Vote to bring Spotify's free streaming service to Windows Phone

Spotify has recently made its free service include mobile devices. It’s free on iOS and it’s free on Android. How about Windows Phone? Nope. Not yet. If you try logging in to the Windows Phone app without a premium account, you get an error that says you need a Spotify Premium account. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to over 20 million tracks. There are similar free music services on Windows Phone like Nokia’s MixRadio, Pandora, and Songza, but having Spotify as another option would be great.

Spotify is not saying anything official at the moment to make free streaming available on their Windows Phone app, but there is something you can do. You can let them know that you’re interested by voting on their forums.

The official Twitter account for Spotify Support has mentioned the forums to a Windows Phone user inquiring about the app:

There's nothing official we can say at the moment, but it's worth adding your Kudos here about it:

The link goes to Spotify’s Ideas community forums where users vote on certain ideas. The idea is simply titled, “Bring Spotify Free to Windows Phone.” If you like that idea, we recommend voting for it! Spotify appears to be monitoring the thread to check interest.

Of course, if you’re really interested in using Spotify for Windows Phone, you can pay for a premium account. It costs $9.99 a month and you can play any song, anywhere on demand. The free accounts on the iPhone and Android phones can listen to the service, but are limited to shuffle play. You can play songs from specific artists and playlists, but you cannot choose to play specific songs. There is another catch. Free accounts are ad-supported, so you’ll hear commercial breaks.

Interested in streaming music for free with Spotify on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote for the idea.

