Unofficial Snapchat client ‘Snapback’ for Windows Phone in beta development. Here’s what it looks like

We’ve seen unofficial Snapchat ( clients come and go for Windows Phone. The popular imaging service that prides itself on photos that “expire” after a short, pre-determined viewing time is one of the few holdouts for Microsoft’s platform.  There was talk of an official client coming to Windows Phone, but complications related to API requirements i.e. disabling screen capturing, has reportedly put the project on hold.

Two popular Windows Phone developers, Den Delimarsky (Beem, Beem Sky.FM, EnTrance) and Rudy Huyn (6tag, 6sec, Wikipedia) are both racing to create the ultimate unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone.

Presently, Delimarsky’s ‘Snapback’ client is the most advanced in development, being at beta version 1.16, with daily updates. The app is currently in closed-beta, meaning it is invite-only and it will probably be another week or two before it is submitted to the Windows Phone store. It’s not clear if the app will pass, or if it does pass, whether the Snapchat company will allow a clone app to remain available.

According to Den, the goal of Snapback is to reach “feature parity” with the iOS and Android versions and so far, it’s coming along effortlessly. As can be seen from the above images, the app features various sections, including

  • Snaps – Received + Sent
  • Friends – Add, find and view current contacts
  • Rear + Front facing camera support with toggle
  • Video mode
  • Default snap time setting
  • Flash control

What’s currently missing are Toast /Live Tile notifications and a Lens, though we’re betting those features will be stacked on before release when Delimarsky is ready. The app so far has been receiving regular updates and Delimarsky is certainly a competent developer, resulting in a great looking app.

Will Huyn be able to outdo Delimarsky? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Both will release gorgeous apps for the Windows Phone platform, giving users yet another method to participate in the latest social fad. We’re excited to see what comes next.

