Bank of America to end support for its Windows Phone app in early March [update: Windows 8.1 too]

Update: According to its store listing (opens in new tab), it looks like Bank of America will be dropping its Windows 8.1 app in March as well (thanks, Brent, for the tip).

Original story: Yet another major US bank is ending its support for the Windows Phone platform. This time it's Bank of America, which has posted a note on its app's store page that it will stop supporting Microsoft's mobile OS sometime in early March.

The post did not offer a specific reason for this decision. It only stated, "We're sorry for the inconvenience." It also recommends that Windows Phone users access Bank of America's website from now on. The app was first launched for the Windows Phone operating system in May 2011. Bank of America also has a Windows 8.1 app (opens in new tab) in the Windows Store, but so far there's no indication they plan to remove support for that app.

As we reported earlier this month, the Chase Mobile app for Windows Phone has been removed from the store, and will stop working completely on March 22.

Bank of America did update their iPhone app just yesterday, but they are obviously not discontinuing support for that platform. In other words, this is not a new mobile strategy for the massive bank but rather a clear rejection of the Windows Phone platform due to low market share.

Bank of America released their Windows Phone app way back in 2011. For them to end their support now is shocking.

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  • Somehow I saw this coming.
  • So did I! Is it possible that their ditching their current offerings for Windows 10 universal apps?
  • Highly unlikely
  • That's actually the first thing I thought of when they said that there's still a Windows 8 app. A Universal app would make the most logical sense if they're still focusing on the Windows Store.
  • Still doesn't make sense that they'd pull the app (if that's what they're doing as opposed to simply not taking support emails). Why not just leave it out there and deal with the few support emails you might get for the next half year? Either way, maybe Windows 10 is on their mind in the decision, and they figure they update the Win8.1 app when the time comes and don't hassle with WP in the meantime. In reality, my little credit union has a nice mobile site that gets the job done. If there was nothing fancy in the BofA app that warranted a native app, a web app or mobile-freindly site seems like it'd be more effective. Honestly, I wish more companies would look at it that way because, as a WP user, everyone is app crazy and will always jump to iOS/Android first while everyone on WP just wants to be able to have a decent web experience (if not getting an app too).
  • Actually it does. New security regulations are going into place in March and they're probably not allowed to leave them unmaintained for half a year until Windows 10. It's actually a smart move announcing it now, that way they're not leaving users confused at the last minute.
    In reality, WP is so small that the few users we have aren't worth updating the app only for 6 months of use. It's not worth their time. However, since they haven't pulled the Windows 8 app, they're clearly still supporting Microsoft to some extent and the most logical route would be to make a Universal app.
    Edit: Welp, nevermind. We're f*cked.
  • @Jas00555, that's the first reasoned, non panicking explanation I've seen about these bank apps. Hopefully that is the case.
  • That may be the case. However, they should at the same time have added that they are going to work on W10 app, if that is indeed the case.
  • The conspiratorial side of me makes me wonder whether Google had influence on the language of those regulations to allow compliance with their platform while making compliance with the WP platform nearly impossible. Their reputation lends itself to suspicion.
  • Sure, this is Google's fault. Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
  • Blame Google, is Google another name for George W Bush. This fits the profile of BofA as they are bailing out of the rural markets as much as they can. They closed almost every branch in smaller cities and towns. In my county they had 6 branches. Now it's only one. They have done this all over the nation.  
  • What are these new security regulations?
  • I would also like to know this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was pissed when I saw the message that they wouldn't be supporting it anymore, and to use the website; on a phone. their site doesn't seem to be mobile friendly on my phone by defaullt. It was click, password, click and banking. Now it is click, click scale, username or click, scale pan, password, click, scale, pan pan pan, open click scale......Not really banking yet!... [(click)(scale)(pan)]+ However, working at a bank. I understand how regulations drive many decisions. And can destroy good ideas or make then too expensive to support. Heck we were still using XP up until a few years ago. Hopefully there will be a better solution. The App was okay, but the best way for me to bank on the run. There's always text banking, right?  :o(-
  • But, it should be likely that at some point people will begin to understand that this app issue is because of Microsoft's lack of adequate marketing in the US...
    We seriously need to keep putting the pressure on MS to increase marketing, and awareness, so that our platform is much more appealing to developers... We can't just keep pointing the finger at Chase, BOA, and others for not supporting Windows....
    If I seriously believed that MS did as much as Samsung, Apple, and Google, to build hype around their platform then I wouldn't point the finger at them.... But, until they seriously do what it takes to make Windows smartphones a house hold name then they are to blame...
  • How can Microsoft market anything when they changed everything every 13 months. How can they market something they themselves don't even know what they are going to do with it. Maybe after Win 10 is released they'll have a better understanding. But right at this time. There's nothing to market.
  • When talking about cause, and effect.......
    When talking about the effect it's the cause that's, well, the root cause.... We're talking about the average consumer here.. They don't know the underlined difference between WP7, WP8, 8.1, or 10.... MS has had plenty of time to market what they've always had, which is generally WindowsPhone... It's not like the market share has started over with every new version.... No excuses❗ In 5 years the app situation should be much better than it is....
    Samsung, Apple, and Google, would've made SOMETHING happen, so why do we continue to make excuses for MS❓❓... Sure W10 looks extremely promising, but as much as I hate to admit it is still a just a big maybe, and it's it even ready.... This is complete logic.
  • Really? Wha's been the release schedule for Android lately? < 13 months. Sorry not a valid reason. Oh and for the most part, the upgrades from a development standpoint are fairly simple.  Yes once the platforms are unified, the store should get a lot more attention. Finallly developers can program for one OS and have it available on all platforms. Given MS already owns the desktop and notebook market, this should be make for a simple extension into the mobile arena. 
  • @Whodaboss, Maybe after Win 10 is released You're singing the same song as when WP8 was about to be released. "As soon as WP8 gets here, it will be a whole new ballgame. MS will really take off with WP8."  
  • Hold on. From a developers perspective, outside of money, SDKs and lower level OS features are the next biggest motivators for choosing a platform. As far as banking apps are concerned, there's little money to be made from the app itself. Both iOS and Windows do a great job allowing devs to reuse code across form factors. Yes marketing can increase market share, but that's more for the end user. If I run an internet service, I want to make access as convenient as possible for my consumers. PS. I am extremely excited to code for Windows 10.
  • So, is that an excuse for Chase too, or not too, make an app for WP❓ I'm a little confused.
  • Sorry no. Not an excuse. But I am confused by your incorrect grammar. In this case, "to" not "too".
  • Lol! Ok.. Sorry, dude.
  • It is Microsoft's fault. A big reason for the app gap is the low marketshare in the US. Windows Phone has been in the market for more than three years now and has barely made a dent in the market. Obviously, whatever Microsoft is doing isn't really working. Maybe Microsoft should just take carriers out of the picture and release unlocked phones in the US, but at this point, I don't know how successful that will be. I think it was the first couple of years that hurt them the most. The slow pace of updates in the first two years probably hurt it the most. I used to be more optimistic about Windows Phone reaching double digits in US marketshare, but now, I believe that ship has sailed.
  • Good pont!
  • Lol, marketing in the US? U should check out Eurpoe. No marketing what so ever. I don't even think MS knows about the existance of Europe. They tend to do their best to deny it anyways. Which is fun, especially since the sales are way higher than in the states.
  • It HAS to be right....I mean I seriously cannot imagine them not supporting the LARGEST platform on earth...Windows? I mean theres at the very least 100 million Modern APp Windows users right?
