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The Nokia brand is coming back... on Android

Nokia is getting back into the world of phones and tablets. The Finnish vendor has licensed its name and IP to HMD, a newly-minted entity tasked with creating a portfolio of devices running Android that carry Nokia's iconic name. HMD and Nokia have also partnered with FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn that just acquired Microsoft's feature phone business for $350 million, including manufacturing, sales and distribution.

HMD has also acquired rights to use Nokia's branding on feature phones from Microsoft, allowing it to churn out new feature phones carrying the Nokia logo. From Microsoft{.nofollow}:

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced it reached an agreement to sell the company's entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd., a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, and HMD Global, Oy for $350 million. As part of the deal, FIH Mobile Ltd. will also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam — the company's Hanoi, Vietnam, manufacturing facility. Upon close of this deal, approximately 4,500 employees will transfer to, or have the opportunity to join, FIH Mobile Ltd. or HMD Global, Oy, subject to compliance with local law.Microsoft will continue to develop Windows 10 Mobile and support Lumia phones such as the Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and phones from OEM partners like Acer, Alcatel, HP, Trinity and VAIO.

With the deal with FIH in place, HMD will retain "full operational control of sales, marketing and distribution of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets" globally. Nokia is providing "branding rights and cellular standard essential patent licenses" to HMD, and will receive royalty payments in return. As for the company itself, HMD is made up of ex-Nokia executives, and as such there's a chance we may get to see more Nokia-branded devices with evocative designs in the future.

Nokia signs strategic brand and intellectual property licensing agreement enabling HMD global to create new generation of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets

Espoo, Finland - Nokia has announced plans that will see the Nokia brand return to the mobile phone and tablet markets on a global basis. Under a strategic agreement covering branding rights and intellectual property licensing, Nokia Technologies will grant HMD global Oy (HMD), a newly founded company based in Finland, an exclusive global license to create Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years. Under the agreement, Nokia Technologies will receive royalty payments from HMD for sales of Nokia-branded mobile products, covering both brand and intellectual property rights.

HMD has been founded to provide a focused, independent home for a full range of Nokia-branded feature phones, smartphones and tablets. To complete its portfolio of Nokia branding rights, HMD announced today that it has conditionally agreed to acquire from Microsoft the rights to use the Nokia brand on feature phones, and certain related design rights. The Microsoft transaction is expected to close in H2 2016. Together these agreements would make HMD the sole global licensee for all types of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets. HMD intends to invest over USD 500 million over the next three years to support the global marketing of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, funded via its investors and profits from the acquired feature phone business.

Nokia-branded feature phones remain one of the most popular choices of mobile phone in many markets around the world today, and HMD will continue to market them as part of an integrated portfolio alongside a new range of smartphones and tablets. HMD's new smartphone and tablet portfolio will be based on Android, uniting one of the world's iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile operating system and app development community.

As also announced today by FIH Mobile Limited (FIH), a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industries (trading as Foxconn Technology Group), the remainder of Microsoft's feature phone business assets, including manufacturing, sales and distribution, would be acquired by FIH. HMD and Nokia Technologies have signed an agreement with FIH to establish a collaboration framework to support the building of a global business for Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets. This agreement will give HMD full operational control of sales, marketing and distribution of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, with exclusive access to the pre-eminent global sales and distribution network to be acquired from Microsoft by FIH, access to FIH's world-leading device manufacturing, supply chain and engineering capabilities, and to its growing suite of proprietary mobile technologies and components.

Nokia will provide HMD with branding rights and cellular standard essential patent licenses in return for royalty payments, but will not be making a financial investment or holding equity in HMD. Nokia Technologies will take a seat on the Board of Directors of HMD and set mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions to ensure that all Nokia-branded products exemplify consumer expectations of Nokia devices, including quality, design and consumer focused innovation.

HMD would be led, once the Microsoft transaction closes, by Arto Nummela as CEO, who previously held senior positions at Nokia and is currently the head of Microsoft's Mobile Devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa, as well as Microsoft's global Feature Phones business. HMD's president on closing would be Florian Seiche, who is currently Senior Vice President for Europe Sales and Marketing at Microsoft Mobile, and previously held key roles at Nokia, HTC and other global brands.

Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies, said: "Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Nokia brand in an industry where Nokia remains a truly iconic name. Instead of Nokia returning to manufacturing mobile phones itself, HMD plans to produce mobile phones and tablets that can leverage and grow the value of the Nokia brand in global markets. Working with HMD and FIH will let us participate in one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the world while staying true to our licensing business model."

Arto Nummela, CEO-designate of HMD, said: "We will be completely focused on creating a unified range of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, which we know will resonate with consumers. Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing. We will work with world class providers in manufacturing and distribution to move quickly and deliver what customers want."

Vincent Tong, Chairman of FIH, added: "We are looking forward to fostering a strong and long-term collaboration with HMD global and Nokia. We are impressed by the experience and expertise of the HMD management team and are committed to supporting them with our manufacturing, technology and supply chain capabilities, to capture market opportunities together in the future."

  • Hail to King hahahah
  • Let's hope they have pleanty of  gum this time. :)
  • I want Nokia android and windows on my pocket☺
  • I want Nokia. The OS doesn't matter.
  • While i hope they release something soon, I dont think they will be releasing anything before 2017 ...if thats the case then the Nokia device will become my primary device and Surface Phone will most probably be my business phone. This way I can enjoy my favorite apps on my favorite device, while leaving hybrid for what it does best, business. That said, I know nothing of either devices or what may happen from now till then, so maybe I should just continue enjoying my 950
  • Me tooo
    I'm only a nokia fan
    Never ever liked windows os
  • rise rise again until lambs become lions
  • Interested to see if they will sell more android phones than windowsphones. Being one among so many well established competitors in android market looks way worse than being the king of the small windows phones market.
  • The loyal people will first buy if its good it will overtake xiaomi (not Microsoft since they don't have any market share)
  • Yeah it's that easy, dear market analyst :D
  • It doesn't matter if you use Windows Phone or Android. You are still competing with Android, Windows phone and iPhone. Only using Windows Phone was like boxing with your hands tied behind your back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They will sell like hotcakes ...they still have followers who are already on Android, so such an announcements has probably already peaked their interest ...despite it being dormant past few years, the brand name is still relevant and powerful, so it will be sure to make the headlines as well. Nokia wont get lost between other brands it has a massive presence...and considering Nokia overlooks the design and quality control, you can bet it will stand out from the crowd.
  • The easiest way to stand out in that crowded market is with a 41 megapixel sensor and the horsepower to truly take advantage of it. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • So many people on here are clueless. The feature phone division was already Non-Windows Mobile OS and has always been. Microsoft have simply offloaded the feature (old Nokia) division because they have no need to chase selling $20 phones in India. Microsoft are still keeping Lumia branding, at least until Surface Phone flagships launch. And as for these new Nokias, they aren't real Nokias just licenced logo carrying android phones made cheaply in China. Microsoft have $100Billion in the bank, they wouldn't have sold this for a few hundred million if there was any long-term value. Remember, Nokia was dieing long before Microsoft had anything to do with them.
  • They may not be "true" Nokia phones however a company is defined by the people within it. Therefore if HMD is consists primarily of ex-nokians for example then by extension it is being designed by "Nokia" although on paper it's a different story. It would be interesting to see how this unfolds as the Android market is extremely saturated at this point.
  • "And as for these new Nokias, they aren't real Nokias just licenced logo carrying android phones made cheaply in China."   Clearly you're the clueless one. Allow me to enlighten you: 1 - HMD, the company who has the global rights to the Nokia-branded phones, is a FINNISH company; 2 - Nokia holds a seat on HMD's board and has the ultimate saying on pretty much any phone made. It controls designs, quality, technology, consumer experience etc; 3 - the manufacturing will be done in partnership with Foxconn. Which is exactly what pretty much everyone else is doing, from Apple to Sony, including Microsoft itself (Foxconn builds the Xbox One in case you didn't know that). 4 - HMD's CEO is an ex-Nokia veteran. HMD's employees are ex-Nokians. HMD will be using Nokia patents for the phones.   So, sorry to break it to you, but these aren't "cheap Chinese phones with the Nokia logo slapped in them". I know some die-hard WP fans wanted that but that's not what's happening. These are Nokia phones. The only thing keeping HMD and Nokia apart are legal details. Because in every other aspect, HMD is basically Nokia.    
