Upsie is transforming the way you purchase product warranties

Everyone has experienced that uncomfortable moment at checkout. You know the one: you're checking out and the sales representative asks if you would like to purchase a warranty for the already expensive new device you're purchasing. Do you buy something that you know nothing about? If you don't buy it, will you break your new device and wish you had bought it? What does it even protect?

It's not a coincidence that customers aren't asked this question until the very end of the checkout process. This is the moment when customers are about to spend a significant amount of money on a new device. What's another hundred dollars or so? It's also when customers want to get out of the store. If they say yes to the warranty, they get to leave. If they say no, not only are they holding up the line, they have to talk to the salesperson for even longer.

Minneapolis tech startup Upsie is transforming the way you purchase product warranties. They are getting rid of high-pressure sales situations, large price tags and the hassle of trying to actually use the warranty.

With Upsie, there is zero pressure to buy a warranty. Upsie gives you 45 days after purchase for smartphones and 60 days after purchase for everything else to buy a warranty. That means that you can spend some time with your new device before deciding if you want to protect it or not. After all, why would you buy a warranty for an item that you hardly end up using? Alternately, if you decide that you do love your new device after a month of using it, you are able to.

Another large differentiator between Upsie and traditional warranty retailers is price. A warranty at the store is often marked up as high as 900%! Upsie believes in fair pricing that everyone can afford, which is why they don't mark up their warranties a ridiculous amount. Subsequently, Upsie warranties are up to 70% less expensive than retailer warranties.

Big box retailers also make using warranties tricky. They do not clearly outline what type of damage is covered, which forces you to call in if you want that information. When you do call in, you have to press all sorts of buttons to get to the correct department and it takes forever. Furthermore, retailers count on customers losing their receipts so they can't even use their expensive warranty that they were coerced into buying at the store. Upsie is the opposite.

All warranty information is stored on the Upsie platform, which you can access at any time. You can see how many days you have remaining in your plan and exactly what damage is covered. Customers are required to upload their product receipts after purchase. This way, when it's time to make a claim, Upsie already has all of the information they need about the device. It makes the claims process, quick, easy and stress-free. Plans can be canceled or transferred to another person directly on the site. Lastly, you can start a claim by filling out a short form. It is so simple that it seems unreal.

Upsie is the new way to warranty. Learn more or protect your next new device with them at

Michelle Haag