  • They do support Windows in their eyes... with their web page. There must have been some sort of new security regulations coming down that forced banks to decide to spend money to beef up their apps or end support. Two banks ending support in March could indicate this. Hopefully Windows 10 drives the phone to a bigger market share and they support the platform once again or they create a Windows 10 app that works on all platforms.
  • Windows 10 will dramatically increase market share overnight once launched because all Windows 7 and newer will get a free upgrade to Windows 10. The launch can't come soon enough. It will be a game changer.
  • But the important thing here is if the W10 app will work across ALL platforms, or only pc. MS said it will be easy to create a multi platform app. But what if still they don't even care to make one for phone?
  • But, it's not enough because people are accessing their services through smartphone apps more... W10 will help, but it'll take more time for people to start buying "Windows Phone" devices...
    The reality is that if we want more support from developers, period, then MS is going to have to seriously pick up, and improve on, marketing for it's mobile devices..... It's all up to MS.
  • You know I have never understood why these banks don't just do a good mobile web page anyhow.  I am quite content with Chase's mobile web and Capital One's.  The problem is that they put features like QuickDeposit and Image Deposit in the IPhone App but not in the mobile web page.  What's up with that?  They must be getting kickbacks from Apple to offer exclusive things like that.  I have told these banks that I am not going to support them if they offer features to some of their customers and not to others, but they don't seem to care.
  • I keep wondering if these banks are making some sort of deals with Apple. I.e. iPay processing/logistics.
  • You're thinking to hard... Lol.
    It's just low market share, as a result of poor marketing, at least here in the US,, on MS's part..
  • long as Bank of America and Chase don't have Blackberry apps, I'll believe you. ;)
  • Actually, that's a very good point you make...
    ........ Thanks for that perspective. I actually forgot about BB, and that is the perfect example of how poor awareness, and bad perception caused by horrible marketing, can lead to extremely low market share... And, WP is no exception.... So, you can see why it is strictly up to MS to reverse this situation..
  • Chase used to have a BB10 app..
  • Point❓
  • Canadian banks are well support on BlackBerry World. But only BoA and Wells Fargo have apps on BBW. However, the Amazon App world has Chase among others. All banks should do what my employer did. Build an HTML5 based app. No matter Android, BB10, or iOS app, it looks identical. In fact the mobile website looks identical to the Android, BB10, and iOS app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • *too not to
  • WP has 3% of world wide market share. How many people do you honestly believe use these american banking apps? I'm happy they at least gave WP a chance.
  • I think there is a general misunderstanding of what a universal app is. From a coding perspective you can build a universal app i.e. non-Silverlight app, right now. Today. In fact the development kit had been around for a while now. This means if they had an old Silverlight app all they need to do is use the new SDKs to upgrade their app and submit it as an update to the existing one. You do not need to pull an app to do that. This is really them giving up and I would hold my breath waiting for a new app.
  • I agree, I think a lot of people are misunderstanding what Unicersal apps are and how they work.  I've read one article where they state their interest in universal apps for the promise of picking up on your tablet/desktop, exactly where you left off on your phone... And that's not what they are, granted, some blame on MS for (maybe?) not being clear on this or it's naming, but all it is is just a nice way to say the codebase is closer so there's less coding. 
  • As a Windows 10 Preview user, my personal opinion is that Microsoft has essentially killed their Store & universal apps with how they've basically integrated the apps into the desktop. I think the companies like BofA are thinking this: If there's only going to be a desktop environment on the majority of Windows machines, then why are apps even needed? I think Microsoft has shot themselves in the foot by integrating apps into the desktop rather than integrating certain desktop functionalities & programs into the Modern UI. Instead of moving forward with a new vision, they've decided to regress to the old way of doing things. There will never be enough sub-8in devices to make the Store viable. If the Modern UI, with certain desktop functionalities integrated as well as legacy program compatibility through app shells was the primary interface moving forward, it would be.
  • Sadly, I think you are absolutely spot on!!
  • Hulu, HBOGo, these types of apps work much better than their websites currently and are not available as desktop apps. Flash games can be reprogrammed as apps that work on desktop or phone, etc.
  • The lack of efforts to push WP aggressively in the US market starts to hurt.  The shrinking US market share is primarily due to the carrier exclusivity, the absence of L930 on AT&T, the cancellation of McLaren in face of iPhone 6, zero marketing efforts and tardy support from carriers.  The push of WP in the most important market is practically stalled.  The US L920 owners, the most important flagship group, actually found no upgrade path at the end of their two-year contract.  It is a total disaster.  What kind of the message you send to Chase and Bank of America? - a small market share is getting smaller.  The bias to emphasize only the low end devices is not enough.  10.5 millions of those devices sold don't add up to profit and the US market share.  Few of those low end WP owners have accounts with Chase and Bank of America.  When you fight the tough war of smartphones, you got to fire all cylinders from top to bottom.  Can W10 help?  It may, but it would be uphill battle for sure.  MS/Nokia have nobody to blame but themselves.  They have screwed up the US market real good.
  • Better they do it with a complete OS like Win10 is compared to WP8/8.1. Can you imagine if they pissed off more than us diehards? I have a feeling they will push harder when they have something to push.
  • So much for universal apps. Do you still thinking universal apps will help windows phone?? Not me. The fact is, not much consumers care about windows phones. They are ok with static icons UI like ios and android. With more and more apps like this pulling away from Windows phones, it is going to be big downfall for the platform. Till date, none of the banks in my country make apps for Windows phones. So much for "Windows phones has all the apps I need" BS.
  • Yes thats right makes sense  rember i store all devices Win 10 woo hoo can't wait. i have BOA computers fine for now. waiting to replace my 1020.
  • This does seem unlikely. They could at least hint at offering support for Windows 10 than leave their customers high and dry.
  • Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luke, I am your father!!
  • LOL shouldnt u say the phrase first
  • I didn't. Damn I use this app frequently. I use Wells Fargo more but now I feel like its only a matter of time.
  • Nah Wells Fargo's is just a web wrapper they have no reason to discontinue.
  • Knock on wood
  • It has mobile check deposits and all that though. If its just a web wrapper any of these banks could make a web wrapper.
  • There's nothing wrong with web wrappers. If banks were to add more features to their mobile sites there would be no reason to make a dedicated app for a platform, because all they would have to do is update the existing code for their site, and in theory would update every device out there that uses it, such as Windows Phone, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Maybe it would be much easier for banks and other companies to do this, and cheaper as well, so they could possibly be going this route instead.
  • Except that native apps are better than mobile wrappers...
  • Wells Fargo WAS just a web wrapper. It is a native app now. They made that change a long time ago.
  • Wow. This really stinks. Maybe they're investing more into Apple with the blockbuster success of Apple Pay and are putting more efforts toward that platform.
    Conspiracy theory: :-) It's a dark and ominous plan by Apple, leveraging thier weight with financial institutions demanding they end Windows Phone Support or else... to destroy what vital ecosystem apps Windows Phone does have in that area. Lol
    Just kidding.
    On a serious note: It is sad news indeed. I use the app religiously. Very sad to see it go. Hopefully Windows 10 can help turn things around eventually.
  • Don't dismiss that theory so easily. Crap like that happens.
  • Why on Earth would Apple feel threatened by Windows Phone? They just sold 75 million phones to our 10 million... at about 4x the cost.
  • After all the integration and fast access to things that wp7 had android copied them, them when iPhone almost copied everything wp8 looked like, google not making apps available, its act really clear
  • I told u guys to get wells fargo
  • There's no wells Fargo branches around here.
