Unlocked Diamonds reportedly going dark (Updated)


WC Staff
  • ive had a diamond touch for only 2 months first.... it gave me problems and did not allow me to make any calls what so ever finally i looked up this issue online and found how to reset my whole phone. when everything was working perfect ater a month i dropped it but not by that much of a distance for the first time honestly and what do you know???? the backlight doesnt work and now that i have spent 250 on an unlocked diamond (which is supposedly a GREAT price) this product sucksssssss
  • I bought this phone from a friend around christmas time last year. i have dropped it from the car a few times and it didn't seem to give me any functional problems. this morning i looked at the time before i got into the shower and when i got out to look at the time (5min later) the screen wouldn't come on. i am SO pissed, i spent $400 on this phone and just bought 2 cases last week. i dropped it at this new place in town to see if they can fix. guy doesn't seem like he knows his way around a phone... we'll see what happens.
  • My HTC has also gone dark. I cant even get the power but to fire the screen. It was a little dark for about a week, and now I have a dead phone. I'm trying a ROM upgrade now, but not being able to see the screen is a little cumbersome. Will report if the ROM update works, but from what I read here, it does not.
  • Having the same problem here with an HTC PPC-6800. Worked great for about a year, then all of a sudden, the screen developed a problem where it would not display anything, the screen backlight will turn on, but stays black. However, I can answer the phone using the touch screen (blindly touching the area that would say answer call). Soft-Reset usedto bring it back, the I had to start pulling the battery, now, it rarely comes back on and when it doesn, the scren itsef will lock up, touch works, but it only shows the last displayed screen.
  • hey all i have a problem i have htc p3600 yesterday i did update rom 6.5 but ,i looked its dont support video call then i decided change 6.1 rom but when i started update 6.1 this time computer give to me problem said ''no conection ''this problem give to me %15 around ahh then phone closed now doesnt work only working charge light,nothing work,i tred hard reset..doesnt work =(what can i do someone advice me help me =(