First look at MSN rebranding for Windows Phone apps suggests it is subtle

This morning, Microsoft detailed plans to push their Bing apps, like Weather, Finance, Food, News, to the MSN branding. Microsoft started this process some time ago when they first ditched 'Bing' in the name of those apps, and instead kept them with just their category-generic names.

During the Microsoft #moreLumia event last week, I showed you folks how the Microsoft Weather app and Lumia Denim play nicer together. Specifically, Glance gets what look to be third-party app support, letting other Lock screen apps appear on the Glance screen (see it above on a Lumia 830).

I also dug deeper into the Weather app as it is called 'Weather beta' in the app listing. This section is where I first noticed the 'MSN Weather' name pop up as seen in the About section of the app.

Indeed, Weather is jumping to MSN Weather branding in the coming months. The good news is that visually the Weather app is no different from the current form. In fact, without the Glance information you could not tell the difference. The only reason I point this out is personally, I am on the fence about the whole 'MSN' thing, which to me looks like a dead brand, one that was never really successful. I am not convinced that bringing back MSN, or giving it another push, is going to change anything.

Big app updates in the fall?

As a Windows Phone specialist, something I am interested in is whether this new MSN Weather app is compiled as a pure 8.1 app instead of the current Windows Phone 8.0 version compatible with 8.1. In case you do not know, one of the issues in performance differences between apps on Windows Phone is if they are built as 8.1 apps or not, including support for 'fast resume.' Steve Litchfield over at AAWP did a nice write-up explaining the problem – and how it is solvable by devs going forward.

My informed hunch is that Microsoft – and their big-ticket partners like Instagram and Twitter – are holding back on true Windows Phone 8.1 apps until the majority of users are on Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan. The marker for that is getting close as last month's AdDuplex numbers show that nearly 1/4 of users are now 8.1. By late September, when the new Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 are expected to launch, that number should be approaching 50% or more (my guesstimate).

Heck, if you look close enough in some photos, you can even see hints of forthcoming apps.

The problem with pulling the trigger too early is that app developers risk alienating the majority of their customers. Alternatively, maintaining two versions of the same app (8.0 and one for 8.1) is far from ideal either. Microsoft is having a hard enough time getting companies to support one app, asking them to do two is pushing it. However, there is a lot of incentive for companies to wait and do everything in 8.1, as it also means Universal apps for the Windows Store is more of a reality.

Wrapping it up, my intuition tells me that once these new phones hit later this month, and Windows Phone 8.1 becomes more of a reality for users, Windows Phone customers are going to see some excellent changes going forward. Hope springs eternal.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I think I like it
  • That phone is gorgeous. 830?
  • Yes, 830
  • By using MSN for content and Bing for search, Microsoft is distinguishing the brand focus.

    Regardless of branding, the apps are excellent quality. In addition to Windows and Windows Phone, I'd like to see an Xbox version as well.

    More importantly, the new MSN site and apps improve discoverability and integration with additional Microsoft services, and certainly builds synergy and brand awareness.

    Consistent user experience and easily discoverable services are essential for a healthy cross-platform ecosystem.

    MSN and Bing both have distinct features, and can co-exist.
  • Remember email? -> -> -> didn't make sense either. The MSN name doesn't resonate for me even as a non-Millenial.  Maybe this branding change is setting the stage for a WP push into the enterprise rather than in consumer markets.  The worst they can do is tweak the noses of 4% of the mobile market, right?
  • *2.5% of the mobile market
  • We're 4% now.
  • No. MSN was a consumer ISP with content portal. Almost always been Hotmail (Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail) until
  • Exactly. Each name change represents new server technologies and integration with complimentary online products (e.g. Live Spaces, SkyDrive, OneDrive).

