Bing Finance soon to change name to 'Money' for Windows Phone with MSN branding

Back in Berlin a few weeks ago, Microsoft made clear their current suite of Bing apps, including Weather, News, Finance, Travel and Health + Fitness, would be adopting MSN as the brand. Microsoft has already phased out Bing from the apps in previous updates back in April. The change is seen to separate Bing search from Microsoft's news and information offerings, which evidently fit better under a retooled MSN homepage.

This morning, we are getting reports from users that the Finance app is displaying an in-app message revealing that the name Bing Finance will be no more in the "coming days". (We have been able to reproduce the message ourselves and you can see the screenshot in the lead photo) Instead, the app will be titled MSN Money, although, like the current Bing apps, the app name itself is only going to be 'Money' on the phone (Paul Thurrott reported as much a few weeks ago on WinSupersite).

When Money hits the Store, nothing else about the app is expected to change, just the name and app listing. Using Money for a moniker is certainly concise, and with Microsoft Account syncing and login support for E*Trade, Charles Schwab, TD, Sharebuilder and Fidelity, Microsoft still makes a solid financial app.

Microsoft had previously announced that the same suite of apps will be heading to iOS and Android too.

Considering the name change is impending for Money, we suppose that other Bing apps are likely to get the name change in the coming weeks as well. Earlier, we revealed the new MSN Weather app, including richer Glance screen support for Lumia devices.

Even though the user experience will be the same, what do you think of the MSN focus by Microsoft for these apps and services?

Thanks, Jorge S., and others for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Sick of the changes! Nothing is consistent with MS.. Nothing ever sticks. It's always a constant state of transition...
    If MS wants to create brand recognition then they need to stick to their guns❗❗
    And, personally I think the Bing brand is more hip than the old early 2000 sounding "MSN".. I don't support them changing it from Bing, but if you're going to change it then change it to something more modern, or at least hip... How about using the Surface branding, or Xbox branding❓... MS's problem is that they don't have a clue how to put their best face forward..
    ................ Update..............
    Considering that MS is going through the biggest restructuring, most likely in the history of the company, I'll retract on SOME of my criticism, and be a little more patient... But, we need to see the product of this restructuring stick, and be productive... It's to the point now that even fans are beginning to question things, get frustrated, and loose faith... And, that's bad❗
  • Yep. They need to sort out sync issues rather than names.
  • Agreed... all these changes make the whole Microsoft brand a big mess. MSN -> Live -> Bing .. then start over.. MSN -> Live -> Bing. They should rename Windows into BingOS.
  • ^YES^ they are really missing the mark.
  • Lol!
  • MSN is a strong brand name. I recommend Microsoft keep MSN as part of the app names to present a unified branding across platforms.

    Equally important: Unify the feature set of Microsoft apps (MSN, OneDrive, OneNote, etc.) across platforms to provide a common user-experience regardless of device or ecosystem.

    Kudos rodneyej on your initial post, especially the "update" re: patience. All well said!
  • Thanks.
  • MSN just sounds so "techie". Not an appealing name to technophobes. I think apple's popularity has something to do with the name that sounds like sumptuous fruit. Maybe we could go with Mango.
  • Lol.. It sounds funny, but actually Mango isn't a bad idea... It sounds hip, and spicy❗❗
  • I don't disagree, but this is what happens when you change management ;) Also, they likely do not want to dilute 'Bing', which has come to mean much more than search recently, in fact, these apps often do not have much to do with search and information prediction.
  • I see your point Daniel, but Apple simply puts an i in front of everything, and that works for them.. Lol.. Nevertheless, I know MS isn't Apple, but they need to come up with something good, universal, and stick with it.
    Ok.. So, lets say I agree with all the name changing.... You guys wanna change something? When the next wave of management comes through lets change the name "Microsoft"... Lets break that down.. Microchips & Software.. How 80's does that sound?.. LMFAO❗❗❗
  • "Microchips & Software" Wait, isn't that what everything is nowadays?
