Viber announces HD voice-support exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Viber with voice support coming to Nokia Lumia phones

This morning, Viber, the company behind the popular and free VOIP communication software announced the soon-to-be available Viber app for Windows Phone, adding to Viber Messenger. The new version of the app, developed with assistance from Nokia themselves, now supports HD voice calls, bringing the app up to full Viber standards.

Viber has had a long route to get to Windows Phone, especially since their service required deeper integration with the OS, which was not available for early iterations of the software. Now, in conjunction with Nokia, the new Viber app has full voice-over-IP protocol support, allowing users to make and receive free calls over their data connection. In addition, users can of course continue to use the free messenger aspect of the app.

The new Viber, co-developed with Nokia

From the press release:

“Viber is also releasing a completely new version for Nokia Lumia phones running the Windows Phone 7 platform. Viber now offers Nokia Windows Phone 7 users free HD-quality phone calls and group messaging in addition to free text and photo messages. This version was developed in partnership with Nokia and is currently available exclusively on Nokia Lumia phones.”

Unfortunately for regular Windows Phone users, they won’t be able to use Viber with voice as it is evidently exclusive to Nokia Lumia phones. That means the app will only be found in the Nokia Collection for the foreseeable future, although we’re told the app had been tested to work on all Windows Phones.

With over 100 million users, having a fully-functional Viber app for Windows Phone (or at least a subset), should do a lot to boost the platform.

The Viber app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones should be arriving on the Marketplace within in the next day or so—depending on how fast Microsoft and push it out. We’ll of course do a follow up post when the app is finally available to download.

Source: Viber

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is not fair. An application must be available for the entire OS not for particular brand. Viber should review their decision. Unfair :(
  • Switch to Lumia :)
  • Lolz :)
    Not possible for ne... Nokia Lumia 800 is around 150 dollars more expensive than my HTC RADAR :(
  • Well with the money you would saved using viber, sounds like a deal
  • so y not go for nokia lumia 710 better specs and same or less price?
  • @ sydhasanzaidi Crazy idea, but please listen to my words: What if I told you it's not Viber's decision? Nor Nokia's...
  • Agreed... But decision like this one will discourage other manufacturers....
    Microsoft can't only rely on NOKIA
  • It certainly is an interesting strategy. As far as not relying just on Nokia, actually, I'm not too may be their only way at this point.
  • There strategy should be of DIVERSIFYING...coz after launch of WP8...their real competition starts... :)
  • This apps has to come to wp7/8 asap and this devs are dragging their asses off... Nokia recognizes that order for WP and Nokia to succeed they need to have all the apps that majority of the people in the world uses...only Nokia cares about this.. MSFT can't do everything, oem has to step up too... Samsung don't give a shit,HTC don't give a crap...only Nokia!!!! And please look at the big picture we are not only talking about USA here this is use to be the no.1 mobile maker for years... They what it takes and sure they have to be rewarded... SWITCH
  • Can you please tell me when is the viber talk coming ???? any forseable date? or this all disussion is just a discussion??
  • I like what Nokia are doing, but WP shouldn't be heading towards one OEM. I certainly don't want the dog's breakfast of Android, but I also don't want the "you have one choice and you WILL like it" IOS system. MS should support a few OEM's at the same level, and let them squabble over adding features to differentiate and gain marketshare... Afterall it will be the consumer who wins
  • You mean like Android?
  • "a few" not "every man and his dog" :P
  • Yeah. They should have differentiated themselves with hardware and marketing, promoting etc. But they failed to do so. They gave all the old hardware to WP. That's why MS approached Nokia. Where have you been?
  • Options...we need options.  Wait...Nokia gives us options? 920, 900, 820, 800, 710, 610...
    Yea...I'd say they give us options.  I have carried a Samsung device in my pocket for the last 5 years...but their heart is clearly with another man.  My next device will be a Nokia.
  • So it's Microsoft's?
  • Once again Nokia plays the sugardaddy for these dev sluts who just want pay for play.  Viber was well on track to bring this to all Windows Phones but then they figured out they could get some pay for play and started whining about api limitations and other BS.  I knew the fix was in when they updated the app to "Viber Messenger"
  • Well, there are comments at The Verge, seemingly by someone at Viber, that states that it was Nokia's engineers that made it possible for the HD and other parts of Viber, to be able to work with WP.  As a result, Microsoft gave credit where credit was due:  Nokia exclusivity.
