The Weather Channel gets a facelift

The Weather Channel app for Windows Phone 7 was updated today and recieved a major facelift. Along with a graphic wallpaper that reflects current conditions, the update brings Facebook and Email sharing to the app.

Version 1.4.0 has a cleaner appearance and load times appear to be improved as well. The App continues to provide access to mobile versions of the Weather Channel's Severe Weather Center and weather videos but the updated version drops the traffic cam access.

Locations can be entered by keyword, zip code or by using your Windows Phone's location services. The Weather Channel App still has a Live Tile and an animated radar with several display layers to choose from.  You still have that pesky ad banner up top but hey... it's a free app.

You can find your copy of The Weather Channel app here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. Thanks, Dave, for the heads up!

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  • Does the Live Tile finally work? If not I won't really bother.
  • Works for me. What I want to know is how often it updates weather and if these setting are user defined?
  • Not user defined. Note that this is a pull "live tile" meaning that it does not support push notification and is slightly less dependable than a "push" live tile. Not sure of the time span between updates, but I guess about one hour. But, if for example, you don't have a signal at 8:00, the tile won't try to update till 9:00, and so on. Of course, the upside is that this app is not plagued by the "push" live tile problem that jams up your registry and shuts down your tiles one by one. This app has always worked reliably for me.
  • i love it
  • Much better than weather bug. weather bug clogged the registry. This however does not.
  • Nice, but I really prefere Weather Duck.Weather Duck is the most accurate in my country. And I love the live tile.
  • I just picked up my Arrive on Saturday (love it - don't miss the Epic I had for a week, and had charging for 6 days and 18 hours of that week!) and was wondering if there is a weather application that autodetects my location and displays that locations weather on the live tile?Android had a ton of these.I travel about 60 miles each way during my daily commute, and the weather where I live can be quite different than the weather where I work. It's be nice to have the tile update automatically for my current location.Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  • Not sure, but I think HTC Hub will do that (change in hub settings). Don't think 3rd party apps can do it due to the multitasking thing. Maybe with Mango.
  • I installed the update as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, it crashes at the splash screen now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I'm still having the same issue. :(
  • After a reboot of the phone it's working now.
  • My phone (Samsung Focus) also crashed right after installing. I've tried opening the app 5 times since install and it's crashed twice (once it rebooted the phone, once it crashed back to Home screen). The live tile reverts back to just The Weather Channel logo when it crashes. It's been stable overnight - opened and updated the app twice this morning with no issues.
  • Looks like they added a 10-day forecast in the forecast details page too.
  • Anyone from Puerto Rico has being able to make this app work?