Urbanspoon yanked their Windows Phone app too but will return under Zomato

Back in December, Urbanspoon removed their app from the Windows Phone app store. Part of a growing and disturbing trend, it had appeared that the famous restaurant finder app had seen its last days on Windows Phone. Urbanspoon was a rather nicely designed app, but the last update from the company was back in 2012, so Windows Phone support had already withered.

For better or worse, Urbanspoon was acquired by Zomato just a few weeks ago for a reported $50 million. Interestingly, Zomato not only has a Windows Phone app but a highly-rated one as well (and it looks like they will have a Windows 8.1 app on the way).

Now, in an email correspondence, Urbanspoon notes that yes, they ended support for Windows Phone. However, under Zomato, the companies will combine to release a new (or at least updated) app for the Microsoft ecosystems:

"We pulled the app from the app store in December because we weren't going to support Windows anymore; however, Urbanspoon was recently acquired by Zomato.com. Once our companies are integrated, we will have a new Windows app. It may be a couple of months before that happens."

Currently, Zomato is in 19 different countries, including United Kingdom, India, Brazil, the UAE, New Zealand and more. However, they have no presence in the United States, which is why they bought Urbanspoon. Urbanspoon's massive US presence is also likely why they abandoned their app, as US market share is low for Windows Phone.

Urbanspoon abandoning their app and then pulling it was just another example of an ongoing problem with Windows Phone heading into 2015. Luckily, in this case, Zomato is coming to the rescue. It remains to be seen if Windows 10 and its one app, one OS strategy can save Microsoft. For now, we are worried that this may be a sign of a rough six months for Windows Phone users.

Thanks, Salah N., for the tip and email!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Many services are stopping their app support on WP. Time to switch to Android for my next phone
  • Wait it out. Everything will get better.
  • Or not.
  • I hope it will, though.
  • I love my Windows phone, but, "Wait it out, things will get better." has been the slogan for over four years now...
  • Yup!  It's the same tune ever since "It'll get better! Wait for Mango!"  Too little too late.
  • Oh come on, it's already get better lately. Just the lose of some apps didn't mean anything if there's another app replacing it
  • I'm waiting to see what Windows 10 brings.  If it doesn't get better I'm afraid I'm out.  I love the OS, but without app support there is only so much I can do, which defeats the purpose of a smartphone.
  • I've been "waiting it out" since WP 7, 8 & 8.1. Am I suppose to wait it out indefinitely?
  • What are you waiting for specifically? I have all the apps I need on WP.
  • @hawneruk it only takes a 5 second search to see that the WP8 and W8 are lacking many things - games in particular. Yes, there are many alternatives for apps but for a lot of games it's either IOS or Android with Windows / Windows Phone left in the dust. Sometimes we'll get a release 6 months later, but you can find a lot more games (especially AAA titles) on the other platforms.
  • You dont have to do anything. Go or stay. We arent here to make the decision for you.
  • Yep lol, ive been waiting since windows mobile 5
  • I don't care I will stick with Windows to the end of my life. Microsoft is love Microsoft is life.
  • My friend i have some maj respect for u...not many can stand in ur shoes at this point
  • Windows anytime..android notime
  • Agree 100% !!!
  • Salute
  • #Wp4Life!!!
  • Agree captain!
  • Yes, Microsoft is love, Microsoft is life! I'm sticking with it to the end.
  • +730
  • Windows Phone may have issues at this point, but when you see the improvements constantly being made and look at all the issues the competition has, i.e. lagdroid, iSheep, its really not that bad. I will be sticking with Windows Phone until it quits or one of the other platforms gets a decent system together.
  • I am going to have to agree.  It is Windows or nothing for me. I still have my old Motorola Slvr L7 on the ready in case it is needed. If all ends for Windows phone, I would rather go back to a "dumb phone" as opposed to revert back to Apple or Android.
  • Good. Glad people lke you feel that way. Please leave in a hurry though.
  • US is not the whole world... Only US based apps are being removed...
  • Actually more apps have been coming and updating. Only a couple left. But you'll whine regardless.
  • I'll go back to a dumb phone before I'll ever make the switch to android or IOS
  • The Nokia I loved is now Microsoft so to hell with android! And ios... MSFT for life...
  • Got all the apps I need. I just want a more robust UI, especially multitasking. Also a dedicated music player app.
