Unhappy UK WP7 developer receives MS call

Danny Tuppeny, UK based developer, recently posted an article on his blog (opens in new tab) that outlined his experience with Windows Phone 7, which was not presented in the brightest colours. It outlined how he was impressed with the platform, but was ultimately disappointed with how Microsoft has come about their entry into the competitive mobile market. 

Most notably in his post was the sheer frustration with regards to the UK launch of WP7 - this is the sole issue I found with WP7 when I made the purchase. The UK launch of Microsoft's newest portable offering was barely noticed. In fact, asking a few people I know who are technically in-the-loop about WP7 at the time as to whether they were considering making the investment, I was surprised to witness how little they knew about the potential "iPhone killer".

As well as the experience mentioned above, Danny also encountered issues with the OS itself on numerous occasions (like many of us). One of the listed problems is the pre-NoDo (opens in new tab) update failing on his colleagues device and then ultimately "bricked". Summing up the rest of the article as negativity with his lack of confidence in the platform as a user is preventing himself from developing apps and devoting much required time and investment.

Fast forward four days to the present and Danny has updated his blog detailing that Brandon Watson, Director and Ben Lower, Senior Product Manager, both from the Dev Platform & Ecosystem, have contacted him about the original post he wrote which received good coverage. Although it had to take negative PR to get attention surrounding current thoughts that are present in majority of the WP7 user bases' minds, it was a positive sign of potential progress. Especially after an article Eric Hautala posted a while back (opens in new tab) suggesting that Microsoft is listening to users and is learning valuable lessons.

The run-down of the conversation that took place between Danny and the Microsoft employees is as follows:

  • Weak UK launch and lack of knowledge down to disconnection from US. Something Microsoft has to work on, especially since Apple has an army of experts in their array of stores.
  • Retrieving error logs from devices is only possible on developer builds, not retail builds.
  • Microsoft will consider publishing release notes/a change log per update to improve transparency.
  • Big update experiencing delays due to the company being "big and slow", which seems like a terrible excuse. Improvements required asap.

Reading through both posts that Danny wrote up, I am in full agreement with him on majority of his points, and understand his frustration (as I'm sure many of you do too). I - for one - am hoping that Microsoft really is listening to not only developers, but end-users and is taking all feedback seriously. For them to have such a platform as Windows Phone 7, it's only fitting to get it right to do the OS justice. Sooner, rather than later.

Source: Danny Tuppeny (opens in new tab); via MobilityDigest (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Hello! Here on Mexico, maybe there were more Ads from Telephone Company, but people barley known about WP7, only people involved with Microsoft Stuff or IT known about WP7, and if they know about they think that WP7 == WM 6.5.From my point of view there are areas of opportunity where Microsoft needs to fix, -Microsoft needs to focus on young people, I was upset when I saw multiple sells on “eBay” saying “This phone were given from the company to my husband, but we have iphones and we don’t need it” What? Have a good day.
  • "Big and Slow" what kind of excuse is that? I feel like punching one of those employees in the face a few time till they understand that the market is not waiting for them.FFS there are many very talented devs looking for jobs, hire them!!! if its a problem with man power in their teams. Its so f'ing frustrating.Give this advertising gig to the xbox team, they are your most successful at getting the word out there and for goodness sakes, hire the fan ad makers...they obviously know where its at.The Mango update can not come fast enough. Samsung suck balls, MS should not have let them tweak anything, now its bitten them badly in the balls.
  • It seems the parade "mourning" the loss of the other platform was great exagerated. I hope MS puts the corporate muscle behind the platform. I need it to succeed since going back to another platform in the future would suck!
  • Microsoft is unforgiveable for the lack of updates.Microsoft is unforgiveable for the lack of a very quick fix for the Marketplace bug (let the customers wait until March for such a major fix is reasonably not acceptable).Microsoft is unforgiveable for having launched WP7 despite the obvious Marketplace bug that all customers noticed after only few hours of use.Microsoft is mainly unforgiveable to have such US-centric services. Bing Maps, with its blurry and inaccurate maps, is a real shame in Europe (except UK). If you don't know how to do a software, don't propose it.Microsoft in now unforgiveable for preventing the developers to access the APIs (compass, GPS, camera, gyroscope, etc...) that would allow the apps to be fully functionnal and run in the background.Will MS listen, will MS learn? I hope so.
  • At least he got farther than I did. I've been developing software for MS platforms since '87, have had a personal Dev Studio/MSDN license for years, but couldn't get a WP7 developer license because their automated identity verification system insisted I wasn't me and there didn't seem to be any appeal process. MS should have handed out WP7 developer licenses to every DevStudio subscriber for free, charging extra and that incompetent identity verification mess is not the sort of thing a company does if they want to attract developers to their new platform. In retrospect that should've been a big honking clue that MS was still incompetent as ever; the subsequent pre-nodo and nodo debacles have merely solidified that opinion.
  • Microsoft is doing just fine. There are good things to come for WP7. Some people are just impatient. There are tons of developers working hard and putting out very good applications for WP7 and they are not complaining. I think this guy is just trying to use his rant to get a job with Microsoft.
  • It depends on a point of view. You can call me impatient, but Microsoft was the one who said "January/February update". Today, we have the 2nd half of March and there's no update. pre-NoDo does not really count.As to those developers. You are right in the part where you said there are tons of developers (working hard). But bear in mind that everybody is able to submit apps to Marketplace (country limitations).
  • Microsoft never said January/February. They said it would be 1st Qtr 2011. We all now know that they are shutting for next week. If there hadn't been issues with the Samsung devices on the pre-NoDo update, they probably would have push out NoDo on the 7th of March. Again, I feel good about the fact that they are taking their time to make sure the process works as advertised. My Samsung Focus is not broken and works great. I'll take copy and paste, but I have lived without it all this time and really didn't mis it but maybe once. I'm really looking for the performance enhancements that are coming in the NoDo. The phone already rocks when it comes to speed and smoothness, and they are going to improve it that. There of other nice features that are coming later this year that will further seperate WP7 from the competition. This is going to be one nice ecosystem if you just hang in there. Hey, if you can't wait, then you know what the other options are, but I know you will be back. :-)
  • Microsoft actually said "early Q1", which for many means Jan/February ;-)
  • I agree. Everybody understood that it was January 2011.
  • I may sound frustrated, but I've read already articles about the arrival of NoDo (with specific dates), which eventually proved to be wrong. Furthermore there are rumors that Mango will be postponed, too. Therefore I don't care about the date anymore. As to C&P function. I miss it, actually :) I do agree with you that WP7 OS is fast and smooth.I do trust WP7 and that is the reason why I left iOS. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it's fighting too many fights and many things are far from being perfect. Despite that I'm willing to stay.The funniest option I have today is to take the "leaked" ROM and install it to my device. It seems I would get the same thing and earlier than officially :)))