Twitch ditches Flash, rolls out new HTML5 web player controls

Twitch is the next company to move from Flash for its online content. The popular video game streaming service has announced the rollout of new web player controls, which are now coded in HTML5 and JavaScript.

While it's not an entirely new web player, this does mark a significant step for Twitch. Do note that this is a "gradual rollout" and may therefore take some time before you see it on your Twitch account. It's a welcomed upgrade and a change we're sure many will approve of.

Source: Twitch

Rich Edmonds
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  • Does that mean we can watch streams using ie on wp?
  • I'd really like to know that as well!
  • That's what I'm hoping
  • Not until they actually switch the video from Flash to HTML5. This is just the player controls for now. On a side note, twitch videos play great in Edge for W10 mobile on my 920.
  • How do they play great on your 920 if they still use Flash?
  • Since HTML 5 natively supports streaming medias it means once flash player is completely replaced with html you will be able to watch it on WP
  • GiantWaffle screenshot? Why him? I know better streamers...
  • what game is that?
  • It's called "Holy Potatoes!"
  • Adobe's days as king are numbered. MWAHAHAHAHAH!
  • On that department, yes. Otherwise, they still have Photoshop and stuff..
  • On the other hand, flash was one of these projects Adobe gave birth to where they never ever did something afterwards ...
  • They didn't give birth to it at all! :) They bought it from Macromedia. I used Macromedia Flash as a teenager, back when Flash was focused on animations and sillyness on the web, while Realplayer was one of the few choices to choose from in terms of playback of video, provided as web browser plugin to Netscape Navigator and later, Netscape Communicator. Oh, Internet Explorer, too, of course. However, Internet Explorer wasn't very popular back then. Netscape was number one in market share. Back then, they (Macromedia) unfortunately dominated with Shockwave Flash as well, a sister technology to Flash which was advanced enough to offer a way to create web games with 3D graphics. I said "unfortunately" because they were proprietary technologies that in some scenarios were a hassle to get working.
  • ^This
  • You just took me back in time there with those names!
  • That's great. I hate Flash, I hope everyone drops them.
  • Good. About time.
  • Have to constantly update flash these days and it is incredibly annoying when the damn player eats up all your ram too. Couldn't even watch the WPC keynote on ethernet as it gobbled all available ram up. Ended up using flashgot to get the stream source and stream it via VLC.
    Plus the flash cookies are persistent little buggers. I hope everyone drops flash.
  • Agreed.
  • How little ram do you people have? Never had a problem with Flash Player myself, watching a video with it now and the tab is using 140mb of ram, though I dunno how much of that is Flash and how much is the the tab itself. Judging from my other tabs, looks to be mostly the tab itself though. Never had it crash in recent years either, never had any security issues, I know people like to go on about them... but really who is going to bother hacking you through Flahs Player running on a site? Not had a single problem since the day it came out.    I have 32GB of ram, using 15% of my memory, mostly Windows and I have about 15 Chrome tabs open, only using 500mb of ram. I find it so suspect how people complain, only using 4.8GB of ram for everything I'm doing, I have Flash player on around 4/5 of those tabs. 
  • A lot of people still use computers with 4GB of RAM, particularly in laptops. Flash can be a major headache for those machines, especially when a lot of websites use Flash based ads. Flash runs a seperate process which is why you don't see a difference in the browser's memory usage. I can tell you from experience that it's not that hard to get Flash to use more memory than Firefox.
  • Thats the big problem ram most avg. Joe are under the impression that 6gb & below are fine until they start having problems. NBR's buying guide since w7(64x) is 8gb is the sweet spot. even though you may have a dedicated video card it can still access system ram.
  • You are far, far, far from normal with those specs! 1-6 GB RAM is pretty standard. 12 GB is considered extremely good, let alone 32 GB (which is ridiculous!). My gaming rig has 6 GB and I rarely run out of memory, but it can be a problem when I have a few different browsers with 50-100 tabs open in each (which I do very often). But that's mainly due to ad-heavy sites using a lot of flash on one page (WPC is a big culprit). Using an adblocker really helps, but dumping flash entirely would help even more!
  • Everyone I know has at least 16GB of ram now, I just put 32GB in here because I build a new gaming rig every year and I could. However I'm never even using more than 8GB... everything comes with 8GB now, look at any prebuilt PC website and they all have 8GB. Only shitty Macs come with less because apple like to rip off the nut jobs who buy them.  I was using 4GB back in 2005... Any of my friends on Steam, I can ask them and they'll all come back 16GB. You practically cannot buy any less to build a PC, two sticks of 8GB or 4 x 4GB only costs £60 odd.  Again, I dunno who is buying PCs with less than that these days.
  • "everything comes with 8GB". I don't think what you're saying is true. I can look at my local PC store and everything ranges from 2-8 GB : 50% had 4-8GB, 40% were 2-4 GB, 10% had 16GB. At my local retailer I could only find 2 desktop models (out of dozens) with 16 GB (although strangely they had more laptops with 16 GB). But 16 is far from the norm for everyday consumers (i.e. the type of people that laugh when I say I spent more than $2000 on my system). I actually couldn't find ANY systems pre-built with more than 16 at any of my local retailers. I would be stunned if you could pay 60 quid for 4 x 4 GB... the cheapest I found is AU$250 which is around 120 quid
  • When will Edge ditch flash? At least it should be disabled by default!
  • Thank god! I'm so sick of flash.
  • Hope Java is next.
  • I'm so sick of the web these days, where you need apps to do everything because no one wants to scale down to mobile. I visit Square Space sites and they look like apps in your browser, why do I need an app for every frigging website when you can just scale them properly and use HTML5?
  • ^This!!!!!
  • ^This. We just need to push developers to use RWD layouts to scale from mobile-sized into TV-sized screens. And after all, it's just merely the ISP (and their Internet connection) problem.
  • Which game is that?
  • good riddance
  • meeeh. I hope twitch html5 not as buggy as everything twitch does after many testing years. Flash wasn't failing lately on twitch, but sometimes it was really bad, but I blame twitch team. like chat not working because of it. but it's obvious this change was going to happen sooner or later, if not there wouldn't have been a htm5 test to begin with.   and people complaining about flash ram, do you have 2gb ram? you really need a better computer if you are complaining about ram eating too much ram. or maybe you need to remove services that could make the memory leak. I had a server that used 40% memory. and once I removed it, everything is fine now. but anyway, my point is people complaining about flash and memory, it's just not true, yeah it has to use resources but not as people complain about. of course I use IE11 flash. and it works fine. But yeah if your problem is flash and memory, and you are a gamer, and you use twitch, then you have problems. and it's not flash. I don't even understand the hate to flash, deactivate it if you don't want to use it and you could use livestreamer to use vlc or potplayer or many players to get the stream. (I guess that still works) and you could use irc clients for the chat. and just like you could avoid flash twitch in past, you can do it with many sites. But I guess people are just lazy and just want to complain about flash like if it worked 100% of the time like a background service that doesn't let computer work.
  • I'll miss Flash on Twitch. Flash was a true friend and a great facilitator of the good things that Twitch stood for. Might be old school but Flash represented the values that we all strive to imbibe. Thank you Flash.
    Till we meet.....