  • Why do you need a branch? Ally Bank
  • This is BS. Why are chase and bank of America leaving? So pissed off, we need more banking apps, not less.
  • I hope wells Fargo doesn't do the same
  • That reminds me of a quote from the Christmas Vacation movie: “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am right now.”
  • Just downloaded and installed Bank of America to my Desktop. I'll try it out for a bit. Been using it on my phone for some time until I realized I could do more through their website. It's really their fault that me, a customer, dismissed their app. It has gotten better apparently so I'm installing on my phone again.  The only way to show them that we are here is to download their apps.
  • You have got to be kidding me...
  • WTF is going on
  • WP is a dead platform.  That's what's going on. Worse, you can't even use the browser to access BoA that way, since mobile IE is such rubbish it doesn't render their site. This is probably the end of the road for my WP adventure.  Sad, because I just upgraded my phone and now I'll have to buy my way over to Android out of pocket, I suppose.
  • I think they're changed the page.  It works good now on WP 8.1.
  • As of 5 minutes ago, I was unable to log into my account on my One M8 for Windows even after trying the user agent switcher.
  • Right, because a banking app makes or breaks a platform...  
  • Sad but yeah, it does. The issue is that it's not "a" banking app, it's that there are almost no working banking apps for the thousands of banks around the country.  I belong to BoA, a local bank, a credit union and Fidelity.  Of those, only BoA has an app that works 'as expected.'  Fidelity's app is next to useless, as the main purpose of a mobile app is check deposit and it doesn't have that, and the other two don't have anything. The app situation is so dire, and the OS itself so far behind the competition, that there is simply nothing to recommend WP over Android (aside from it not being made by Google). Nothing. And more and more companies are walking away.  It's getting worse, not better.  That's a death spiral, if I ever saw one.
  • Because one app you use is going away = death of platform, and US = World.
  • Of course not. It's not about which apps I personally use, it's about whether or not even big companies who already have created an app can be bothered even just to maintain it. What the flurry of companies abandoning Windows Phone signals is that, from their view, Windows Phone is a lost cause. And BoA is one of the biggest banks in America. If they can't be bothered, it is unlikely anyone else can be, either. And perception is reality. This is the beginning of a death spiral, I am afraid. As a former webOS user, and a Symbian user before that, I know full well what this looks like. This is how the end begins.
  • Don't look down on banking apps. It plays a big part for mobile devices. While it doesn't break a platform, all these missing apps will kill the platform.
  • I've lost TWO banking apps in the last two weeks, Chase and BOA, i actually use both of them quite frqeuntly to uplaod checks from my phone. Banking apps cannot be recreated by 3rd parties like other popular apps so this is REALLY bad. If their was ever a case of MS needing to pay some companies this is it. MS need to pony up the monet to get all the Banking apps on WP cause that experience can;t be replicated by 3rd parties.
  • If I understand correctly, between Chase and BoA, that's an outright majority of the checking accounts in the USA.  That's how big these two banks are.  If they don't see a market for WP apps big enough to bother supporting, then there isn't a market for WP apps.  This isn't Bank of Podunk pulling their support. I don't think the blinded fanboys on this site realize how momentous this is.  This is the end, people. Windows 10 is not some heavenly savior sent from above to deliver Windows Phones unto the people.  It's just the next version of Windows.  And Windows isn't great because it runs Metro apps; it's great because it runs regular apps.  SPSS isn't coming to your Windows Phone anytime soon (but it might be coming to your iPad!).
  • WP is not dead, WP as a separate OS will be.  I dont think everyone understands what is going on.  Universal Apps means that devs can target the entire Windows user base, instead of targeting a silo'd WP OS that only has 3% market share in the US.  That should provide more of an incentive for devs to write apps for the Windows Ecosystem.    
  • But do you think people really like to use modern apps on windows? Are apps on windows store doing really well? Nope. So what makes you think universal apps will help?
  • I sure as hell don't.  Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with a better task manager and an annoying start screen, if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, it's still the only OS on the planet suitable for doing real, serious work (not even Macs are satisfactory...but they can boot Windows, which helps a lot!), but it's not because of Metro apps.  There literally isn't a single one I can be bothered to use.
  • You are right. These idiots don't get it. WP as we know it is gone. We will be Windows 10, part of an incredibly large PC user base. When companies see the large adoption of PCs updating to Windows 10, the apps will come. And due to it being exactly the same OS on mobile devices (minus the desktop), whatever app is made for PC will automatically be available for our phones. In about a year, there will be about a billion people on W10. They would have to be complete morons to ignore that market. WP is dead. Long live W10.
  • One or two stupid banking apps will not "End" Windows phone. Microsoft and Nokia have been in the mobile device market long before Apple and Google got into the game. BofA is terrible, and everyone I know has either switched or is in the process of switcing to Wells Fargo or some other bank. Since 2011 Windows phone has grown and is now the 3rd Mobile ecosystem. Windows mobile market share is still growing and will reach 10% in the coming years. BofA states that there are not enough WP users to justify maintaning their banking App - BofA just sucks! I have both a BofA and a Wells Fargo account. I am closing my BofA account ASAP.
  • What's going on is it's time for MS to step up and make some comments of their own about this lingering app issue...
  • Rodney, you nailed it again.  Microsoft does not realize that their silence on so many Windows Phone issues speaks volumes.  I do not understand why they don't keep us better informed about things like this.  I'm not saying they need to make a general public statement, but tech-oriented people like us need to know whether MS has our backs.  We can be their best evangelists, but we have to have faith in something first. I'd like to see some solid roadmaps and timelines laid out for features.  I'd like to know how much MS has pumped into development incentives.  I'd like to know why they don't release an unlocked phone for use on both AT&T/T-Mobile networks AND Verizon.  I'd like to know how many people are actively working on new features for WP that we have been demanding forever, or just a statement that says "Hey, it will be fixed in W10. We've just been holding out for that." We don't get enough feedback.
  • More transparency is what we need! And no more excuses....
  • MS can't do anything. Is the apps devs themselves. If the device’s are not developing for WP because they feel the returns are too small, what can MS do about it? Nothing! WP is screwed from day 1. Coming to the 3rd iterations, WP still not picking up speed with the market shares. Is really sad.
  • Glad you're not in charge.......
    Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks... And, I'm not arguing with you... Sorry, I can't help you.
  • Thanks for your input as well. Not trying to argue here. But everyone is putting the blame on MS but there is a limit MS can do with the app gaps. If the devs are not making / spending their time with the platform, what can MS do? Offer more cash? Forever? Anyways, you have your opinions and I do respect that.
  • Q: Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, do you know why SaAppleDroid does so well❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
    So, that's something that MS hasn't tried yet... Now, we can't say that there's nothing they can do until they have tried EVERYTHING, which they haven't.... The blame still goes to MS. Sorry, dude.
  • MS can open their wallets and make sure All major banks are properly represented on their platform.
  • That's not going to effect the root cause.. That's just a temporary patch... We've seen the outcome of that already...
  • It's not just MS, it's RIM also. Part of the problem is that both BofA and Chase have opted to make deals with Apple and Google. Apple pay is an example and is being healvily promoted by both banks. Google of course has such huge marketshare that the banks need them. MS and RIM are considered small potatoes and not worth the effort. Between the two banks they are doing a disservice to many thousands of WP and Blackberry customers. In the end it will come back to bite them... 
  • I don't see how it can come back to bite them...
