Weather Hound for Windows Phone 8, a simple approach to the weather

Another week here at Windows Phone Central and another Windows Phone weather app has caught our attention.  This week, it is the Windows Phone 8 weather app Weather Hound.

Weather Hound is a simple weather app that delivers the basics along with Live Tile and lockscreen support.  There is not a lot of flash to Weather Hound but it covers the core weather information rather nicely.

The main pages for Weather Hound offer:

  • A summary of your current weather conditions that includes the current temperature, precipitation forecast, wind speed and direction, and a weather summary for the day and week. 
  • An hourly breakdown as to what to expect from the weather that covers the temperature, precipitation, wind and a general weather description. 
  • A daily page that offers a seven-day weather forecast that covers the general conditions, expected high and low temperature, precipitation forecast, and wind speed.

Your location can be set based on your Windows Phone location services or you can establish a forecast location manually in the settings.  Weather Hound only supports one weather location and one of my nits with the weather app is that the forecast location is not displayed on the main pages.  I can live with Weather Hound only supporting one location but at least show me which location I am using and to the developer’s credit, having your location displayed is in the works.

Up under the three-dot menu you will find options to refresh the weather information, access Weather Hound’s settings, view the About Page, access the Help/Support web pages, view any available in-app purchases, and rate/review the app over in the Windows Phone Store.

Weather Hound’s settings cover your display settings such as display units, 24-hour clock, and location services.  If you turn off the location services, you will need to select a forecast location manually.  Weather Hound has support for both dark and light themes but not independent of your Windows Phone theme setting.

You also have a lockscreen settings page which covers data refresh rate, choosing you lockscreen wallpaper (Bing images or your local image), and what to display on the lockscreen.  Weather Hound will deliver the current conditions to your lockscreen but you can also add a three-day forecast and the update time to the mix.

While lockscreen support is nice, Live Tile support is a little on the weak side though.  Weather Hounds Live Tile will display the current temperature and conditions on the front side with the temperature highs/lows, rainfall and wind displayed on the back side of the tile.  Live Tile sizes are limited to small and medium with wide tile support is in the works.

The in-app purchase is to add subway information for the New York City MTA ($.99).  It adds subway status to the main weather forecast pages as well as the lockscreen.

In a crowded field of Windows Phone weather apps, Weather Hound has potential.  It covers the basics in an attractive, simplistic manner but I could not help but feel the app was a work in progress.   Based on the developer’s website we will see additions such as wide tile support, location display, and more use of theme and accent colors.  All of which will help Weather Hound possibly stand out from the weather app crowd.  Add radar and Weather Hound might find itself towards the top of the list.

I like the clean appearance of Weather Hound with both the app itself and lockscreen support.  Overall, Weather Hound is a good choice if you are looking for a simple, informative weather app for your Windows Phone 8 device.

Currently Weather Hound does not have a trial version (should change soon though) and is only available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  The full app will set you back $.99 and you can find your copy of Weather Hound here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Weather Hound

