Treo 800w Will Not Arrive Until Summer, Possibly Late Summer

We're listening in on the Palm Quarterly Results Conference call and we have some bad news to report. CEO Ed Colligan just confirmed our worst fear, with regard to “new Windows Mobile Treos,” he said this:

Those products are not coming out this quarter.

Ouch. Earlier in the call Colligan said new Windows Mobile Treos would be released “before the end of summer.” If you're currently entered in our Treo 800w Rumortastic Giveaway, it's time to go update your guess.

That giveaway, if you didn't know, is that we are going to give away a Treo 800w plus some great extras to a lucky commenter who can guess the release date.

On the bright side, Colligan is also saying that the new Treo (which he didn't name, but come on!) “will be the most competitive enterprise solution in the marketplace.”

WC Staff