Snapback for Windows Phone 8

We’ve seen unofficial Snapchat ( clients come and go for Windows Phone. The popular imaging service that prides itself on photos that “expire” after a short, pre-determined viewing time is one of the few holdouts for Microsoft’s platform.  There was talk of an official client coming to Windows Phone, but complications related to API requirements i.e. disabling screen capturing, has reportedly put the project on hold.

Two popular Windows Phone developers, Den Delimarsky (Beem, Beem Sky.FM, EnTrance) and Rudy Huyn (6tag, 6sec, Wikipedia) are both racing to create the ultimate unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone.

Presently, Delimarsky’s ‘Snapback’ client is the most advanced in development, being at beta version 1.16, with daily updates. The app is currently in closed-beta, meaning it is invite-only and it will probably be another week or two before it is submitted to the Windows Phone store. It’s not clear if the app will pass, or if it does pass, whether the Snapchat company will allow a clone app to remain available.

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Snapback for Windows Phone 8

According to Den, the goal of Snapback is to reach “feature parity” with the iOS and Android versions and so far, it’s coming along effortlessly. As can be seen from the above images, the app features various sections, including

  • Snaps – Received + Sent
  • Friends – Add, find and view current contacts
  • Rear + Front facing camera support with toggle
  • Video mode
  • Default snap time setting
  • Flash control

What’s currently missing are Toast /Live Tile notifications and a Lens, though we’re betting those features will be stacked on before release when Delimarsky is ready. The app so far has been receiving regular updates and Delimarsky is certainly a competent developer, resulting in a great looking app.

Will Huyn be able to outdo Delimarsky? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Both will release gorgeous apps for the Windows Phone platform, giving users yet another method to participate in the latest social fad. We’re excited to see what comes next.

Windows Phone Central will keep you posted on Snapback’s status, including planned launch and any further news. You can follow Den’s progress on Twitter @DennisCode.