  • Yes it technically is.. But, people are past that.. They want something that says what they are, who they are, what their lifestyle is about.. Something with meaning. Bing sounds better than what it really is... Would you agree that they call Bing "internet search interface by microchip and software company".. Lol❗❗
  • I completey understand where you're going with this RodneyEJ; however, you have to understand that MSN is still a powerhouse outside the US. Lately Microsoft is having better lack outside the US, where iFruit is slowly losing marketshare. I have always wondered why Microsoft didn't fold the MSN portal into Bing for a number of years now and I'm sure someone has finally woken up at Microchip & Software company and realized that there is a huge mess in their online startegy. Bing and MSN have somewhat been in competition or just plainly wasting resources on duplicated services. i.e. Bing News and MSN news. Internet Explorer, once installed, insists on making MSN my home page but I prefer Bing Image of the day. Eliminating too many choices will allow people to make a decision faster, IMO! PS. Lucky I still have my MSN email and this allows me the freedom to use and online calendar without ads, for some reason!
  • Just stop right there❗ ... Before you guys start attacking me about MSN, my main point is about INDECISIVENESS... I'm not to fund at the MSN part, but at this point I don't care what they call it as long as it sticks...
  • "Internet Search Interface" is not far from "Internet Explorer"... Such a bland name.
  • Yes, bland, too long, and uninspiring..
  • Sorry Daniel, but could not disagree more. It isn't diluting it is saturation they need. Apple has done it with a single letter. Google has turned their word into a noun, verb, and adjective. As one who has only ever solely used MS products, they are making it hard to sell others on an ecosystem they themselves don't seem to know or care exists.
  • I hate to admit it but I'm beginning to think that it's the name "MICROSOFT" that's holding everything back.... Lets change that if were going to change something..
    3 syllables just doesn't resonate with people nowadays, and doesn't sound hip...
  • iMicrosoft maybe....
  • Yes❗ That's good.. Lets go with that.. Products will fly of shelves like the store is haunted❗❗
  • ^ Bingo. Just cause Ballmer ultimately mishandled all the renaming/naming for a decade doesn't mean these changes are not better long term. they are.
  • As long as they are long term... Do one thing or the other... Either change them to good names, or use bad names and make them stick... But, MS repeatedly changes to bad names... Lol❗
  • maybe it won't be "repeatedly" now. MS had two CEO's until recently and a few anti-trust issues bogging things down.   Satya is clearly more "holistic" than what MS had in the past at any levels.
  • Well, that's what we are hoping for... They are going through a major restructuring... I'll try to be a little more patient...
  • I think MS just has too many brands now, some "cooler" than others but all over-lapping and confusing rather than helping. They need to keep it simple, look at the competition. Apple just have the name of their product (iPad, iPhone, iMovie, iTunes, etc) & Google have their name and the product (Google Now, Google Maps, Google Finance, etc) or just Android as I don't think people ever say Google Android. I agree with others that Bing is a cooler "brand" than MSN, but why use them and try to tie products together that aren't really related. Bing Finance and Bing Food & Drink, I mean ok the same team made them but otherwise they are hardly related. In the end of the day they are all Microsoft products and that's just how they should be branded. We don't need Bing Cortana after all; it's just Cortana. And their old products are simple and to the point, it's just Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office; hell even Word is Microsoft Word, not Microsoft Office Word. Bing should be reserved for their search engine and nothing else, so if you hear "Bing" you know it's search. MSN should be reserved for their portal site and nothing else. So Bing Finance should just be Microsoft Finance, not Bing or MSN Finance, and the same for all their other products; let them speak for themselves and not try to sound cool by using a separate brand as well. It's like they don't trust their own products enough and felt if they put out "Microsoft Finance" nobody would notice, but add "Bing" in there and suddenly people will care? Sorry MS, just put out good products (which you have been) and let them speak for themselves. And what happens when people say "I can't find anything on Bing" or "the MSN website sucks" - that hardly endears them to any product branded with that name.