    Perhaps if the 'geniuses' at HTC and Samsung had done this, then they would have had some exclusivity.
    If people are going to blame Nokia, they should blame Nokia for being savvy, with brilliant engineers, and valuable IP :)
  • pft, doesn't hold water.  Tango figured out video and voice just fine without anyone's help.  Sounds like Viber's 'engineers' just suck.
    if this is a native code app that can hang around in the background always on the ready I'll give Nokia credit, since ODMs are the only ones that can ask for and get native code access.  But if that's the case Microsoft needs to make that clear that is what happened so other developers and OEMs can pair up to make awesome apps for WP7.
  • FYI: It's Microsoft dictating the exclusivity, not Nokia. Nokia just helped make the app presumably really good, as all of Nokia's apps are very fluid, fast and have excellent Metro UIs. Viber is just happy to have the app and the service. They're not part of the "exclusive" discussion though, so not their fault.
  • Hi,
    I am with Viber Media. Tango, Skype and Viber have the same requirements here - native code access, or what Microsoft calls a "Hybrid SDK". Tango got their from Microsoft, we got our from Nokia. As a result we can only run on Nokia devices. 
    At the end of the day, this is a Microsoft decision. On our end, we tested the app on HTC and Smasung devices running WP7 and it runs fine. Nokia is cool with this running on other WP devices. I think (my interpretation) that Nokia wants to see an echo system, not a "Nokia only" OS. 
    Thanks for reading.
  • People, this is how Nokia differentiates themselvs from other manufactures.  They are in it to win it.   I can understand if they co-develop an application, that they don't want others to profit from their work.
    Nokia was probably strong armed by Microsoft just for them to release Nokia Maps on all HTC/Samsung devices.  I think Nokia probably got their way with this one.
  • Its "unfair" that you'd be supporting an OEM that doesn't support the OS. Im guessing you had no plans to get lumia.
  • So what's Sammy and Htc doing? Those two Oems have stronger financial muscles to support the platform, especially Samsung with all the windfall from their Galaxy line could have also thrown some few thousands for the development of Instagram and Pandora but they are notoriously sitting on the fence watching Nokia to do all the dirty work by themselves. I really do sympathize with our friends without Nokia phone but hey the workman deserves his wages and we can't begrudge Nokia for reaping from their hard work.
  • Problem with these guys is tha they have the vision of low mentally performing fruit. I exaggerate, but the fact of the matter is they like latching to whatever when the going is good. They're not really interested in honing their directions for the future. Sure, with enough cajoling they'll give something a shot, it was how it started with android, but if it doesn't hit big, they really don't hurt their heads trying to think on how to fix that. Back when android came out, they had the fear of god put in them because of the iPhone, now there's not even that. Everyone but Nokia is just putting out wp devices right now to keep up with the Jones', i.e. they're doing the bare minimum, just enough to say that they're supporting the platform.
    Good on Nokia for giving a damn. As much as I agree that limiting crucial 3rd party app functionality to a specific OEM is borderline wrong, I can't disagree that Nokia deserves it. I just hope it's a timed exclusive, let Nokia reap their benefits for the work they put in, but don't put a dink in the platform overall.
  • Hi there, I am with Viber Media.
    This is not a Viber or Nokia decision - it's Microsoft. Apps like Viber require native code access which is available only via the Hybrid SDK. This SDK was provided to us via Nokia. Microsoft, did not approve the release of the app on non Lumia Phones. 
    We do not know when and if Microsoft will let us publish the app for non Lumia devices. As far as we are concerned the app was tested and works fine at least on HTC and Samsung WP devices. 
    These limitations will not exist on WP8. 
  • hi talmon, in regards to WP8, are there any compatibility issues?
    i cant seem to get my lumia 820 to install viber with the australian store...thanks
  • I don't have a lumia, but it's ok for me.
    Nokia works hard to be the no. 1. Htc and samsung don't deserve apps from a competitor.
    And when I have a smartphone from them, I don't deserve it too.
