Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone gets spied in official video

Verizon's 4G logo spotted

Blink and you'll miss it. That's what we can tell you if you watch HTC's official video on designing the HTC 8X but if you look closely at the 0:56 mark, you'll clearly see a red Verizon 8X back cover with the Verizon logo and '4G' stamped on the back.


Of course, it's well known that Verizon will be picking up the HTC 8X as even HTC's press release mentions the company. And with today's roadmap all but confirming it, it's not really news per se. But for Verizon fans who have been eagerly waiting for some new hardware, we're going to bet they'll enjoy seeing that above image.

Thanks, Jesse B. for the catch!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Wow I've watched this video 3 times and I never caught that.
  • We've also had this pic for a while now:
  • You see it while the camara is strafing across the table with the phones on it.
  • LOL I find interesting that you used the term "strafing." You either play video games, fly combat aircraft, or have an interest in both, right?
  • I have seen it twice, still missed that. But i DID see a purple one sporting the verizon logo. So it's def coming to Verizon.
  • Same
  • Sweet. Now all they need to do is confirm that they are in fact picking up the 8X/S and Nokia's 920 and so forth.
  • All I know is...the Red 8X better NOT be a Verizon exclusive...I'd be sooooooooo mad...
  • Pretty positive it's not. HTC was adamant that the "red" doesn't signify anything regarding carriers.
  • you can also catch it at the 1:58 mark...on the right side of the screen. ;-)
  • You're right it's pretty clear there.
  • For some reason I can't see Nokia not putting out a follow-up to the 920 to differentiate it on AT&T. Especially if the HTC 8X takes off.
  • Now I'm gonna watch every video in slow mo, you never know what you'll find.
  • Good Find!  Leaving Sprint and need to decide AT&T or Verizon and 8x or 920. Decisions, decisions!
  • Well at least the first and most important part of your decision is already made: Leaving Sprint.
  • haha, I am with this guy...leaving sprint. I will only miss by bill and unlimited data
  • Well a low bill and unlimited data are things that you just don't brush off lightly, but if the data service/speed sucks and your new bill won't increase too much, then by all means stick it to Dan Hesse and tell him to take a hike!
  • T-mobile has an even lower bill and unlimited data.
  • maybe sprint will get the Zenith hahahhah
  • It's. Was on the California Blue to!
  • I know there's not much detail on LTE bands for this phone, but it being official on Rogers and spied for Verizon means that there will be multiple LTE versions created.  If Nokia goes exclusive to AT&T it's not a big deal for me in Canada as all the carriers use AT&T's bands. It will get picked up by at least one carrier here, but it's a indication that HTC will have the upper hand to Nokia on hitting more potential subscribers.
    Last time around Nokia beat out HTC on price (and arguably design) but this time around, they might be in tough with HTC for mindshare on WP8.  They can't afford to stumble out of the gate if people warm to the idea of Windows Phone.
  • You know I love the HTC its a great looking phone. And I love the design I want one but I think I will still go for Nokia and I hope HTC do well because there new phones look so good. If I could buy two phones and afford it I would by the x8 and the 920
  • Sprint you are just pitiful. So glad I left that bandwagon
  • Yes I agree sprint lost me when the 710 came out and I have only had more reason to be happy about that decision.
  • Also at the 1:58 mark there is a blue version with the Verizon Logo. Interestingly enough the Beats Audio logo seems to be in a different place for the Verizion version.
  • Wow....
  • I think I'm going with HTC this time... Specwise I like the 920 better, but it's too heavy and too thick... I will decide depending on availability of Nokia apps with HTC, specially Nokia Drive
  • I have a question about WP8 maps. Since I made up my mind already about getting this phone. Will HTC use Nokia Maps (which in my opinion shits on Google and Apple(lol)), or what Maps will it use? Thanks guys. Btw, went to go pay my AT&T bill, saw the iP5 in person, and I was not impressed. Apple knows how to hype up a device that doesn't offer much. I can't wait when this drops!
  • wp8 is going to be based on nokia's ovi maps, so it seems like it will still be called "maps" but the back end is powered by nokia's mapping software. 
    nokia drive is still somewhat of an unknown as to whether it's coming to other devices or not.
  • Thanks! Can't W8 to get my hands on this beauty.
  • Now if we can get a image with a Verizon logo on a Nokia 920, i will sleep better at night :(
  • Personally, I think a Verizon logo on the case of a Lumia would sully the look of the Lumia. 
    I get great service from both AT&T and Verizon, and if the Lumia 920 comes to both carriers, I will chose the carrier that doesn't put their brand on the Lumia case.
  • Well you're out of luck because they all do it.
  • I didn't see the AT&T logo on the back of the Lumia 900 shell, so I hope that AT&T doesn't sully the Lumia 920 with their logo on back of that shell either.
    If push comes to shove, I will simply purchase the device unlocked.
  • Its not on the shell but it is on the front to the right of the speaker grill on the glass.
  • I don't know why some people are surprised by this. Joe Belfiore mentioned o Twitter that this phone would go to Verizon on the day they announced it.

  • No one is saying this is "new" that Verizon is getting it, just that this is the first time it's been seen in the video Not everyone reads Twitter Not everyone reads every bit of Windows Phone news
  • Yea you're right. Not everyone is obsessed with this sh*t as much as me. :/ lol
  • i wish verizon's new lte ridden logo wasn't so obnoxious.
  • No kidding.
  • I hope since this is going to be a CDMA device that it is coming to Sprint since they decided to "wait" for WP8. WP8 has a lot of potential and they made a bad decision to wait. I refuse to get android or iPhone. Good thing my contract doesnt renew until spring break.
  • Only advice I can give you is dont hold your breath...
  • ^^THIS^^
    If I was a Sprint customer that didn't want to screw up a good monthly plan by switching carriers I would just get an iPhone and then sell it when Sprint finally gets their heads out of their asses and release a WP8 next year. Now, if Sprint has nothing at the end of 2013, that would REALLY suck.
  • If memory serves me correct I heard they were done with WP for the time being because they are putting as much as they can behind there iPhone.
  • more like they don't have any more money to spend on other stuff since they had to pay so much for the iphone
  • That's exactly what it is.
  • Although we already pretty much know the phone is coming to Verizon, I wouldn't read too much into the appearance of the Verizon logo on the back plates. If you notice, there is a large sample of back plates with and without various logos, and logos in different colors. This looks to be more of color matching and logo size testing. The video also shows back plates in colors that the phones will not have.
  • I love the look of this phone and the weight.  I would not hesitate to buy this over Nokia except of the poor customer service I had with my HTC Surround.  The button became disengaged and I was told it would cost at least $100 when it was their defect.  I have been impressed with Nokia when they gave me a $100 off when they had issues with the software. Sometimes customer service makes a difference.
  • You might want to give HTC another chance based on the premise that they have the need now more than ever to retain/delight WP customers because HTC is not making any money out of Android. Plus, there appears to be a better relationship between HTC and Microsoft now compared to two years ago.
  • HTC One series had chipping issuses and they took them back with no problem
  • It are actually really cool devices
  • 8X is really hot!!!