  • I agree. But, now the issue remains that the name Microsoft sounds old, and out dated... The problem is how do brand their products without using MS, but using something familiar... I guess that's what they are trying to do with MSN.. Maybe they have no other choice... I seriously think they should stop all the name changing and come up with another name besides MS.. I know that sounds crazy, but it has happened before... Just call the company Socl. or something.. Lol
  • I'm also not sure if this is a good move. 1) Constantly changing names won't allow users to cozy up with a brand, and 2) I think they should really maker Bing a strong brand and bring lots of advisement income. Having everything Bing-branded makes more sense to me.
  • I agree completely.
  • Nothing more to say. Agree with everything!
  • I think its a good thing. There are plenty of people who watch MSNBC and use MSN as their home page. Using the new MSN site is a blast for me. I feel like a certain demographic(business) users will appreciate the rebranding back to MSN. MICROSOFT is a huge company with lots of divisions and putting the correct assets into the right baskets is essential to efficiency. I'm all for the change and Money sounds more inviting than Finance to the layman.
  • Were not saying it's necessarily a bad thing that they are going to be under the MSN branding... It's more an argument that they need to just stick to something and make it well known... Were not sure if they are going to change it again in the not to distant future... But, we'll see how it goes..
  • The new MSN website is great I agree, I was very surprised I haven't used MSN for years and now I visit it multiple times a day. But what does it have to do with these apps, why should they suddenly be MSN Finance or MSN Food & Drink just because MSN is now a decent site? They are separate. It's like if people suddenly liked the Finance app they'd rebrand things as Finance Bing and Finance Weather... It's just branding gone crazy. Finance or Money, either way is fine but just have it is Microsoft Finance, simple and to the point.
  • The very few people I've ever seen using MSN I've asked them why they use such a horrible and useless site.
  • Couldn't agree more! MSN sounds outdated! And they change names way too often :(
  • Do you know that things like finance and new have been a msn thing for a long time. If you clicked a news article in Bing that is from MS, well it brought you to a msn article.
  • MS is always inconsistent in their branding. MSN > Windows Live > Bing > MSN (again). These constant branding changes will confuse consumers. They do not give time for consumers to really understand their service suites. MS should take a page from Google. Just two brandings for their many services; Google & Play. Google Maps, Google Search, Google Drive. Play Music, Play Newstand, Play Movies. Stick to the branding, focus on providing better service.
  • Agreed. Seems MS is obsessed with changing names of this that and the other thing. Just stop.
  • "Just Stop"... I like that.. They need to stop at something good though...
  • Actually, it's not confusing consumers, rather it's just annoying for the users they have left.... You have to know about a product to be confused about it.... Marketing.
  • Agree, pick a name and stick with it FOREVER.
  • You obviously didn't read the article.  It's NOT Bing then back to MSN.... it's Bing + MSN. MSN = a portal of aggregated content from various sources
    Bing = everything related search That's how it's always been.  It never made sense to put those apps under the Bing brand, because they've ALWAYS lived on  The Bing Finance app always pulled it's content from MSN Money.  The Bing Fitness always pulled it's data from MSN Fitness, etc.  This move makes more sense.   Plus, MSN still has millions of daily users.
  • My main point is that MS keeps changing its branding. I just think if they stick to a brand and advertise the hell out of it. Well, regarding the popularity of MSN. From where I'm from, i don't know anyone who actually use MSN anymore. MSN is associated to the MSN messenger and MSN search (now Bing search) previously over here. The MSN popularity is pretty much dead now where I live (Singapore).
  • I almost forgot about that butterfly logo and MSN. Maybe we'll see more Microsoft apps turning this way. It's a nice move.
  • I'll say its a nice move if 5 years from now it's still the same..
  • 5 years is over optimistic, maybe 5 months lol
  • Lol.. Right.. They'll probably change it to "Outlook Sports" next year, then "Office Sports" in 16.. Lol❗❗
    They figure they'll just go through all the brands until one catches on.... LMFAO!
