Microsoft begins rolling out website revamp

Microsoft is now in the process of rolling out its previously announced revamp of its popular website after it allowed 10 million of its 425 million readers to preview the site and offer their feedback.over the past few weeks.

Microsoft says:

The new MSN is completely built from the ground up on Azure to provide massive, cost-effective scale (with more than 30,000 Azure cores for serving and 100 Terabytes of storage), reliability, and ongoing agility for a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Every single line of code was re-written to ensure that you have one consistent experience regardless of whether you are accessing your stocks in MSN Money, your favorite sports teams in MSN Sports, or your recipe collections in MSN Food & Drink. All of those experiences will always be with you across your devices.

The new design is being launched at the same time as the branding of the previous Bing apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 to MSN. Microsoft will also launch new MSN apps for iOS and Android in the near future. What is your opinion on the new

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Has they revamped app for windows phone
  • There is a app for on windows phone?
  • Yes,I use it everyday. Was wondering the same.
  • So we will get it as OTA or we download it
  • Yes there is or was....but now the app is not working
  • When was there a MSN app? I've always wanted one, but never seen it. Makes total sense for MS to have a MSN app that works like the site and goes into the individual apps for details.
  • The new MSN site *and* apps are excellent quality! The new format really highlights discoverability *and* integration with additional Microsoft services.

    Microsoft is certainly building product synergy and brand awareness. Great start!

