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Unboxing and first impressions of Nokia's latest flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 925

So everyone's excited about the Lumia 925, which has just been released by Nokia. Should you reside in the UK you'll be able to pick one up immediately from multiple sources, but if you're simply interested to see what all the fuss is about, we've got you covered. Hit past the break to see our initial hands-on action with the Lumia 925, as well as a few snaps.

The Windows Phone is a new take on the Lumia design with aluminium being utilised. The coating around the edges of the Lumia 925 is said to help with signal strength, which can never be a bad thing. Polycarbonate hasn't 100 percent left as the coloured panel on the rear is still the beloved material, which feels great to hold.

We were slightly skeptical at first, but it's clear Nokia has a superb third choice for consumers (the other two being the Lumia 920 and Lumia 928).

Here's a quick look at the new Windows Phone:

Available in black, silver and white, be sure to keep an eye on our feed for more pricing and availability in multiple markets. We'll take the Lumia 925 out for a fitting test drive and get a review up on the site shortly.  In the meantime, here are some more snaps of the high-end device:

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Lucky you !
  • Oh i forgot.....first :D
  • It was best forgotten
  • +1m
  • Lucky Rich! (Sounds like a game lol)
  • Heh, only a review unit ;-)
  • Got to admit that phone looks a lot sexier than those original leaks.. What does that go to show everyone?? Say it! Haha
  • Its gorgie
  • Jealous
  • I really hate that yellow tint on the windows buttons when they are lit. I know that's being picky but it would be nice to have an option to turn the light off. 
  • Put it in battery saver...
  • battery saver does not turn them off. Tried it on my 920
  • Yes it does, just tested it on my 920. Make sure to turn it on, then go to advanced and make sure it's always on.
  • you are actually correct. sorry about that :P but sadly email won't come in automaticaly when it's on
  • 1) Take a colored sharpie of your choosing.
    2) Color over the buttons
    3) ???
    4) Profit
  • profit? or just completely lower the value of it? 
  • Don't work b_sack. I got the reference. I loled.
  • so thats what you too with sharpies - and i was curious what /b/ has with them
  • Doesn't battery saver shut down email, live tile updates, and pretty much everything usefull about the phone? I hate the yellow tint, but completely crippling the phone seems like a tough pill to swallow.
  • yeah pretty much. Now that I know i can turn on battery saver. I guess a short term solution for me is to turn on battery saver when I am watching a movie.
  • Battery saver only takes affect when your phone gets to a certain low percentage, until that point it operates normally.
  • You can turn it on before then manually.
  • Agree. And they are too bright and shiny like a cheapo-chrome-imitation. Boy, I miss those subtle gray buttons on the 800 :/
  • What color is your 920? My cyan gives of an almost light bluish while my white 920 gives off that mildewed yellow look.
  • Change the background theme to black will ya? I just don't get that white one.
  • Looks exactly like iOS 7 :P
  • Well played.
  • Yeah I really don't like the white background, nevermind the fact that it would drain your battery faster, it just isn't visually appealing.. to me anyway!
  • +1
  • I don't know...I like the white from time to time. When the sun's out and you have a theme that compliments it plus some customisation courtesy of skinery pro...LOOKS REALLY GOOD!
  • Agreed. If it had an LCD instead of an OLED display then the wallpaper would make sense. 
  • So when do we get hipstamatic, GDR2, and Amber?
  • Seconded. Curious as to changes there.
  • Patiently waiting....
  • Looks amazing. My 920 looks like a right fat bitch compared to it. Maybe she needs to go on a diet? Getting really tempted but must resist temptation for at least a few months.
  • Exactly the same for me! I will wait until November to change, I hope Nokia is going to make even some sexier and more powerful device :D
  • Waaaaaaaaant!
  • i know this may be a dumb question, but does anyone know the weather app being used with the great live tile on the front?
  • +1
    Wondering what app is that?
  • Weatherflow
  • Looks like Weather Flow
  • Weather Flow. Also check out 'Amazing Weather HD'. It also has excellent live tiles.
  • I believe it's the Amazing Weather. I have that and it can look like that, too!!
  • This one is indeed Weather Flow, however I've seen several screenshots of the Lumia 925 on this site with Amazing Weather HD app.
  • Sadly 32GB version cannot be bought unbranded. Fail..
  • He says "aw f*cking hell" at 5:36 under his breath. Heh.
  • 5:46 actually ;)
  • Why does he say that???
  • Ah! You caught me. I could have sworn (pun intended) I removed that in the editing. I actually don't really swear at all, but kept getting that part wrong countless times!
  • Ha Ha, I noticed that and was going to post a comment but you beat me to it!
  • Hope there's a release date soon for the extra software goodies!
  • You just made me change the theme on my 920, Rich :)
  • Me 2 :)
  • Me 3 :)
  • Me 4 :)
  • U sheep. ; )
  • On the Glance Screen, once it times out and the clock disappears, can you still double tap to wake it? Or do you have to use the power button?