  • Have you actually used Android though? Its frigging horrendous. If I was to quit WP it would be for iPhone, it most cerainly would not be the "mess" that is Android. A security nightmare, Google spying, horrible interface, Samsungs terrible version. HTC slow to update if you go that route. Limits you to Nexus only, and its still nowhere near as classy experience as Windows Phone or iOS . No, no way will it be Android for me. Disgusting OS.
  • When WP does not have an app, then the Android/iPhone fans laugh because they do. When WP gets the app, then they laugh because WP gets ports. When WP has a unique app, then they laugh because they think it was not good enough for Android/iPhone. When WP gets an app that is just a web site wrapper, they laugh because supposedly having a web site app on WP shows how poor it is, while a web site app on Android/iPhone shows how strong the store is. When WP has a web site wrapper app removed, they laugh because it supposedly shows how poorly the device sells.   They will always find some reason to claim that an app written for, not written for, added to the store, removed from the store shows that WP is dead. Years ago when you would talk about how Windows has millions of applications while Mac had few, the Apple fanatics would claim that it is a good thing, that you don't want many apps just a few good ones, that they wanted to keep Mac pure and exclusive and few apps helped that. Now, the most important thing is the number of apps you can download - even if that means that 60% of the apps on the iOS store have never been downloaded a single time (studies have shown that 60% of apps have not been downloaded).
  • Don't be fooled. I think most companies that are yanking their apps are doing so because of Windows 10. With more than 1.6 billion windows users (desktop, tablets, windows phone and maybe the hololens and windows TV in the future), most developers are upgrading their apps as universal apps. The potential is HUGE. Whatapp understands this and is already busy with a desktop app. 
  • @Win DroidPhone based on the history of your postings, you were already an Android user many many months ago and you were probably never a WP user. That makes your comment a troll comment.
  • Will be rough times, but we'll get through this =)
  • I think we should whine more. Always solves everything.
  • Yes. Works 100%. A+ Profit.
  • Worked well with Thomas Nigro Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • Exactly. It's amazing how everyone ignores this. That guy basically whined out of the rightful criticism that comes with a bad app.
  • You are joking aren't you? . Thomas who is barely older than one of my kids whose written more code this morning you have in your whole life who was part of a development of an entire toolchain (not just an app you moron). You mean whining worked?
    Er no.. It didn't. People whine out of sense of entitlement. Ignorant, horrible people just like you - which made WP Central write an artiicle about how awful you are as humans. Thomas needed love, support and encouragement, not incessant whining. Go read a book and make your own app if you are so brilliant you dispicable person.
  • Glad to hear this. Urbanspoon's app sucked.
  • Why do they pull it if they want to discontinue it...
  • I think you answered your own question in the same sentence.
  • Windows 10 will attract all kind of apps..
  • Exact same thing was said about Windows 8.
  • True, except Windows 8 was universally panned. Lets hope Windows 10 lives up to the hype.
  • It's free. And its everything people wanted in windows 8. It's going to kill it.
  • This^^
  • What I just saw? ? ?
    India? ?
  • I'm a big user of Zomato in Philippines during my vacation. Unfortunately, they don't operate in Saudi Arabia. So, hello Foursquare and Swarm.
  • Take right shwarma... Take left humus go straight falafel... Thats zomato for u Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • Lets hope wp10 universal app system will make all app gaps to.end..or else we are doomed windows users
  • I beg to differ, we are NOT doomed! The best is yet to come.
  • The best is yet to come? Please...
  • You're to hopeful.
  • Not having the app you want for your phone is not "doom." That's ridiculous.  Doom is when you're a passenger on an airliner and you hear over the intercom the pilot's voice saying, "We've been leaking fuel and are now empty. We'll now begin our very rapid decent into the ocean. Hope everyone has life insurance, your family will need it." That of course followed by the pilot and co-pilot jumping off the plane with the only 2 parachutes. My phone works just fine for what I bought it for. I make and receive calls. I send and receive texts. I can send and receive email. I can use it as a hotspot for my laptop. None of that will change even if every single app is pulled from the store, so my life will continue to work just fine. 
  • If the market share does not improve in the next couple of years, the most logical thing for any business entity is to stop spending money on it and focus on more profitable options. The feelings of windows phone "fans" like us will not matter to Microsoft. A very hard truth but that's the way it is in business.
  • Yes it is doom. And whining about it everyday is the only way to feel good.
  • Wait. What's that smell? Is it, hmm.... smells like Tony is filled with sarcasm.