    In fact, MSN ISP service started in 1995, and HoTMaiL was acquired in 1996; then MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and in 2012 which represents a complete rewrite of the server software.
  • Can't see Google or Yahoo ever killing off their gmail or yahoo email brands.  Even with a software rewrite.
  • The my account is xD
  • I had one too!
  • My only assosiaction to MSN is Messenger, an application that network security bulletins have kicked in the nuts so many times, and I've never bothered to use as I saw it more as a kids toy than a tool.  To me, rebranding to MSN has no positive chimes to it and I really hate lots of applications beginning with the same meaningless (to the application functionality) letters/words. Leaning that they'd remove Bing from it was a joy — til now.
  • One reason ..!! Is also many DP users aint getting cyan because of that bitlocker problm and there aint no fix in tow yet too .! Using recovery tool is an option but uninstalling and reinstalling again software plus apps .! Its time and data consuming .! Instagram and twitter true apps are so required at this stage :/
  • I feel your pain
  • It's still WP 8.1(.1). I do like universal apps :)
  • I thought they did finally fix that bitlocker issue not too long ago?
  • Yes that's been fixed but low storage error is still there which is holding me back :(
  • Especially the Flipboard app pictured there!!! ;)
  • Why MSN, why? Bing doesn't have a bad reputation.
    If they want more people to use Bing, they shouldn't do this.
    According to Alexa, Bing is the 23rd most visited website in the world whereas MSN is only the 34th.
    They should rebrand MSN to something like MyBing instead.
  • This, i think msn sounds arcaic
  • Agreed.
  • Also agree with this. MSN is not something WP should be trying to be associated with. Leave it simply as they are now or rebrand it back to Bing.
  • Agreed. I like Lumia and Nokia, I do like the WP OS, but not the name Windows in it. It's associates with things unequal to nice mobile gadgets. MSN does the same! I'm not going to show off a phone with MSN on it!...come on. I even wonder if I'll stick to the ecosystem if it continues that way. And then the splash screens that show up when starting apps...we go backwards!
  • Well I'm not going to ditch WP cos of the name, I still prefer it to iOS and Android as an OS. But I agree Windows isn't the best brand anymore, MSN more so, and frankly there's no "windows" in WP and won't be for the WP/RT merger with Threshold so I think they need a new name for that whole OS. Bing is really for search, so I can see why they've moved from that. So it seems to me the obvious and sensible solution is to call everything Lumia. They already use that for the old Nokia apps, just rebrand the Bing apps as Lumia as well. The phones will continue to be Nokia Lumia's. Or Nokia by Microsoft Lumia. Then we can get the HTC One Lumia, Samsung Ativ Lumia, LG Lumia 3, etc. Sure Lumia was a Nokia brand*, but they own it now & it has a better rep than most MS brands, so make use of it! If you buy a Lumia tablet or phone you know it doesn't come with old Windows desktop apps, it's metro and modern. There's no "Windows" in the name to confuse and put off people. And people who buy laptops/desktops, well they get Windows 9 and know they are getting full fat Windows.   * I would feel a little bad for Nokia if MS did this, it does feel like theft, but at the same time I think it's nonetheless a good move.
  • How would Lumia OS sound instead of Windows Phone?
  • Windows isn't the best brand? What does that even mean? Do you realize windows dominates the desktop, tower, and laptop markets? It's way ahead. Do you realize how many people know of winodws os? Most everyone. Puting Windows branding on the phones OS gives it a lot of recognition and makes people intrigued and know that its Microsoft.
  • Exactly! "Windows" is why I even considered using this OS on the first place.
  • I think they should retain the Bing brand. When I show these apps and the Bing desktop image, and, my friends like it. They are getting exposed to this new brand. I remember showing off Bing sports to one of my friends during World Cup soccer, and he liked it. He said, "Man, Microsoft is everywhere!". Way to kill the growing brand recognition.
  • I agree. Bing seems a lot better imo.
  • I agree. I have never been an MSN fan, ever.
  • This is TERRIBLE news!  Why Microsoft would tout MSN over Bing is just plain crazy.  Millions have gone into building Bing as a brand over the (I agree) dead brand of MSN.  No wonder people don't trust Microsoft to ever do the right thing.  They throw money at stuff with no direction long term.  This CONSTANT rebranding because of screwups along the way has the consumer confused.  I know the execs at Microsoft make a lot more than i, but this seems awefully dumb.
  • Totally agree.  One thing that MS really sucks at is picking a brand name and sticking with it.  It's very confusing to consumers.  I have no idea why they would prioritize the MSN brand over Bing. 
  • Because they just redesigned the MSN website lol.
  • It's still really gross. Like, almost as bad as Yahoo
  • Yeah! It's crazy!
  • In glad you added that last entrance as i was just about to say that the know what their doing they are where they are for a reason. We will never know why they are choosing msn over Bing, but i guarantee you there is a very good reason. Also, great article Daniel. These are the type of articles that i love WPC for. Kudos
  • When you take a look at where they actually are, as in nowhere in smartphones, tablets, search, you can clearly see that Microsoft has NO idea what they are doing.
  • So why don't you design a fully functional mobile os and go kick android and IOS of the thrown? If we go by your logic, we can also say Apple has no idea what they are doing because just take a look at where they are with the Mac in the PC market... Penetrating these markets and making a success thereof is very very VERY difficult. So unless you have a masters degree in business, i doubt you are in a position to judge Microsoft Management and directors. If you look at WP objectively you might notice that they are doing quite well and they are causing quite a stirr at Apple and Google headquarters.
  • Adolf - I agree with your overall sentiment that penetrating markets is very difficult.  However, you should remember that Bill Gates never received a masters degree and was a business genius.  Still is.  
  • Haha fair enough. Point still stands, those directors know what they are doing and every choice they make has very good reasoning behind it. I don't think anyone here in this commenting section is in a position to be saying stuff like "MSFT has no idea what they are doing"
  • Theefman, MS is late to the mobile, search game, but for a company that wasn't built from that industry, they are doing well. It would be the same as saying Google isn't as successful in the office productivity software, but that isn't their foundation. Both companies command their main domains...and both companies are growing in their diversified products. If they got rid of MSN they would have to introduce a lot of people to Bing as a web portal that would be starting all over again. Bing is the search engine that powers web portals like Yahoo, AOL, MSN. MSN and MSNBC package the news. Two different functions.
  • Lol
  • I agree as well. I'm not even sure what MSN is, but it sounds to me like a name that could scare people away. I also like the unified feel Bing gives. Want info? Go to Bing. Whether it be search, generic apps, or Cortana.
  • It means "Microsoft Network".
  • I think bing internally is considered the beta division like live was. MSN fits better for anything not managed by their search engine division. Id kind of like them to drop skype & bring back msn
  • Are you crazy?! Skype has 100 times the brand recognition and value that MSN has.
  • No it doesn't. It means Microsoft News. Do you now see why it sucks?
  • MSN (without a BC after it) stands for Microsoft Network, not Microsoft News. In MSNBC, the letters don't formally stand for anything, because it's a mashup of MS (Microsoft) and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) or of MSN (Microsoft Network) and NBC. It is owned by NBC Universal. But any association with MSNBC is also bad -- last place news network in terms of audience and one with a political affiliation. Even here at WPCentral, I think we can respect that Steve Jobs knew a little something about marketing, and he said something like, "Why would I try to make Apple political? I'd just alienate half of my customers." (not a direct quote)