Source: Spotify Ideas, Via: SpotifyCares

Mark Guim

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  • I have a premium account so im all good but ill vote anyway. Just wish xbox music was supported on sonos. Then i could pay for just one instead of two.
  • I'm also Spotify Premium, yet I will also vote anyway . . . ya know, spread the love for those without. Honestly however, I'd be much more interested in getting a Spotify app for Windows RT. Also of higher priority on my list, is fixing the bugs present in the WP8 Spotify app.
  • The Spotify app for WP8 is so bad. I agree that fixing bugs and adding features (it is extremely limited!) for PAYING subscribers should be a higher priority. I have an Xbox Music account, but would switch to Spotify in a heartbeat if their app was better. I use it on my PCs and I like the social / sharing aspect of Spotify a lot.
  • Spotlite ( is the only alternative right now available for Windows RT, if you don't count the player web-based player. It's actually pretty decent! I like it on my Surface 2.
  • +920 for xbox Music Support on Sonos. And wp8 , win8 Sonos Apps!!!!!!
  • Absolutely, I'd LOVE to see XBOX Music on Sonos.
  • This is ridiculous. I'm premium on Android but reading this skew towards Android and even worse ios makes me pissed. I will cancel my Spotify subscription and wait for Nokia music to arrive on Android. Spotify is from now on banned. The make commercial everyday here in Sweden but can't act like they care about their customers, big or small os. I look forward to wp taking over. Notification centre coming up next update, appcount increase rapidly and there is zero lag on low spec cpus. I owned a lumia 920 but choose the ugly note 3 since you can do everything and them some on it but the camera is crap. I really envy my gf that had a lumia 1020. Sigh spotify. I thought higher of you being a swedish company and all :-( I feel ashamed and today we lost against Canada in hockey as well...blaaaah :-/
  • IPhone looks like Nokia's and Samsung's baby there.
  • Thats not samsung. Its HTC ONE.
  • Actually the HTC one maxx, at least I think.
  • You're almost right! *max
  • On the left is HTC?
  • From left to right, I believe it's HTC One Max, iPhone 5/5s and a Nokia Lumia 9xx.
  • It's Lumia 1520 :)
  • Ah, thanks for the correction. All Lumias look the same to me :P
  • Lol . It's okay . Big deal :)
  • So on the bigger platforms they can get it free, subsidized by Windows Phone. That's about as evil as google. Get back to me on how I voted.
  • Viva la Nokia MixRadio!
  • Nokia Mix Radio FTW!
  • I know I'm on the late train, but I just barely started playing with Nokia Mix Radio/Nokia Music recently and I wish I tried it earlier. It's awesome.
  • I have to say the same about me.
    I wish I would had known about it before. Although I did read one comment a while ago from a WPC user stating that he hates the new service because you could do a lot more than what Mix is now.
    Idk, but I'm pretty goddamn happy with mix. Plus premium is at $3.something a month. C'mon, that's a great deal.
    I really have no reason why I shouldn't fork over my cash to mix. It's way better than Pandora.
    I feel bad about sending out all those hate mail to Pandora.
    Ha oh well, Mix ftw!
  • The only service available here. Viva Mix Radio
  • Lets just vote for it better for Windows!
  • Nokia mix app isn't even free on windows 8 too come on don't be ignorant lets get vote for Spotify to be free want and give them one star rating in their app for bad app and leaving us non free and give a review to Nokia telling them to make mix radio free on windows 8! Lets do this!
  • We need more better free apps on Windows Phone don't bring that PC master race ego to WP we should keep being positive stupid negativity oh I should chase service..we just need more free services on WP keep better competition so we better ourselves ignorance!
  • He meant, 'lets vote for it, it's better for windows(as a whole)'
  • Screw spotify, even with a premium account it sucks on windows phone. 
  • This! Connecting to Bluetooth always killed the app. Had the problem in WP7, then with the 'new' WP8 app.
  • Weird, I would think that has to do more with the Bluetooth you're using or maybe the phone it self. What Bluetooth are you using? I have an LG HBS 730. It's freaking amazing, great sound quality, it reads my text to me, I can dictate to it and takes commands just I would normally do when I hold down the windows button. The only downside is that you can't use the equalizer or the radio due to not having a headphone cord as an antenna. But that's ok.
  • Hey, thanks for chiming in. I'm using my vehicle's audio bluetooth. Xbox Music, Pandora, etc all handle the active change from speaker to Bluetooth. If I was playing a song via Spotify, it would be in for a world of hurt. it would stop playing, stop responding, and I'd usually have to restart the phone. Hell, maybe it's been fixed, but I'm so burned out on it
  • I found I would download lists, and then they wouldn't be downloaded, then id have to do it again. It would stop playing all of a sudden. It was slow to go to the next screen.
  • I've been using Spotify for quite some time and I really enjoy the service but the WP app sucks compared to the iOS app I've tried. I really wish they would update it, somewhat frustrating.
  • Or give the money to Xbox music. Its a better choice overall than Spotify. Especially if you're grandfathered into the mp3 plan!
  • Lucky you, I should had done that a long time ago.
  • It lacks the sharing functions of Spotify which are what I really like.
  • I am not voting for crap. If they are not free on windows phone, then they won't get my money. I am not going to chase service. You want my money, you bring the service to the phone I use. Same thing from amazon Prime TV. I already have Xbox music and it pretty damn good.