  • But to me apps must be made for Entire OS...not limiyed to manufacturers
  • What are you talking about all windows phones has exclusive apps from manufacturers and carriers, having been a HTC guy I missed having the HTC suite on my Nokia, your complaint is that Nokia is doing a better job of and working harder at it and that Samsung and the rest should just sit back and let Nokia do all the work and spend all there money and time making all these things come to pass, and then the rest of the oems having invested no time or money or even a interest in negotiating these deals should then get to reap the rewards, hell to the no.
  • Exactly. You don't help bake the bread, you don't get to eat it. (old children's story about sharing responsibility)
  • HTC have a lot of nice apps for WP... They just don't get as much media attention, and they don't update them very often. However, they have supported Windows Mobile for a very long time and deserve our respect. MS should've treated them better. I think they have been swayed by Android in the past couple of years (who can blame them with WM dwindling) and their attention to WP as waned... Hopefully WP8 will bring them back.
  • Ya... HTC locations is WAY better than Nokia Drive/Nokia Maps.
  • (sarcasm)
  • Do you really think MS didn't let HTC know their plans about ditching WM and introducing WP? They did, and that's why they were and are launch partners. The difference is clear, Nokia is truly invested in the platform and the others are not(HTC - Samsung); they're simply making devices to appease MS while continuing to invest heavily in Android over WP. I for one hope that Apple continues to win suits against the others in court, then they might see the error of their ways and reverse this one sided affair :-D
  • i agree the other oems cannot be halfway in halfway out its not fair to ms or the customers who use windows phone
  • GFuys its all about trhe $$$$ commi8tment  HTC and Samsung put money in the pot  they design the outer shels and where the hardware goes inside  and  so forth.  Their value is where they put their money  wheres most of HTC and Samsungs money going  ANDROID  thats waht they value most.  Nokias money othyer than the small amounbt of non WP   goes to WP  Thats where their value4 is.  Thats why they get stuff thgat nobody else may have initially and thats why Lumias get exclusive apps for a
  • Releasing Nokia exclusive or timed exclusive apps just raises the bitterness level on a platform that needs to bind users together as much as possible. Instead of being WP versus iPhone and Android, it seems like Nokia vs WP vs iPhone vs Android. Once again I was excited until I read Nokia exclusive. Then sad face. Then "ohh well, I have a Galaxy Note too. I'll just use that". Is that what we want here? Unless you have a WP Nokia phone, we don't really care about you? I understand if it's Nokia maps, but these are important apps that could propel the platform. We are being treated like second class citizens. Envy and hate level +1
    WP happiness -1
  • Totally agreed
  • Seriously? 
    Nokia PAYS for the development of these apps. It is quite fair that they are offered to Nokia Lumia users first. If it weren't for Nokia, it is not even sure that it would have been developped, but you will have to wait a couple of months and you are complaining??
    Next time think about it when you chose your phone (that's their goal...)
  • M$ most likely threw this bone to Nokia. BTW, I wrote all that above with a smile on my face. Im not angry and its nice to poke fun at your own OS sometimes. Lighten up bro. Live a little.
  • It's MS not M$
  • +1001
  • You ARE second rate citizens, if you don't have a Nokia.
  • That's the issue... We should be unified as a platform (WP) not divided by OEM. A year ago I was showing a mate (who has an Android) some WP features. He was astounded they weren't specific to my phone, but to everyone. Now all I can say is "well if you have a Nokia you get A,B,C but not D,E,F as they are only o HTC, and Samsung has G,H,I etc. Yay we're divided like Android :(
  • I Love my Nokia, & all the New Features, after using the Motorola Razr for 6-8 years it was time to upgrade, and I'm excited about using Viper!!!!!
  •  I love my NOKIA, After using the Motorola Razer for 6-8 years it is exciting to have such new features, & and am looking forward to Using Viber and the $30. @ Month Plan. LOVELY JUBLEY!
  • By the manufacturer that you chose. HTC and Samsung could put the same effort into WP as the do for Android, but the chose not to; So the question then becomes is WP being treated like a second class citizen by HTC & Samsung? These two partners because their heavily invested in Android and one of them is the #1 cell manufacturer in the entire world really carries more weight with developers than even Nokia, yet has not put any effort in to get apps on WP at all. While you're playing the blame game, maybe you should ask those two to take a look in the mirror at themselves when it comes to WP.