  • I agree this feels like a bad idea and a useless trip back to a failed 90's experiment. Bing sounds good, sounds modern, and is what they really want to push... so why the hell switch to msn?
  • I agree. When I hear the name MSN, my mind thinks "a long time ago.' When I hear Bing, I think "something from today."
  • MSFT keep attempting to fix stuff that ain't broke. Just when Bing was catching on, enter redundant & totally irrelevant MSN. It's same thing happening on the beautiful modernistic Windows 8.1, MSFT slowly converting it to Vista just for the sake of a few slobs who resist change
  • MSN is Microsoft News? Microsoft Network? So it would be Microsoft News News? Microsoft News Weather?
  • MSN Network was the original name....
  • It was Microsoft Network
  • This can only mean that Microsoft is going to launch their own network, The Microsoft Network on XBox or the Microsoft XBox Portal standalone device, the Microsoft SmartBox where Cortana greets you. You get it free with a Live account or a subscription to Office 365. Everyone else that it's$9.99 brother!
  • They already had their own network called MSNBC and it was a fail. It's probably because of this:
  • I actually disagree with the idea that MSN is completely irrelevant. When putting Bing News, as a tab within Bing search results, and, I would easily associate with MSN, if choosing between Microsoft services. From my view point, MSN worked 10-15 years ago and to most extents still does.
  • MSN is a web portal. Bing is a search engine. Bing was following the ways of Google, but it was redundant to MSN. MSN has a bigger audience despite WP users' understanding...which I think is the problem. WP people didn't have any integration with MSN so they have grown accustomed to Bing. What they don't know is that MSN is bigger than Bing in mindshare.
  • It's the trend that matters. If MSN is bigger than Bing in mindshare it's only because of old folks who don't know how to change their home page. MSN is clearly a declining relic. Bing, meanwhile, has been slowly, gradually gaining in marketshare and mindshare ever since its inception. MS's leadership is schizophrenic. They don't have the courage or the marketing competence to build a strong brand and stick to it. Thank God at least they don't listen to all the morons here who ask them to rename Windows, at least they aren't that stupid.
  • That is one wild assumption about MSN users. The positive in all of this is that Microsoft has several branded properties which each can be spun off at any given time but are still readily recognized to be part of the umbrella known as Microsoft. And the MSN preview gives a good example of this point.
  • MSN is stupid. Bing is actually attractive and modern. MSN? lol... Oh MS. U need a better "ideas" team. Because honestly... They suck. I think we can all agree. The only company ive known to push u along is Nokia. Heck... Till Lumias came out I barely Knew or cared that Windows phones existed before WP7. Get a clue
  • Additionally... We can bad-mouth apple all we want. But at least they're consistent and make sense. (will never own an apple again... Speaking purely in terms of business ethic)
  • Apple consistent - .mac, .me, .icloud. Three iterations in about 7 years.
  • Bing being attractive to the general public lol 
  • They should integrate the news features from MSN into bing and get rid of MSN. Most people use MSN only to login to their Hotmail account.
  • That's the issue...MORE people use MSN than Bing.
  • Check the Alexa page ranks. Bing gets more hits than MSN
  • @FFugue I totally agree. Bing, the new, fresh face of Microsoft....
  • Right. A lot of people specially in developing economies don't even recognise Bing. Their gateway to internet is Google>MSN> YAHOO
  • I remember at one point the most popular homepage in the UK was.....MSN....don't know how that stands today though. Wonder if there are figures worldwide for MSN, as a true homepage, existing?
  • I agree. MSN, gosh feels like the 90's
  • The 90's was awesome! 
  • Bing was fine, MSN just makes me think of the mess that is Yahoo. I know man is getting remade and is spread nothing like it used to be but with these under msn, now it feels like Bing is lacking features.
  • I agree. If not Bing then something new...but MSN...I feel like people will avoid MSN, might as well have called them AOL apps.
  • I also agree Microsoft has done a good job with Bing if anything they should rebrand MSN to Bing and unify the whole experience instead of having 2 entities. People were already confused enough with Windows 8 and then the whole fiasco with the Xbox one
  • Yeah, MSN brings back the days of tons of Microsoft services being offered with zero consistency in the branding. You had MSN here, windows there, windows live, office, mesh, god knows what. IMO Microsoft has done a fantastic job streamlining and unifying their services in terms of design, use and branding since Windows 8 released. This MSN apps deal makes literally no sense.
  • MSN is better known as a front page news aggregator than Bing. Bing is comparable to Google search. But MSN is comparable to Yahoo and AOL. It makes more sense to build on MSN as an information source because for better or worse, MSN is better known. Also, MS can also start to control a little more of the uneven press it gets through MSN and MSNBC for example. Besides, Bing is already supplying search results for Yahoo, iPhone, and MSN so I don't think it is going anywhere. I like Bing mainly because of my WP and because Bing does image and video searches better than Google and in my line of business that's important, but my home page at home and work is MSN, even though I think Yahoo does a better job with presenting the news. Now to get the MSN app to work correctly on WP and we will be getting somewhere.
  • Agree
  • Well 90% of posters think it'll be "for" worse and perception is 90% of truth in human beings, so that puts you in a pretty fine sliver my friend.
  • I think that they selected the MSN title for being familiar to iOS and android users. Because I read that the same apps will be issued for every platform
  • Me too agree
  • MSN-NBC is NOT a source often credited with accuracy so, yes, this re-branding seems counter-productive. I don't unserstand why Microsoft can't just brand everything as Microsoft. Consider Google...
  • Maybe because MS = Microsoft and N = Network, and it brings together different Microsoft products and networks and is more than Bing. But then again, when has MS been good with branding?
  • Exactly, this is a terrible idea.  I liked the Bing branding, while the MSN reminds me of either that stupid butterfly from the late 90s or the TV network.   Who is in charge of deciding these things for MS?
  • I have seen repeatedly this past two years that Microsoft doesn't understand branding. MSN has a bad rep. Lets not.
  • Agreed! Microsoft, if it ain't broke... Marketing at Microsoft... sigh
    What's the thinking behind this?
  • I think Microsoft itself needs to be rebranded.
  • Sounds promising! Not sure about the branding either, "Weather" sounds perfectly fine for me
  • The problem with just calling it "Weather" is that they also plan to release these apps on iOS and Android so they would want to be able to use the same name accross all three platforms.
  • This is why they were named Bing apps. Bing was a much cooler name than MSN
  • "the MSN thing, which looks like a dead brand" and Bing is much better? People look at you funny when you talk about MSN, they look at you like you're an idiot if you talk about Bing. MSN is still way more popular than Bing. I personally welcome the move. I've applauded about the weather apps to people, yet I get concerned looks when I call it "Bing weather" so I've just started calling it "the built in weather app"
  • it was like msn was on declining popularity and bing was on gaining popularity stage.
  • Bing is a brand you can build up at least. MSN seems to have connotations of AOL and Prodigy days, imo.
  • According to Microsoft, MSN has 400+ million active users. With those numbers, I would argue that the name MSN is like Windows: Sure, it's associated with the past, but it seems too big to get rid of. That's my take on it at least.
