Ultimate Search hits 1.5

Not everybody can have a Treo with a search bar right on the Today screen. And not everybody has Windows Mobile 6 yet, either, sadly enough. What to do? Perhaps take a peek at Ultimate Search, which puts a souped-up search bar on your today screen. Here's what's in the soup (does that metaphor even work?):

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Movies
  • Local
  • Dictionary
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Answers.com

That looks pretty nice, actually. If the point of a search bar on your today screen is to get info fast, then being able to use a specific search type makes that point ...pointier. It's $11.95 and there's a free trial.

Oh, and notice that "YouTube" search? I suspect you'll be a lot happier using that particular option if you've installed the "Full YouTube on Windows Mobile" hack. I should mention that the whole system has been significantly improved since we first posted about it, so definitely revisit it if you haven't.

WC Staff
  • I'm trying out the trial version now & its very useful. Saves a lot of time with the selection of search engines it provides from the today screen plugin. I wish the today screen web search plugins would give you the option to view the mobile version or desktop version results.http://www.gx-5.com/products/ultimatesearch/
  • That looks awesome. But $12 is a bit too steep for this, in my opinion.
  • That looks awesome. But $12 is a bit too steep for this, in my opinion.
    Honestly, I feel the same way.:hmm:
  • I have it, love it, and would recommend it. I did, however get it for like 6 bucks when it was in beta (they had some kind of deal at the time, because I remember thinking the same thing, that 12 was too much).
    It is really cool, though. I have it as a tab in Mobile Shell, and it is very useful.
    One issue I found is that when you search for YouTube vids, it goes to the mobile site, even though a lot of us have the zbop solution in place. So I generally don't use that function. But the Google search, Wikipedia, local businesses, movies, and direct URL bar are pretty decent.
  • I'm with Alienware. I bought it at the 50% off price and like it as a MS tab.
    I don't use the YouTube search, so that doesn't bother me.
    It is a slick looking piece of software, like the other offerings from G5X.
  • I have to post a comment here on this product's company, just because I am p/o'd, and just feed up enough to need to vent on this subject.
    I went to the site, and was simply astonished on how slow the site was. It is entirely in Flash, no HTML, took over 1 minute to load one page. I tried to right-click on "links", but they aren't links, they're flash-crap, so you cannot open a page in another tab or window.
    After 3-4 pages, I gave up. If their website is that slow and bloated, why would I even consider installing the software on a limited device like a smartphone? Sorry, it may be a great product. But it's "packaging" turned off this potential buyer.
  • I there a way to change the YouTube search results to the classic version?
  • I search wikipedia several times a day. I used Quickipedia on palm os, but this is even better!!