Watch Microsoft explain just what 'Xbox One X Enhanced' means for your games

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Alongside the launch of the new Xbox One X this fall, you'll also start seeing games labeled as "Xbox One X Enhanced." If that's a little confusing, Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb sat down with Albert Penello from the Xbox team to shed a little more light on things. Check it out above.

In simple terms, the Xbox One Enhanced label just indicates that the game has been updated to take advantage of the extra horsepower in the Xbox One X in some manner. That can include features like 4K, increased visual flair, and higher framerates. Rise of the Tomb Raider, for example, will offer your choice of all three, while Forza Motorsport 7 is aiming for 4K and high-res textures running at 60 frames per second.

The list of Xbox One X Enhanced games has grown rapidly to more than 130 games since the console was announced, and that list will only keep getting bigger as we head towards the console's November 7 launch. You can check out our full list of currently known Xbox One X Enhanced titles for more, and preorder an Xbox One X of your own now.

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  • This news is great, what I'm struggling to understand is how we are are seeing news of new titles for the Xbox one x that won't hit 4k at 60fps despite the drastic increase in power, and basically the promise of 4k gaming. Enhanced 1080 or 1440 is already what the ps4 pro is doing.
  • We are seeing new 4k games announced.
    Also, where the pro is doing checkerboard, XOX is doing native 4k.
  • Given certain HW capabilties, developers have the freedom of how to distribute resources. In simple terms, you can either invest in prettier images, higher framerate or higher resolution. All these 3 options take away from the same pool of HW resources and it is just a question of how you decide to distribute. This general principle is applicable to any GPU architecture including PS4 Pro and not just XBox One X. With other words game will not hit 4k60 if the developer decided to spend more resources into image quality. In any case the developers try to maximise resource usage and this not necessarily means that 4k60 is always the best option.  
  • Each title have a different requirement to run at a specific resolution/fps, depending on the details of the game.  The X have 4x the power of the original.. if a game runs at 1080p on base it can run at 4K (4K is 4x more pixels than 1080p), if a game runs at 720p on base (like QB) it will probably runs at 1440p on X. To double the fps (30 to 60) it's a bit harder because you need a hardware 2x faster and if the game is already using 100% of CPU at 30fps it can't go to 60fps because the CPU of X is not 2x faster than the base. 
  • Simple. xb1x can deliver, but devs can choose not to plan their cpu/gpu budget for 4k 60fps. MS can't force you not to make a 4k 1fps game. (Forza and Titan Fall 2 was said to achieve 4k and 6k with no effort.)
    Pro just simply can't deliver.
  • The only "enhanced" feature I want top to see is IllumiRoom.  That's what they demo'ed when the were trying to sell the original XBox One!  Since then, crickets! 
  • Agreed, that would be amazing.
  • That required multiple projectors and at least 2 Kinects. You're not going to see that product any time soon (or ever) with AR in development
  • Well I have 3 Kinects.  :)  I was ready!  Truthfully that was my main reason for buying the Day One Xbox One.  And that's one of Microsoft's problem.  They come up with some AWESOME ideas, then they put it away in the attic never to be seen again.  :(
  • Do you have the multiple projectors? Was illumiroom ever actually confirmed to be for Xbox? At CES in 2013 they specifically said it was running off Kinect for Windows, which tells me it was a PC. Truthfully Illumiroom was only awesome to see, it's not really a consumerable (new word?) product. You can't expect a consumer to buy so much equipment to turn a room into a bunch of screens, especially when the cost of actual screens have been dropping. Also Hololens was in production at the time, so they knew they had an AR system in the works. Illumiroom may have just been a way to guage consumer interest in something like this. If that was your reasoning for buying an Xbox, that's on you since they never announced it would ever be released.
  • At this point I am just excited to have faster loading times, though I am sure with the 4k textures needing to load that it will end up being the same.