  • office sports lmfaooo holy shii I just thought of all the apps with Office as their brand lolol
  • Lol❗❗❗
  • "Internet Explorer Office Maps"
  • Well I think MSN still needs to appear somewhere else than website. It would be not fair to just close the name and go on. When you compare (search site) and (info site) you'll see that MSN makes more sense to appear on apps like Weather, Sport, Finance etc than the Bing.
  • MSN money is a horrible name and frankly the whole MSN rebranding is a bad idea   Stop changing stuff Microsoft -_-
  • What rebranding? has always been there and these apps have always been MSN data.  It never made sense to tie these apps to Bing. Bing Finance app has ALWAYS pulled it's data from
    Bing Fitness app has ALWAYS pullet it's data from
    Etc. MSN = aggregator of content from various sources
    Bing = everything search
  • Sounds horrible indeed!
  • Makes sense. It's called money on the website although I think that Finance would be a better name than Money since some people might confuse it with Wallet (when they first get the phone at least)
  • To say money nowadays sounds materialistic.. Finance sounds to cold, and hard to use.....
    Why can't MS use names that are appealing?
    "Wealth" sounds prestigious, and secure... And, it has more positive connotations to it.
    When people see "Money" they think of cost...
    When they see "Finance" they think of work...
    Now. "Wealth" can bring up all different kinds of emotions.. Thoughts of security for ones family. Less stress, more happiness, a nice house, or car, and traveling... Wealth is what it should've been called from the get go, and they just need to hire me to name their products, and services... Lol.
  • Ugh...the name 'MSN' doesn't bring any value or elevated status to me...I mean, at least I see a Bing commercial once in a while...but like others have said...they need to stick with a brand and stay with that brand.   I can tell someone its a Bing app...and they'll at least have heard of, I'll say its an MSN app, and they'll all go...what's that?  geesh
  • Well about 80 million people use Bing, while 430 million people use MSN. You do the math.
  • Oh, so you've seen an MSN commercial then...
  • No, but if MSN, with no commercials, is still actively used over 5x as much as Bing, with commercials, it should be painfully obvious which one they should use as their global brand.
  • At one point MSN was the most popular homepage in the UK, not sure how that stands now. So Jas00555 has a point. Though I don't like the MSN branding and much prefer the Bing branding.
  • Someone who gets my point.  Thank you!   MSN is/was the old dodgy dial up service, Bing was the new (trying to be 'hip') MS branding...but whatever...despite the numbers they had a direction. My Dad, mid-70's likes MSN and Yahoo...there's your 5x as much as Bing...
  • Bing was NEVER going to be "hip". It's a toxic brand that is seen as the knockoff Google. Some people that I know have actively not used the Bing apps on Windows/WP BECAUSE they were Bing. Also, do you really care what the age are? I'd imagine that most of the users of Bing are also 50+ because they don't know how to change their browser. I have never seen young person use Bing unless they were using Yahoo or Siri and didn't realize they were using it. Either way, almost half a billion people disagree with you. Stop trying to conflate your personal biases on the world, who sees MSN as a superior brand to Bing.
  • Hope Bing news also gets updated with msn news. My love tile doesn't work otherwise the app is very useful. Hope it provides more notifications in the future.
  • Worst mistake ever.  It is simply stupid to use the MSN brand on anything.  Nothing would turn me off quicker than seeing "MSN" attached to it.  MSN=GARBAGE
  • Yeah. MSN brings back the memories of clunky, old interface of 2000s. Bing seems so much more clean and modern.
  • Bing is clean and modern???? Maybe to you, but most people I know refuse to use them BECAUSE they're branded with Bing. Bing is a toxic brand that is seen as a knock-off Google. While neither brand is great, at least MSN has almost half a billion active users while Bing is used by Microsoft enthusiasts and people who don't know how to change their search engine.
  • Bing and Cortana work for me. Just saying.
  • "for me" are the two telling words. Most people might agree with Cortana, but for most of the word, MSN > Bing.