  • Agreed
  • On the other side, it's a good chance for nokia to push their phones. And Microsoft needs this to push their OS. Hardware is important, but for consumers, apps are as important as hardware.
  • iPhone is another choice, if you like apps selection.
  • Get lost troll.
  • Finally. I loved the App on my iPhone and especially the VoIP. Hope the performance is good and does not drain the battery to fast. Maybe Skype will replace viber in WP8 as VoIP app?
  • This seems kind of stupid, as now the amount of people I can use this with is limited. Guess I won't be calling my girlfriend on her omnia
  • Dump her.
  • Lol!
  • Yea dump her before she gets a new lumia and dumps you
  • If you love her you would buy her a Nokia wp8, first guy that comes at her with a shiny new 920 has got them a new girlfriend
  • Ad said in the article, Viber was developed with NOKIA, not HTC or Samsung. Ergo the exclusivity, at least for now...
  • Doesn't say there's a time limit.
  • It's up to Microsoft if/when it comes to all phones.
  • But this can run in the background, like Skype - right? 
  • Well on WP8, yes. On WP7 it will run as hopelessly as Skype does currently i.e. It needs to stay active
  • Not cool viber not cool :( plz dont be sad and release only for Nokia I mean really ur killing WP by doing that some people just can't afford to buy a lumia device. Thanks for supporting all wp's.. Yeah right! :'(
  • The Lumia 610&710 are super cheap!!
  • Plus Nokia has some new cheaper wp8 phone coming in 2013 which still will be better than what you have
  • Not in nz :P lol and why bother when wp8 is just around the corner! :P
  • Did you read the artcile?
    The app was developed with Nokia. You would not be even crying this without Nokia as the app would not be there.
  • Two lessons can be learned here I guess
    Number 1: If you buy a WP8 device --->buy Nokia
    Number 2: If this trend (exclusive Nokia apps) continues---> WP8(9) = Nokia.
    MS is creating a second Blackberry/iOS here with the difference that they don't manufacture the products themselves.
    In my oppinion this is the worst strategy ever, without Samsung and HTC WP will never be able to make huge inroads into the mobile phone OS market
  • Those of you complaining, please ask HTC to release all of their HTC only apps for Lumias. No? What about LG? Samsung? They all do this, it isn't Nokia's fault they used their own cash & development to improve the platform while the other OEMs sat back idly.
  • At some point you have to admit that Nokia is hogging the apps that everyone wants. No matter who helped them develop it, Viper, and others, have their own company and letting everyone have access to it would only make 100% sense. Timed exclusivity is one this, this is inching on Nokia creating a small WP monopoly on apps.
  • You should be thankful, most of the apps are time limited, and if Nokia wouldn't have done the work you never would have got them, all the new games, and apps that you will eventually get off of nokias work. So you should be saying thanks Nokia for doing what my own won't do.
  • Why HTC apps are shite, I really dont mind that Nokia can keep their maps/drive ECT that's a special Nokia feature allways has and will be but viber is availible on all android phones regardless of manufacturer and os version same should be for WP, no point having a full feature for one manufacturer and a half assed version for the rest
  • That's because the others half-assed supported WP.
  • Sound enhancer and attentive phone aren't shít
  • You seem to be confusing manufacturer apps with Nokia exclusives. Remember, this was developed in conjunction with Nokia and was not developed by Nokia themselves.
  • We have no idea how much money or resources Nokia threw into developing this. They might have funded the entire WP project. This feeling doesn't only come down to Viber. Go to XDA, there are countless people bitching that they should have Nokia Maps/Drive for free and sideload these apps just because they feel they're magically entitled to them.
    it irritates me that everyone is mad at nokia for having exclusives but the one thing that differentiates them from everyone else they gave up for the good of the platform...
  • You have proof of that I suppose?
    The only thing Nokia has brought to other Windows Phones so far is Traffic in Bing Maps, wow. Bing Maps is shit outside the US anyway so I use a different solution and Nokia Pulse, because everyone uses Nokia Pulse... don't they...
    Nokia Maps/Drive are OEM exclusive apps so that's not a problem, what is a problem is Nokia hoovering all the apps that people want from the marketplace and making them exclusive to their devices.