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  • Some developers just want to follow this quote -.- "If you are good at something,never do it for free" i am never buying any app,that doesn't offer a trial version -_-
  • so what are you saying? that we kill the Batman?
  • Mmm, now we're talking.
  • I agree...
    I want to download, but what if I don't like? I want to try before buying.
  • No More Whining about .99 cents if you must then skip buying that pack of cigarettes for a day and stay home from the pub one night a week and you'll have enough money to buy 50 apps......
  • Why should anyone buy something that doesn't work or they do not like? Price does not matter, im not throwing a penny away on these devs anymore.
  • Did the math... Now none of app should be free.
  • There's really no reason to spend 99c on something you could never try before ...
  • 1-@ricbon,no we kill Ben Affleck
    3-@Andrew,developers must add trial,like fellipe said,what if we don't like the app?and FYI,I don't smoke cigarettes and I don't go to pubs(neither do I know of any pubs in Pakistan),For us,it's not about money,it's about trying the app first.^_^
  • Yes.. I don't smoke either..
    But I have no problem in buying apps, but why would I buy an app that I don't like? There is no logic in it.
  • Good weather information is not free believe it or not.
    I guess you are not a developer and don't understand the time it takes to make applications.
  • Sure is free. You have a ton of options to. Bing weather has been flawless for me, so don't give us that crap. You can also go to accuweather, the weather network, etc etc online, this app is no better. Never pay for a stupid weather app.
  • Wow. These are big companies that either own the weather information or pay a lot for it. Don't be idiotic.
  • It wouldn't hurt to add a trial function,now would it,@wp8b???btw,I think you might be the dev of this app :P jk
  • haha no no, just a part time dev that never gets enough time to do the things that he wants outside of work! I do agree about the trial though, I think the article mentioned something about it being in the works.
  • For sure there are services that aren't free to use, but that's no reason to not provide a trial.
  • No severe weather toast notifications? Its the one thing I find missing on a lot of weather apps.
  • Now I just want that developers focus their efforts in make apps for categories that have few apps. We already have many good weathers e social apps...
  • In wp we have so many weather apps , requesting developers pls don't want another new weather app, try to create some other apps than weather apps please
  • Or at least update current weather apps with proper radars!
  • iOS = app store with tons of fart apps
    WP = app store with tons of weather apps
  • That's true, pls no more weather apps
  • I second this. Weather+Zombie apps need a hiatus.
  • Like
  • Shite
  • ^this
  • :P
  • For those of us outside the USA, we need a trial to determine the functionality of an app :-(
  • There's an argument to be made that we just don't have enough weather for all of the WP weather apps.
  • Lol
  • Wuhuuuuuu, new weather app!!! It's not a good day without a new weather app, that's what my grandfather told me when I was a young boy. 
  • And now he's dead :(
  • Yawn....
  • Ok, a looooot of weather apps. Many of them good. But not one, not one! Has a decent radar with storm tracks and info on it. This info is important, at least in Texas. You can't sling a dead cat without hitting a weather app on android or ios that has storm tracks. Why is it so hard to implement on wp8??????? Why?!!!!?!??
  • I think this may be down to the fact that weather information is not free. Users want more and more for nothing.
  • Flawed logic, data is provided on ios and Droid. Bloody Favoritism!!!
  • Either shite information or with ads. I don't know about you but id rather pay a dollar or two and have accurate information. Moon on a stick doesn't come for free.
  • No disagreement here. But show me 1 paid app with a radar showing storm tracks, or moons on sticks. I'm not arguing for or against pay-for apps, I'm arguing for data that I feel is worth having, and is lacking on WP but not the other platforms. Free, or not.
  • C'mon some exiting news like temple run 2 pls!!
  • ➕2520
  • Someone needs to create a weather app that compares all the WP weather apps.
  • Combines ?
  • Shuffles and loads randomly.
  • Lol ?? :D
  • Slow news day or rather slow week !!!!!!!!!
  • How's the live tile?
  • WP = Weather Phone
  • Weather apps are the new generation fart apps.
  • Regional bing wallpaper is available..
    What country?
  • I can confirm its: US GB AU CA NZ FR DE JP CN
  • Thank you!
  • Wondering why no new weather app for long time on WP. Finally one MORE arrived. So when is the next and hw many more.
  • I actually like the clean simple style of the dark theme and in my little island extreme weather alerts are close to useless. Nevertheless, I got accustomed to the Bing weather app and there's no point in ditching it for a no trial paid weaker app. Thx to the dev anyway.
  • Yet another weather app...
  • Anyone know if and where I can find a weather app for my WP?
  • Lazy devs...making a weather app is the easiest..all it takes is call a WebService and parse...
  • Nonsense! :-) Where's yours then?
  • I am not a lazy dev...and don't want to add another to the list
  • hahah who you foolin'. I am sure you could probably use the windows phone app studio, start there.
  • Ok, go ahead, lets see it. What a lot of talk...
  • Lets see what ? another redundant weather app ? no thanks. I will save my resources for something fruitful
  • Anything 'fruitful' you have spent your time doing.
  • Need a trial version or your not going to have many takers.
  • hello, please send me the lock picture with the tower?
  • I need an app that can tell me the temperature of the air outside my home.  A bonus would be one that could tell the future temperature of days to come.  My crops need there an app that could tell me when it will rain again? My friends...the future is upon us!
  • Enough of the weather apps. The only news im waiting for is the release of Path. Its been a very long time coming.....
  • I'm having a hard time understanding why the developer is charging for this weather application when we already have the far superior Bing weather application for free.
    Who in their right minds would actually want to pay for such a basic weather application? If people are prepared to buy a weather app then there are much better weather apps to choose from in the store. And once again we have a developer who hasn't included a "Try before you buy" option.
  • This app is nice and all....but do we seriously need another weather app? Will devs finally embrace gaps and holes in the store rather than another RSS reader or weather app? what about a great podcasting app for example? or unique games? I don't think I need another weather app with the gazillion of great apps that are available already. I want devs to get rewarded for the hard word and I don't think putting another weather app in the store is going to give them what they deserve.
  • Speaking as a developer myself (we make the curiously similarly named Proto Hound and Cash Hound apps) sometimes in order to get an initial product out the door, you need to strip features. Maybe in this case, one of those features was a free trial mode. Everything in a software product takes time and money to plan, design and build. Speaking from experience, there's a fair amount of leg work in creating a reasonable trial and developing all of the rules and processes around it, so in the first few releases, you may want to leave the feature out. I, of course, don't know about this developer's stance on "free", but this may explain why they chose to roll as is.
  • If the product is good ,offer a trial and people will find out how great the app is and then they will fork over the $ for the full experience. That's my 2 cents. I would need a trial before I buy regardless of price. You test drive a car before you buy !!!!!!
  • Custom lockscreen image.... I like that
  • As usual, no language support no app download...looks nice though.