Welcome to MMS, iPhone ... Just don't kill AT&T

Today's the day our iPhone brethren finally ... FINALLY! ... get MMS. Now they can finally ... FINALLY! ... send pictures over text messaging. Congrats, guys and gals. You certainly have had to wait longer than deserved. (And if you allow a friend or family member to use an iPhone, have them read TiPB's MMS walkthrough.)

As for the rest of us, a big fear is that AT&T's oft-struggling network will come to a screeching halt as thousands of pictures of cats and dinner choices are sent flying through the ether. And, so, we get our troll on and ask: How's it holding up for you?

Phil Nickinson

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  • How is this related to windows mobile in anyway - go post it somewhere else!!!
  • u really dont get it? i have a fuze and tilt...i'm on att. the more iphone users there are using bandwidth, the less i get to use. make sense now?
  • It's related because the stupid iPhone is going to take down all of our phones.
  • I'm glad I'm on another network and dread the day the iphone is released on other carrier.
  • Congrats apple fanboyz. You finally join the class of 2005 LOL and you even join the club of 1996 with the cut/paste feature LOL
    I had an iPhone but the damn network suck so bad that I had to called it quit. I would get Important voicemail and text days later and I can't have that.
  • I'm not sure why they are so worried about the network... Most iPhone users I know were always emailing pictures to friends/family... MMS takes less bandwidth, so I really don't understand why everyone is so worried.
  • Even though I will never own one, I am happy to have the iphone around.I have a Fuze running 6.5 XDA Roms. At least in Los Angeles, I have noticed more complete 3g coverage recently and on the 25th of September, I did a speed test and got 1.5mbps! Prior to that, the best I have ever seen was around 800kbps. It's because of them (iphone owners) and their mass numbers that is forcing At&t to upgrade their network. It has always been good here in Los Angeles, but since the iphone, It is now great. I notice very few times to I drop out of 3g coverage in the L.A. area. It was not like that before. I have been sending MMS messages all weekend without failure. I can only hope this is true for the rest of us.