  • You have to power button it since it completely turns off the display to save battery.
  • If you have an oled display it shouldn't be too bad to leave it always on right?
  • That means, the Glance Screen also turns off after some time? What's the point then? I thought, we can glance at the screen anytime to see time or notifications. edit: watched the video, it explains :P
  • Looks like it has the option in settings for always on. It will just drain your battery faster.
  • Did it come with SmartCamera app? 
    I am eagerly waiting for this one...
  • Indeed! We'll have a more in-depth look ina  coming article :-)
  • Wait for the lumia eos...
  • That's my plan as well. Not sure if I should get it right away or wait until it is avail on a 2 year. In Canada our terms are usually 3 years.
  • Wait until December when the new CRTC rules kick in.
  • could you explore the changes in GDR2 and Amber please?
  • May L920 looks old and obsolete now :)
  • Hate the design. Either all Aluminum or no Aluminum. Don't make half and half. Would've preferred all Aluminum. But Nokia wants to focus on multiple colors which is cool since not a lot of other manufacturers do that.  I want a high end windows phone that pleases my eye and won't be out dated a month after I get it. Still waiting. Looks like I'll be waiting for a long time.
  • Really?  It's the mix of the materials, quality materials (aluminum and polycarbonate), that really makes this device appealling to me - especially the White one.  Nothing wrong with all aluminum (I have that with my N8), but this mix is stylish and very classy.
    If I can get one without the T-Mobile branding, I will definitely pick this one up.
  • I would get an unlocked version of this device if I knew I could trust T-Mobile's coverage. I'd get it through Simple Mobile. But since I don't trust it leaving 5 feet away from a city city. Then I'm basically stuck with AT&T. I decided to do a little more research on the different colors. The white actually looks really good. I'm not sure if Black is a color or not, but the pictures that show the black one looks really cool.
  • Just a small correction. It is not "Would of". It is "Would've" which is a contraction of  "would have". I see a lot of people make that mistake and it just seems odd to me. 
    But I do agree with you that I'm not really in love with the look of the phone. To be honest I still like the design of the 920 better than this. 
  • My DVP likes his chromed edge bigger cousin.
  • My dvp still looks great. Looks better than this imo.
  • Can't wait for the sleeping screen clock and double tap to awake on my 920 :)
  • Love that feature. Especially on the AMOLED screens where the battery hit will be negligible. It will make it much easier to check the time during the night when I can just look at it without having to fumble to press the power button and blast myself with the brightness of the entire screen.
  • Why didn't you cover the camera? Doesn't the 925 come with the new SmartCam and the ability to make it default?
  • This was only an unboxing video. He clearly states a review is forthcoming soon.
  • The video kind of made it sound like the only real changes were the design, HERE maps and Glance.
  • As CyclingNut pointed out, this was just an unboxing video to really get you all excited ;-) Watch out for the full review for more info.
  • What weather app is that? And is it on 7.8?
  • Weather flow
  • Quite ugly compared to the 920 I think, but exciting nevertheless of course.
  • I actually think it looks better than the 920, and if I had to choose today, the Lumia 925 would be my choice.  The 920 looks nice, but that Lumia 925 is gorgeous!
  • I prefer the 920's looks. I think what bothers me on the 925 are the hump (which doesn't seem to get you THAT much better camera) and the black lines on the sides... Those really bug me for some reason.
  • Actually the black 925 one looks the best.
  • Such a loss for Canada that we do not appear to be getting the 925.  I was really hoping that this would be made available to all prospective Lumia customers in Canada as an apology for the sales-limiting exclusivity of the 920 to Rogers.
    Nokia makes it difficult for us to shut up and give them our money.  The 7+ month wait continues.  Wish that we could buy unlocked directly from Nokia or the Microsoft Store.
  • I see in the display settings there in Lumia Colour Profiles. What does this do?
  • Yeah, I want to see more of this too...
  • Will have to hit the shops this weekend to see if I can't try one out but nothing I've seen so far is putting me off. 
  • Giggity.
  • Didn't think I would want it because I love my 920, but who am I kidding, its a new device! Gimmie gimmie! I wantie!!
  • Damn, I can't believe Nokia actually went backwards in design with this device. The 920 was such an awesome looking device, it's a shame this is suppose to be it's "refresh"
  • Can you include a comparison in you review that shows the difference in battery life between the black and the white theme?
    Right now I use a 920 and love the white theme, but I have a chance to get a 925. But my concern is that I can not use the white theme without sacrificing to much battery life. 
  • Nice job on the un-boxing Rich. When you add a little personality a dry un-boxing video becomes fun.
  • The 925 is cool and all, but man offer MOAR COLORS!
  • Given that Windows 8.1 (the PC/tablet OS, not the phone) will allow you to choose from an almost unlimited number of colours, I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the upcoming update to Windows Phone 8 too.
