GPS On the Mogul Coming: CONFIRMED

Listen up, Mogul owners: we have some happy news to report, following up on some previous noodling and speculation about GPS on the Mogul. Sprint has posted an official statement about their ROM hijinks:

The Bad News:

So the last ROM update for the Sprint Mogul didn't go so hot - Sprint is currently suggesting you downgrade to deal with some nagging bluetooth issues - the very issues the upgrade was supposed to help with.

The Good News:

They intend to make a fix available by the end of the month.

The Awesome News:

Additionally, HTC is currently developing a separate ROM update which enables the EV-DO Rev. A and GPS capabilities that are already built into the Mogul hardware.  Sprint and HTC plan to make this software ROM available in early 1Q 2008. We would also like to extend our thanks to those customers that have taken the time to identify and report these issues to us.

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Thanks to Doc31 and TC99 for the tip! Looks like Malatesta was right, Sprint is indeed turning on GPS for WM devices!

WC Staff