  • Yeah there is proof for Nokia Maps coming to all OEMs integrated with WP8...go through the older articles on WPCentral...its official since June, where you been dog??
  • Timed exclusivity is one thing; keeping a very popular app all to one manufacturer is just not fair. . . I like Nokia and all, but I don't want to be forced onto them just to get access to all the apps.
    And with carriers where WP pickings are slim? Forget it. What if an alternative is the better option? I was ok with the app exclusivity it at first but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. . .
  • Agreed Nokia take note bring this app to everyone, as much as I love lumia and plan to buy the 920 when available in nz eg Dec 2013! Until then what is the point of buying a new lumia with wp7.5?! If this is a timed exclusive I take back above but if not its not fair
  • I am quite sick to death of Nokia exclusive apps. This is a huge dissing of the rest of the WP community. Enough already
  • This is the exact reason why I switched back to Android even though I love Windows Phone. On Android there are very few, if any, apps that are manufacturer exclusive.
  • If you switched to Android, then maybe you should be commenting on Android Central then.
  • Or how about the fact that I also own a Windows Phone and have since the original release so I have every right to comment in here!!!!
  • May be initially they'll say like that.. After couple of months it will be available to everyone..
  • Better be!
  • Or else, what?
  • I bet this is timed exclusive. Nokia helped them developed the app, not Samsung nor HTC.
  • Sure glad I picked Nokia, after using Samsung for a few months. I just knew Nokia was going to be the real ultimate driving force.
  • Wow that's a good news at last a there is voice call
    I'm happy I have lumia 710
  • To be honest this is a good move by Nokia, Nokia is paying for development of an app because the developers don't want to make one yet for WP. Most of the time it's a timed exclusive for Lumia phones and after the exclusivity timeframe has passed it will become available for all WP phones. I don't understand why people cry that what Nokia is doing is bad, because obviously marketshare is not good enough to attrack dev's of iOS and Android.
  • I can't believe you people, what have Samsung or HTC done for windows phone, always getting hand me downs and ur complaining, then leave Windows or don't be stupid and by phones on contracts OMG
  • Stop speak against nokia. If samsung and htc do not invest in app and do not help developer is not nokia fault. The finnish manufactor invest everything in wp, other oem not.
  • Selling my phone.
    I should not be subjected to buy a Lumia (a design I hate) to use an app that is functional on iOS or Android.
  • Exactly my feelings, it's going to be a case of Nokia or nothing for Windows Phone.
  • you guys should just, "Get A Room"!
  • Lol who needs viber or whatsapp when Skype gets integrated, Nokia is playing smart and they pay money for that, LG is dead, Samsung is androids bitch, and HTC is "quietly brilliant" so let them stay quite.
  • I have an HTC hd7 aiming for the 920, the amount of effort HTC puts to advertise or develop ads is nothing compared to what Nokia has on the table so yes Nokia has all the right to do whatever they want because they are the only ones 100% supporting WP and that what the WP clients really want.
  • They advertise, just not WP.....Beats Audio on their Android offerings
  • Wise words
  • Apps*
  • Here's an idea Samsung, HTC, and LG owners, contact your OEM's and bitch at them for not supporting your platform of choice with more exclusive apps themselves. Tell them that they are leaving you behind the times by not supporting this OS. You chose Windows Phone and you chose them, they should scratch your back now. Complaining that Nokia, who has bet the farm on Windows Phone, put more money and energy into enriching their product line than your OEM of choice is unproductive. Competition is cutthroat and Nokia is just doing it better. Its like complaining that your girlfriend left your for a better looking man with a better job who treats her better than your loser ass.
