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Twitter teams up with Microsoft to show breaking news tweets on MSN

Microsoft is in the process of revamping the website, and Twitter is eager to tap into the 425 million viewers the website receives every month. As such, the microblogging service is teaming up with Microsoft to display tweets in the form of a breaking news banner on the MSN homepage.

The banner section will display breaking news stories from major publications like AOL, Asahi Shimbun, CNN, Hindustan Times, NDTV, Sky News, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Yomiuri Shimbun. In addition, Twitter will also show tweets from official government accounts, celebrities, spokespeople or eyewitnesses to an event.

The news banner is said to be shown selectively, mostly in cases when a news story is seeing a lot of activity on Twitter.

What do you guys think of the feature?

Source: Twitter; Via: Neowin

  • Interesting
  • Well twitter release a better app for wp8.1 :P
  • Amen to that!
  • Amen
  • Ameen
  • I think Twitter is a very good app, much much better than facebook
  • I have a better Twitter app, called Mehdoh. Back on topic - this looks cool and maybe they'll offer customization so I won't have to read anything from celebs.
  • Twitter is for sluts ....
    *grabs popcorn
  • That's all well and good, but I wish they'd team up to dramatically improve the Twitter apps on Windows/Windows Phone. Even though I'm a Tweetium user, I still want first-party app devs to provide first-class experiences for all platforms.
  • +1 for that. The official twitter app is horrible. I always get multiple notifications. They should improve this app along with whatever they want to do to MSN news.
  • when build conference happened after that many devs released their official apps for wp. now when novmber developers conference happen devs will surely develop apps and provide more support to windows as one platform. it will be easier for devs to update their apps
  • This!!! Not even the option of a transparent tile yet!!
  • Ah.. No transparent tile.. The tragedy.. You're really brave that you're surviving without it..
  • +1 true
  • Lol update the app first and we'll talk.
  • Lol yeah!
  • What about the app? :/
  • Update the app your son of a nobody.
  • Perhaps they can fix the Twitter app first. Ever since the latest DP update I got quadruple notifications. Then this week I'm getting none at all. Crazy.
  • I thought I was the only one. Its either 4 notifications or nothing at all
  • Maybe MSN has 425 m visits per day because for most people it is the default page when internet explorer is opened.
  • I bet 95% of those visitors are old (50+ years old).
  • ...and don't know how to change the homepage ;D
    Though I have to say that the new MSN is really nice, I changed my homepage back to MSN!!!
  • I've recently formatted my PC and the defult page was msn,I said meh I wont change it its cool...
    What I imagine in Microsoft is a huge meeting about the increase of msn visitors and they suddenly revived msn just because of me :D
    That's my part of the story!
  • And yes I liked the new msn and I use it everyday!! Just like IE!!
  • They have time to play all with all newly designed web page but not a whole freaking newly designed OS? Make you app better first! - Oh I see.. its all about number of users right?
  • Oh they can team up with ms to do pointless shit like this, but they can't even make a decent app? Ever since 8.1 every time I open the twitter app I get a massive battery drain until I do a soft reset.
  • Microsoft should go for twitter as its a platform and nothing comes close to its beauty of 140 characters limit tweets. its the best social networking platform.
  • Microsoft has Facebook shares already. And since Microsoft is not the biggest advertising company out there (thank God), I don't see where would they go with it.
  • They're better off teaming up with Microsoft to bring their inferior WP app on par with iOS and Android. Conversion view broken for years now, unreliable push notifications for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't care, if Twitter weren't actually treating 3rd party devs as third class citizens.
  • Nice nice
  • Whatever happened to that Twitter Beta app???
  • Last I checked, they pulled it out of the store
  • Whatever happened to Twitter Beta never being out of it and released?
  • Nice! My new homepage
  • What about they team up for a better Twitter app?
  • Welcome...
  • Baby steps. Fingers crossed for some steady Windows steps. I really do like Windows Phone and my surface but the temptation to switch is brewing..........#L1520
  • "NYTimes about 3 days ago"...
    How exactly is that supposed to be "Breaking news"????!
  • Update the WP 8.1 app
  • I would like to see tweets from the stuff I follow instead..
  • Twitter should change the app, the famous tweets happenings page should be on the front. Scrap that, make a better WP8.1 app. :P
  • Well damn
  • What if Microsoft bought twitter? Lol
  • Agreed, this is useless. Update the app.
  • Interesting. But nowadays Microsoft is too much interested in cloud services. They should develop and update their basic apps for windows(phone) like Facebook, twitter, and WP platform itself as well.
  • How about you team up and make an app that doesn't suck donkey dick
  • Very interesting. Hope they update the apps next ... The W8 app needs some serious work & they need to do something about the giant header in the W8.1 app.
  • Twitter have to fix share options for Windows phone 8.1!
  • While they're at it: Release an overhaul of the twitter app -.-
  • Yeah! Put out a better WP app! I don't use Twitter, but since so many can't comment on the substance of this article without whining about your app, you probably should consider it. I like this idea, and it will get me to add an MSN tab to my browser, but if every time I click on a tweet I get a request to sign up for Twitter, it will be gone just as quickly. I hate that.
  • The twitter app is ok, the notification issue is related more to the DP phone OS than the app. MS is aware of it, but nothing like a bunch of bitchy commenters that think the world revolves around them complaining.
  • GREAT!!!
  • They should team up more with Microsoft to fix the Twitter App for WP8(.1) and build a more reliable app. Not just that but add WP to the feedback section under mobile app support. #SorryButNotSorry
  • I guess they are working on a universal app they have to be.
  • This new msn don't have the animated live tile feed when you pin in your home screen. That made me sorta frustrated.