    Lets say that W10 makes WP very popular... What, are Those banks gonna really feel the pain buy a tiny number of current WP users not switching back, or not choosing them in the future❓ No, and that was the case it would be biting them right now, which it isn't.
  • I guess the world doesn't want us to use WP
  • Not the world, only those two banks in US.
  • Pin mobile site to start. Can't have that many less features.
  • It's a really good app that my dad uses EVERY day. He's not going to be happy. *sigh*
  • exactly.  and they have a mobile version of their site.
  • Many of the features are on the website, but, you lose features like deposit from mobile on most of the mobile sites.
  • How is MS supposed to sell devices like that❓
    We should be looking for a long term fix.. It's not about this app, it's about perception, and in the store the associate is going to recommend iDroid and say that WP only has pinnable WebPages.... Lol. That is kinda funny, though.. Lol.
  • You can't deposit checks to the mobile site like you can through the mobile app. That is a big feature.
  • It has zero features.  As in, it doesn't load in mobile IE, like so many, many, other sites.
  • And every small bank I've ever heard of. It's a debacle, that's for sure and certain.
  • Those two have the majority of checking accounts in the US. 
  • You can count my credit union as three... And, then add two thousand more when you count everyone else's... Lol.
    This isn't an isolated incident, and it's not a small problem...
  • 5% market share after 5 years❓.....
    I think his assessment was right...
    Nevertheless, I would say that the world doesn't know about WP, or doesn't understand the value of WP.... That's literally the case.
  • The world doesn't know about WP... Microsoft forgot to tell them about it.
  • I never do banking on phone.  I only do banking through bank websites on desktop or tablet.  It is understandable that few people actually use WP bank apps out of a small market share.  WP is doing OK outside of US, especially with those low end WP devices.  But I doubt few of those low end WP phone users outside of US are Chase or Bank of America customers.  May be the trend could be reversed when W10 becomes popular.  WP has to have appreciable market share in U.S. before large banks show interest in building WP apps.
  • Wells fargo is the way to go
  • Wells Fargo will be latter this week.... Then what❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • Lol❗❗❗❗ BIG FAT NO❗ ..... Try Blame MS Bank.
  • Get the fuck out of here. I WAS about to open up a business account with them, but now?.... Screw you too boa
  • This has to be in preparation for Win10.... Right?
  • ...
  • I sure hope so..
  • The Windows 8 app was updated yesterday, so there is a chance that they are preparing for Windows 10. Fingers crossed.
  • So was the mobile app. They changed the version number to update the description to say they're yanking the apps.
  • Could be, particularly since they haven't announced anything about there Windows 8.1 app. I'm sure more people used the phone app than the PC app.
    Who knows.
  • More like Apple Pay using up all their resources.
  • It's funny you bring up Apple Pay. I know a number of retailers that it has caused nothing but problems for them to implement into their Point Of Sales Systems.
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • nope aboslutely not ...   Blame MSFT for such horrible OS for phones. even developers hate to write apps ... so many constraints. android and IOS are fun to write apps on. therefore quality is better on other platforms. 
  • LOL... Do you have a source for that statement? Are you "all" the developers? Can you read minds?
  • well I'm developer too ... I develop for WP once a while ...But most of my android apps can't be re-written on WP due to lack of API support. I have been participating in WP uservoice ... go check out the list if you are developer too 
  • What APIs are you trying to access which is making the experience terrible for you and possibly other developers?
  • He didn't say all developers.  And he's right.  It is nearly impossible to write high-quality WP apps with any kind of advanced functionality.  The APIs are so restrictive that key operations just aren't there.  Even MS themselves can't write a decent app for their own platform. Look at Skype on WP and then look at it for Android or iOS. Or OneDrive. Or Lync. Or Office. Everything is better on other platforms because it is just too hard to make anything run right on WP.  Ask the guy trying to get VLC working on WP.
  • Complete BS. Even Apple developers admit that C# is much better than Objective C and Swift. And name ONE thing you cannot do with C# that you can do in the other APIs. I will name one thing that is miles better on C# than on any other platform: Asyncronous code with "async" and "await" -- I could name dozens of others, too.
  • C# is just a language ... we are talking limitationos of WP APIs such as access to wifi, bluetooth, start screen, screen on off etc etc ... its a long list when you need highest performance you have to go Objective c or c++ route. especially writing games. that's the reason MSFT has C++ in their .net family ... so there are lot of things C# or java cant do 
  • I don't think you actually understand how programming works. While I did (somewhat intentionally) muddle up the distinction between C# and the .net APIs, it's because C# is the best way to access those APIs. So, if there is an API, C# is the way to use it best. Your list of "things you cannot do" sounds more like "things you should not do and Microsoft prohibits you from doing" and not technical limitations or oversights. MS does not expose an API that lets an app hard reset a phone and destroy all data on it either, and for a good reason. I asked for one concrete example of something you can do (edit: actually have a good reason to do) on other platforms and cannot on WP. Turning the screen on or off, changing settings without the user's knowledge, etc. are NOT valid examples since there is a good and valid reason not to let an app do that. Also: While certain restrictions are in place for store apps, when talking about C# and .NET in general, you can access any native DLL and therefore any Windows API there is with very little code. As for performance, not only have real-world tests shown that CLR code is nearly as fast as native code for most tasks, smaller game engines like MonoGame/Unity use C# and .NET all the time. And having C++ in the .NET family means that C++ can comile to CLR code, so runs at the same speed as C# compiled into CLR code. It's there for the sake of those who prefer that syntax style, not performance reasons. Note that C++/CX is different, since it allows you (among other things) to write native code in C++ and interoperate with CLR languages much better than straight C#. My point satands.
  • TIL someone thinks objective-C is 'fun'
  • it is fun ... thats real programming. look at the quality of apps on IOS. if you don't like obj. C you can use swift
  • Swift is the name of the game now.  And no, it's not as easy to whip an app together on iOS as it is for WinRT.  But once you want to do anything even remotely fancy, you will find the tables completely reversed.
  • BS BS BS
  • I am a developer and I respectfully disagree
  • objective C is not for amature programmers for them there is swift now 
  • The OS is great MS just needs to get a new Flagship device out and start opening their walletts to makes sure the Major Apps and Bank stay on board or no one is going to buy WP.
  • Keep dreaming. Makes no sense to stop support for an existing app because of a possible app coming out months from now. Not saying they won't come out witn a W10 app, they very well might, But that has nothing to do with pulling this app from the store.
  • if use base grows from 3% to 15% they might :P 
  • @msftguy: from a developer.
    Saying that Object C is fun in comparison to .NET languages(C#/VB.NET) is like comparing a Trabant to C class Merc.
    Seriously, Obj C is complete joke!
    Reality is that iOS is popular so you have to use it. Sad but true.
  • I did not compare Object C with .net ... i was just saying its fun ... it depends on developer to developer. Some find java cool some find PHP 
  • #Wow. Please tell me people how you "support" a windows phone app in the store? As a developer, all I do is release apps and then if I dont want to, I dont have to ever update it, so why not just leave it their?
  • I would rather have an app that deals with my financial information get pulled than go unmaintained...
  • Point taken, why can't u leave it there than remove.
  • Security reasons.Banking apps need to be updated and maintained.
  • Hmm understandable. Thanks for making this clear to me.
  • Please be known that some banking apps directly interact with bank's finacial databases and servers, it's not just standalone app that can stay on users devices. Assume these apps are client or front end apps/tier in 3 or 4 tier architecture of a big fnancial application.
  • Makes since, that's pretty crazy.