  • +1
  • +1000    I have had the Focus,Focus S,the Titan and now the Lumia 900 and will be getting the 920 on day 1. I have not seen an ounce of advertising or promoting from Samsung or HTC or any effort to push the platform forward. Yes Nokia is getting $ from MS but they are using their developer contacts and relationships to get apps to the platform. DO you noit think MS would have given $ to HTC or Sammy for the same thing. With Samsungs size it could have easily put some muscle behind WP and got developers on board but they didnt. Just look at their intro for the Ativ. 90 seconds. WOW
  • Okay dissenters, you need to reread the article and put Microsoft every where Nokia shows up. Then read the first few comments posted and look for Daniel's reply for clarity. People please realize Microsoft was utterly abandoned by EVERY SINGLE OEM for Android previous to and while they were developing Windows Phone. Every hardware product (except Dell) for the first generation WP was a copy of an Android device or a mid to low range device with little appeal to the masses. Just about every one stated it was because because they could customize everything how they wanted to look and feel in the Android OS and have separation from the other OEMs. I am pretty sure Microsoft was showing them the new Windows Phone 7 which was more locked down and they all freaked out. Well now that every OEM pays MS for Android licensing and Apple is hunting down each and every Android OEM like the Jewish Nazi Tribunals these same OEMs are making their way back to MS and the vision they had in 2007-2008. You think MS forgot who their real friends were? Nope. That's why they basically put all this money into Nokia and have a hardware division without having a hardware division.
  • +1 That's basically it in a nutshell. Nokia is a premier partner for MS and MS in turn promotes them more than other OEMs. It does seem unfair until you look which companies have the best chance for success with WP--if you *had* to choose just one OEM, everyone would choose Nokia. Why? They're hardware design, patents, engineers and software make them the best option. The "diversification" argument cuts both ways. Apple has done *Very* well with 0 diversification. Android has done well with the opposite strategy: flood the market. But Apple shows if you have one standout product, it could matter. I'm not saying it's right (or fair), but there is a logic here and I tend to agree with it.
  • Viber will be for Windows Phone 7! Hmmm, will the upgrade to 7.8 be substantially better than originally perceived? Seems like it. Glad we are not being put completely out to pasture right away since Skype (owned by MS) will not be deeply integrated due to the kernel. Thanks MS/Nokia/Viber for working together.
  • UNREAL! Yes.... i'm now a 100% happy WP7 user... well... once it comes out... Better be days and not weeks danny boy!
  • Nokia invested resources into working around the problems associated with WP so why not have it exclusive? Ms are the ones who should be doing the same with Skype but won't until windows 8.
  • I don't like execlusive apps
    but if  Nokia going to help bring the missing apps or app features then let it be its better than nothing
    i hope it has time limit exclusively so other can enjoy the app
    anyway remember SKYPE is your friend
  • This is not the first time that Nokia has done this and I really hope that they keep on doing this. People will complain no matter what so just let them complain. We all know deep down that nothing is stopping other OEMs from doing the same. So please keep complaining... Or better yet, if you have an Android phone or iPhone that has the app in question, please go ahead and use that phone. Thanx
  • Lx23: your view of the OS seems to be wrong. People here support WP. I own a samsung focus. If every manufacturer start to think in the same direction, what happens to the OS? It will be diluted. The idea of third ecosystem was thought open a OS, not the hardware manufacturer. Let me ask you this. Where was Nokia when WP7 was introduced? HTC and samsung play a fair game. Nokia seems to attract people by having specific apps. Microsoft should not support this unless they announce boldly that Nokia will be their only partner. Otherwise, I have this question: What if Nokia stops supporting WP, lets say, if they don't do well? I love the OS and want it to survive, regardless of manufacturer.
  • You're talking about loving the OS... That's not what these guys are about. It is business. It's all about money. I'm not gna get emotional like you and start answering all your questions. You can love this platform as much as you want but these guys (including MS) are in this for the money. Nokia is doing all they can to get the bigger piece of the pie and you want us to blame them for that? Now, let's say Nokia doesn't succeed, I say WP was there before Nokia and I believe that it will still be there after Nokia. However, it will just return to its boring self. Samsung will continue bringing the same designs over from Android and apps will come in very slowly. I think your "love" for the platform is clouding your judgment. The people who created this platform did so to get money... That's the reality and that's how you should look at all this.
  • True. At the same time, I am in the platform, just because I love the way, how its simple and intuitive. That's why I jumped out of the iOS wagon and into this, because I want to support it. I dont get any money for this..... Basically, I think that's how most people prefer to choose the OS.... You dont piss the customers off and make money. You make customers happy and make money out of it, like how Apple does it. I am not comparing. But lessons can be learnt from everywhere......Already current Lumia owners are not happy about them being not upgraded to WP8. I understand that the WP8 core changed to NT. But, how many people understand this? 