    By the way, the original MSN app was a web wrapper, and is no longer available in the Store. Pinning the site to the Start screen gives a nice Live Tile.
  • Yes, I really like it.  The only thing that is missing is syncing of recipe collections across devices in the Food app.  they have some great recipes, but the collections dont sync.
  • I don't see any msn app.
  • What does the acronym MSN stand for anyway? Microsoft Network or what?
  • Yep
  • Say hello to msn and good bye to bing. The brand rename for the search engine didn't work. Bing will be left 4 dead and the search engine will be renamed to Cortana. You heard it here first
  • Agree. Bing is finished. Question though why would MSFT kill Bing like this?
  • Bing is not dead, search in msn site is powered by bing
  • Bing is not dead. Bing is a search engine. Why would the fitness app have Bing in the title if it had nothing to do with search? That's why all the apps titles were changed
  • You mean, why did it have Bing in the title? :-)
  • Ummmm, say that to Google. Google was originally a search engine.
  • The "transition" from Bing to Cortana makes so much sense... Thanks for the thought.
  • " Search powered by Cortana " . Sounds AWESOME. :D
  • But you can't use it as as verb like just go Bing it.  Unless we say - "Ask Cortana" I kinda like that.
  • I can see "Ask Cortana" in de ads
  • Agreed. Especially if Windows 9 is revealed with Cortana installed. Bing is dead. But I'll one up. Everyone wondered why Kinect was/is being taken out of Xbox and it's not mentioned any more? Yup, Cortana will be the voice replacement for Kinect. You heard it hear first ;-)
  • That doesn't help with gestures though, or recognizing which account to sign in just by who turns on the controller, fixing Kinect in favor of Cortana is a step backwards.
  • Why wouldn't Kinect use Cortana?
  • Nobody knows how to spell Cortana. They will have to search bing for how to spell Cortana .lol
  • see oh are tee a and a.
    that's how to spell Cortana.
    you should ask: how to pronounce Cortana?, and the answer is core-ta (in tada)-nah.
  • That's actually exactly what I I've been thinking
    Next step will be Cortana with "powered by Bing" in small print before completely disappearing from public eye.
    Then it will be just "Ask Cortana" you will say to people instead of "google it!" Its happening!!!
  • Praise the all-knowing adrian1338. What a douchebag
  • In twenty years they'll resurrect the name Bing. You heard it hear first
  • Haha
  • With a new slogan: Bing it, found it, bingo
  • Lol Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • Shouldn't it be "Bang it"? I feel the past tense of Bing should be Bang.
  • I had looked at the preview, I really like it!
  • Is this the end of Bing?
  • Why would it be? Why to you even think like that ?
  • I like it
  • R.i.p bing
  • Bing is not dead. It's a search engine. Apple uses Bing, MSN uses Bing, Cortana uses Bing and many more services use it. Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • Not a clue. I don't now anyone that ever goes there. I'm afraid this rebuild will not change that. The Netherlands has pretty much replaced most Microsoft services for google services. Saying that you use Microsoft is like admitting that you still read a paper paper, you're a dinosaur. Thank God businesses still run a lot of Microsoft, but the home hw and sw is mostly google nowadays.
  • I disagree. I wouldn't say most homes are google. If you're using a Windows PC, without knowing it, you're using more Microsoft developed services than you are Google
  • Dinosaurs can't read paper paper.
  • Bing just didn't ring
  • Nice
  • Worst name ever!
  • but it did sing
  • ALL HAIL MSN!!!!! O/
  • Why would there be no MSN app for Windows Phone? Makes no sense.
  • Earlier itnuse to have it but seams now completely removed it and stake us up to use MSN apps like sports, travel, etc now.
  • I still don't understand the difference between Bing news and MSN news. Are both sites showing the exact same news articles?
  • MSN has its own writers. Bing was a curator like Google news.
  • Those news in "Bing" apps have always been from It didn't make sense to name them "Bing" in the first place but somehow they decided that's what they should do.
  • So this entire time I've been liking MSN articles? Ewwwww. I still don't like the revamped MSN website. It's cluttered. The Bing website is simple. The real question is will there be a Bing news app since they are different?
  • Yeah, now mine Weather app cannot be installed/updated on external storage. Screw this, I'm not updating those apps. That's too much for mine poor 8S. :(
  • is that a bug that it cannot be saved on sd card or what?
  • Just download it to your phone then move it to your sd card. That's what I do with those type of apps and they still work fine.
  • how to do that can u tell me the process please?
  • You can move using the Storage Sense app. Few developers have an option to not let their app to be moved to SD card so there's that.
  • Yeah, it's a bad move for Microsoft, that option to install on SD card should be retained. This is a must for entry and mid-range devices. :(
  • Because app developers (such as very demanding games) don't want crappy performance blamed on their apps when the user installs to the SD Card. Plain and simple: SD Card will never match built in storage in terms of efficiency and speed, at least for what's on the market right now.
  • u may be right ?
  • The only problem with letting apps run on SD card is if SD card breaks or there a problem with SD card the you apps you installed on SD card wont work so for some apps better to have saved to internal memory
  • I personally love the site. It's easy to use and streamlined! I tested it before this, and I now use it as my home page. Me likey!!
  • +925