  • Daniel one question need to be answered whether we will be able to run all applications of wp8 & wp8.1 in wp10 ??? Please reply
  • I'd like to know the same...but I think no one knows yet
  • It remains to be seen how Silverlight apps behave in WIndows 10. I have a feeling they will work though. This should be a Wp7 --> Wp8 type transition for apps.
  • Thanks for ur reply... Cheers...
  • Were any Silverlight apps written specifically for WP8 or are they all just outdated WP7 apps that are compatible with WP8 too? I'm just curious with some of these older apps being pulled like the banking apps and Urbanspoon, etc. if it is because Silverlight is dead and it doesn't make sense to continue development or even support the app for a minimal amount of users. I would expect to see these apps return next year completely written from scratch when the combined userbase of desktop Windows 10 and mobile Windows 10 produces a large enough demand. 
  • There are 3 versions of Silverlight, for WP7, WP8.0 and WP8.1. A WP8.1 phone  can run apps written by all Silverlight versions. A WP8.0 phone can run apps written by Silverlight for WP7 and WP8.0. The developer can freely choose what version they want to use depending on how many features they need and how many customers they want to support.
  • Daniel.. Sir..we have a humble respect for u...we believe that wp10 will beat and..give what all users needed for..we trust u sir..we believe wp10 won't let us down
  • #downinflames
  • Zomatos app is the shit. Great Windows Phone support but more importantly a well designed app with an absolutely gorgeous ui.
    One of the best apps in the store.
  • *starts crying * :'(
  • Microsoft needs to implement some direct approach to keep these companies from pulling their apps. Humiliating, yes, but no more than what's going on right now.
  • Well, we sort of knew there would be a lull in WP as they acquired and integrated Nokia. I would never have guessed it would be this long without a proper flagship though. I will hold out for Win 10 to see and hope for the app gap to diminish.
  • Fuck Apple
  • Fuck google!! Fuck every windows and windows phone hater! Fuck the android and iOS loving editors who say shit about our WP! Just FUck everyone who is in the way of glory of WP!
  • Lol apple=irrelevant, even more so than us..they just dont know it yet. There no longer #1, there out of tricks and they only use 1 boring as$ phone lol, apple will be joining us...maybe win 10 will let us take there place...or its an utter failure and Microsoft pulls the plug on wp...which ever
  • Zomato is one of the few apps which gets an update every 2 weeks nd the devs have done a wonderful job so far. And since they have acquired urbanspoon now , I don't think this is a bad news fr Windows app space.
  • I will use wp even with few MS built apps. Curse those dev who abandon wp.
  • +1
  • This whole app situation in Windows Platform is really unsettling. Hopefully Windows 10 and Universal app model can save us.
  • Hopefully..
  • Really bad time for Microsoft. :( Stock price down 10% in a day and now these app-backstabbers.. Really sad..
  • Plus the layoffs of 2014..is...is Microsoft going to die?:/
  • We'll it's good for me because I'm buying those stock at a lower price and it will go back up.
  • I did the exact thing an hour ago. I am 100% certain the stock price will jump back by end of Q1.
  • Dude, it isnt a game played at the speed of tech blogs. Use this platform because it does what you need now, and you believe in its potential. Not because you want good feelings every day. Go ask people that used Macs back in the 90s about that very thing.
  • If this trend of companies pulling their apps from windows phone continues it will be not be good thing for windows phone .
  • Well , I have my WP and will stand firm regardless of this app or that app , I'm not controlled by apps I control the apps.
  • That's some point ! Dude! Here's your cookie!! +1
  • Exactly, apps aren't everything.
  • Until further notice I'll always have an underlying suspicion that Satya Nadella doesn't care if Windows Phone lives or dies. They don't seem to be doing much (at least publicly) to stop the bleeding. That said, they could (and probably should) be doing it behind closed doors.
  • Give them a *little* credit...i mean really, they acquired a large majority of a large company while in the middle of basically combining 3 OS's into one. You can't expect them to pull 10 flagships out their butt tomorrow. The Nokia acquisition may not even be 100% completed yet. They have their priorities. There's no point in spending resources to market devices running an OS most dislike when you're releasing a brand new one in less than a year. Make W10 an amazing, irresistible ecosystem, *then* put out the devices that show it off.
  • My issue isn't with needing a new flagship or hardware at all. They just don't seem that enthusiastic about something that's obviously an issue. Stuff like that usually means it's out of their control (i.e., the board room is calling rank). Add the free upgrade and the ceo telling everyone that will listen that services and the cloud are the backbone of the company and he just doesn't sound that into us. 
