We take the WP7 NES emulator for a spin - MegaMan 2 [Video]

The NES EMU 7 project, which made headlines over the weekend for reportedly not being allowed in the Marketplace (even though no has tried to submit it), is back with some improvements.

In fact, if you have some techy knowledge and an unlocked device you can now make your own emulator + NES game to load on your phone. We did just that with MegaMan 2 (ka-lassic!) and gave it a spin on our Focus.

The NES EMU 7 project is being done by one person right now and it still has some ways to go, but so far it's looks promising. We'll check back in a few weeks to see how it progresses.

Source: NES EMU 7 (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is really tempting me to unlock my Focus, but I know that besides the cool factor of playing Woodman and Bubbleman's stages while waiting in the dentist's office, I won't actually play many games on my phone that weren't made without touch in mind. It's infuriating at times.