  • My.MSN has been my home/start page since igoogle went away.  I have no problem with the rebranding, MSN never died and looks like is getting a very nice makeover. I'm hoping this makeover is coming to  I'd like to see a Windows 8 app laucher of some sort with it. Bing is the search engine.  MSN is the Network.  It's pretty simple.
  • Yup, and I bet those 400+ million users are 60+ years of age and all have iDroids.
  • Does it REALLY matter that much if they're using other platforms as long as they're using Microsoft's services? I'd rather win one battle than go double or nothing. Mainly because most people would go with nothing.
  • Dead wrong! I am sixty, used MSN Network as my original dial up service after ditching CompuServe, and used MS powered smartphones since the Motorola MPX 200....
  • I wonder how many of the 400+ million are left if you remove all the people that end on MSN by mistake when trying to login to their Hotmail account and all the people who don't know how to change the default home page on Internet Explorer...
  • How many of the 400 million "active MSN users" have just never changed the home page in IE? BingIt!!
  • @ffuge @dalydose I'm sure the numbers are fudged slightly, but they're no more fudged than OneDrive, Bing, iCloud, Gmail, numbers.
  • You have to actively sign up for those other services and purposefully navigate to them. MSN gets pinged by IPs simply by being the default homepage of so many IE installations.
  • I guess I'm old school.  I look at age as meaning it has longevity and it is dependable.  Tech world seems to have ADD - every six months we have to chase the new shiney thing becasue it makes the current one look boring - nevermind the older one still functions fine and does the same thing. I do get tired of Microsoft always rebranding, but in this case it kind of makes sense.  Perhaps MS is making MSN their services and Bing will be powering the services?  I guess it's better than MS branding it "MSN Health & Fitness powered by Bing".
  • Lol
  • Question is how many of those are just because is the default home page for internet explorer.
  • So. How many people have Gmail accounts solely because the want to subscribe to a YouTube channel? MSN is a recognized brand that Microsoft owns so can't be threatened or sued over it. It has never gone away. I suspect they want both Bing and MSN brands to promote different services.
  • I completely agree. MSN is archaic.
  • At least Bing is the type of website where people go because they want to go there, even if it has a bad reputation. MSN is a website where people end up by mistake by clicking on some link on another website or while trying to access their hotmail account and they go "what the hell, that thing still exists!?" and then close the page. I think they should get rid of MSN, integrate Outlook, Onedrive, Calendar, Skype and news on Bing instead. MSN died when MSN Messenger died, and even then most people didn't even know what the MSN in MSN Messenger meant.
  • I'm pretty confident that most people I encounter would have no idea what msn is, whereas they'd at least know that Bing is off brand Google.
  • I personally think that Microsoft is trying to get back it's past. That's why they have launched a new website called , where the whole MS products meet.
  • It puts big images <blech> in your face?  It looks like a variation of the tiled images format that had up until recently.  That terrible web layout had me avoiding nbcnews and going to other news sites.  It made me realize how much of an impact that a web site layout can have on even something as mundane as generic general news sites.
  • Can't wait for Flipboard and VLC :)
  • I completely missed the Flipboard icon in the screenshot until the hint in the post. Glad I'm not seeing things!
  • Same! xD
  • I thought I was the only one who noticed it. I went straight to the app store to see if it was there...
  • They should also work on their Live Lockscreen app! This and GDR1 for my HTC and I am happy as fuck.
    Edit: Actually idc anymore, 830 incoming at the end of September :D
  • I like MSN for consumer branding like this. It always seemed weird branding everything 'Bing'. Bing is a search and information engine. Cortana is Bing.
  • That's exactly how I feel. When I think of Bing I don't think of News and Weather, I think web search.
  • When you thought of Google, did you think of Maps, Docs, Hangouts, etc? Brands expand. Amazon started only selling books.
  • This was going to be my exact point.
  • Thats another Situation ! Google is not only the Product its also the company name. Microsoft is the only one of the big players in search engine business that doesn't have the engine named like the company.
  • Think about it though. Would you want to go to for search?
  • I've been seeing hangouts on my S4 but I didn't see a purpose for it. When I see Google I think of search that could mean searching maps, but the map needs to show up when I search on Google. As for docs, forgot about it until your post.
  • People also probably don't associate MSN with those things either. I know I don't. I think of a relic from the turn of the century.
  • Praise God! Somebody finally understands.
  • Like you said, Bing is a search and information engine. News, sports, weather, etc. is all about information. The Bing brand makes perfect sense.
  • Pretty good news and also explains why for example twitter is still holding the update.
  • your last conjecture is interesting Daniel, and i hope you're right.  While I love apps like 6tag, the fact that the official Instagram app is way behind it's iOS and Android counterparts is a problem.  Trying to convert people to WP is difficult with such a lackluster offical app.  Instagram is still in beta and it's been almost a year I think.  Also, making the Windows 8.1 FB app universal to work on WP would be great.  The FB app on WP made my Microsoft is just not up to par.  It looks the part, but it's not that good.  These are significant problems that I hope can be addressed in the near future.  Then again, we are better off today than we were a year ago.  Baby steps, I suppose
  • I'm curious, since I've never used either the iOS or Android phone FB apps... What do they have that the WP FB app lacks? From my glances at different screens on the bus, I really don't see what looks different.
  • @wpguy, on the surface they look the same. In the other OSes, you can interact with the statuses right on the wall, while on WP, clicking on an update takes you to a separate page, which kinda slows things down. This is just a quick example that came to mind, but there are a few functionality quirks about fb on wp
  • On Android and IOS you can see and upload picture comments along with a few more options that aren't present.
  • I feel like the percentage of users on 8.1 would be higher if Verizon Wireless would ever push phone updates. I'm tired of them giving special treatment to Apple and screwing everyone else over. Lumia Cyan isn't even on any handsets for Verizon and we're already seeing Lumia Denim. I wish Preview for Developers included the firmware updates too.
  • Same with every carrier. And +925 on Preview for Developers including firmware updates. Microsoft needs to make this happen, so phones continue to get the full support we have been promised. 810, anyone? As another example, the 925 is one week shy of 14 months old (release date), and I predict 925 owners will never see Cyan approved and released to them. The 925 didn't even make a whole year before TMoUS pulled it from shelves (same at the Microsoft Store), yet that 521 is still there despite its true successor the 625 also on display. My guess is they "had" to pull the 925, because it is a more featured and capable phone, and they didn't want the old tech to upstage the new kid on the block.
  • I agree..come on Verizon..even ATT beat us to Cyan...
  • I am right there with you.  My Lumia 928 is in desperate need of Cyan.  My phone is just not working right, but I don't want to reset it until Cyan is available.  I am on 8.1 Update 1, which I love, but it needs the firmware update.
  • You complain about carriers, if you look at the Scandinavian countries, almost all models have been given Cyan except CV versions of Lumia 620. The carrier version is available but not the CV :(
