Say goodbye to Bing apps, and hello to new MSN apps

Microsoft has just updated the suite of Bing apps on Windows Phone. The update drops the Bing branding and replaces it with MSN. So far we're not seeing any new features in these apps, mostly just the branding change.

Earlier this month Microsoft announced plans to replace the Bing apps with a rebranding that focused on MSN. This coincided with their overhauled MSN portal that came out a few weeks ago. At IFA, we saw the slight rebranding starting to place in the Bing apps on Windows Phone.

We also recently learned that Bing Finance wouldn't become MSN Finance, but instead would rebrand as MSN Money.

Today all those changes we've been talking about have happened. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll see updates for Bing Travel, Bing Finance, Bing Sports, Bing Food & Drink, Bing Health & Fitness, Bing News and Bing Weather. However after the update, they won't say Bing.

Play around with the new MSN apps and let us know if you notice any new features!

MSN Money

On Windows 8.1 we're only seeing an update for Bing Finance, which also turns it into MSN Money. We'll let you know when the rest of the Bing apps on Windows 8.1 receive their rebranding.

Update: Turns out MSN Health & Fitness does come with a changelog of new features! With the Health & Fitness app you now have:

  • Added new and independent cloud store to sync data between devices; removed integration with Microsoft Health Vault
  • Added a lock-screen option

Let us know what you think of the update to Health & Fitness and if you see other new changes. Thanks for the heads up Greg!

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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  • Do you seem to detect that increase in velocity? :)
  • MSN is a great brand name. I'd rather Microsoft kept 'MSN' as part of the app names to present a unified branding across platforms. It's a lot easier to search on 'MSN' to discover all of the apps, vs. searching one at a time.

