for the review. It was entertaining and useful.
  • Please compare the Touch Pro2 to the G2 (G1 successor with a keyboard) when it comes out...
  • Another vote for the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610....My next phone is likely to be either the Sammy or the TP2. Hopefully they'll both come to AT&T so I will get to decide.
  • compare the tp2 with the omnia HD. I have had the tp2, n97, and omnia HD. All awesome pieces, but i would like your opinion. Your reviews are always excellent.
  • I'm a big fan of HTC too, but I'd like to see a side by side "SMACK DOWN" battle between the Touch Pro 2 and the Palm Pre!:0) Can't wait...
  • Tho thumbs down for the Nokia N97. With all the Modern Technology , its a pitty you can only read office documents, and need to pay for the installation if you want to write or modify them. I mean, you are paying that much for a smartphone, that isnt that smart. besides this, I love it.
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