Video: Need for Speed Undercover on Touch HD

We're expecting a goodly number of games to hit the Windows Marketplace for Mobile later this year (check out the full list of initial participants), but some of you may not be completely sold on a Windows phone being good for real gaming.

Feast your eyes north at a demo of Need for Speed Undercover on the Touch HD (running Windows Mobile 6.5 nonetheless) and tell us if your fears are assuaged any, especially considering the upcoming Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 have virtually the same specs as the Touch HD.

HD via Mobile Tech Addicts

Phil Nickinson

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  • I couldn't really tell, does it use an accelerometer to turn or just those left and right soft buttons on the screen? I guess it looks good for WM but iPhone racing games look much better. This is kind of dissapointing.
  • Considering the graphics and the sound i would just think that someone either added real good java game support for WM 6.5 or just in some way ported a normal mobile version of NFS Undercover to WM :p
  • that was horrendous! the graphics are nothing compared to what's possible on the chip, the sound was abysmal, the control was non existent (no acceleration/brake, and the car turns when hits side of road?) you basically use left+right and turbo....that's game play for a racing game? only interesting thing was WinMo6.5 on Touch HD. curious to know if it was an official ROM or just a hacked one that the blog happened to use. i'm curious as i'm sure EA wouldn't like to be associated with illegal ROMs on the devices they're supposed to support.
  • I've tried NFS Undercover in my X1. It was qutie disappointing for a racing game indeed. I think the game is missing a proper control. And the graphic is not good.
  • EDIT: I think there's a newer version with G-Sensor supported. People saying that it has better graphic render.