Fans of the Viber messaging service have some good news and bad news on the Windows side. The good news is that it will be adding end-to-end encryption to many of its messaging apps, including its Windows desktop and the upcoming Windows 10 app. However, that support is not coming to the current Windows Phone version.


In a blog post, Viber stated:

Today we're excited to announce that our users will be able to securely communicate across all of their devices through end-to-end encryption. We have been working on this for a long time and are proud that our users can confidently use Viber without fear of their messages being intercepted - whether it is in a one-to-one or group message, on a call, on desktop, mobile or tablet.

However, that's not completely true. An FAQ page on the new end-to-end encryption feature states:

Note that Viber for Windows Phone 8 will not support the new security features. It will continue to secure calls and messages through standard encryption methods.

In addition, the Viber app for Windows 8 tablets and PCs will no longer be supported at all. Viber just started closed beta testing on the upcoming Windows 10 universal app for PCs and smartphones a few days ago.

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