  • The app likely works with server side APIs which will also be desupported.
  • But I've made web API based applications and I dont have to update or maintain it if I dont want to.
  • Unless you have worked in enterprise finance you won't know the maintenance cost of the web service endpoints they use for communicating and transferring data in mobile apps.  
  • unfortunately its not that easy as you are talking. if you have app that connects to DB, there are always changes to DB so app has to keep up with changes. so not updating doesnt work, with BOFA like apps there are changes, bugs etc. maintainance is high and as a manager why spend money for keeping 3% WP users happy ? 3% is total market share ... for usa must be 1.5% roughly move to android and be happy. even msft employees as a personal phone use Iphone ... dont trust me visit campus :P
  • You're not running a billion dollar banking back-end.
  • No im not, im just trying to understand and not be criticized for asking a logical question.
  • The reason they have to keep these apps up to date is that they are continually changing things on the server side, and if they didn't update the apps they would stop working.
  • That would make since. Thank you for an explanation.
  • Most likely because bank apps need to be constantly updated to remain secure. Something this sensitive could not be just left in the store to wither and die because it creates a vulnerablilty for them security wise.
  • Wells fargo
  • Security Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • smh sorry ass excuse for a bank lol... that's why with certain things I just stick with the mobile web.. can't be bothered for devs, companies or whatever to decide it's worth investing time to make and maintaining a decent app... even if you don't update it, once it works just leave it there... they must have an incentive to remove it..
  • Good luck doing that with Bank of America.  IE is such rubbish it can't render their mobile Web site's logon page.
  • You keep saying this, but you're full of crap. Mobile IE logs in just fine. Using icon with WP 8.1 DP.
  • Oh nice, name calling now, are we?  What do I "keep saying" that isn't true? If you can log in, that's great.  Please help me to do so.  I am going to "" and tapping the "Sign In" button at the top right.  All I get is a white page.  Do you get something different?
  • yeah... mobiel web doesn't help here... i use safe pass with BoA and that screen doesn't load... so basically the bank is saying they don't want me to access my account from my phone any more
  • Yeah.  Doesn't work. So now Windows Phone has literally no access to the nation's second largest bank.  Yay!
  • Are they getting rid of the Windows 8 / WinRT app as well? If not, this is probably a non-issue
  • To answer your question, yes, Bank of America does have a Windows 8 app.
  • Probably should have finished my though out more. The WIndows Phone app will be the Windows 8/10 app going forward because Windows Phone (silverlight apps) are dead.
  • It does answer the question, but in the wrong way.  Launch the W8 app and you'll see "Soon we'll stop supporting the app for this device.  But you can access mobile banking with us through your browser." So no, BoA is walking away from all things metro.  Clearly they were not impressed by the W10 reveal.
  • Ah that must be a new update in the description. I don't remember seeing that the other day. Either way, that does suck for us WP users. I don't use B of A but the trend is worrying nonetheless.
  • And that app is also being removed in March. BOA just bascially said screw windows
  • F 'em
  • Or you could point the finger at the one who is solely responsible for the success of the platform.
  • GDI, BoA... Guess ill just have to switch to Wells Fargo!
  • Inb4 the inevitable
  • Go credit union. They're not out gouge you.
  • Credit Unions have their own problems... I'm a member of one but it is only one of many banking institutions I use when I need.
  • Yes indeed, they usually don't support windows phone.
  • True that. But I like my 24/7 customer service instead of having to wait for Miriam at the CU to come back from visiting her grandchildren.
  • Yes, this!!! Lol
  • Yes, this!!! Lol
  • With a Windows Phone app? 
  • Isn't wells' app just a web wrapper?
  • Does mobile deposits (utilizes your phones camera)
  • Yes it is.
  • Wells Fargo always updates their app
  • Was just updated last month... Great support.... Love the check deposit option!!
  • WTF?
  • :| We have major apps problem, apps that are not updating and now new problem, apps that are dying! Nice
  • Wtf..... Just don't stop supporting the existed app... Though I rarely use it.
  • What the F.
  • What? Why? I use this app every day, religiously... What is going on with the ending of support for so ma y apps?
  • Go to your nearest branch and pull a Russell Crowe... Your phone won't break, I promise! O_o
  • Short story.... Low market share..
    ...... Which would've been higher, but MS failed at marketing WP...
    ...... This is why we should be asking MS why this is happening... We need to put the pressure on MS from now on..
  • They promoted Windows Phone heavily when it first started. If I recall correctly, they spent 500 million in marketing at launch. The commercials were everywhere. It didn't help, people just aren't going to choose Windows anything, espsically when there are other platforms available that are also higher quality. Windows Apps suck. Even Microsoft's own apps blow!
  • I'm sorry, but Windows apps don't suck. People love to generalize on this site.
  • Totally wrong... Commercials weren't ever everywhere, were never effective during that time, and have never aired long enough...
  • They definitely were not effective, but I remember them running all the time. Microsoft definitely had a big push for Windows Phone though and it did not help at all. Marketing wasn't really their problem. Having a locked down, half-baked platform that is just now starting to come together is the problem. OEMs are not interesting in Windows on their phones because it doesn't all them to differentiate. Consumers didn't want WIndows Phone because it was missing features and apps. Carriers did not want it because it didn't sell. Marketing isn't the problem with Windows Phone. The platform sucking for years is the problem.
  • No... WP7.5 was more than enough smartphone for the average consumer.. The average consumer never knew about it... Marketing is, and always has been, the issue with WP.. Poor awareness, and advertising... It doesn't matter how good, or bad, your product is if you're a good salesman, and Samsung, and Apple, are just good salespeople... I'm not saying that platform limitations didn't add to WP's issues, but they are definitely not the root cause for low market share.... No.... Marketing is, and until MS improves marketing for it's mobile OS market share will never rise considerably.
  • Marketing only gets you so far. You still have to have a good product if you want repeat buyers. Samsung was strong for a couple years because the GS2 and GS3 were noticeably better than the iPhone. During this time, Windows Phone wasn't even in the ball park in comparison. No amount of marketing would have worked since it couldn't go toe to toe with the competition. Being "good enough" doesn't cut it. Windows Phone need(ed)(s) to be amazing to go along with the marketing, especially since the competition was/is extremely strong.
  • "We're sorry for the inconvenience."... No you're not.
  • Let your voices be heard on this! Post an app review and let BoA know how you feel. This is not just about 1 app, but about supporting the entire app ecosystem!
  • I really hope this is in preparation to windows freaking 10 because this is coming really stupid. I freaking hate web apps. The freaking unusable.
  • I agree with everything your said. Though, I doubt it's in preparation for 10. In that case, you would just wait until you could publish so as not to break up support.
  • Way to early to be pulling apps when we're seven months out from ten.
  • Why end support about 10 months before W10?
  • Nice !!!!!
  • March... What's so special about and why march? Hmmm, could it be FOR TAX PURPOSES? these guys can choke on a donkey... >=[
  • Two Donkeys...each
  • Sob...I use BOA. I have no choice but to go Android now. Fucking fucks! What other banks support Windows phone? Rather not switch banks though.
  • Have to use an app? Can you stay with WP and just use the mobile website?
  • I could, but I hate to compromise on something I shouldn't have to just to justify staying with WP.
  • Changing phones for a bank app...magical. I don't know how we ever banked before apps. /s
  • Exactly.
  • Changing WP to iPhone or Android will definitely change my life. Using mobile site, clone apps and Apps with less functionalities make no sense to stay with WP. Can't wait until I get old and wait for WP to develop. I extremely hate my decision to have WP since it's lauch. Already invested in WP 7 and WP 8 and found nothing great about it. Salute to all WP users for their continues love for MS.
