Want to turn off the screenshot sound in Windows Phone? There's a setting for that

You've seen something awesome on your Windows Phone (perhaps a sunny day in England reported by a weather app) and you wish to share this screen with the world. Taking screenshots is super easy and fast (hold power and tap the Start key).

The only issue with taking screenshots on any Windows Phone, especially when wearing earphones and listening to music, is the camera shutter sound when an image has been saved. Luckily, there's an easy way to disable this audible alert.

Head to Settings > Ringtones + Sounds and disable "camera shutter." This will turn off the sound played when taking screenshots on your Windows Phone. Job done. There is a small catch, however.

It's super easy to disable the camera shutter sounds.

It's worth noting that not only will the screenshot sound be disabled, but also the camera shutter sounds in general (when taking shots with the camera itself). There are a number of hidden settings on Windows Phone that perform general alterations not clearly labelled by Microsoft, the camera shutter being one by also affecting the screenshot sound.

It would be good to have a separate check box for camera shutter and screenshots in future, but at least there's a way to save your ears from the sometimes loud camera shutter sound.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • It's a big catch for me.. I like the elegant 'tick' of the camera shutter, but the screenshot capture sound is really loud and harsh. They should have been separate.
  • Especially when you're in public.. People look up and think you're taking pictures of them..
  • Agreed...I get it at work.  I'll try to take a SS for something in the forums here and the guys in the other cubes ask why I'm taking a photo.  It's just weird, haha.  I don't understand why it still makes a noise when you have the phone turned to silent too.
  •  I don't understand why it still makes a noise when you have the phone turned to silent too.
    This. I wish there was an option to silent the screenshot sound only when the phone is silent.
  • It comes from the requirement to have the camera shutter still sound when the phone is on silent. This is a legal requirement in some countries to help prevent voyeurism (you'll likely find that the camera shutter check box in this article is not present for those countries). So I guess it's inherited because both features use the same sound profile.
  • This is my biggest issue
  • This, espeically if you need to screen shot something when your on the toilet!
  • Yeah, and you might end up using camera instead of screenshot :D :P
  • Yeah by "accident""" lol!!❕❕❕❕
  • +928 thanks for the laugh
  • We know you are Rodney. We're on to you.
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  • What's with the lisp?
  • It's Shawn Connery day..
  • Yes indeed.
  • yeah, I hope windows phone 8.1 fixes this. I hate screenshot sound but I like camera's
  • Interesting.   I never noticed that screen shot taking had a sound since I always immediately disable the camera shutter sound.
  • This.
  • Haha! I was thinking the same thing. ;)
  • Me too. I personally find shutter sounds dumb.
  • Its like the roar of the new M5. It comes out of the speakers inside the car. LOL
  • Haha, seems the news for us is that we can turn on screenshot sound ;)
  • This just shows the lack of consideration by the WP team.. After almost 4 years this is ridiculous... I'm not going to make any excuses up for MS on this one.. Things like this, and separate volume controls, should've been there since day one..
  • They're just so inconsiderate. Absolute travesty. But you do realise in some markets these sounds can't be disabled at all, in an effort to reduce people taking voyeuristic photos?
  • It's really not about these sounds in particular.. It's the fact of the matter.. It's about how MS, and the WP team have been really slow to give us the basics.... It's about prioritization❕
    For instance.... Would more people have found Kids Corner useful, or separate volume controls????
    Would it have been better to add VPN support, or Local Scout❔.....
    I can't think of the last time I've ever used local scout, but if I forget to turn down the universal volume down at night a new email can almost give me a heart attack... Lol!... It's just been bad prioritization, and planning, on MS's part, and who can argue with that?... I'm not saying that WP is bad, because I think it's awesome, but article's like this really open your eyes... That's all.... No need for ⬇⬇hat kind of crap❕