    It's awesomeness doubled in a matter of seconds. It does take longer to load though
  • Never thought this was about Bind. Many misunderstandings going on here. They simply did the right thing by redirecting all the apps under the MSN portal. The true mistake was when they marketed them Bing. It did not relate no matter how much we wanted Bing to become the face of their all in one services. MSN portal is and has been the provider for every one of those apps.
  • Bing = Ballmer. MS is killing the history of this idiot who nearly killed the company. "B" is a bad letter and has to go :) I like the way MS is changing and I feel they are on the right track to be a "sexy" company to compete eye to eye with Google and Apple. Once Cortana comes in more languages and in Windows as well, that will be massive. A new way to work with the computer - speech driven. LIKE!
  • Killed the company?  You need to learn some history son.
  • Lies. Satya is getting the credit for things that Ballmer had put in motion years ago.
  • Ballmer brought in record profits and growth, but thanks for playing.
  • While this is true, he also missed the boat for mobile, and we're still feeling the sting today in terms of market share and developer morale.
  • MSN to compete with google lol. good luck.
  • Lol I wonder if they'll rebrand Skype to MSN Messenger
  • Skype is beautiful name and the most famous brand. it wont be replaced.
  • They'd be really dumb to rebrand Skype. At this point, all Skype has going for it is its brand recognition. People use Skype like they use "Google It" or "Xerox Copy It".
  • HA HA well given how little this move makes sense, it follows they would do something stupid like that. after all, i tis microsoft :)
  • I hope they don't get rid of Bing rewards!
  • No reason to think they will. Just checked it, you still get reward points if you search within It just doesn't show the current total at the top like they do with
  • It does for me
  • Don't see why they would. It's a great way for them to increase their search market share, because people will just search to get some free goodies. A bit shady? Totally. But I just claimed $25 worth of Amazon gift cards this weekend, so....
  • Well starting this, MSN will be a brand for web content service, similar to most of Yahoo services, while Bing will be the brand for search engine service not just web, but also within Microsoft ecosystem. I think it makes more sense to me to have this, much clearer brand distinction that serve its purpose. I think about Cortana might not replace Bing.
    For me Cortana is a virtual assistant and intelligent service that will use combination of MSN for general web content, Bing to power it's search capabilities and monitors relevant user activity on the web and within Microsoft ecosystem, and to integrate itself on Windows platforms and maybe future support to other platorm, IoT and services/third-party apps.
    This would perfectly align to "Mobile First, Cloud First" initiative of Satya Nadella.
  • I used to hate old page but new one is nice. MSN is lot better than Bing. Never found it attractive name. They kill Bing brand and use MSN brand name.
  • Move apps to sd card..for updating....that sucks
  • how to move apps on sd card instead when installed from phone memory.?? coz the apps cant be directly installed on sd card.
  • They can. In storage settings
  • i tries but when updating i get some 810 type error when installing in phone memory
  • I think they want to keep Bing just for search. Cortana is a digital assistant which includes search, but isn't purely search so it wouldn't make sense to rebrand everything Bing as Cortana. Makes sense to rebrand everything that they shifted under Bing that isn't search back to MSN. That's my theory anyways...
  • The new MSN site looks visually excellent and works really well. I think its a good move from Microsoft, certainly anyone I talk to would draw a blank expression if I said bing, but they instantly recognised MSN as Microsoft.
  • It looks nice on windows phone and on windows 8
  • Been using the new MSN site for a few weeks, it's really great. They finally put their excellent email, office, notes, OneDrive ecosystem front and center instead of hiding it away! Hoping this will work out for MS.
  • MSN for content, Cortana for search :)
  • MSN for NOTHING.  I refuse to use anything with that brand.  MSN should have died a long time ago.
  • Msn is basically MicroSoft Network
  • Duh.
  • Why aren't the rest of the Internet as fast as the new
  • probably their servers don't get any use, as nobody uses MSN ;0
  • MSN broken in the app as it was putting web site for a time maybe. Hopefully on its way,
  • azure is great that's main thing for Satyas mantra
  • was my favorite search engine. (don't argue about Google with me)
  • New MSN is pretty cool. I like the toolbar on top where you can sign-in your favorite online service such as OneDrive, Xbox music, outlook, Facebook etc...
  • Liking the changes. Will see how much I use it.
  • MSN is a much more familiar name ever to older and newer ppl.. Whereas Bing if u ask someone they replied "What is it..?? OR what..??"
  • I have almost as low an opinion of someone who says they use MSN than I do of someone who says they use Apple or Google products.
  • Been using the preview site for awhile, its impressive enough to now be my homepage. Curates the news much better than other sites with a much cleaner modern look. Wondered what was happening last night as the preview site was off and on several times, this news answers that! Love the above line access direct mail, onenote, xbox etc
  • I wish also has the same links on the top part of the web page to access all MS services.
  • I still do not understand why they are doing all this, but I will keep on believing that whatever they are doing is for the greater good and will somehow benefit Microsoft in long run, I just might be too naïve to understand this transition :D
