Wattpad brings a trove of free books and stories to Windows Phone

Wattpad, a service for checking out free stories and books, has launched an official app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. Wattpad features a trove of stories written by unknown and aspiring authors, but also includes a number of free classics and offerings from well-known authors as well. Here's a breakdown of the main features of Wattpad:

  • Free stories and books written by published and aspiring authors
  • Search popular genres and unique topics to find any story you can imagine
  • Follow stories as they are written, get updates for new chapters
  • Connect with writers and other readers. Leave comments on stories and discuss the newest plot twists!
  • Save to your library and share what you're reading with your friends
  • Write your own stories. Share your writing with the supportive Wattpad community

Whether you're a writer or reader, Wattpad looks like a great way to check out some great content. And given the scope of the books and stories available, it should be easy to track down nearly anything you're interested in. If Wattpad piques your interest, you can grab the app for free at the Windows Store link below.

Thanks to David, Arpran, and Bundy for the tips!

Download Wattpad from the Windows Store

Wattpad brings a trove of free books and stories to Windows 10 Mobile

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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