  • Why MICROSOFT is naming and replacing tge name bing with MSN and why this name mean (abbreviation)?
  • Microsoft social networking (??) first thing came in my mind
    Upd. I was close) its The MicroSoft Network
  • Why are they rebanding it to MSN?
  • Its MicroSoft Network
  • Yeah thanks :)
  • "Microsoft Network"
    MS = Microsoft
    N = Network
  • I would prefer if they use neither of those brands and keep them generalised, otherwise it is going to look like another flip - flop move since they debranded from bing not too long ago.... Also I thought they were going kill the msn brand?...
  • They were killing MSNBC, not MSN. Unfortunately for MSN, the two brands were largely intertwined.
  • Not having a brand on Windows devices is fine, but they are putting this apps on iOS and Android, so they can't simply call them Weather, Travel, etc.  I am not loving the use of the MSN brand, I preferred Bing, but I see why they are doing it.  I just wonder if they did any market testing for this before they made the final decision.  There seems to be an overwhelming negative reaction to the branding.  Although, the MSN brand is old, it is not like it was completely dead. has been around for a long time and is not gong away (apparently) anytime soon.
  • Lol bring awesome MSN Messenger back haha :)
  • MSNSkype
  • Please no!
  • Waiting for that day when Windows Phone 8.1 share starts dominating..
  • lol dominating    I bet they would have a decent marketshare by Windows X though 
  • Literally won't happen in this lifetime. Especially now with Nadella as the CEO. He looks at Windows Phone as a failed experiment. One that he would gladly shut down, had they not just bought Nokia (another move he was against). He couldn't outright get rid of Bing and Xbox, like he also wants to do, so he's crippling them so everyone will think of Microsoft as Windows and business again. He really is a dinosaur that fears change, obviously. Edit - I see what you mean now, 8.1 dominating over 8.0. But my rant still rings true, lol.
  • I don't know why everyone complained about Ballmer so much- at least we was enthusiastic about his company's products. I don't even think Nadella likes Microsoft products since he's so intent on backpedaling everything.
  • I hope they resurrect Clippy, default my @outlook email account back to Hotmail, and call the new desktop OS "Windows '15" while introducing all the same logos and branding from Windows '95.
  • That would be the best April fools joke ever! ;-)
  • Should be just Bing or simply Weather.. Or simple Microsoft Weather
  • Please help me on not getting cyan on nl925 with developer preview in India
  • Cyan is rolling out to select devices on pfd currently. Either wait or reflash via Nokia recovery tool, the choice is yours. Now next time, use the forums to ask off topic questions :P.
  • For those who like to have more than one weather app, MSN Weather is going to be forgotten on any phone that doesn't have it pinned. A better name would be Weather by MSN.
  • The MSN branding seems like a step backward but the subtlety hopefully means it won't have any negative impact. Will the new Glance screen features be available on old phones (e.g. Lumia 1020)? Can the Glance background be set separately from the lock screen background app? e.g. can I have Weather on Glance without also having it on my lock screen?
  • "Will the new Glance screen features be available on old phones (e.g. Lumia 1020)?"
    I see zero reasons why it wouldn't. 1020 is getting Denim. 1020 has Glance. This is not dependent on the Snapdragon 800 chipset.
  • will the app just get rebranded or any change log will be there? my news live tile isn't working since many months l.
  • Mine either. So I switched to CNN.
  • So will it be Windows 8.1 with MSN now?
  • MS has no idea what they're doing. Really starting to worry me now. What is this, 1998? Who cares about a web portal like MSN? On the other hand, Bing is vital, not only for ad revenue but to collect user data that can be used to improve Cortana, maps and other core services.
  • So the reason why Instagram hasn't pushed an update in six freaking months is because they're waiting for the majority of users to have 8.1 and Cyan?! Jeez, what a stupid and lame excuse... Except for the video recording/picker option, understandable but pathetic excuse nonetheless... And Flipboard.. pst, please...
  • even twitter. I guess they want to make universal app for windows phone and want majority of WP users using 8.1. well I guess avg consumer doesn't even know how to update his phone. look at droid users. still many on jellybean and even kitkat launched now and android L is going to be released.
  • I've many times felt the same as well. MS should have been pushing WinRT development like there's no tomorrow. Get people to upgrade fast and make the majority sail the same boat. The performance difference is clearly seen in WinRT apps compared to their Silverlight counterparts - whether in terms of smaller update sizes or just overall snappiness. Take the case of ModernMusic. It's a boon send for those having performance issues with the native music app. There's absolutely no lag and it resumes fast. However, some apps like ProShot might not convert easily to WinRT as the dev said that there are API bugs in the new camera API that can potentially brick the phone. MS needs to address such critical concerns without delay.
  • leaving verizon, tired of waiting
  • I feel that bing would be much better than msn...
  • They should use the "Windows" Name Branding.
  • Bing was better as it leads consumers to the search engine and isn't that what MS wants. Hopefully other major apps will give us the 8.1 updates sooner rather than later
  • I hate the MSN name. I also hate the Internet Explorer name, and AOL name (AOL isn't owned by Microsoft, OBVIOUSLY). Bad decision by changing to MSN, Microsoft.
  • So, just because you hate the Ford Taurus name (and it's history), Ford should change the name even though the same company is making the same car? Makes sense...
  • Skype please!
  • yes please we need that as a universal app. and I guess rt and WP merger will make apps better and spend developers less time in improving their apps fo our platform.
  • I couldn't imagine using a phone that was on WP7.5. It would look so odd. How can you not be on WP8.1?
  • Microsoft is going backward revisiting its older name is kinda awkward....Bing is really have a great reputation while bing has been in recent law issue...Does Microsoft will change its search Bing into MSN search sounds weird!!
  • Dumb decision by Microsoft. Thought MSN was getting killed off in favour of Bing?
  • Bing was intended as a replacement for Windows Live Search. MSN would be retained for content. Other services/software were under Windows Live.
  • Hmm lets wait and see
  • Bing has become a punch line for some reason (not sure why) and while MSN was never a huge brand it IS recognized. I don't really care what they call it, but MSN makes as much sense as Bing.
  • Daniel, why are they bringing MSN back? From the article I can see you're 'on the fence' about it. So they really think that MSN is a better brand name than Bing? That seems so ridiculous. They just can't escape their brand image man. That's what happens when you control 90% of the market for that long.
  • MSN brand is dead, why are they trying to bring it back? Are they going to kill Bing or something? This rebrand is a stupid idea on their part.
  • I agree,...they are using a subtle approach
  • Bing is kinda hot...I love bing. But i don't like that MSN :3. bing sounds better to me than M S N.
  • MSN is still a provider of dialup internet service. '-'
  • They should have stuck with Bing and maximized it to the fullest by perhaps even calling Cortana "Bing" instead. I refuse to use anything Google, but they have been extremely successful at turning that word into an everyday thing as a noun, verb AND adjective. MS seriously cannot seem to have a cohesive strategy for much of anything. Why do you think that is????
  • IMO... They should resurrect Zune before they attempt to reestablish MSN. If anything they should turn MSN into the news arm of Bing.
  • Hahahaha I love the fact that a year after it was announced, I actually see flipboard on a windows phone. The sad part is that its not on my phone that I see it.
  • I like the resurgence of the MSN brand for news/weather/finance etc. MSN Powered by Bing, just like Yahoo 'Powered by Bing'.