  • Okay, so there are more active users on MSN rather than Bing. But somehow, MSN just doesn't convey the hip and modern image that Microsoft has been going for recently. Of course, one way to know that for sure is to ask WPCentral to publish a poll. MSN, or Bing?
  • I would argue that WPCentral users (or really users of any tech site) wouldn't be a good judge of character for the general population.
  • Please.  Only idiots stick with Google.
  • And that's the point, you get it. Microsoft really should have NEVER released these apps under Bing. they were always using the MSN portal for their data and that's what many people on here complaining don't know. yes complain about the name change itself but when people assume its cuz MSN > Windows Live > Bing > back to MSN that's just so wrong. MSN never died it always lived, Windows Live branding was used for something else (A PART) of what MSN services used to consist of really. And then Bing, well Bing was just the search engine. Correctly you would say MSN > (still msn) Windows live > Microsoft Account (think of all its attached services now) Bing > (just search related) I hope people can understand the difference lol but yes Microsoft does need to stop the name change -_- 1 step forward 2 steps back.
  • I think Windows will get its re-branding soon.....
  • LOL You're right haha
  • i don't get the back and forth; commit to branding and go for it.  i guess they think that Bing apps don't make sense since Bing is a search engine and they brand their apps in a different way (or they plan on selling one or the other???)
  • The Bing branding on the News, Sports, Finance, and Weather apps made perfect sense to me. You use Bing to get information on news, sports, finane, and weather. This is a stupid re-branding, and this is coming to someone who thinks is a great site and who visits it several times a day.
  • How does the Bing name make sense? To me, they never made sense. To oversimplify, Bing is their Google while MSN is their Yahoo. Bing has been about search while MSN has been about lifestyle. Diluting the Bing brand for things other than search or search like functions would cause more confusion than this rebranding. Remember that while you or I may not see much use in MSN, there are still almost a half a billion people who use it daily.
  • coip, I agree, information all in one place. Like a hub, but then MS does not seem to like those, even though they talk about oneness and integration.
  • Booooooooooooooooo.
  • "Finance" seems like a better name to me, but perhaps "money" has more of a personal connotation that Microsoft is trying to tap into. Speaking of Money, it's a shame Microsoft Money was killed off years ago. I found it to be way better than Quicken.
  • Whatever it is. I love it.
  • I got the same message
  • Microsoft is very inconsistent when it comes to branding.... Please stop this or U may loose a considerably share in mobile industry and that's for sure Ms.
  • I always liked the MSN butterfly more than the bing B.. Just saying..
  • On another now just got Windows phone 8.1 update through preview for developers, but I am putting out of the program. Its more trouble than its worth.
  • Just stick with sounds cooler
  • MS is so finicky sometimes!  Bing is just fine!  Keep the name!
  • Exactly. And speaking of branding, the rumor of Microsoft dropping the "Phone" from Windows Phone is another bad decision too. Someone has to fire the marketing department. Who still use MSN these days?
  • 430 million people. You remember how we always get upset that US tech writers go think that because no one around them uses Windows Phone, then no one in the world uses them, despite having double digit market share in some countries? Yeah, that's EXACTLY the kind of assumption you're making right now. MSN is used almost 6x as much as Bing.
  • I think most of traffice on msn is from the default set homepage to in windows ie. Microsoft should send most of this traffice to by setting the default homepage to
  • No, those are "secondary users". 430 million people ACTIVELY use it, as in read the news, look at stocks, use Bing, use it as a portal to Onedrive. It's within the top 10 websites in dozens of counties.
  • Then its okay to change its name to MSN Money, but microsoft should double down its efforts on bing in all the world. And give google a run for its money. :)
  • I don't disagree on that. I actually really prefer Bing to Google and agree that they need to expand it. Who knows, if Bing finally catches on worldwide and beats out MSN, maybe we'll see them rebrand everything back to Bing. Anything is possible with Microsoft lol
  • Seems familiar
  • MSN has a old school connotation. Feels like MS is moving backwards.
  • Microsoft , 3 ULTIMATE wrong decisions?