Windows Phone Central will keep you posted on Snapback’s status, including planned launch and any further news. You can follow Den’s progress on Twitter @DennisCode.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Looks Great!!
  • I'm also beta testing. Its awesome, but my only problem is that the logo looks like the scumbag hat meme (;
  • Send the link please...
    Link to the app if you signed up for beta
  • How do you sign up for beta?
  • You had to sign up when he posted a link on twitter. I tipped WPC on it, but they never ran it.
  • put your live id in the survey
  • After I out my email in that survey then what?
  • Then he steals your account. :P
  • Hey as long as I get this app, thats cool with me
  • Now you just need to go to this link on your phone. Its  the link for his app in the store
  • How long does it take? I've been waiting for like an hour. Does it take longer or did I do something wrong?
  • I am also still waiting, going on about 24 hours now.  I'm not going to worry too much about it.  
  • Me too. Grr!
  • I was just able to download the app and so was my other friend that signed up at the same time as I did. 
  • Does the email have to be a Live account or can it be a Hotmail one?
  • How do I get permission to download?
  • Exactly! And I'd love to have the original yellow color theme of Snapchat as well. Guess I'll stick with Swapchat for a while.
  • I had swapchat and this app is much better. Doesn't have lag times, weird camera flips or those random glitches! And it won't be yellow or feature ghost motifs because he wants his app to be different because its not the official snapchat client. Although I do believe the logo could use work!
  • Lets just hope snapchat doesn't try to kill these apps too
  • Never even heard of it until it was mentioned here. Why Snapchat?
  • If you have never used snapchat or have friends who use it you wouldn't understand its actually a lot of fun.
  • It's another one of those mainstream apps that's popular on iOS/Android, currently popular amongst teen/young adults. It's considered to be a "core" app, in that it's something people are looking for before deciding to switch to WP.
  • I'm gonna assume u don't use it either because lol I've graduated college and all my friends use it. Its like a fun text messaging. You make faces and have convos. And its a quick way to share photos of something you know only certain friends would get
  • So how is that different than what you can do with WhatApp?  I can send pictures, voice or text
  • The thing is that you only have 10 secs to see the image, then it will be erased
  • Everything client side is only temporary. It's more like talking to someone through words, pictures, and videos than online messaging.
  • Seriously. The fact that you look at a pic and its gone vs a permanent one that they have is that difficult of a concept? If you have never used snapchat for more than a few days with multiple ppl u wouldn't understand
  • Thats the most hilarious thing ever. It just goes to show that you don't actually trust someone fully if you worry about legacy. Apps like this must never be born an if born, bust be taken down immediatly.
  • "Will Huyn be able to outdo Delimarsky? To be honest, it doesn’t matter."   Truer words have never been said.  +1 
  • You can't +1 your own comment! Haha
  • I'm pretty sure he was +1 what the author said.
  • Who r u +1ing then?
  • We have such a great community! Looks great wiring for rudys tho
  • I'm still holding onto swapchat, I hope Snapback goes through and goes live. Swapchat works but it's outdated, shame it was removed.
  • I'm holding on to snapchat too. The app has errors in the users favors. Swapchat restarts the picture count if you close the app before the timer run out. Also doesn't tell people when you screen cap them. I see it more as a feature than missing features lol
  • believe me, its just as easy to screenshot on this app without sending notification out
  • Yea if you never got a chance to sign up for the beta I understand but snapback is actually really awesome. A few more features like showing best friend scores and allowing/editing display names and its will be on par.
  • I signed for the beta a week ago and so far the developer didn't send me the link for the app... :S
  • Hey I follower the developer a lot on twitter and on there he stated that he wasn't sending the link out through email but rather he posted it on his twitter. Here is the link . If you signed up he added you even if he didn't send out the link
  • It says I have no permission to download the app :(
  • Silly goose he tweets about it all the time and puts the link on his page! #Lolz
  • I didn't know the dev behind snapback did Beem. That's cool I thought it was just some random dude and was going to hold out for Rudys app but I loved Beem.
  • That's silly even if its his first app he could be awesome, and it never hurts to check out a new app its not like you only get one chance to download a snapchat client and if you are wrong you can't ever again! I don't get ppl
  • Its the dumbest app in history. Screenshot much?
  • If you take a screenshot it'll inform the other person. Swapchat (which I missed out on) allowed you take a screenshot without notifying the other person. I agree that it's a pretty stupid idea in general but hey, it's one of those random crazes so might as well jump on the bandwagon while it's still popular seen as we can for once.
  • Really? How would it? And is this the same for this app?
  • What difference does it make if the person is informed or not? The screenshot is ready to be uploaded using integrated apps and go viral in seconds!
  • You really are a dumbass if you think all people send are nudesz
  • Except not on windows phone ;) Can't press a capacitive button while tap+holding the screen
  • I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that but to take a screenshot on WP you just push the windows key and power/lock button at the same time.
  • Well with snapchat, you have to hold the screen right? Once you let go, the image goes away? Well you can't press the windows key when you're already touching the screen... Or is this just a Lumia 820 thing? I can't take screenshots of snapchats because of this.
  • Ok. That makes sense. I didn't think about that. Sorry if I seemed rude, I was just confused/curious. :)
  • Lmao no problem!
  • hold screen with one finger, add a second finger in different location, remove first finger, remove second finger, now you can take a screenshot. this is using swapchat by the way.
  • In order to view a "snap", you need to press and hold the screen. Letting go of your finger on the screen returns you to your default snap list. You also have [x] seconds to view the picture once you've started the press/hold. So what he's saying is that there's no way to press/hold  the screen + take a screen shot (press home button + power), since your finger can't be on the screen while taking a screen shot.
  • Lol and most people don't send scandolous photos. Silly goose I love when people who don't understand what people do on the app criticize it like they know what people who use it do. Silly ass goose
  • That too! Haha. It's mainly for quick image messaging to numerous people without having a group conversation or anything. My friends and I use it for humour purposes.
  • I read somewhere that Snapchat was waiting on GDR3.  Was there any truth to that?
  • Not sure, as if they were waiting for an API to be opened up they will be disappointed. It's not something thats included in GDR3. 
  • Read that as well. I think Snapchat needs to be able to detect if a screenshot was taken or not.
    And GDR3 would provide that feature for them.
    But GRD3 is out now and soon to be for others.
  • There were no new APIs, so I think it didn't add this feature. Damn Microsoft.
  • Loving the beta so far. Only bummer is the inability to double tap to reply to a snap, Snapchat Stories and viewing your points/best friends off of the friends list. Aside from that, really enjoying the experience.   I sure hope Snapchat doesn't try to take it down.
  • He just pushed the next version of the beta which includes double tap to reply. Should be there within a couple hours
  • I still have swapchat. Even though its been pulled so no more updates come through it still runs smoothly. Tbh i rarely use snapchat now, the buzz has worn off. Although i will download Rudy's incarnation of snapchat. I like his apps.
  • Quite why you'd want to make a snapchat app when the last one got removed at Snapchat's request is beyond me. Seems like a waste of time. Anyway, does this support Snapchat Stories?
  • Not yet, its in the pipe though. 
  • Not yet but the developer has said that that is something he will work on but he is working on other more vital features first
  • Sounds good! Thanks.
    The last one got removed because it didn't abide by Snapchat's inherent features (notification of screenshot, timed photos). If this and Rudy's app complies, I don't see why they'd remove it. (At least not right away...)
  • Instead of removing apps why not just make an official!
  • Once again, READ THE ARTICLE. It says in literally the first paragraph that the API on WP wouldn't allow the Snapchat team to make an app for WP with feature parity in regards to Android and iOS.
  • Seems nobody told Delimarsky and Rudy about that. If they release something that is feature parity (or even better) then the Snapchat team should be hiding their heads in the ground.
  • Silly guy then if you can't make the official why not let others use the third party until you can. That's just selfish and a bad company image. People will migrate to the official once its out because people like the labels the brand names no matter how good an off brand is. Beside most people wouldn't even know about it cuz they don't do research. If it doesn't say IG, Vine, or Snapchat then it doesn't exist. So back to my original statement. If you can't release your own that no reason to block other's. And if you really think about it, if third party people can make theirs why can't they, then update it once the WP API allows for better customization. I may be simplifying it but at the end of the day they are still stopping an experience selfishly!
  • Not Windows 7.8 supported? :(
  • Windows 8.1 is coming out in the next few months get off this 7.8 fix like that phone is updated complaining about why things aren't coming out is pointless. If they rewrote the entire thing to make WP8 there's a reason. So if ita just one guy making this app he isn't going to have the resources to make the app. Besides the world is moving forward. If you don't wanna spend lots of money go get a L520, L521 or wait for the L525
  • How do you sign up for the beta
  • ^