  • Bing is just sounds better than MSN
  • So many changes... As soon as I get use to something, they change it again. Jesus!!!
  • I'm also unsure whether the MSN rebranding will work.  However, I feel this might be a better idea in the long run.  Unlike Edmonds article from earlier today, I don't think this will be as confusing for consumers.  Theortically, this should make it much easier to connect with Microsoft's various services.  You'll be amazed at how many people don't know that their Outlook/Microsoft  account comes with OneDrive, Office Online, Skype and numerous other features.  And how would they?  Everything's seperated into its own webpage.  Microsoft tried to integrate other services into one another, like accessing Office from Outlook.  But ultimately, Microsoft needs a true web portal.  The new MSN is finally that.  Plus, MSN is still the 34th most popular site on the net globally (according to, so it's not exactly a dead brand.  Microsoft wants to extend it's internet reach, something that's easier to do when you offer a fully featured webpage. is nice but it can't be everything like MSN can.  Microsoft clearly wants to tackle Yahoo with this move (the 4th most popular site).  And extending their services to other platforms will do more good than harm.
  • I think you make some good points, but MSN is a stale brand that no one has affinity for. It's number 34 by default, literally. They need a portal and they need to tie the products into a single coherent ecosystem, but MSN puts a stink on all of it like AOL or NetZero would. Even if MSN is a good portal choice, that doesn't make it a good app brand, especially a cross platform one.
  • Love Microsoft's products but their branding is horrible. Mostly because they keep changing the names of things.
  • Jhgvh
  • the only reason for dropping BING as a name would be any plans to abandon the search engine as this is what bing is primarily associated with. btw I think it is a huge letdown for app developers if MS releases apps simply entitled "Weather" or "Music" - sounding like default apps they make every other app appear like a b-version.
  • It seems like the Satya regime is into change for change sake. Is he having an "I'm not Steve" crisis and not thinking of the long term consequences?
  • No one uses MSN anymore! This is a horrible decision. MSN was dead, and it doesn't need a revival.
  • I think Microsoft is dead or dying
  • MSN, bad idea.. Name everything with Bing seems like the wiser choice. I fell it has a better rep. Hey, lets start getting Bing rewards for checking the weather and news feeds as well. ;-)
  • Will we still get Bing rewards or MSN rewards? I've been with Microsoft since I was born and I'm confused on this...
  • The New MSN Preview website just looks spectacular
  • Yup. It's very well done. For those who haven't seen it: I like that it prominently features OneDrive etc.
  • God I hate it! It went from an awesome metro look to an iPhone looking site! At least on mobile, haven't seen either on a desktop.
  • Mr Rubino, can you tell us something about this flipboard app? Is it in private beta? Thank you in advance.
  • It's been in private beta for months! I've had it forever and it looks and performs like trash.
  • " if you look close enough in some photos, you can even see hints of forthcoming apps"
    Wich photos??
  • Sorry folks. Loyal Microsoft user here.  I've had my email account since about 1994 when I became a beta tester for Windows 95. At the moment I have 4 WIndows phones (two 920s and two 520s). That said.. this company is lost! It cannot send a clear message!! MSN, BING... for goodness sakes make up you rmind..... my wife and I are using accounts now becuase she couldn't get an account like me (yeah we like them similar.. easier to give out... even our cell phones are only off by the last two digits)... and now MSN is back... Good grief!! Hey let's add a Desktop to Windows Phone 9 that doesn't do anything to really make people guess!!
  • Bing, should have been branded as" TellMe" from the start or asap. In fact MSN should also be branded as "TellMe". It simple, logical, & more marketable. Will that's my 2 cents.
  • Does this app supports Lumia 820 also
  • The only reason I can think of for doing this is that they want to sound more business-like instead of consumer-ish.
  • That's exactly the images that MSN conjures up. Younger users probably do not identify with MSN. I believe with more international support, Bing could be the stronger brand and give Google serious competition. Microsoft continuously rebrands and discontinues good products after they barely promote or market them.
  • This. Microsoft doesn't have the knowledge or confidence in itself to win the battle of the tech giants. It may not even be relevant at all, eventually, especially if Nadella stays in charge.
  • This has given me some hope that Amazon is getting ready to fix its Audible app, which a major issue for me, by far the biggest one on WP.
  • I'm mostly hearing a lot of complaints about "perception" when we don't even know how it will all work together. Personally, I never used MSN until today when I checked out the new design. It incorporates Office Online, Outlook, Bing, Xbox, Skype, Facebook and Twitter into one coherent page. It's now my homepage instead of Bing, which was looking a little too cluttered trying to incorporate everything MSN now has. This makes much more sense, as I think time will prove. If something works well and creates a good user experience, people will use it. Perception be damned. That's where marketing comes in. Also, I believe MSN has hundreds of millions of unique monthly visitors. Microsoft can't just abandon it. This fits in with updating, consolodating and clarifying the brands they have.
  • MSN is an old brand. But many more people know about it than Bing.
  • That's it. I'm done with Microsoft and their stupid branding choices, I'm done with their shitty eco system tired together with one drive that is garbage in comparison to its competitors. God sake they make rubbish decisions like this all the time.
  • Yeah me too I might jump ship I'll see what happens this year and next year to Icrap or Lagdroid even though I never owned either
  • Personally, I much prefer the Bing brand over MSN. MSN became an industry joke and Microsoft changing things to it makes absolutely no sense.
  • I like MSN. Reminds me of the 90's(my childhood). Good ol' days :P
  • I don't care what the name is. I think MSN is fine, especially if Microsoft is planning to release their suite of applications for competing platforms. A generic name isn't smart or even possible in that scenario.
  • This is so stupid! Choosing dead MSN over Bing for app branding doesn't make any sense at all. Microsoft seems to be lost at times. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Microsoft should bring back the Zune MP3 players damn it. They were ahead of its time.
  • If we're bringing MSN back, how about we bring back Zune?????
  • Personal opinion: MSN should migrate into Bing, not the other way around.
  • If you prefer the Bing branding, I created a uservoice to keep it.
  • Yes definitely.
  • I never heard of MSN before, but I am fully aware of Bing. In fact my default service provider is Bing. I can't find any better option rather than Bing. MS should understand this. In one hand they're trying to make Bing popular as Google, but on the other hand they are pushing it backwards. It's very confusing.
  • What a fucka they strategies going after one year we will hear about other strategy)))
  • MSN sure brings up some nostalgia. Remember the Microsoft Network icon on fresh Win9x installs? Now, if they can resurrect Zune while they are at it, it would be perfect.
  • Zune Weather, Zune News, Zune Travel...I like it.
  • What's wrong with calling it Windows. If Bing isn't the brand that they want to go with, why not just call it Windows Weather, Windows Sports, ECT.
  • No, it sounds awkward.
  • Because these have nothing to do with an operating system.
  • I hate the msn branding, ugh, the 90s called they want their brand back, Bing is way more 21st century
  • So, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Sony, Ford, Chevy, McDonalds, etc., should all change the names of their products because the 90's should stay in the 90's? smh
  • You're presenting arguments that don't pertain to the discussion. I'm sure in you're limited scope they might make sense, but trust me when I tell you they don't in this discussion.