  • While I'm sure you know this, if you press the icon next to the profile (e.g. Ring or Ring+Vibrate) it will change it to Silent or Vibrate only. I rarely have my phone set to give out an audible alert tone so I find this more than good enough for my uses.
  • Yeah, we know all the workarounds.. Thanks though❕❕❕
    But, an intuitive OS isn't about finding workarounds.... :-(
  • I keep sending you those emails in the middle of the night Rodney.......so far no luck.
  • haha
  • Lol❕❕❕.. What❔❔❔❔
  • Make your own phone OS and make sure this isn't missed out.
  • That's dumb...
  • Fair point
  • Whining or not, he's right. And you know that very well.
  • It's not whining.. I know what real whining is, and I squash that very fast... Just because we're hardcore WP fans doesn't mean that we have to act like sheep, and accept everything MS does as gold.. I've never been a mindless fanboi, and I don't think I ever will... To me there is no greater OS than WP, at least for myself, but it isn't without it's inherent flaws...
    This guy is in competition with some WP haters, and he's too much on the defensive for his own good.. That's his problem... But he better watch who he's telling to shut up....
    Nevertheless, thanks for not being foolish like some other WP fans!!❕❕
  • Thanks Rich❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • "..not going to make any excuses up for MS on this one.."   Well, how about a 'real' excuse.  It is a 'legal' requirement to have an imaging device make a sound in some countries/regions and even venues.   So you could have an App open on the screen that was being feed video from the Camera and use the Screenshot feature to take an image of the 'real world', thus making this legally required to MAKE A SOUND.   Things that exist outside of your little world do exist and there are reasons they exist. 
  • And, with WP's restrictions what app can do that?... Lol❕❕.. We shouldn't be making any excuses up, but if you insist on doing so then at least don't use a theoretical situation that has nothing to do with anything.... :-):-):-).. Do you hate me❔
  • Well, pardon my active imagination but could this article be a smart way of telling us this function would be available for Windows Phone 8.1 but not outright admit that it is. If so... Awesome!
  • No.. Because, everything that WP8.1 has is no secret, and WPC has gone out of there way to even make a list of things that are included in the update.. Why would they hold back something so small?
  • Because none of that mentioned list are all things leaked by WPC. Dan has been wise to make small hints here and there but at the same time avoiding spilling out all at once.
  • Discovered this forever ago, which I was happy about. The camera shutter was annoying me both when taking screenshots, and when taking photos. Win-win, heheheh.
  • Not for me. I sometimes let other ppl use my phone to take a picture of me and it's nice to have the shutter sound when the picture is taken. Screen shots not so much...
  • A timely post, but I sure wish it had been posted last Monday. That would have saved me from a very embarrassing screenshot sound made during an otherwise very quiet lecture. Not sure which was worse...the sound or the fact that people thought I was taking an actual picture.
  • Ppl thinking you're a creeper
  • The camera shutter sound when taking pictures was something people complained about on CrackBerry. I don't think most people would care about not hearing camera shutter sound even when taking pictures.
  • Lol can disable this, but not " wake up sleeping wife" phone is now charging sound
  • An option to disable would be nice but I've grown attached to the sound XD
  • true
  • Put phone on silent. Put the phone on charger. Wait for the vibrate. Then without removing from the charger, turn the volume back on. Yeah, its a whole lotta steps to avoid one alert that should be optional to begin with... But that's the work around.
  • Never thought to even look for that! Thx!!! Its so annoying when I'm taking a screenshot and someone asks why I took a pic of them...
  • I think that camera shutter sound and screenshot sound are "combined" because in all the actions where the OS needs to create a new image, there's a restriction which forces the OS to play a sound. I think this is done by purpose, as I remember it being this way since the joyful days of Symbian 9.1 and above in Nokia's phones - this is some sort of a countermeasure to prevent people taking photoes of other people without them noticing it. The option to turn this sound off was added later on, when MS realized that this sound might piss off people, but they implemented only a workaround (which, as I wrote, disables the screenshot sound as well) instead of changing a deeper aspect of the OS. This is just a guess though :)