  • I'd like to echo what everyone else is saying.  You're not a very smart consumer by sticking with something you don't like.
  • Well, don't say you "have no choice" go to Android then. You choose to.
  • If you using Windows Phone was based on the Bank Of America app, you shouldn't have been using Windows Phone in the first place and your safest bet would be iOS since the app is that important to you. Usually, comments like yours are knee jerk reactions and not the entirety of the truth. If you use WP for unique features then you would be compromising on whatever you like about Windows Phone and you shouldn't have to. The power is yours! Choose what ecosystem you want to use based upon what suits your needs.
  • Yep.. ok.. then.. bye WP.. headed to an iPhone 6.  How many banking apps are being removed from *ndroid or IOS ?  NONE.  So much for competing.  FAIL MS.  This is how Blackberry ended up where it is today.
  • Just tried the mobile site...404 error on sign in. Great...
  • The website can not do deposits via the camera on the phone, Enough said on the Website..
  • For mobile Check desposits you have to use an app, The mobile site does not allow that function.
  • Wells Fargo.  I have Chase and don't use the app too often.  I can live the WebApp, I use the CapitalOne WebApps all the time with no issue.  They could be better, but they work.  I am not dropping Chase, but I plan on using other Credit Cards more often in protest.  Now, I use my Chase Visa as my primary card.
  • Don't worry they will announce they are discontinuing their soon enough...
  • Wow! I'd switch banks long before I'd consider switching to Android! Apple usually has all the bank apps too, so either of those should get you the apps you need.  
  • I switched banks and not my phone. Proud of it!
  • Wells Fargo is always updating their app
  • That's the reason why they stop supporting windows phone. Cause people like you switch to android and that's why there's not enough people on windows phone
  • Lol probably they are buying Apple shares.
  • Hue.
  • Hue.
  • Hue.
  • Hope somehow and soon somebody gets to the bottom of both these banks dropping support around the same time rather than just the bs reasons they've put out
  • You are kidding right? Seriously now this is personal. This is a problem for me. What is going on. Can we please have someone from MS comment on this? These are not insignificant app losses and can and will dramatically affect adoption or conversion. Something underlies these cannot be coincidental
  • Not just apps being pulled either. I have lots of broken apps that aren't being fixed. Soundhound, Urban Dictionary, CBS local and Week View with tiles that don't update...
  • Finally someone who gets it..
    This is exactly what I've said above..
    It's time for us to turn to MICROSOFT❗ It's their platform, we support them, and they owe us some kind of plan, or explanation... Some light at the end of the tunnel....
    We seriously have to pull our heads out of our asses, and start blaming MS, because they are the only one who can fix their platform.
  • MS can only do so much with marketing though. At the end of the day, it's up to app devs to make the decision to support WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, d#%n, I am tired of going through this with Microsoft.  If MSFT, doesn't really give a d#@n about it customers to take a stand for Windows Phone, then, I (and, many of you) am wasting time in a giving hard earned dollars to a failed business relationship.  The truth is, I have been an avid supporter of Windows Phone since 2011 with my Samsung Focus, to my Lumia 920, ending up to my Lumia 1520.  I have listened to promise after promise, and the hardware/software is nice, also, more power to those that are willing to stay with Windows Phone.  Unfortunately, I feel that this is a wake up call that Windows Phone is dying, and that the majority consensus from companies that produce apps are that producing their apps for Windows Phone is not worth the expenditure for profit returns, interest, and maintenence.  The other side of the issue is that besides its basic use, we use smartphones for ease of use and convenience, and the main aspect of convenience is the apps.  I have gone through defending Windows Phone, and promoting it, while at the same time we as Windows Users have sacrificed living through broken apps, apps that are delayed being updated, clone apps, lack of mainstream popular apps (besides the usual popular apps, like: Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, etc) like Game Of War - Fire Age, SiriusXM, Call Of Duty, Madden (yes, Madden), local major news apps, etc.  Unless Microsoft directly confronts this issue (besides promoting Windows 10 and possibly on Windows Phone), then, this is the result of a friendship between a customer and Microsoft that will end.  When my contract subsidy for my 1520 ends, I will go Apple.  I'm sorry, but I am tired of this charade (I am not Guy Kwasaki, and he has even left Apple for Google... go figure). Sincerely, with Love, Beaten Up Windows Phone Fan.
  • #abandonship #downinflames #hatersgonnahate
  • An album, a song, and an internet phrase
  • Excellent news. Less banks better life.
  • Shoot, I just deposited a couple of checks with the app this past weekend. Love that convenience.
  • Not necessarily bad news. You know if the app can be replaced by a webapp (like my bank for example) it's no big deal. It's not like banking apps are usually the ones who take advantage of the echosystem the most anyway is it?
  • Webapp is not going to be depositing my checks is it?
  • I don't know the app itself might I add but I thought that if the bank said to use the webapp it would have the same features (hence the "not necessarily bad news"). But if that's not the case, then yes it sucks.
  • Lol. You couldn't do the deposit check thing. There is no coding that could handle taking a photo and uploading it like that. On top of that it's way too insecure.
  • Well like I said I didn't know you could do that on the app as I don't know the app itself. That being said you can take a picture with HTML5. Using it through HTTPS should make is as secure as anything else.
  • But WP doesn't support taking a pic through the browser to begin with. Plus, as far as I know, the Camera still saves pictures to the Camera Roll. (Which is why even the Chase app didn't support check "scanning" in the first place in an app from what I could gather when researching the app when I was contemplating switching banks a few months ago.)
  • Lol. You couldn't be more wrong.
  • Nope, just tried it out, and NO CHECK DEPOSIT AVAILABLE in the web app.
  • Then yes it's a shame. I have to admit I don't understand all these companies getting rid of Windows after the annoucement of Windows 10. I thought it would be the other way around.
  • the mobile web app only loads 30% of the time on my Lumia 635 ... i have a decision to make ... to ditch windows phone ... to ditch bank of america ...    since i can get office 365,, and any banking app i need on android it may be time to leave windows phone :(
  • This could be the last straw for me
  • Amen
  • I know. Time to find a better bank!
  • What if this becomes a trend:(
  • Come on NIST.. Use your brain... It's time to start putting pressure on Microsoft..
    You're the smartest person in here.. I expect more from you.
  • BOA sucks any way!
  • I hate to agree on this but, it is too much hassle to switch banks. I think the forum should create a hashtag to get some buzz/press/pressure on msft. You know how hard it was to get family and friends on to WP.... Now losing apps you actually need is scary
  • For me too.  I've been unhappy with Bank of America for a while, this will get me to switch.
  • Hoping both Chase and BoA are removing them in preparation for something new when Windows 10 arrives. Wonder if Apple pays both of them to maintain their apps for Apple....
  • "Wonder is Apple pays both of them to maintain their apps for Apple"? You're kidding, right? If they didn't have apps for iOS and Android, they'd be dead.
  • Why would they, everyone uses the website on the computer. There is no point in having an app that a relatively small number of windows phone's 3% market share uses. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This is disheartening...
  • Tell MS that.
  • You got to be kidding me I use this daily
  • I'm curious, why would you need to use a bank app daily?