  • No no, I mean body colors. =)
  • Ohhhhh!  The wireless charging covers are the best we're going to get for that!
  • You have wireless charger that has mutiple colors. I already ordered even though I don't have the phone yet.
  • I wonder if I could trade my HTC 8X for a Lumia 925 on T-Mobile
  • Yeah, you could, if you want like $65 dollars for the 8x!! That trade program is a total rip ya'll!
  • Now you guys can finally finish a Lumia 928 review and include comparison photos from the three cameras
  • I'll be unboxing mine in the morning. Do we all know where you live now? ;)
  • Kurzakhistan?
  • Looks like they got the bezel right this time. Yes!
  • Steps in the right direction Nokia. Much better design than the fat 920. Wish they went for 4.7 screen with same body to minimize bezel.
  • What is that weather app tile? I've gotta have it!
  • I believe it is weatherflow
  • This thing does not photograph well. Eager to handle one in person, might be worth swapping my 920 for so I can move to T-Mo. 
  • What Weather app is this?
  • Being lighter than the 920 is good, but having usb conector on top and speakers on the back are bad design choices. I used to have a Omnia 7 and having to talk when on usb charge with conector on the top of the phone is ridiculous, and having the speakers on the back cuts off the sound when the phone is down or inside a pouch. Removing the built in wireless charging feature was also a downgrade from the 920.
    Still think the Lumia 920 is a better option, specially now with some price cuts. I've made my choice, you decide what fits you better...
  • What is that weather app?
  • Please add separate volume controls for music and ringer. I just had the crap scared out of me with the ringer on 30 with my 928. Was listening to music loud  and forgot to turn it down. Oh and nice phone :)
  • LOL same with me when connected with Bluetooth in my car. First time it happened, scared the crap out of me.
  • Bluetooth profiles! Hate having to fiddle with the volume everytime I connect/disconnect from my car.
  • I must be lucky because mine was delivered on Tuesday morning! I prefer the design to the 920. The sound is a bit thin, the volume not quite as high as i would like. The Dolby stereo was not switched on resulting in a cancelled replacement after i realised that the right channel on the headphone jack wasn't broken after all. Oops. Apologies and a couple of phone calls later I still have replacement on the way. The phone is, overall, excellent with the only other gripe being that the phone rocks when placed on a hard flat surface and tapping the screen. I hadn't noticed the yellow back lights on the buttons, but i hope that i can ignore that.
  • Have MS officially done away with the requirement to have the USB centered on the bottom? I know Huawai hasn't followed it, but they probably play by their own rules. Sweet phone though, but I am still happy with my 920, and when I use my old 800, I still have some yearnings for it as well.
  • When did they have that requirement? The Arrive, a WP7 device had the port on the side.
  • Doesn't matter if you go wireless, which is off to a slow start but had to be the future
  • I really like the look of this phone.
  • Wow... Looks good!
  • It's the Nokia Kate Middleton next to the Nokia Jessica Alba. Sleek & dignified versus Smooth & demure
  • What???
  • Still like the 920 more (yes been more than half a year!) as to being more distinctive and smooth. As a "aluminum device"  it is suppose to be significantly thinner than the 920 but from the looks of it, it is "slightly" thinner only which kind of makes the point of having it in aluminum obsolete. It does make it lighter though but I prefer the heft (just me..).  I also think Nokia should be integrating wireless charging into ALL their upcoming devices for it to really take off......I really don't get the point of having it integrated into only 1 line of the products and calling it the "future of charging" but not integrate into the newer phones. Is this a sign of something? I know it's only a slight difference to wired but after using the wireless plate I can honestly say I can't go back! Maybe there wasn't enough space? 
    Because adding a cover on the back for wireless charging is a BIG step backwards, because this has been done already few years ago with charging mats. The point of this technology is to INTEGRATE it seamlessly, and WAS the selling point......Or maybe they're saving the best for last who knows. Good to see variations though :) I have a good feeling Nokia (and MS?) are on the rise. 
  • No builtin wireless charging. You have to get a separate case?
    No Xenon flash. Yes, it has 6 lenses, but does that make up for not having the powerful flash?
    Sorry, no envy for this device compared to my 928. 
  • It looks awesome, I wish I could change it for my Lumia 800
  • Unrelated, I know. But when can we have a lumia 720 review? It has been with you guys for ages and yet all we have got is an unboxing report.
  • As soon as its gets the pureview tech and the latest GDR2 update :p
  • The HERE Maps with LiveSight is already available. Is there another update coming?
  • Upon looking at it in the video, the camera hump doesn't look nearly as pronounced as it does in the pictures we've been seeing. I'm definitely gonna check this out in store when it's available, but I'll stick with the 920 for now.
  • Nice quick review Rich... looking forward to picture comparisons and more in-depth review. Really like the thinner and lighter profile of