    I wonder if they'll use 'MSN' when the apps hit iOS and Android. Hopefully they'll keep a consistent user-experience across platforms.
  • Updates: Health & Fitness app now has 1) it's own cloud store to sync data between devices, and has dropped integration with Microsoft Health Vault; 2) a lock-screen option.
  • That's a shame...quite liked the health vault integration :'(
  • and now doesn't sync with PC :/
    update: desinstall and install the app on PC .. and now it works perfect! really fast! i'm surprised! :)
  • I prefer the name Bing, but that's my opinion. :)
  • I too prefer Bing but would prefer more that they choose a brand name and stick to it, forever.
  • I agree with both of you. I think the name "Bing" needs it more as they want to increase the search engine's reach. I guess they are trying to have the apps be an extension of the new MSN homepage, but even that, MSN is a name that seems mostly dead to me
  • I would disagree to the fact that MSN is great brand name. It may just barely be good out side of US. For me MSN wad a bloated attempt by Msft to stand up against AOL and Yahoo in one go. That is exactly where it failed. It never had any thing of to claim to its own or was there to much that people don't get to see.
  • Totally agree. That logo alone looks about as fresh as my grandfather's wallpapers. Dumb move.
  • Did Microsoft pay you to post such silliness on forums?
  • Lol he meant to say seems faster :-)
  • Lol
  • Its the new "seems faster" thing?
  • Yeah
  • OMG.msn is a dead name to me and forever tarnished.
  • Bye then.
  • Bing has an even worst reputation... So it's the less of two evils.
  • That's what I've been saying the entire time. Neither are necessarily great brands to go with, but at least MSN has market share (430 million people).
  • What? Bing has a pretty good rep.
  • Only among some Microsoft fans. Bing is the subject of ridicule in the US (like it or not) and in Europe it's simply despised or just plain unknown (because of the complete lack of usefulness of it thanks to Microsoft's commitment to their US-first, US-Only policies).   Microsoft has damaged the Bing brand beyond repair at this point and I think they've acknowledged it (much like with Windows 8).
    That's why they're going for a brand that, albeit a lot older, it's more recognized, even if only because tons of people associate it with the popular MSN Messenger. MSN is, in a lot of ways, a brand much more recognized by people of all ages than Bing. I wouldn't be surprised to see it replace Bing in the search engine name too.
  • I have yet to speak to anyone who has a negative opinion on Bing. A non-preference, yes. A neutral opinion, yes. A negative opinion? No.
  • Come spend a few days in Europe and try using it here. I assure you, by the end of your trip, it will be you, yourself, who will have the negative opinion ;)
  • I'm from europe and I use bing, actually I prefer it to google. My friends and family all use Bing and are also quite happy with it. So PLEASE, do not speak for all of us.
  • Ok. 99.9% of Europe.
  • Omg....this guy...please stop publishing made up facts that you can't backup...99.9% of the UK hate Bing?? Really? I suppose you have some inside knowledge that no one else in world has??...or you just hate MS because they brought NOKIA and laid off all of your friends... Either way your posts are outlandish and very few people believe what you write. BING actually has a pretty decent reputation as a search engine outside of the U.S. but there are people who feel their maps need updating for many countries...which MS is doing please .....when you can get 99.9% of the U.K. To back up your ridiculous claims ...bring us the facts...otherwise you are just trolling
  • Ridiculous. We Europeans don't give a single fuck about who you are, so please don't speak for us thanks. To counter your argument, Bing is relatively unknown in Europe how exactly is its reputation tarnished? I know many people who use bing on a daily basis and they love it.
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  • Yeah we'll just let you drag the rest of the world into all the wars in future. As per.
  • At least we can win what we start
  • @Peg Leg,
    Where did that come from? You have a very limited knowledge and understanding of history by making ridiculous statements like that. You have disrespected all those who fought and died in both World Wars. Shameful.
  • @ Peg Leg, then explain Vietnam and Korea. Both of those America attacked to get trid of communism. The result: Vietnam is a communist country and Korea is still split into North and South (actually at the border that was there before American went in). Learn your history, idiot.
  • Huh? Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq. Tell us just exactly how we "won" these?
  • @Peg Leg Tell me then, where were you Americans when the Germans were bombing the shit out of Britain and marching all over Europe. The RAF won the Battle of Britain NOT the USAF. It was only when the Japanese decimated the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor that you Americans woke up to the fact that everyone else was fighting a World War!!!!
  • He's just your stereotypical dumb gung ho Yank. The ones that give all the others a bad name.
  • Thanks for speaking for me, I always knew I couldn't speak for myself and that I need someone to do it for me /s!!!!
  • I have a negitive opinion of anyone brainwashed to say google all day. Those people are drones and don't have the right to judge me or anything else.
  • Amen!
  • I can surf through hosts in Europe and I can confirm that its bad. It would work better if it returned the US results. It's too bad, I don't use google anymore here, or rarely.
  • You're lucky then.
  • Agreed. Neutral, positive, but mot a negative.
  • I have a negative opinion of Bing? I find that it doesn't return as relevent sites in searches as Google does (sadly, the same goes for all the other search engines I've tried too which is rather annyoing because Google as a company creep me out). 
  • Are you kidding? Bing is a joke around the world....the only place it seems to be acceptable is in the US (surprise, surprise).
    The only good thing about Bing is the images it gives me on my 1020 lock screen!
    Don't even get me started on the Bing Rewards farce (Microsoft emails me about such rewards that I'm not even eligible for because of my geographic location).
    Bing is a sack of do-do
  • Exactly this
  • I've never heard Bing ridiculed in the U.S. You're completely full of crap. Bing is a far superior search experience than Google in the U.S.
  • I'm in the UK (which I believe is part if Europe) and changed to Bing in preference to google years ago. I know many people who've done the same. Not sure what you base your "ridicule" and "complete lack of usefullness" statements on, certainly not my experience.
  • Agreed I prefer Bing to google
  • Internet Explorer has the worst rep. Sounds just as old as AOL. :-/
  • do you think bing is worse? while I agree it isn't all that great, bing at least is modern while MSN stinks of old and outdated in addition to being the home page for IE which is part of why people vomit when they use a PC without FF or chrome.
  • Your Iran opinion as there are millions of people who use msn today
  • Iran opinion, wtf are you talking about
  • I bet Microsoft feels stupid for killing MSN Messenger. Oh wait watch them backtrack like they always do
  • That! Grandfathers rejoice, everyone else look for Google L :/
  • Lawl someone Said " ow You googled that?" I Said "no i binged that :p" and it was just like normal! :D ppl say Google cuz it can and everybody says Google, unless You show another way theyre okay with that!
  • *grabs popcorn*
  • Seriously how old are you
  • Hello, goodbye
  • I so prefer the Bing name.
  • Just kill WP already it's dying slowly
  • You are so very wrong.