  • Not weird. I use my bank app *almost every day. I don't keep large amounts of money in my checking accounts and I have multiple accounts and an app is a fast and easy way to deposit checks, transfer funds, balance your accounts, and I do a lot of international business. It's more convenient than accessing the website. I know many small business owners that would definitely switch platorms for a banking app. My uncle owns a construction business and considering the amount of checks he gets daily I would bet he would drop his iPhone in a heart beat if his banking app was pulled. I have four friends that run a food truck. They only have two trucks but mobile banking is essential to their business. 
  • Windows Phone is slowing dying on it's arse and the news about apple's profits adds salt to the wounds.
  • Yeah no sh#t
  • Yeah, the advantages of innovating early with a good product is paying off for them.  80,000,000,000 in 1 dang quarter puts everyone on its be-hind.  I read that Samsung had the greatest number of switchers and I'm sure Windows Phone lost a bunch too.  Would be interesting to know how many just got the phone because it is a larger IPhone but didn't necessarily switch. Like Daniel Rubino.
  • The fact is that Apple makes great phones. No two ways about it. I'm sure many users only stayed away because they wanted a bigger phone, and now Apple offers that.
  • The two people I know who upgraded iPhone immediately went back to android. The other cracked his screen really quickly and can't wait to get an affordable android or windows phone.
  • Dang.... This ain't good... Wells Fargo better not follow this trend... I'm going to be P I s s ed
  • u mean WellsFargo's web app? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It has mobile deposits so it's more than a web wrapper...
  • The Wells Fargo one is a web wrapper not a real app...
  • Wow...
  • Annnnndddd im gone!
  • Just like that.... Bummer
  • More like Skank of America.
  • The ball is in your court Microsoft.
  • Thank you❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Enough. Microsoft , Make Android Apps Support For The Windows Platform !!
  • That's a sure way to get your banking info hacked.
  • Lol❗❗ That's hilarious.
  • Sure way? How many of the billion+ Android users have had their bank information spoken because of insecurities in Android?
  • So if you left chase to go to bofA where you going now? Lol just going to keep switching?
  • Sticking with USAA.
  • Agree
  • Ally Bank
  • This is rediculous.
  • As marketing for WP has been ridiculous...
    Cause, and effect....
    And, Microsoft is to blame.
  • I have to agree sir, I never see any ads about the windows phone, superbowl should be a good place to start
  • Unfortunately MS doesn't have very much to show this year... But, they could hype up what they have.. Between the look of WP8.1, and WP10, there's very little difference... The average consumer doesn't know version numbers... MS will most likely have a general Windows related ad hopefully telling people that Windows has been there since they were born, and will always be there.. They really need something with emotion, like Apple, Samsung, and Google will do... Nevertheless, this is what we need to see ALL YEAR LONG, for years to come,, not just during the superbowl... That's been the problem with WP marketing.. It's just hear, and there, never consistently steady..
  • I never understood their marketing strategy. Which is pretty much non existent and only left up the carriers.
  • Exactly! Have you seen those Google, Android, specific ads just for the OS❓
    Why can't MS do that? Why can't they do something❓ lol.
  • If you already had the app, why pull it off the store? That's pretty stupid.
    Thankfully I live in Brazil and WP is kicking iOS ass in here.
  • Mayebe because an app handling sensitive information needs a continuous manteinance and updating?...
  • I have 2 bank apps on my phone. I haven't seen any update about 8 months. It's not really that hard. 1 or 2 updates per year.
  • Manteinance and updates are not only on the front end (your app) but also, and more, on the back end (Servers, Database etc.).
  • Because people in Brazil can't afford iPhones?
  • And this goes on and on...
    I'm afraid that Windows on phones is a sinking ship.... WP 8/8.1 came late, and probably W10 will be to late I'm afraid...
    I hope I'm wrong though...
  • Things just keep getting worse.... 
  • Youch... I hope this doesn't happen with UK banks. Feel sorry for you US people! The only thing I can think is maybe its so they can focus on readying the Windows 8.1 Bank app to convert it to a universal app when Windows 10 comes out? Well I'd hope so anyway...
  • How many of you people went to BofA after Chase pulled their app last week? Don't run to Wells Fargo either, same thing will happen.  Cost of maintaing mobile bank apps is huge, and in US (these are all US banks) there are just not users. Win 10 not coming til high end phones til at least then.  Not going to get any market movmenet.  
  • That sum's it up quite well. The US is really problematic for WinPhone ATM. While things look a little brighter here in Europe (Germany) it's not fantastic either. I hope they really work hard behind the scenes regarding Win10.
  • Have to watch how taking the Nokia name of the hardware impacts EU marketshare for sure as well. 
  • Don't think it's much of a problem. Lumia 630 was going very strong here in Germany because of long and heavy commercials from MS in TV. While it has still a Nokia logo in front it was clearly advertized as Microsoft. Nokia also has a mixed image here in Germany, on factor being because they closed a factory after subsidies run dry. Anyway i think it's more releated to the fact that in Europe, many people by the phone out of pocket so avordable devices are much mor immportant than elewhere. We have one of the lowest Apple rates over the world (less than 25%).
  • I don't get it, it doesn't cost them money for having the app available.
  • No? Maintenance is free? Staff are free? Providing financial services require active control and maintenance.
  • No support for my favorite platform? No support to your bank mu'fuckas!
  • And, you'll keep saying that until you curse the right company..... Root cause, dude.
  • Just use the website..... No big deal if there is no dedicated app. When W10 is a success, they, and other 'retiree' companies, will no doubt republish an app. It's all about profit to them. Save your serious banking for PC or laptop....
  • All Microsoft employees should switch banks, take tonne of money off these banks. I'd do it, if I worked for MS. Heck, I switched banks to have a WP bank app on my phone.
  • Unless you use mobile deposit, which is really the ONLY reason I need a bank's app.  Thankfully, USAA cares about its customers.
  • First, I don't understand why they actually pull an app? If you don't want to support the platform, just stop updating the app but keep it on the Store. Secondly, I am not an American nor I live there, but I can understand importance of the app for those who use it. I think, MS should intervene here and resolve such issues. The trend appears to be started and I hate to see more apps moving away from WP platform. Sad.
  • I'm usually not into conspiracy theories but this is fishy. Not just with banking apps but with everything... Everyone seems to be trying to schmooze Microsoft for cash in exchange for supporting the platform... :)
  • I too sometimes think about that. SnapChat for example, may be they are looking for some kind of deals to be offered from MS and that's why they forced MS to pull 6snap ;-) Many do think that an official app of DropBox was pushed to store only after Microsoft partnered with theory is not entirely incorrect and something is fishy :-P
  • I also think there is some strong arming from Apple to fully support Apple Pay and dumping Windows Phone is an easy show of loyalty.   
  • What is fishy? It is just a basic market rule: if you have a product in great demand distributors rush to your door to have it, if not you have to be the one going around and trying to push it on stores shelves.
  • Honestly I don't effing care, these are banking apps. It is true that user mass is slightly low on Windows Phone. But that doesn't mean platform is not doing well. Microsoft is really making all those needed changes in 10. Windows 10 is their way of coming back. After it comes, we'll definitely see new apps and new devs supporting the platform.
  • Like we didn't hear that before when waiting for WP8.
  • I can see what you feel. In a way you're true. We had the same thing that with Windows Phone 8 it will be all good and platform will rise etc etc. But we didn't had any info back while reading rumours. But now we know what's coming. We can be a part of it and make a change if we don't like it. So in a way I really think that things are looking up.
  • Dude..... Are you new here❓lol. Just joking.
    It doesn't matter how good W10 is if Microsoft drops the ball on marketing, AGAIN❗
    You'd better start talking about how MS needs to tighten up their game.. That's the only thing that can help now.