  • How does it not pertain to the discussion? He basically said that since MSN was popular in 90's that they shouldn't use it. I pointed out that many brands were popular in the 90's and are still using the same names today, some of them even having to pull the name back out of the mud. Or are you saying that only Microsoft needs to rebrand their products? 
  • Those other brands have been very strong and consistent for a long time, some of them for decades. If the same were true for MSN they should have kept it all along, but that is not the case.
  • Theres a reason why MS killed msn messenger and is now supporting Skype, skype isn't an ageing brand like msn is
  • Lots of backseat drivers here. It always amazes me that some of Microsoft's biggest detractors are the so called fans.
    You guys second guess and think you know better more than iPhans.
  • Microsoft is killing MSN messenger to gear up Skype. But pushing back Bing, to make MSN popular with people. What the hell is going on with Microsoft?
  • Personally, I think Devs need to ONLY focus on 8.1 optimization, That way it'll force 8.0 users to update to 8.1. (since all 8.0 models support it, it shouldn't be a problem). This "alienating majority of OS customers" is just a whole lot of skepticism when dev's should strategically view it in a different way. Killing two birds with one stone resulting to faster OS upgrades/updates for a smoother WP App experience.
  • Most people still on 8.0 aren't mearly holding out, they're are waiting for the update to be pushed out to their device.
    Yeah, I know - Dev Preview.. but not everyone will go through that trouble and others don't want to take on the associated risks.
  • 80% of carrier/country variants are 8.1 ready. It's all a matter of laziness lol. These updates take ages to install, For instance.
  • MSN Cortana
  • I can't get with this decision. I'd rather them being back the "Live" branding than go with "MSN". Especially since they just killed MSN Messenger.
  • I made the same comment. Live feels modern and like a less dated alternative to "cloud" everything. Maybe there's a naming rights issue with it, never understood why MS killed it so quickly back in the day.
  • MSN reminds me of Myspace and AOL and older technology. Personally I think it's a bad idea. Bing weather sounds a lot better, recent and relevant and will encourage people to use bing
  • Very interesting read, Daniel, specially for the 8.1 "big" update which may be coming. I would add that Lumia Camera itself is probably totally rewritten (version 5, new architecture) to take benefit of the possibilities offered by 8.1 and which 8.0 lacks.
  • Another out-of-touch decision by some 60 year old corporate hack.  God.  Nobody wants to go back to Windows 95.  Bing is making up ground and I've been noticing more people consciencely using it.
  • Microsoft should use bing instead of msn and make both a same service
  • Thanks for the link to my article, but you've used the wrong URL 8-) You meant to link at !! Cheers
  • That glance screen reminds me of the wp7 weather app. Kind of like the minimalistic metro look
  • Microsoft needs to figure out their brands and make up their minds. MSN stands for...?
  • Why keep sticking your nose in something which doesn't make any sense... I am starting to wonder how far can Microsoft take this MSN reincarnation before everything falls apart.
    Nokia gave WP the fame it deserved and now Nokia gone I don't know what Microsoft can do.
    I am very disappointed with Microsoft :(
  • Microsoft never could name it's products nicely, but this... I mean... it was Bing... now it will be MSN... later it will be Windows Live Weather? Wtf... "MSN" sounds so 90's or 00's to me... It's just old!
  • For those that hoped MS had changed, pay attention here.  Bing has been the brand that has been replacing MSN, but I'd imagine there are some at MS that are MSN-loyal and now they are in a position to try to move things back to MSN instead of Bing, even though it is basically irrelevant as a brand on the rise. The more things change, the more they stay the same .......
  • MSN? What is this, 2002?
  • If were going to keep MSN on life support can you bring Zune back while were at it? It doesn't even have to be the brand either. Just the desktop software that used to make transferring music to my phone such a non-issue.
  • Yeah, because MSN is so hip and cool . . . . I see evidence at least 5 times a day:  Microsoft hasn't the first clue on how to market to consumers.
  • I truly think they don't care about consumers, they just want to go back to being business friendly. At least that's the direction Nadella is going in now.
  • Just call it Microsoft and stop changing names of everything already 
  • This can only mean one thing: Bing is dead, just kidding.
  • MSN Rewards sounds... shitty.
  • Bing is an information engine not a search engine. This is not good in my opinion...
  • I'm in love with WPC app it always amazes me...
  • Why should it matter for Windows Phone users anyway? They are sort of default services for us. If we use it, then we use it and we'll keep using it irrespective of the branding. But, it makes sense for iOS and Android. Imho, MSN may have more clout than Bing. Also, about that 400million, I wonder how many of them are default pages on internet explorer. Lol. Personally, I would like Microsoft to chin up and brand everything under Microsoft brand like Google and Amazon do with their services. For example, Microsoft Search, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft News, Microsoft Music, Microsoft Videos, Microsoft Skype, Microsoft Maps, Microsoft Drive etc. If it is about building ecosystems, use one brand name and one logo i-e Microsoft so that people get the sense of cohesion and integration. It doesn't help when most people don't even know that these services, Xbox etc. are all owned by Microsoft.
  • Excellent points, and well said! I agree, consistently promote the Microsoft company name with all products "so that people get the sense of cohesion and integration".
  • How about mCloud?
  • MSN? Really? Did I miss Ballmer coming back? Only possible win here is if Bing becomes Cortana
  • Except Ballmer was a Bing supporter, Nadella has not been.
  • Honestly why not just leave it without a prefix. Or put Bing back. More and more people are starting to warm up to Bing. Shot even Apple is going to be using Bing in their next desktop OS
  • MSN = Outdated perception of ill-placed grandeur
    BING = Quirky search site just starting to come into its own. Microsoft be patience and stick with what works, not well wished memories of what should have been, back when.
  • MSN sounds like a variation of an autoimmune disease.
  • This is retarded. MSN has such a bad name and appeal. Atleast people like Bing.
  • Go to Bing's website and press MSN at the top. There will be a bar on the MSN website that will say, "New MSN is Coming." An MSN revamp is coming.
  • Oh my God.... I think they are going to ditch Bing..
  • MSN? Dumb. Why not go with a brand that people know and love? Call it "Xbox Weather" and "Xbox News", etc and make universal apps for all platforms, including Xbox 360 and Xbox One?! Maybe it just makes too much sense...
  • "Heck, if you look close enough in some photos, you can even see hints of forthcoming apps." Flipboard, FINALLY!
  • Won't somebody please think of the children?!
  • All well and good, but 8.1 was at 12% just with the developer preview a couple months ago. This means still a huge portion of phones sporting 8.1 and 8.1.1 have not officially received Cyan. It is time for MS to get off the dime and release Cyan to the dev preview. As well, those with official Cyan need Denim to realize upcoming features, I am excited about the renaming and refreshing. As one who uses MSN daily (MS says there are over 400,000,000 of us) I like what I see. But for the performance of my phone, I need Cyan as well. I have for whatever reason not been able to downgrade. And really, after 3 months, why should I? This should have been fixed in July. Who would have thought 2 years ago when we were pounding our chests and pointing to Android fragmentation that Windows Phone would be in this jumbled mess. While many people waited to jump to iOS7, it was released to everyone worldwide at the same time. MS has to clean this up or there will be trouble down the road.
