Verizon XV6800 Kinda Sorta Released

Somebody needs to tell Verizon what the proper way to launch a product is. Seems like they've duffed everything but the Q9M lately. The Samsung SCH-i760 was kinda sorta released, kinda pulled (not really), and finally released. Finally and worst of all, it seems that folks were fairly disappointed with it.

Looks like we have the same situation with the delayed (and still ugly in name and looks as we remember) Verizon XV6800. Engadget is reporting that some folks at HoFo have managed to purchase it over for the phone for $249.99 after rebates.

I'm waiting to see if the XV6800 will have GPS enabled, because then it would actually be better than its Sprint-based cousin, the Mogul. That is, until the Mogul's new ROM is released next year.

Read: Verizon's XV6800 in the wild, finally available to order - Engadget

WC Staff