    # Introducing Microsoft exclusive apps to iShit and LagDroid.
    # MSN Re-branding. (Dafuq is the use?)
    # Finance --> Money? Are You Serious!?
  • MSN still has a lot of users. 400M or something? It's not a bad idea to try to focus contents around that brand. Heck, they might even try to rebrand Bing back to MSN Search or something. With Cortana being part of Windows 9, that might make more sense.
  • Yes, because MSN Search just rolls off the tongue.
  • Dafuq? MSN is the portal to use their service while Bing is one of the services. They're two different things.
  • MSN=Dead/Aging Brand You Chose Poorly
  • Google has kept it simple since they started... Google Finance, Google news, etc etc. Microsft should try to compete with google(by strengthening bing) instead of competing with yahoo(by focussing on msn). They should sell away msn i would say... instead of sending new windows IE to, send people to Make bing presence known in whole world! Go after google instead of going after Yahoo.
  • Duh unfortunately this old suits can't progress this is not late 1980s or 1990s
  • Not sure what's going on inside Microsoft's branding division, or what have you, but clearly there is no "ONE" direction forward, actually its more of an ass-backwards direction in my opinion. First we have the 'Windows' brand that they are desperately trying to resurrect, and now some bright minded genius(or group of) has decided to drop Bing and replace it with 'MSN'. Are they deliberately being sabotaged by outsiders, Ha... I kidd, only somewhat. It makes me think they are about to double down on Enterprise or Business sales (which brings on more profits) and slowly decrease their Consumer side of business, which is hard to do given the recent purchase of Nokia's D&S division.
  • Nooooooooooooooooo. I am not a fan of the MSN name. Microsoft needs to continue reinventing. Bing is new and fresh, hip. MSN is what the oldies remember. Not to mention all the publicity the power of Bing has gotten lately with World Cup and now NFL game predictions. I understand Microsoft wants to keep MSN alive as a sort of news network, but honestly, I don't think the new younger tech crowd really cares about news aggregator sites anymore.
  • The MSN brand is akin to AOL, a remnant of the 90s that's sticking around like a zombie. Hey, I enjoyed the 1990s as much as anyone (my college years, grunge rock, the Joe Torre led NY Yankees, a booming economy, Bill Clinton, the Real World on MTV), but going back to a dead brand is rarely a good idea.
  • This is kinda a vicious circle, isn't it?
  • Msn money... Ok cool...
    Another reason why I want to rename my own apps. Now my habit of going to B will have to change to M. Happens all to often.
  • So many bad moves from Microsoft lately. Now we have Bing, outlook and msn. THREE THINGS that could be ONE.
  • "THREE THINGS that could be ONE." You have no idea what you are talking about dude lol You, like many others on here, think MSN was just about their messenger and email services. What Microsoft is doing NOW is what they should have done THREE years ago when they were planning the Microsoft account, Skype to replace msn messenger, and Outlook to replace Hotmail/MSN. That old management fuxked up.
  • It's just finance on my phone
  • MSN is seriously too 00's sounding. Do not like it. Not a big fan of Bing either but I think it's better.
  • Hehe Money comming soon ;D
  • What's old is new again. MSN, Live, Bing and now back MSN again. Microsoft is a bit schizophrenic when it comes to branding identity.
  • "MSN, Live, Bing and now back MSN again" that couldn't be more incorrect lol the introduction of each brand was never to replace the other. And when they named these apps Bing Apps that's where they first screwed up. MSN never died, Windows Live became all the tied services to the new Microsoft Account, and Bing never replaced Live. people have a misconception because Skype replaced MSN messenger and Outlook replaced Hotmail/MSN email
  • So with this change there may be a chance we'll see Encarta, & maybe mappoint/s&t come back.
  • Well done. 
  • It makes me feel like MSFT doesn't want to see its own platform grow, making a decision which clearly has 'Bad Decision' written on its face. Nobody agree with this brand name change of Microsoft and hell a 10 years old kid can say this is a wrong call...