  • Bro... It is true what you say. I am not disagreeing with you. What I mean to say is Microsoft is delivering with Windows 10 is far more better than what they came up with 8 and even 8.1 in cases. Universal app is a great idea. But yes as you've said. Marketing should be done perfectly. As they've always failed there.
  • Oh, yeah, man... I agree that W10 is a much more promising platform than ever before.. I have a lot of faith as well that it will go much further than W8....
    Now, we must never let our guard down, and keep the pressure on MS to do better... Right now is the time to sort of forget about W10, and ask Microsoft "hey❗ what's going on❓"""
    We have to put this on MS❗
  • Wow, that's rough! We in Croatia just managed to bully almost all of our banks into supporting Windows Phone! Only one major bank still resisting... I seriously hope things will pick up after Windows 10 official release because I fear for the future of Windows Phone if not. We can be enthusiasts and all, fanboys and fangirls, but if there's no support for the platform we're better off with a feature phone... :/ Or another OS, sadly.
  • You need to hold a class in the forums on how to get these companies to show support.
  • Unfortunate for BofA users and the platform alike, but I ended my support of BofA a couple years ago after they sold my mortgage and took away my preferred member status and related privileges.
  • Pretty much same thing here. Ended our BOA releationship around 2009 after we got a letter saying our mortgage was sold to some other company. Oh well, I have never looked back and will never you BOA again. Our main bank is USAA and I don't even use their WP app. I am still holding out hope for Win10 universal apps and that WP support is ending because technically, Windows Phone 8.1 is ending as Windows 10 signals the end of Windows Phone and the beginning of a new OS. If we were all already on Windows 10 for phones, and the same announcement was made, that WP 8.1 app would not be supported, most of us would feel differently just like WP 7.8 app support falling off. Let's see what becomes of this. Funny thing is, users don't ask Apple or Google what happens when apps drop from their stores but the expectation is to go to Microsoft.
  • Man, that "ios first, android first, Windows whenever" strategy just goes from strength to strength..... /s
  • Check out the Wells Fargo app comment section.  It looks like they have pulled support for WP as well.
  • Those are all issues from last summer...
  • Wells Fargo only has a web wrapper, not a true app.
  • Wow. This is huge!! Man oh man. Suck.
  • Are you serious!!! This is bs!
  • And yet my small, west coast only credit union has a windows phone app that's successful and thriving
  • What CU do you use?
  • I have First tech federal credit union
  • I left B of A a few years ago for a local credit union. Excellent service. They don't have a WP app, but they have a very good mobile website, so I'm fine with it (plus they have an office just a mile from my house so depositing checks is a non-issue for me as far as apps go). I'd encourage anyone that can to go with a local credit union as well.
  • Cowardice. If you must pull the app then pull it but at least have the balls to say why. This I'm pulling it and FUCK YOU why I'm doing it is pure cowardice. These people have accounts after all.
  • O, please. I have a Surface 2. MS doesn't care less. MS is ditching Surface RT, BoA is ditching Windows Phone. So what's new?
  • And don't forget about bringing features to other platforms before theirs ;)
  • I think they care when mainstream apps leave their phone market.but what does that have to do with the decision to stop production of the RT?  They have no control over BoA.
  • I hope Wells Fargo doesn't follow suite. :C
  • Hope this doesn't become a trend.These are big companies leaving WP :/
  • It's been a trend since 6.5
  • Been using sense Windows Mobile.These apps didn't even exist then,but major apps leaving is not a good sign.I use the Chase app to keep track of my balance on a daily bases.
  • The reason why I say 6.5 is that when 6.5 was still around developers paid iOS more attention the first year it was on the market....
    Unlike Microsoft, Apple knows how to build hype around great products...
    I absolutely love MS's products but I hate that they are terrible salesmen, and saleswomen....
    The MSB.. SMDH... Another product that Apple will kill MS on, and this time MS was first to market, so they can't use that late excuse... Pathetic.
  • Fuck this shit!
  • Lol! That's the attitude.
  • Is ally bank the only big one left?  We should all switch to them to show our support for their support of WP so hopefully they won't be the next one's to drop support.
  • I don't really use the app much and I can live with the mobile website, but this is a pretty big deal. I know former a former WP user that left pretty much because his (smaller) bank did not have a WP app.
  • I'm almost sure that Apple is contributing with this... WAKE-UP Microsoft.....
  • +720
    Fuck Apple
  • Similis cum similibus...
  • Damn! Chill out, dude..... Lol.
  • No, Apple did NOT do this. Apple doesn't have to.
  • Market share did this.Love WP OS,but without apps to run on it what's the point.
  • For God's sake, don't be blinded by hatred. I like Microsoft but if you look widely you'll know why they are losing developers... And it's because developers think there are no enough users on this platform or they want MS to pay them to support the platform OR THEY ARE PREPARING FOR W10 (which is highly unlikely) lol
  • This news hits hard.
  • But, our only hope is that it will hit Microsoft hard, and they will finally start doing what it takes to make sure WP is successful...
    That's all we got❗❗❗
  • This is total BS!!!! I can't believe these Banks!! They are making millions if not billions but they can't support the little guy because it's not cost effective to do so. How much are they actually "losing" to continue to support WP? Can't come off a few dollars just to include the little guy, the customer. Just another case of "who cares about the little guy"!!! SMH!!!!
  • I hope this is in preparation of a win 10 universal app or this might be a problem.
  • Another bank shutting down Windows. You can blame the wireless carriers for pushing iPhone & Android instead of a far superior operating system. Microsoft needs to buy t-mobile or something. Windows 10 will be a game changer!
  • Game changer as Mango? As WP 8, or WP 8.1? I'm a fan of WP since its launch and my morale is low.
  • Windows 10 will be the same look & feel on all devices. One app, multiple devices. IMHO people will natural migrate to a phone that matches their computer or tablet at home. The iPad & iPhone cult will blindly follow their one-click devices regardless. Most the people I know with Apple or Android phones still use MS at home. This is the new market.
  • To be fair, those other updates were adding features that previously existed in other smartphones. Win10 is advancing the game with innovation...changing changer.
  • Wtf is happening...?
    Deja vu all over...
    I hope NatWest doesn't pull their app as well....
  • You guys really think this is for Windows 10? They would have told us.. They are ending support. They don't care.
  • They support their app as much as they support their customers...
  • I doubt they would pull the app, risk losing customers and alienating themselves if they had plans for a W10 universal app.  I think they're done with WP.
  • First Chase, now BoA - right on cue - and on the aftermath of the generally enthusiast press response to the Microsoft January event and plans for Windows 10! This is very fishy...! Might MS competitors be lobbiyng (Apple / Google) behind the scenes?! Google certainly wants Microsoft demise - loud and clear - and will do everything to get it! After all, these apps have been around for ages, and the WP scenario is not THAT worse then it was before..
  • Don't know if I can wait until 10 to find out if they will support it. Maybe time to sell this puppy and jump ship.
  • Who cares, it's US only. (haha)
  • r u freaking kidding.......all this time i been in high support and usage of this app, now it goingbtonb removed! if that the case, i will see wellsfargo and other banks doing the same. i thought bank of america app would b safe in the market. smh... this is now giving me a reason to just start getting ready to see other apps being removed too,,like the lack of support for snapshot. i think im going to reconsider upgrading to a samsung note 4.....
  • Microsoft needs to step in and talk these banks directly and convince them to support the platform.
  • Yep + Saudi Arabia
  • Another one bites the dust