The U-Stream viewer has been out since the launch of Windows Phone, so nothing new there. But version 1.1 just hit and it looks to be quite the overhaul. For one, it works much better now. They've also look to have re-done much of the UI, making it easier to read, search and find new streams. Searching seems better, but we're not sure if it still finds everything.

What's really kind of neat though is if you have a (free) account, you can of course subscribe to your favorite shows or upcoming events. But the program goes one step further now with push notifications to let you know when your "event" is about to start--that's a nice addition. Though we haven't tried it, we imagine it's a Live Tile too with a counter.

Video quality is "ok"--hardly HD even over WiFi but it gets the job done and the app is still a big sluggish here and there (pauses between actions) , so we still see some need for improvement, but it's a big step in the right direction.

Anyways, grab it here in the Marketplace if interested. Thanks, Tahiti Bob, for letting us know