  • given how much people hate msn, how awful it is even now, and how much money they spent on the bing, you're not the only one.
  • You do know man has like 450 million users it might not be the biggest but its not exactly little and that's not counting the ppl that just got it set automatically to msn as there homepage in IE it active users 450 million active users
  • I really like it. Gone is the old stody 1990s MSN and in comes the new. They definitely take a design cue from Google's cards GUI.
  • Yeah, talk about a head scratcher.  Aside from Segoe font, this site could pass for Google.  And that name.  SMH.
  • MS, please restart MSN Messenger!! We miss this program a lot! :-)
  • Big bug in the Bing to MSN apps update ... It can't install saying it needs to be installed on phone memory and not SD card (Lumia 1520 with 64Gb Sd card) and WF 8.1 preview ... I already got it on another app that the developer had to update ...
  • While they're rebranding stuff:   XBox Music --> Microsoft Music XBox Video --> Microsoft Video Nokia Lumia --> Surface Phone
  • Naa.. Xbox has a better feel to it.. And surface should be for high end phones..
  • No no no.
  • Lmao Surface phone
  • Should have left the apps and rebranded MSN to Bing. MSN is so 10 years ago... Most don't even know what it stands for.
  • Retro is cool. Didn't you get the memo ?
  • Msn means Microsoft network and I knew that since the beginning
  • Hey what if the new os is called.. MSN OS.. Like chrome OS..
  • makes no sense.
  • Cool and good!!!! More of this effort.
  • i tried to transfer the msn news app to sd card. it says the publisher doesn't allow u to transfer to sd card.
  • As I said in a previous post ... Already got that with another app ... Solved with an update from the developer ... It's crazy that MS didn't see it !!!
  • New looks great...
  • yeah they are really giving yahoo a run for yahoo users, all 4.
  • Seem faster
  • Don't give those Android and iOS our MSN apps, they should make theirs
  • I don't when will these guys at microsoft will understand. when revamping they should present with a futuristic approach what i see there is nothing but the old layout with few sections but big letters. if i play a video it should be played there not take me to another player page and make me to come back again.
  • I'm liking the new MSN web portal.. Kudos to MS.
  • Please fix the feedback.over from the first para.
  • I wish they would redesign those apps...they are very useful
  • Please update I love my 
  • You actually use MSN?  How very, very sad.
  • Since there will be a consistent experience with apps across my devices, does that mean my saved places on my WP maps will also show on the PC?
  • hey microsoft 1990's called and they want their failed bradn back.
  • Microsoft seems to love to break things recently
    After updating, all the bing apps' live tiles seem to stop working plus they are all labelled MSN instead of e.g. News, Weather
  • I think is perfect, love it.
  • At first glance, I don't like it. It appears to be video oriented and I prefer text oriented. I'll work with it and try to make it a combination of both if that's possible. Change for the sake of change is 500 lbs of manure to me.
  • I prefer text as well, but everyone is moving to photos (probably because of touch).
  • I wonder if the Australian page will get the same revamp or stay 'crappy'
  • Nothing makes me run away faster from Microsoft faster than seeing something branded "MSN".  There's no universe where I use MSN or promote that crappy brand.
  • remember when people used portals lol. go MSN, get that 90s crowd.
  • The new MSN is great, but the news network (MSNBC), which Microsoft is no longer affiliated with, should change it's name. As polarized as the US is, the confusion between the two could work against Microsoft.
  • Can somone please let me know if they figure out how to add an RSS feed to the new My MSN?  Looks like all you can do is add "topics", and thel'll add the sources for you.  That is a deal breaker.  Here I come (back), MyYahoo.... :-(
  • I love MSN.
  • I like the new msn, i clicked signed in and it integrated flawlessly with office online, one drive, outlook, facebook, the website looks pretty neat :) best of all is that bing is still there as a search engine, which i think was Microsoft's initial vision with bing, plus my searches still give me bing reward points :D.
  • And MSN Games went goodbye, unless you access the link via the Bing Bar or search for it.
  • This is just bizarre.
    Why double down on a stupid portal?? I don't need Microsoft to offer me up celebrity news and stock charts. When I open Firefox, I'll go to CNN or The NY Times, thanks.
  • In like it. All my apps info is immediately available via internet explorer and vice versa. Excellent for tracking stock watch list and keeping updated with what matters to me.
  • It looks nice now. Similar to the windows 8 apps.
  • Hi, just wondered if anyone knew why it is I can no longer save MSN (formerly Bing) News and/or Sport to my SD card, when I could previously?  I have a Lumia 720.
  • My wife told me that she could not view a video on the entertainment page (section) of the MSN web site. I tried it and sure enough, all I got was a black square. She is running Windows 7 with IE 11. I tried the same site of my Windows 8 desktop computer with the same result - it did not matter if I used the Start or the desktop version. Finally, I tried it on my Windows 8 laptop - still a black square. BUT, if I view the page in Firefox, the video displays perfectly, likewise on my Windows Phone (Lumia 635 with Developers Preview). Didn't try Chrome. It appears to be a setting in Internet Explorerer, but I could not figure out which one. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?