Unboxing & hands on with the Glossy-White Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T

Though it technically goes on sale tomorrow, we reported yesterday evening that some stores were selling the super limited and highly coveted Glossy-White Nokia Lumia 900. A device which has already earned the nickname 'The Stormtrooper.' We likey.

We managed to track one down (literally, it was the only one) here in midtown Manhattan and we picked it up for quite a steal ($99 and all we did was extend our contract by 3 months). To celebrate the latest addition to the Lumia 900 family, we figured we'd snap a couple of photos for you to get you drooling a bit and even do an old-fashioned unboxing video for giggles.

Many have concerns about the durability of the Glossy-White polycarbonate shell of the Lumia 900, specifically if it scratches or gets dirty. While we can't answer that now, we'll be putting it through its paces of the next few weeks.

For what its worth, the AT&T representative told us that Nokia's flagship phone has been selling very well, basically clearing off the shelves. That's a big deal for a store smack in the middle of the Big Apple. There are no Cyans around but we were told that customers were still ordering them and getting them direct fulfilled in about 2 days time, which ain't half bad.

Although seeing how the Lumia 900 is selling a few weeks from now will be more important than today, we have to admit, this is starting to really feel like a hit device with AT&T. There's a lot of buzz and nearly two weeks after launch, the phone is still clearing off of shelves. Now with the addition of the Glossy-White  version, we think this will keep it going even longer.

Finally, remember: today is the last day to get the $100 credit applied to your AT&T account for buying a new Lumia. That counts for the Glossy-White too, if you can find it...

Daniel Rubino

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