Love A State of Trance? EnTrance is the best way to experience it on Windows Phone

There are a handful of developers in the Window Phone community who consistently push out quality apps into the ecosystem. As users, we’re thankful to see them anytime they come out. Den Delimarsky is one of those developers. We’ve all been big fans of his Digitally Imported client Beem and his SKY.FM client. It’s no secret he likes EDM, so he’s created an app dedicated to one of the best trance shows. EnTrance is his latest app for the A State of Trance podcast. Let’s check it out.

Armin van Buuren is a Dutch trance music producer and DJ. In 2001 he started hosting a weekly radio show called A State of Trance ( That program now claims over 20 million weekly listeners worldwide. You could just get the program through the podcast support in Xbox Music on your phone. But if you’re a big fan of the program EnTrance brings some features to the table you won’t get with the regular podcast app.

With EnTrance for Windows Phone you have the ability to download episodes in a beautiful UI. Download an episode and you’ll see what I mean (see the image below). It’s absolutely cool. Feature wise, you’re looking at the ability to download episodes for offline play. You’re also able to view track listings from within an episode and search for them in Xbox Music, Nokia Music, or YouTube. That’s something you can’t do in with the native podcast app on Windows Phone.

Entrance for Windows Phone 8

The download screen for EnTrance

This is just the first version of EnTrance. Den has big plans for the app in future updates. Some features you’ll be familiar with if you’re a Beem user. Here’s what’s coming in a future update:

  • Upload to SkyDrive – what if you like an episode so much that you want to have it stored on your machine as well? Simply push it to SkyDrive and the deed is done – once your PC(s) sync the changes, you will find the episode in your folder.
  • Push Notifications – get alerts when new ASOT episodes are released and when new track information is available.
  • ASOT Full Show Integration – other than the podcast, every Thursday Armin van Buuren runs his ASOT radio show. Despite the fact that the episode itself is often not available for download, it contains track metadata. I want to show you that track metadata – with the ability to find those later on Xbox Music, Nokia Music or YouTube.
  • Event Information – ASOT 650 is coming up and I need to get the app ready for it.

Right now we’re really digging EnTrance. The UI is beautiful and the performance is solid. We’re really looking forward to seeing future updates make this app the best place for fans of A State of Trance. Be sure to leave Den any feedback or feature requests below.

Want EnTrance? It’s available for Window Phone 8 devices for free with no ads. It’s also open sourced on GitHub, so if you’re a developer feel free to check that out.

Grab the app in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Source: Den by Default

Sam Sabri