Twikini already gearing up Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 Series

Twikini has long been one of our favorite Windows Mobile Twitter clients, and it's already getting the ball rolling for Windows Phone 7 Series. Developer Trinket Software has teamed up with Mist Labs (and our old pal Mel!) for the new project, and we must say, they're following the right people, if the screen shot above is any indication. More screen shots after the break. [Mist Labs]

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  • Nice to see they're addressing their future customer base for WP7S before they work out a method for those of us that bought Twikini from the 6.5 marketplace to get access to software updates.... but I guess they've already *got* my money ....
  • Best of luck in the new endeavours. I am a current Twikini user so I am glad to hear it will be available at release for Windows Phone 7 Series. One point of feedback based on the screen shots - the user name and avatar over power the tweet and Twitter is all about the tweet! Take care. Rich
  • I agree the name should not be so large. I can't even read the tweet (which is the point of the application). Don't get so stuck in following the baseline metro design. I love the start but overall the design needs work.
  • Wow that looks useless. Talk about form over function...
  • WP7 app design is pretty horrid IMO and certainly is form over function.. I have been playing around with the new SDK and they are pretty much being true to MS' way of doing things, so can't be too hard on them.. Actually all the developers at work thought the new controls in the SDK must be a joke. Of course the old ones were horrid and we all made our own (or used 3rd party ones). The question I have is how much MS will enforce their new 'look'.. They seem to want a consistent look and feel now. If you build an app that looks like a decent WM6/android/iphone app, will they reject it? Do our headings have to take up half the screen? All this is still remaining to be seen..
  • It is a very neat app that can save your 'Favourite' people tab in HTC's TouchFlo/Manila today screen. Since it is meant for this, it will not work on non-HTC devices.
  • Cool App I have been looking for another app for Twitter...