  • "If you want my money, give it to me for free." What?
  • I think he's referring to premium extra services. I don't know how spotify works, but yeah that seems to make sense.
  • You did read the article, didn't you? It's about voting for bringing the FREE streaming service to Windows Phone and free is good.
  • He obviously didn't as he basically said "I refuse to vote for it to be free because it isn't free"
  • That's what we are voting for. So please go vote.
  • what the hell is that thing in the middle of those giants ?
  • A hobbit
  • I'd use it! But I'd prefer to have Xbox Music free streaming on my phone like we already do on desktop, tablet and web.
  • I would much prefer if Xbox music would have the same free-streaming service on Windows Phone that it has on Windows 8/RT, considering Spotify (last time I checked) has an even crappier streaming service except for the hours/month.
  • How about we vote for a decent app first?
  • I don't plan on using Spotify anytime soon but we need it. Vote submitted!!
  • Spotify sucks, no thanks
  • Better idea: Spotify makes a competent WP app first.
  • I have the premium account.. so far.. really like it a lot but their app need some major update  
  • I dont need it, but i voted anyway. Mix Radio does a very good job for me!
  • We should just vote because that way WP is on the same level as the others platforms. I don't use Spotify but to say that we have all the same stuff offered will be cool
  • Aww, baby iPhone! So cute!
  • Why don't you guys mention there is no radio functionality on WP8 even with a paid subscription? The app is limited not the service.
  • We shouldn't need to vote for something everyone else has...
  • Spotify is terrible. I would not support a company who refuses to support me as a customer.
  • This is the type of BS that made my wife finally give up her windows phone this year for the latest iPhone. All her friends have the latest and greatest and then she'll ask me when are we getting these apps and by the time we get them its like a year or two later. I love windows phone been using them since wp7 but this is really getting tired why do we need to vote for a service they just gave to the other systems.
  • That's my question too. There is already a Spotfy app on Windows Phone so why are we not offered the service?  Probably because they don't want to really be here. The app hasn't been updated since December 2011.
  • More like vote to bring spotify's service to Canada
  • Of course WP is left out. What else is new? Can't wait for the day when WP gets as many perks as iOS and Android.
  • There's still no Spotify outside the US/UK... But songza and XBox music music work so who cares what app they create when the service is limited.
  • Spotify is available in a lot of countries.
  • Not in Canada... Nokia and XBOX are.
  • I use it in Australia
  • Their so call free streaming doesn't include search function, all you can do is shuffle the songs till you find you fav songs.
  • No need for Spotify when Nokia MixRadio works better and is free. Will still vote for others though.
  • Except Nokia Mix Radio is only on Nokia devices, what are the rest of us supposed to use?
  • So other platforms get it without asking but WP users have to break out the begging bowl? No thanks. And this is why Microsoft should be bringing exclusive content to the platform so WP will always have something unique to boast about rather than always being the poor cousin to the droids and isheep.
  • Agree.
  • spotify can go to hell.
  • Agreeed! Awful app, awful service. Spotify will die an awful death!
  • A lot of people love it. No idea what your issues are as I use it all day, every day, without a problem.
  • I'm interested in a fully operational Spotify app period.
  • Why is it that WP always has to vote or do some kind of begging to get some big app or feature? This really pisses me off. Did Android or iOS have to vote for the free version? No, they just got it. There are still so many flaws in the current Spotify app for WP compared to the other OS' versions that it's embarrassing. Spotify can really go to hell, while we're at it Instagram too!
  • Get a Windows 8 app first! I cant believe that there is not an option to play Spotify in Metro! But personlly I dont care. Nokia MixRadio fills all my needs - without commercials :-)
  • Spotify Unlimited here, which works fine on Surface 2 through desktop IE - for the phone I'm using Nokia MixRadio which is a real gem, but a good working Spotify app you couldn't beat. We need it.
  • I cancelled my premium subscription when I came to Windows Phone. There was and probably still isn't any support for syncing ones local files with your phone like there is on android and iOS. The whole app feels rushed and not on par with it's counterparts.
  • How about xbox music
  • Don't know about the forums but on twitter they at least admitted to this much:
  • The WP 7 Spotify app was the worst piece or crap I've ever installed on any platform. Hopefully the WP8 app is better.
  • Why spotify why..??Service Not available in my country (India). Cant register and vote. Sorry friends... :(
  • Im so tired of THIS SHIT! If they have a fucking app for WP then they should support it god damnit.
  • Just make Xbox Music Free Streaming available on mobile../
  • Id vote
  • No, we need to stop begging for apps. Their loss if they dont support wp8.
  • Vote!
  • Get Spotify to bring radio and the other features that premium users get first, since we premium players already pay for the service.
  • No don't need it I have Xbox music.
  • Exactly!!! Use the ecosystem people... Xbox music is all you need. MS should be putting ads on the TV on how great xbox music is!
  • Yes. This. Except the WP app could use more work. Sometimes hangs and then crashes when i try and download or delete full albums, needs a reboot of the phone to work again. And it NEEDS gapless playback and the ability to add to my cloud collection. :P /endrant
