Image recognition is one of those things that we think all smartphones should be able to do--combined with speech recognition, voice to text and augmented reality, it's just one of those features that's always impressive.

Vivino is a free wine application that just went live in the Marketplace and it will allow you to take a picture of a wine bottle, upload it and have it matched in Vivino's database. It then brings down a ton of info on the wine, allows you to like/dislike it and save it in a list for later. Their database has over 450,000 wines although it should be noted that in version 1.0, they only get about 40% of those to match. Still, even if it doesn't match, it can save all the info, making this still useful for you wine connoisseurs out there.

While we're not wine drinkers ourselves (whiskey, please!) we can't help but to be impressed by this app and the potential for others do make something similar. Give it a spin here in the Marketplace, let us know in comments if it works for you.

Thanks, Theis and Heini, from Vivino for the heads up