    If Nokia did not succeed, the entire OS will return to boring self. Probably, that's the case, if MS takes a huge risk by relying on one hardware.... Looks like MS is taking hasty decisions in a desperate situation by supporting exclusive apps...
    May be , wpcentral can conduct a survey if people are happy or not on this Nokia exclusivity :)
  • It seem to me that Nokia is all in with developing for WP I.e. AppCampus, so when Samsung, HTC, LG etc step their game up maybe they can have "good" exclusive apps until then Nokia hardware & services is what gonna put WP on the level of Android & Ios (popularity)
  • I'm so fed up of this bs!!! I'm done with Windows Phone & will no longer support them on Twitter, Facebook etc.. This makes no sense and every app not mad by Nokia should be on every WP7!!! PISSED!!!!
  • +1 i'm getting the new iphone when it comes out.. i actually liked my hd7 but i don't want to support windows phone anymore
  • Im getting an iPhone too and I own a Lumia. Even though they annouced new features for 7.8 something tells me between the lines that 7.8 is far from release and for sure the only opt I want (real multitasking) won't be supported. I think it was balmer the one who said that the next big app it'll be launched on WP, i think thats a lie. Developers wants money and the money is in the appstore not in the market place. I'm tired of waiting months or years for a feature or for an app. And having to check on sites to see to see which developer will port its successful iOS app out of pity to WP is sad and humiliating. WP is amazing and cooler than iOS, in my opinion, but im tired of feeling sad or fustrated either for a lack of an app or because of their poor implementation on is too short for these kind of things..I bet iOS users dont envy any app of WP, they just have em. And we here waiting for viber, instagram, draw with friends etc.
  • Not going to switch devices for an application. Viber is uninstalled!
  • Hey..this is getting worse. Every nice app I want is available only in Nokia. Microsoft, what if i want you but not Nokia
  • I'm glad I unlocked my HTC Titan to get my hands on Nokia's exclusive apps. LOL.
  • Yeah but some apps do not work, right? You can see them in the Marketplace and install them but some cannot launch...
    I hate this Nokia exclusive crap...easy for some of you to say "buy a Nokia" but I am with Sprint in a contract...will Sprint ever get a Nokia let alone another WP at all? I will be watching the iPhone event tomorrow as well...
  • All nokia apps work fine here. (Nokia Drive, Camera Extras etc.) I installed a custom ROM with nokia's dll.
    I also hate the exclusivity and the fact that many WP8 apps won't work on WP7.8.
    I'm looking forward to get the new iPhone, if its screen gets larger, that is.
  • Ahhh...good point about the dll...the ROM I use for my Arrive does not have that so when I try and run some of the apps it says "only for Lumia phones"...
  • Just for clarification -
    Is this update really going to be out as quickly as later today?
    Please say it's true..!
  • In theory, yes. In reality, no. The Marketplace has been *very* slow for pushing out apps and updates lately, which is why we're seeing an update in the Netherlands and Australia 12-18 hours before it hits US shores. So the app is done and submitted. But we'll have to wait until it starts being pushed out.
  • Sadly, it has been more than a day since the announcement and the app is still not been pushed out in the Marketplace. Microsoft is sure taking their time...
  • It's interesting to see some people complaining about what Nokia does when they should complain to their manufacturers about what they don't do.
  • +1
  • Like I said. People just love to complain
  • I'm definitely switching to android for my next phone. Enough is enough. Once viber updated itself to viber message it was obvious, but boy did they get trashed on the reviews, deservedly so.
  • This is interesting. I could care less about Viber. Sounds like it does all the things that my working phone does...but for free? I guess. Anyway the gesture that Nokia continues to make towards WP is eye-opening. I have an HTC. First Gen wp7. (Trophy) I used to have Samsung but with Verizon if you wanted a wp7 you were left with one choice. I loved my Samsung phones. I love my HTC phone. But Nokia is balls to the wall supporting the OS that I support. Not partially. I'm talking all in. Its looking like I'll be getting my first Nokia sometime in November.
    As far as the exclusive apps... From a business standpoint I think its clever. Offer things on your device that people want, but can only get on your device.