  • Give me the options to send links to Xbox Music songs in text or on Facebook and I'd be promoting it over Spotify.
  • ^ This.
  • I couldn't care less about spotify. Nokia and my own music is all I need. Having said that, I don't mind taking 30 seconds out of my life to vote. I can understand that for some people it might be useful.
  • I just canceled my premium account - that's the best way to vote.
  • Agree.
  • Screw Spotify team!
    Is it so hard to build an app for windows 8? Is it so hard to update wp8 app with more features like ios app?
    I think maybe those ppl working at Spotify are apple hipster, shame
  • Yes, they're pro apple and anti-ms
  • I do think they are pro apple! They need to update the app that's for sure! It wasn't until if I'm correct early last year even android got Spotify
  • No disrespect, but we've got plenty of streaming services, but the mote the merrier
  • I, for one, don't care much for Spotify. It's the Same for Dutch artist that are not in Xbox Music: well, i don't buy your songs then.
  • I would love to get the Xbox music streaming free (with ads) for wp8. Why is it only for RT?
  • Why do we even have to bother, why can't these devs just do this stuff straight across the board between their different platforms? I'm tired of hearing all this stuff for ios/android but never for WP. "Oh, you want that too? Well, vote for it." piss off Spotify.
  • Its not free on wp8? What a joke
  • Why??? There's Nokia music. Similar service and imo a hell of a lit better. Plus its free.
  • Thanks for heads up I still need to really give Nokia a chance!
  • Can you make your own playlists with Nokia? Hell for $4 a month I may try it
  • For me the $9.99 is the best investment I have made in a long long time!! I hate Pandora, not sure how Nokia or Xbox music is but this perfect! Make playlists anywhere they have about 98% of the bands I listen to which is crazy! Sound is great! And I save on buying crap albums or .99 singles or even the now $1.29 and up singles! I only support artists that I know the money is going directly too! Oh and no more 32 to 64gb of music on my phone!! :) btw don't listen to the reviews in the app store ya app can be buggy at times but still works great! Sometimes if your using buttons on your steering wheel to change tracks it will stop after awhile and u may have to hit play but otherwise works great and you can go in offline mode to save data! Screw the ad version!! Sorry my two cents stupid Ritalin!
  • Done.
  • Spotify was launched yesterday in our region, so I wanted to support it, it is the first music service that arrives to Costa Rica and latin america (at the same time of Rdio). Now that I realized that only the premium can use the windows phone version and the rest can use the free version in android and ios I am very dissapointed.  So now I will wait when they have a decent application in par to android/ios experience and I will reconsider support for the service. We don't have here Xbox music nor Nokia MixRadio, only Spotify and Rdio, so I will start checking how good Rdio is with windows phone.  I just added kudos to the idea in the forum to add my grain of sand, but it looks it will take months for an update (as usual on wp).
  • Same here I'm a Premium user but obviously free streaming is the best way to turn in new is going to make more profitable the whole service. So this thing really make non sense, especially here in Italy where WP overtaken even iOS...wich instead got free straming...?! :P
  • I'm fine with Nokia MixRadio, I can live without Free Spotify for the moment. Only a moment. I'm giving them six months. I'm being patient as it is, Microsoft waiting a year to bring the Xbox One in Singapore, I just hope they bring Xbox Music and Video with them.
  • I too am tired of these "vote to get App X on WP". Either the market supports the app, or it doesn't. If it does, it's their loss if they don't make an app for us. If it doesn't, they'll release a version app, never to be updated again...
  • I vote no.i left the windows phone world after microsoft is against google.
  • By the way, somewhat related: Microsoft's "12 days of Christmas" deal on Monday is going to be a 1-year prepaid Xbox Music subscription for $69.99 ($29.99 for the first 20 customers in-store)... I am somewhat tempted to jump on it (it's a saving of $50 vs what I paid this year going monthly), but if Spotify comes out with a good WP8 app, I'd rather use that... hmmm...
  • Spotify charges $9.99 for all users regardless of the eco system they use, and that's unfair. After a stock response about an inquiry regarding the absolutely abysmal support for WP8, I cancelled and moved to Xbox Music. Never been happier.
  • Really, 1520, really, BIG, that iphone.....
  • I vote for free streaming on Spotify.
  • Spotify used to be one of my favotite apps in my iphone days, but for WP the app is trash.
  • Couldn't care less, Xbox Music is better, cheaper and syncs across my Surface and desktop. But it should be available.
  • If Spotify wants my business, they'll provide to me the platform I need to give it to them. Until then, Microsoft, Nokia and (finally) Pandora seem to want it more. Therefore, they'll continue to receive a monthly payment from me for as long as they work to provide a product I enjoy on the devices I enjoy using.
  • I think it's great to support this developer, but I think this app is overated.  I personally think Nokia MixRadio is the best out there.  I could choose any genre, then select them to listen offline and I don't have to use up my data at all.   
  • Why does he have a Htc One Maxx?
  • please make spotify free on windows please .......................................  
  • I support this! It't not fair that everyone else gets a free app and windows phone users don't!