  • He probably isn't that into us right now for the very reasons I stated earlier. The OS is what will bring people to the platform at this point. People hate W8, and thereby assume they will hate WP8. So which would you rather do: Spend millions updating, marketing, and supporting an OS that the majority see in a very negative light, or put those millions towards a brand new OS that's due in less than a year that could instantly reach 70% of PC users and (assuming it's well received) convince them to try out WP?
  • 6 months ago, I would have agreed with you. But at this point it makes sense to wait out the rest of W8 and make W10 the absolute best it can be
  • You guys are gonna love Zomato. Worth the wait.
  • Come on Microsoft give us the preview and save us!! Don't care a bit about those appbackstabbers but still stop them! As we know more the merrier!!
  • I'm having second thoughts about my next phone.
  • @Daniel Rubino how come y'all didn't report the Joe Belfiore tweet about win10 phone features video dropping in 1-2 wks?
    It could very well be a hint that the preview is dropping in 1-2 wks
  • To bad good for zomato
  • Nice! I use to like this app, but it was garbage after no updating.. I will start using Zomato now
  • It is a disturbing trend, but as long as Microsoft supports it, so will I. I really am not an iOS fan. I would go back to a flip phone from the 90s before I'd go back to Android.
  • A few of you are looking for the universal app model to "save" or bring apps back are a bit misguided. Companies need to want to support the ecosystem before deciding on Wp only, windows only or universal. If Chase and BOA (and Urbanspoon to a lesser extent) feel like its a waste of time and money to support WP, 96% code sharing between a Win app & WP app will not lure them back or retain them.
  • Oh? Ok. Thanks. You are obviously an expert on what everyone will do. We'll let these people do their thing, and will leave our choice of platforms to ourselves.  
  • Would've been nice if you actually tried to start a discussion with an intelligent counterpoint or example of a company coming back after the 8.1 universal app model was introduced... But, nah, stick with a "snarky" "response".
  • I disagree to an extent. Market share is the main force behind whether or not a company supports an ecosystem. If MS can successfully get every windows user to switch to W10, then suddenly one company's app can reach 70% of the entire computer market. That's something companies can't really ignore. What will be interesting will be who jumps on. We may not see banks jump on, for instance, because what's the difference between going to chase.com vs using the chase app if I'm on my laptop? But for a company like snapchat, it could be a pretty big deal. And at the point, why not take the time to do the 4% extra coding to reach even more users?
  • A company like Snapchat won't release a universal Windows 10 app, because, like Instagram, neither have a web presence via browser, and their services wouldn't be practical on a desktop or laptop computer, regardless.  You can pretty much only use all the features of each service via a *mobile only* app.
  • How would snap chat not be practical? Nearly every computer has a webcam attached to it nowadays. And why does it matter if they don't have a browser presence? That's the whole point of making an app!
  • Came expecting iTrolls and DroidTards. Was not disapointed. Dont like the platform, then stop posting here and go post on a site for one you like better! If you are so devoid of a life that you think goofing around here is going to get people to buy whatever platform you rather have everyone using, then that proves to me that it isnt worth every using it because it attracts mentally incompotent people like you.
  • I think the roughness is much longer than 6 months. Unless Microsoft has secretly managed to secure launch day apps that are the make it or break it type, they are going to hold out until they see something they like. 6 months is just till launch. I bet there is at least 6 months after that before the holdouts even consider consider jumping on board.
    Personally I think it is just plain hatred for Microsoft. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was some sort of collusion by several companies to make things hard for MS. Because if it was about marketshare, then that logic dictates Android would have started the NFC pay craze, but even with it's huge marketshare, we still haven't seen anybody hyped up about it until Apple Pay. Which makes it seem more about what is hip than actual marketshare, making all of these companies just plain liars and hypocrites.
  • The majority of the Android phones out there probably don't support NFC, and when it is used, it is somewhat less convienient to use when you have to unlock your phone, launch an app and put in a PIN code. Google's business practices are much worse than Microsoft's ever were. I blame it on more of a lack of understanding how Windows has evolved. Most people have very little technical knowledge and think of Windows as a thing of the past. It's reputation is poor but I think the way Windows 10 is being implemented is going to help things a lot although the results won't be immediate. The only real bad version Microsoft put out was Windows ME. Even Vista wasn't actually bad; it was more perception and trying to use it with hardware and software that was very outdated (several years old). Nowdays it's Android that is the unstable one that is full of bloatware but the way that Google does their business, they force their services upon users and do it at little to no cost because most of their revenue is advertising based.