    From a consumer standpoint I understand some people's frustrations. I personally think apps that are available across all os's (i.e. Viber) should NOT be exclusive to OEMs. The ONLY exclusives should be apps developed solely by that OEM. Just my opinion.
  • I don't know why people complaining about this....but come on now people..
    If it wasn't for NOKIA WP platform will not survive....
    And plus give Nokia phones a shot i know the first lumias had a little bit problems like every other phones,but trust me the next line up will be flawless!!! Switch up with me when i say this the iPhone will have other color options too...
  • You Nokia Users really want to know why so many of us are pissed off by this announcement?
    Well I'll tell you, before using Windows Phone was even a thought in Stephen Elop's head, Viber had promised VOIP calls as an update to ALL Windows Phones running Viber and now, to make a quick buck, they make that feature exclusive to Nokia.
    Now, regardless of whether Nokia are helping them with development, do you see why we're pissed off?
  • There is a reason I have a windows phone and an IOS tablet, so I don't have to put up with crap like this .....
  • Any news if this will be for a time and then making it available for the rest of WP users?
  • Vote here if you want to end such exclusive apps.
  • Voted.
  • before this announcement, the whole favortism thing Microsoft had for Nokia was really bugging me, the first users of their OS, the people who basically gave it a good starting point to give it its success and position today, are now second-rate customers and supporters. Now other apps are going to Nokia too, what about HTC, Samsung, LG, and all the other companies that had Microsoft's back? When people had bad memories from previous MS mobile OS's or were comfortable with their BB's, iOS devices and Androids, they brought them where they are today and now they don't get anything. I was debating between iOS and WP8, but honestly I think this does it. I was excited about the new success and the probable future success of the OS but now they better treat all their customers the same, or let their OS fail, eventually. And particularly for Viber, why advertise that its crossplatform, or aim for it to be so, when they make it exclusive for one particular manufacturer? I agree that its fine for Nokia to MAKE exclusive apps for their phones, but buying/paying other companies to do so is competely different. Plus, they lied earlier saying that the VOIP feature wasn't in their app because OS limitations. -HD7 user, and used-to-be-WP7 fan/supporter
  • LG don't make Windows Phones anymore so I wouldn't worry about them. Of course the article could have contained the other piece of information that means this deal make sense which is it's not just for Nokia's Windows Phones but their Symbian OS as well. So Nokia have sponsored the development so the millions of Symbian phones carry on getting support; which also shows the support Nokia's 7.5 phones can look forward to. 
  • Well who's decision it might be to make exclusive to Nokia only
    Nokia or MS
  • I've read on Viber Facebook page a post which was taken down no long after stating that the app was approved by Microsoft before they announced the availability.
    Microsoft is suppose to publish the app itself on the day of announcement but for some reason it never go live (or they never did)...
  • If you don't have a lumia get one if you can't start saving Nokia is talking with their money that's their right its not fair its with your money as well not your bellyache
  • Hi all,
    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team. We're here to address your questions and feedback.
    We apologize for our late response. The long anticipated update for Viber for Windows Phone with the calling feature is hopefully around the corner. We are having last minute coordination and adaptation of the app, and we hope to release it soon. At this stage we still cannot guarantee EXACTLY to which devices the update will be available, but we hope to include as many devices as possible, so as many users as possible will be able to enjoy Viber's HD-calling feature. If you have more questions, please don'r hesitate to ask.
    the Viber Team.
  • Could you please say in a strait forward manner if the app is going to be available in the Windows phone marketplace for phones other than Nokia. Concritely for my htc 8x.
    Also how long does an app have to be exclusive to Nokia after it becomes exclusive?
  • Viber Voice for Lumia is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call is going through but nothing can be heard at both ends. Same symptoms for Nokia/Nokia or Nokia/iPhone!!! Waited for so long and it comes with this!! Really disappointed!!
  •   We have decided to pull our calling update from Market Place due to problems found with the calling feature for some users. We are working around the clock to fix the problem, and we hope to make a new version available on Market Place shortly.   We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, and we recommend that you stay tuned for news and updates.   Regards, the Viber Team.
  • Does this issue got fixed after this post. I have not find updates after this post.
  • 5 months later and still no update? SHAME ON YOU VIBER