Video: The Samsung Omnia II in action

You've seen the specs of the recently announced Samsung Omnia II, now watch the phone in action, courtesy of MobileBurn.

Even if you're not a fan of the TouchWiz interface, you've gotta appreciate just how smooth it is on that phone. And we're willing to bet that's not even a production ROM yet.

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  • Cool when verizon getting this baby and what price the 2gb going to start at.
  • god how annoying! are these people seriously having anything to do with demo'ing or reviewing devices?? STOP SWIPING THE MENUS REPEATEDLY! these devices have many functions, and all this guy can think of is:
    "i will show them the menu"
    "and in case they missed that i will do it again" it's a video, just do lots of things like loading lots of different apps to show the screen resolution, the speed of loading, the customized look. rotate to landscape to show sms viewing/writing, HTML browser,etc if i miss's a VIDEO, i can review it! would this guy demo a car my turning the windscreen wipers on/off repeatedly?
  • haha! I was thinking the same thing. People need to go from a script when they do a demo. Don't show me the calculator! Show me the properties of a video file (frame rate, resolution) then play it on the device so I can see how the new processor handles. "let me show, uh, um, uh, here is the calculator, and um, uh, here is what happens when I hit the start menu. And here is the start menu again." Are we reviewing the touchwiz 2 interface or the first 3.7" amoled screen paired with one of the first S3C6410 chip sets with onboard 3D graphics acceleration and hardware support for H.264 and MPEG4, as well as other codecs running at 800MHz?
  • hey there are a lot of reviews for the omnia 2 elswhere i saw a lot on youtube
  • Dear Microsoft.... Hit me with some kind of App World or Market place already!!! Then and only then would I jump on a Winmo phone!!
  • That looks nice, I love the bright screen. I just dont like the green background in the one menu, hope you can change that...
  • Same Here. Show me FEATURES. Like , do I need a stylis?