  • I turned the "camera shutter" sound off since I first used my phone :P so it's nothing new to me
  • Weird thing about screenshot sound is that it overrides volume control. Even if you have phone in silent or vibrate, it still makes that sound.. and loudly!
  • +1 I hate that! I wouldn't mind the screenshot sound if it obeyed the current volume!
  • Thank you so much when I sceen shot with headphones on sometimes the right headphone with just not play sound anymore
  • Awesome, thanks for this!
  • Can one make an app to control sounds or are sounds locked down? Don't understand why that would be but yea.... I'd like to keep shutter but get rid of screenshot sound myself.
  • I wish there was a way to disable the noise when you tap and hold the Windows button.
  • Am i the only one who goes through evey single item in the OS when i buy a new Phone?! I mean, it's not like there's that much to discover anyway :)
    What I didn't find was a way to turn up the volume while making a call. It maxes at 10 and it's way to silent for my music ruined ears. Wish it was lauder and the speaker phone volume also.
  • I do the same. I never just jump in and start doing stuff. I'll carefully inspect the packaging, read any included materials, go through all of the settings, etc. I like to savor that excitement of a new device for as long as possible.
  • I hate I can't hear the camera but, thank you guys. I like saving some of the pictures from pinterest, fancy, and tumblr and that sound is horrid when your in a quiet place. My mom thought I was in my room taking nudes or something. Lol
  • BIG DEAL..
  • While typing, if you need a special character that has you tapping the &123 key, don't just tap it, touch it, and then keep holding your finger on the keyboard and slide to the special character you need and then let go. Your special character will be there plus the keyboard automatically goes back to the qwerty keyboard. Saves a step. The thing I use it most for is hashtagging with the # key
  • I use Nokia camera, so I assume that this setting won't affect it?
  • Great, really great, I bet you will see a lot of crazy stating that already knew the new Court that kkk make me laugh with the funny ...
  • sure on galaxy S 4 Mini you cant turn off sound at all
  • I don't have that option on my Australian HTC 8X. I think Australian law is that cameras must have the shutter sound.
    Would be nice to have separate option for it, especially considering how loud it is (and no way of turning the volume down for it).
  • I've known this for the LONGEST time. But the Japanese won't have this option because every device NEEDS to make a sound when a photo is being captured, alas up-skirt photos. Look at the Nintendo DSi and 3DS. Prime example.
  • Thanks, I didn't even know my 521 could take screenshots. Just tried it and works well! I like to take screenshots in Warspear Online, so thanks for this info!
  • What about turning the mic/bing search sound off? Even with all the boxes unchecked that stupid sound comes on when i accidently touch the mic button in the bing search box.
  • Oh, I've had that off for ages. 
  • This is like the very first thing I turned off soon after I turned on my phone for the first time. I am surprised that many don't know about this.
  • I used that on the day one when I got my Lumia 920......
  • As a matter of fact, screen shot sound shouldn't be linked to the camera shutter sound at all. I have no idea why MS again come out with such weird logic. I hope this will be linked to the notification sounds instead in the coming 8.1 update.
  • The default camera apps. He's 100% right you can open your camera and take a screenshot and capture an image from the real world via screencapping camera while open (no apps needed) bypassing the shutter sound requirement. While I love WP and agree its not perfect remember for example it took iOS years to include MMS when even feature phones already had that capability. I really find this particular thing to be a non issue.
  • can someone please tell me how to take screenshot. from the description i didnt get it. pls help. thnx. nd when did this feature (taking screenshot) came to 8.0? i thought they are bringing this in 8.1
  • Press the windows button and the power button together and there you go!
  • Really, that's the tip? What's next, how to change the volume?
  • The phone makes a sound for speech too even when the phone is silent. It annoys when i am attending my class and when suddenly my finger swipes over to the windows button. I hope they'll fix this.
  • Life saver!
  • How do i take screnshots on wp7.8?
  • What do u do if there's no box saying camera shutter ? Mine doesn't :( x helppp