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Twitter brings algorithms to the timeline, but the world will carry on as normal

Twitter has announced the company will be rolling out a new timeline feature that aims to keep you up-to-date with people you stalk online. Enabling this new algorithmic timeline feature will see the social blogging site attempt to select tweets that Twitter feels you most care about while you're away. Fortunately for now, this optional feature is disabled by default and will remain so unless you activate it, until Twitter begins flipping the switch for everyone.

With the feature enabled, the normal timeline will be available underneath the list of featured tweets, and both will continue to be filtered in reverse chronological order. Refreshing the service will then collapse the featured tweets for you to enjoy the traditional timeline view. Twitter will be launching the new feature "in the coming weeks", so if you want to take part and see what's changed, be sure to activate 'Show me the best Tweets first' in your settings.

Regardless to how you feel about change, remember that this is entirely optional and you'll be able to turn it off.

Source: Twitter

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Wonder how this will impact windows mobile since the app is no longer updated
  • You're talking about this feature, we still don't have 'likes'.
  • I thought the new Windows 10 Twitter app is a UWP one?
  • It is. But still not available for Mobile.
  • Oh, I see ...
  • Won't affect Windows users any time soon..
  • Correction: Won't affect windows mobile users anytime soon.
  • There is no update for official app for windows 10 mobile ! First,update it !!
  • they probably will when more users come to windows 10 mobile (ie., after the official update rolls out to older devices).
  • Who cares? I'm on Windows phone platform twitterrrrr I will still have my normal timeline and the FAV feature instead of heart like :D
  • As long as it stays off by default it doesn't bother me. It will always make my blood boil that Facebook doesn't allow the same.
  • There's an extension for chrome and firefox called social fixer that, well, fixes it. Look it up.
  • Imagine if Gmail and Outlook would do this. It would be just as stupid.
  • Pssst!!! They can hear us!
  • So I guess @Jack wasn't lying, not next week, this week.....
  • So Twitter is going to do what Facebook has done for years? I don't like that Facebook only shows me posts it feels are important to me. I purposely keep a small group of friends because those are the people I want to keep up with.
  • When in India?   Alright, sorry.
  • lame
  • Yeah and all these algothms and crap is to hide and ban and don't show things that stupid evil companies like Facebook and now Twitter don't want you to see. ​There was a twitter some few days ago about someone complaining how hashtags were calling names to Hillary Clinton, and now they are doing this? they even removed the verified icon from a conservative gay guy, even if he is famous. Facebook only shows you crappy stupid stuff, just as twitter will. if someone like Mark Dice insults or says something or talks about someone and posts it, I am sure it will show to few of his followers, because that's the plan. But I am sure if some crappy singer says something stupid, they will show it all the time. You say it's optional but not everyone will turn it off. you know, some people just use twitter but don't know how to really go and hunt for "advanced" options.
  • Thank god it's optional
  • It sounds exactly like the "While you were away" feature they already have