  • Good points! I agree re: MSN, as well as updates. Deploy the complete software *and* firmware packages to devices for a consistent baseline and user experience.
  • WP Central: hoe about a poll about the brand name?
  • Bing is for search. Msn was its online stuff before live. Calling I Bing sports when its not a search could be confusing for some.
  • To me Bing stands for online data collection, indexing and searching. So all MS services that are powers by Bing are part of the Bing family. Which includes stuff like weather reports and financial data.
  • This is a good move. MSN is a household name like Hotmail was and I think this new strategy will help define the branding across all platforms.
  • I definitely agree!
  • That makes a lot of sense, what you wrote about. Lumia Cyan is the push for Windows Phone and its longevity through the capabilities of Windows Phone 8.1
  • Microsoft.... The master of rebranding. I don't think its a smart move. From msn to windows live to to Live search to Bing. SkyDrive to OneDrive one day windows is doors. I don't think rebranding makes the product better. It's just confusing the costumer.
  • I'm getting tired of MS constantly rebranding everything. They had a nice line up, why reverse? The days of MSN are gone. Why kill off MSN messenger in favor of Skype, make people angry and then revive the brand?!
  • Can't wait for all the third party app updates to optimise them for 8.1
  • so we get MSN Entertainment as an App, too? Also Flipboard and maybe an updated Instagram and Twitter client? Nice!
  • Bing sounds much better than MSN.
  • Microsoft you are really horrible at marketing strategies. Msn is horrible and next step what? Rebrand lumia with zune? My new zune 1520? Aaargh...!
  • Is it 1994 again? MSN chat? What a retrograde branding step.
  • And you already threw away the hotmail brand ...famous all over the world. Somebody must explain to msft executives what is the brand awareness, brand proposition, brand value, everything is about brand! Unconceivable
  • "Wrapping it up, my intuition tells me that once these new phones hit later this month, and Windows Phone 8.1 becomes more of a reality for users, Windows Phone customers are going to see some excellent changes going forward. Hope springs eternal." Whatndo you know and what are you hinting at Mr. Rubino???
  • Ugh, MSN is a terrible brand outside the US that most don't want anything to do with.
  • well if they stopped making carrier branded phones and all that bs they could push whatever OS update they want a lot more easily and faster, you know, like dear apple does
  • I hate msn brand. So much... Enough to uninstall.. It just has something.. Not sure why, I hate it.. Crap this is so sad.. And so Microsoft.. To take something that works and crap it up...
  • When will the Flipboard app on the Lumia 830 screen be released?
  • I've got a preview invite for local MSN (Philippines). It looks really neat and clean; Microsoft products nicely layed-out on the top; fully customizable menu for every section. Philippines has been one of the top markets for MSN in Asia and I think we'll have more time together this time. Really loving the revamped MSN :)   It is worth noting though that i works well with Internet Explorer which is a no-brainer but doesn't looks good at Chrome. Haven't tried with Firefox though.
  • Using MSN branding is incredibly stupid. I don't love Bing for these apps, but its better than MSN by a country mile. Personally I've always thought Live was the best MS brand name (if not brand) and making all these mobile ecosystem apps "Live" apps would be an easy transition. Live Weather, Live Sports, Live Travel, Live News etc. Maybe there's a Sky issue lying in the weeds that I don't know about, but its better and more modern than MSN. They could also have considered using the Lumia brand here, which would fit nice but could come with some baggage from OEMs. But, getting OEMs to differentiate on unintrusive apps like these might be good for users.
  • I think Bing Weather and Bing News sound way better than MSN weather and such.
  • God Microsoft is so damn fickle. They keep changing things just for the sake of it.
  • I love this weather app and love how they are integrating it more and more. Just wish the app actually picked up my location. I am forced to use local weather apps because of this. It's a shame...
  •   TAKE SOME TIME TO ANALYZE what MICROSOFT's plan with MSN. They are stitching and grouping together their services on top. from Office to Onedrive to Outlook. and try signing in hover to Office button and you'll see your recent documents ditto to One Note..  
  • 1. MSN is still a thing? I thought they ditched everything that belonged to that aging behomith decades ago.    2. Why do we even have to brand anything? Since the app is on YOUR platform, why can't it JUST be "Weather" ? I mean you don't see "iOS Music", "Android Calculator" They're just that. We get it, you want to distinguish your product among other things, but this isn't even practical anymore. I was under the impression that Windows Phone and the Modern UI was to be fast, fluid and simple, how can you break that when it comes to the most primitive of all? Naming should be natural.    3. Instead of spending time and money on renaming, spend time on the actual product, no one will care what it's called if it's not even worth opening. 
  • Sometimes it really feels as if Microsoft have no Marketing people at all.  They really aren't as far behind Apple as most of the world believes in terms of technology and innovation, but nobody believes it because, time and time and time again they score marketing own-goals like this one. Apple have a consistent, clear, instantly recongnisable brand, not just in terms of a logo and a name, but everything they do is in line with that ethos.  If we're speculating as to what the next Apple prodcut will be called, what do we do?  Prefix it with the letter "i", because Apple made that popular. Microsoft, on the other hand (and I should reiterate that I'm a big Microsoft fan), just seem clueless when it comes to branding and marketing.  Sure, they have a recognisable logo, and thankfully nobody has successfully proposed ditching the Windows, Office or XBOX brands, but beyond that we have an ocean of Microsoft products, hardware and software, with little consistency of branding and, worse still, branding that changes frequently. They've spent years trying to push the Bing brand.  It's starting to gain a little bit of traction.  So what do they do?  Pull the name from these apps and rebrand them MSN, a brand I thought had gone the way of Myspace and Geocities.  Now, if they're trying to realign their product branding with their corporate strategies, fair enough.  I'd still argue that it's a mistake because alignement with corporate strategy is much less important than an established brand that's recognised by consumers.  But putting that to one side, I could concede that this might be worthwhile change in the long term, worth the short term negative impact, if it wasn't for the fact that there's little doubt in my mind that the branding will change again in 2-3 years. By 2016, when nobody is embracing the newly-branded MSN Weather/Food/Travel apps, what's going to happen?  They'll rebrand them again.  Or dump them completely.  That's what Microsoft do alarmingly regularly.  Come up with a half-assed marketing strategy but one which might still work quite well given time, but then get bored of it after no time at all, and then replace it with another half-assed strategy.  If they could EITHER come up with consistently excellent branding and marketing OR pick one that was half-decent and stick with it, they'd probably ok.  Apple do both.  Microsoft rarely do either.
  • MSN, how to pronounce it? Bing is easier to remember and say it!
  • MSN : The ulimate throwback! It feels like I'm a high school student in the 90's once again! LOL
  • The way it shows the weather consistant in the live glance screen, why not allow the app to push recent notifications or updates from all the bing apps from news to sports on the lock screen. It will be very amazing. A killer feature too in future. Wait how about making the notifications live, how about every app which has
    notifications in return, should appear with the detail glance of update or notifications on the lock screen. An idea can change everything.