    WP is already considered doomed by many people out there and what Microsoft is doing about this? They are linking a kind of dead brand (MSN) to WP, this is the last thing we needed.
    I can already see everyone making fun of Microsoft :(
    Feels like WPCentral and WP fans care more about Windows phone and windows than Microsoft themselves.
  • Nice! Hope to see the rebranding soon. Makes sense, all news related apps under msn branding, and Bing for search. Good move! :) My dad still uses MSN for news :P :)
  • I rather with the MSN brand. No problem.
    Sounds nostalgic.
  • Shame it won't have functionality of the old MS money.
  • This is dumb and pointless. Money is better than finance? Sorry I don't really see that. MSN instead of Bing? Yeah, that will really turn brand recognition around.
  • I've always wished they'd bring Microsoft Money back. Leave this as Finance on devices and change the website to match, then bring back Money! :D
    I'm just venting because I've yet to find a WP8 app for managing personal funds like Money did in the Windows Mobile days.
  • Yes, Microsoft seems to have always struggled with branding. MSN should have been retired years ago, the "Live" tag quickly became outdated, never liked the "Bing" brand, yet loved the products behind them, including the awesome pictures on the search engine with the same name. My opinion is that once their "SkyDrive" brand was forced away from them and they went with "OneDrive", they should have pushed that "One" branding across everything. One Search, OneOffice (in place of Office 365), and even "OneBox" to replace XBox, since their vision with that product is to have "One" box to rule them all in the Living Room. Unfortunately, an already-existing company called "OneBox" might have an issue with that! ;-)
  • Not to stir things up, but when I see MSN, I remember MSNBC. Not good.
  • No other changes: They could at least support transparent live tile.
  • These guys are clueless. MSN is a dead brand. Make a good decision and stick with it. All this backtracking just makes it clearer that mgmt doeant have a clue.
  • Actually this new managements are the ones who DO have a clue lol. these apps should have never been called Bing Apps.
  • They should never have stopped with MSN for starters. Also they could have adapted into a smart phone messenger service like WhatsApp or messenger (fb). Giving up on the chat part and MSN as it was was pretty dumb. Imo.
  • I think this is the old Microspft Turf battles in action as usual.   MSN was and is a dead brand, but the biw wigs in the MSN divison wont die and let go. Now they want to coopt the Bing apps as well and let that die as well. Why do they do this. BING has a more modern image what with Bing driving search and Cortana and allmother recent backend engines.
    MSN harks back to the old Miscrosoft. Why the hell do they want to ressurect that old image is beyond me. MS has a serious problem in their hands and its not an engineering one.
  • I'm actually excited for this because Bing finance app looks plain and hideous. And that green. Ew.
  • I have no idea what Microsoft is doing anymore, and I don't think they do either. This trying to bring back the MSN brand is just the latest in all manner of wild flailing around with their mobile business.   
  • Smart move.  MSN is a popular landing page for millions of desktop users.  Time to start leveraging their strengths to expose potential customers to their mobile products.  
  • MSN is the browser home page for those who don't know how to change it...
  • Might be true but that's besides the point
  • Money? Really? Money? :/ .. Sounds unappealing to me, Finance sounds much better, it has a bit of "depth" than 'Money' ..
  • Both Finance and Money are used by big sites (CNN went with Money, Yahoo and Google with Finance). MSN has been using Money for a while so it makes sense to stay with that once they decided to go with MSN for the news apps instead of Bing
  • I LOVE MSN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Since the data comes from MSN Money, they needed to align the brands. We already knew they decided to go with MSN so it's not a surprise. It's just strange since that name is ancient (from the AOL era)
  • Microsoft still hasn't learned a thing after all those years. MSN stand for "wanna-be" and always being late to the party with nothing special to add to the success of the party, just pale, just bland, just ... boring and too imposing. The MSN logo stands for all that. The logo may still fit a kiddie-related service, but that's about it. Microsoft - still being busy with infigthing, office politics, reorgs, what not.
    Caring about customers is just a by-product of their activities. MSN stinks.
  • Let me MSN that...