  • Glad to see someone else out there that realizes that Vista wasn't all that bad. It was mostly user error that caused those problems not the OS. I know because I was working HP laptop technical support at the time of the Vista launch. No one ever called in because Vista was the problem. The problem was always the user or something other than Vista.
  • Love my 1520 just want Microsoft to show more attention to its own than other platforms even though that's where the money is release a new flagship
  • I don't know how many people use such apps and don't worry about deserters, but this doesn't mean important apps like BoA mobile apps that help check deposit,transactions, balance check handy all leaving without giving any indication of future plans for Windows 10.
  • cool I've been using yelp since foursquare did the swarm thing. Will try zomato
  • Zomato has very good support for WP. You wouldn't miss urbanspoon with it.
  • Exactly, I've been using Zomato for a while now and the WP app is very good.
  • I went to store to buy mobile for my girlfriend....and the sales person advices me if she is old buy iPhone, for confused buy Android and for geeky buy Windows phone!!!!
  • Actually Android is the one for geeks and WP is more for people wanting a converged ecosystem.
  • At least this is coming back under the Zomato brand which is much better than having an app pulled altogether. Merging the two will mean better functionality in the one app as well as US Urbanspoon users being able to get access to the features that the excellent Zomato app has as well.
  • HOPING if newer Win10 apps are going to be truly universal new apps shouldn't be an issue in 2016, lol...between, phone,tablet and computer... The PAIN of being a WP 1520 customer... And supporter...
  • Man, you can really tell who the "cup-half-empty" people are around here.  Them and the zealots.  :P The Urbanspoon app is/was quite decent, but had been orphaned long ago.  Urbanspoon was acquired by Zomato.  If you go to the Urbanspoon page it says "Urbanspoon by Zomato" up top.  And at the bottom it says "Get The New App on iOS and Android".   New App.... So, worst case scenario =  an orphaned app got removed from the store and we still have Zomato support. Best case scenario = there's a new Urbanspoon app for Windows on a roadmap somewhere. But, you know, negative people are gonna be negative.
  • The zomato app rocks..
  • Perhaps it does in your country, but it doesn't work where I am and many other countries when compared to Urbanspoon.
  • Windows Phone is doing well outside USA, but Microsoft mainly support USA (Bing, etc.). Something is wrong. I know MS is US company, but you can't ignore the rest of the world when Lumia are been sold better than US.
  • I bet Urbanspoon feels like douchbags having to eat their words lol.
  • I'm noticing that too, we gain 10 loose 1 still get a boatload of whining and moaning and throwing in the towel types.
  • Did they pull their IOS and Droid app due to their merger? I highly doubt it.... Smh hopefully no more high profile apps leave WP.
  • Lol no one read the article
  • I've had a Windows Phone from day one but seriously getting over this app gap now, I'll give it 6 more months and if nothing improves I'll be jumping ship.
  • I love the Urbanspoon app for the most part - I do wish it was faster to change locations, and I wish you could launch GPS from it to get directions to a location, but all-in-all it was decent for an non-updated app. Didn't realize it left the store, but I'm glad to hear that it will come back under the new company. It's my primary go-to app for finding new places, especially when traveling.
  • I think I have to agree with an earlier post. My phone does what I want it to do. I use what I like regardless of what others do. If eventually MS drops the phone (if in my lifetime) then I will just get another phone. I have all the apps I need and what app I don't have I can still access the internet for the information. People make a bug deal about apps by in all it always boils down to what do I "need" the "app" for? Is it because "everyone else has it" or it is this weeks fad? As somewhat tech savvy professional this phone is the go to as it talks to all the productivity software I use regularly.
  • Exactly, being tech savvy means to look at a device, overall how it performs, cool features it has, the ease of use of the OS, etc. Just to hate a device because of no apps is juvenile. Apps are just over glorified means of browsing the web to post on facebook, order a pizza, check your bank account, etc.
  • How on earth did a crappy company like Zomato aquire Urban Spoon?! Urban Spoon have always been good, but Zomato doesn't even have bloody Australia in there!
  • Apparently they had enough money to make Urban Spoon sell out.
  • Hey can't you run Android Store on Windows 8.1.  Well who says its ripe for the Windows 10 Phone too :)  Get the best of many worlds... thats the way MS is moving.