  • You are so very wrong! The true potential is coming alive now. Yes its more like why wasn't it like this from the start, but it's here!
  • I miss WP 7.5... buts thats just me..
  • Totally agreed. I guess the time for incarnation of windows is close...
  • yes! let's have less competition! what could go wrong?
  • Yes! Let's help our competition, by bringing our apps, that formerly were a unique selling point for our platform, to our rivals; for free and even better (Office mobile) than on our residential platform. What could go wrong?
  • It does have potential, which is why I've been sticking with it for so long. Hopefully the next update will show it. It's not like Apple. I mean, why waste time and money trying to make something new if you know people are going to buy it anyway? They just have to make some small improvements and have Jonathan Ive exaggerate all the "engineering" and "innovation" it requires to construct a product that is "truly remarkable." I have to admit, the price is truly remarkable, as well as the number of people who still buy it.
  • ROFL..."truly remarkable". Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I so concur sir!
  • Is that a troll? You high or what?
  • Unfortunately you are right. The writing is on the wall, WP is dying. The platform has failed to capture marketshare, it doesn't have apps because developers will never make their money back, and even the mainstream apps that we do have are crap because big devs take Microsoft's bribe and abandon the platform. Microsoft is always one-two years too late to the game, and often with half baked solutions. It seems to take two steps forward and one backwards in every update. Trust me, I love the platform and the hardware but you have to be very naive to think that its not dying.
  • You sound like one of those corporate people who waste a bunch of money on a good idea and if it doesn't get immediate results you are ready to dump it. In my community 3 years ago no one was looking at Windows Phone. Jump September 2014 and you are starting to see the phone everywhere...and people are beginning to recognize its existence. It's taken some time, but I believe that the phone can in another 5 years have 15-20% of the world smartphone market. But you are correct that MS needs to take better advantage of the windows of produce faster. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Some times its bette to just cut your losses. Microsoft is starting to do this by bringing its apps to other platforms. MS services are not WP exclusive and Nokia is free to license its tech to other manufacturers. There really is nothing WP has to offer today, other than perhaps a pretty interface, that other platforms cannot do better. The one saving grace that might extend the life of WP and perhaps make it viable is a kickass desktop integration. I am talking about turning a phone into a full blown desktop before Google or Apple figureout how to do it. But knowing Microsoft, I bet that they will once again be late to the party or pull another WP7-WP8 fiasco.
  • 15-20% after another 5 years? By then we will have something much better than smartphones.....
  • I agree
    I'm not a troll I'm just a disappointed consumer on WP
    WP was my first smartphone never had a phone before. = Samsung Focus
    I never knew what WP was until I started exploring the WP7 OS then I was like Microsoft made this is pretty cool my friends used make fun of me but I didn't care
    Then WP8 got released got a Lumia 920 I started loving it even more
    Then WP8.1 came I love it
    Microsoft is slower than molasses to grow this OS out
    Hell I could've been a iPhone or Android user by then but I was offered WP
  • theyd be pretty stupid for acquiring nokia a few months ago then.  ill let u know when microsoft is stupid enough to give up a gold mine.  handing mobile market to ios and android on a silver platter  is something microsoft will never do.
  • Well, since they just bought a division from Nokia and NOT Nokia, and afterwards they fired half the employees... I'd say Microsoft has changed priorities.
  • Nokia was a disorganized company that had fat that needed to be trimmed. Nearly every economist and tech writer said the same. Obviously MS was going to let people go. We all saw it coming.
  • WP has 8.5% and growing Marketshare in EU5 alone, added 10+ new OEMs in the last 3 Months and as early AdDuplex numbers show the 630 is a huge hit around the globe, yet you think its a dying platform.... uhm okay. And no I won't "trust" a random guy on the Internet.
  • Are you dense, dying would be if it were going down I market share, which it isn't. Sure, it might not be gaining market share quickly, but it isn't dying. I think you are the naive one.
  • I thought we were going to be able to vote down the trolls, the ignorant, the ridiculous, and the trouble makers? Let the voting begin.
  • Still born, ya tit
  • Wrong. Look at India. Ios=2% WP=27%
  • Shhhh WP is dying. Lets forget about those factual numbers. /s
  • It is being speculated that Microsoft is going to pull the plug on WP. Don't know if its actually in the process of happening as we speak. But we'll know soon enough.
  • Lol what. Where you get that idea from?
  • They are not going to pull the plug completely. They are rebranding it just "Windows" and it will be pushed to the side while they try to keep the desktop users from defecting. It won't be killed, but any effort is going to be minimal going forward. You may see some new low end devices but nothing worthwhile.
  • YOU are dying slowly
  • In reality I am my health is not so good
  • Lol jk. I agree with you at that point Pacheco. Microsoft knows that they are late for the game but they seems didn't push harder to make the WP better & more recognized OS besides IOS and Android. As a WP user, the thing that I really hate is the OS & GDR update . Why we need to wait for a long time for the OS/GDR update? Etc like the 8.1 GDR1 , is already released as preview dev few month ago, but still no news when it will be released to the public. Even the 8.1 update also takes slow time to roll out to all country. Same goes with new phone too. The 8.1 is quite stable version already but there still lack of features like GIF support , the network setting(APN) also really lacks option unlike Android since the damn carrier in my country seems didn't give a shit about WP , so we have to enter the APN manually but it still not working because of the lack of configuration setting in the WP( U can compare it with Android network setting & see the big difference). Btw , I have no issues with the apps, although we still get lacks of mainstream/famous developer. Actually I also pushing hard to reach some famous dev by tweeting them almost every day although I sounds like a total douchebag begging for apps. Some of them are tweeting back like Top Eleven(they say they will make it available soon) , Candy Crush says they will not make it for a moment(lol , at least they knows already)Actually most of apps that I use on WP are super good making my friend that using LG Nexus (Android) are jealous and most of them are not available at their Play Store. I can conclude that :
    Android OS=Personalization
    WP OS =Smooth & Fluidity
    Btw we can see that Apple & Google are working hard 100% for their mobile OS, so why not Microsoft work 200% harder for their mobile OS since they were late for the games. Honesty, Microsoft are BAD at MARKETING. They need to put more tv commercial too. What a shame that WP OS are still rare & unknown in my country. Maybe people will disagree with me at some point but this is my honest opinion. I even didn't have a plan to switch to other OS since I still have faith in WP OS(I really love it) . :)
  • On a related note, I am really enjoying the new MSN webpage. I have changed it to be my homepage since the preview came out and it provides a great portal to Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Onedrive and then all of my same Cortana news interests.