Say goodbye to Bing apps, and hello to new MSN apps

Microsoft has just updated the suite of Bing apps on Windows Phone. The update drops the Bing branding and replaces it with MSN. So far we're not seeing any new features in these apps, mostly just the branding change.

Earlier this month Microsoft announced plans to replace the Bing apps with a rebranding that focused on MSN. This coincided with their overhauled MSN portal that came out a few weeks ago. At IFA, we saw the slight rebranding starting to place in the Bing apps on Windows Phone.

We also recently learned that Bing Finance wouldn't become MSN Finance, but instead would rebrand as MSN Money.

Today all those changes we've been talking about have happened. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll see updates for Bing Travel, Bing Finance, Bing Sports, Bing Food & Drink, Bing Health & Fitness, Bing News and Bing Weather. However after the update, they won't say Bing.

Play around with the new MSN apps and let us know if you notice any new features!

MSN Money

On Windows 8.1 we're only seeing an update for Bing Finance, which also turns it into MSN Money. We'll let you know when the rest of the Bing apps on Windows 8.1 receive their rebranding.

Update: Turns out MSN Health & Fitness does come with a changelog of new features! With the Health & Fitness app you now have:

  • Added new and independent cloud store to sync data between devices; removed integration with Microsoft Health Vault
  • Added a lock-screen option

Let us know what you think of the update to Health & Fitness and if you see other new changes. Thanks for the heads up Greg!

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Sam Sabri