  • You Nailed it :P
  • I doubt that Nokia "has ultimate saying" as you claim from their one seat on the board. The new company has fiduciary responsibility to its investors, not Nokia. Nokia was in serious trouble before the partnership with Microsoft came about. I know many Nokia fans deny that, but it was as true. Many Windows Phone fans denied reality too. So no matter if the company is Finnish or not, no matter that some loyal Nokia employees are going back to making Nokia branded devices or not, they still have to demonstrate they've learned the lessons that led to the collapse of Nokia phones before and they have to show how they will compete with the myriad of other Android phone makers, most of whom don't make money. Those longing for return of Nokia branded devices will be happy and I'm sure there will be some nice units produced, but the brand doesn't have the cachet the true believers think it does. I hope this works, but it is a far more daunting challenge than some Nokia fans believe it will be.
  • Well said.
  • From their release, transcribed above: "Nokia Technologies will take a seat on the Board of Directors of HMD and set mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions to ensure that all Nokia-branded products exemplify consumer expectations of Nokia devices, including quality, design and consumer focused innovation."   As for "they still have to demonstrate they've learned the lessons that led to the collapse of Nokia phones before". Of course. But they've already given a step in the right direction. They went with Android. As for with whom they're going to compete, given that they'll be going for the premium brand, it's basically Apple and Samsung. Companies like HTC, Sony and even LG will likely quickly lose the battle against Nokia because, unlike what your perception is, the Nokia brand still holds a lot of power with consumers. And the power is has been losing since the disastrous Windows Phone experiment, Nokia aimes to get back with a strong marketing campaign (also announced today).   Will they go straight to their rightful place as number 1 OEM? No. Will they easily beat brands with less consumer loyalty? Yes. Are they better positioned to compete in the Android market than most other phone brands? Yes. Will they sell more Android devices than Lumias? I have little doubt.
  • Time will tell. I don't share your optimism DJ, its not done much for Blackberry's fortunes and I'd say they have a much bigger brand affinity than Nokia ever had. Nokia only seems to be important to a few forum dwellers like yourself from what I can see. But I could be wrong, a Nokia Android fragmented stinken poop might sell in massive numbers :)     I shan't be buying it, as I buy the device, not the brand. But then I realise logic very often does not overule emotion - as is eveidenced by your insatiable love of Nokia with little reason to :)
  • Time will tell, hwanger. We shall see ;)
  • Well said again DJCBS
  • You are right! But there is one additional interesting tidbit in the HMD deal: Foxconn is a major owner and shareholder, through and investment firm called "Smart Connect LP". While I am extremely excited to have Nokia back in the game, this is definitely also an opening for Foxconn. The firm has previously manufactured the low-volume Nokia N1 android tablet under license. Now they are throwing their weight into the smartphone business, no more settling to being a mere nameless iPhone manufacturer. Interesting times indeed...
  • Indeed. And it's a smart partnership. By having Foxconn as the manufacturing partner, Nokia ensures that Foxconn sees Nokia devices not only as one more device for them to produce but also that those devices are indeed top noch. Because that will mean extra profits for Foxconn too.
  • Wake up. Nokia is dead so I hate to burst your bubble but I did. Nokia won't do anything that hasn't been done before. They're dead.
  • LOL The only thing dead, mate, is Windows Phone. Nokia's return is just the final rose upon its grave.
  • i fully agree Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why so bu**hurt, dude? :) Yes, Nokia is BACK :) :)
  • @Saurav Roy are you talking to me? I'm not b*tthurt at all. Pretty much everything I said 3 years ago came to fruition lol Apparently some other people aren't too happy that Nokia actually returned as I said they would and that WP died as I said it would. I remember lots of people saying WP didn't need Nokia and that now that Microsoft was in charge we'd see amazing things and super innovation. Those people are the b*tthurt ones now, I think ;D
  • This is all correct. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • And all they will be making is low end phones using nothing more than Noki'a name and patents. Nokia will never be a major player in the phone market. I know it's hard for you to accept the death of a loved one, but the time for mourning has passed and it's time to move on. Nokia the phone comany is dead and buried.
  • That is incorrect. Nokia's CEO said it last MWC. They'll be aiming the premium market.
  • My god!!! You are so genius. You should share chair with Mr Bill Gates :P
  • I'd be happy to just share his bank account if you don't mind ;P
  • Die hard Windows phone fans don't really care at this point their more interested in a potential Surface phone from Microsoft or a high end Continuum phone from HP or others
  • Thank you DJCBS, couldn't have said it better
  • People on here are clueless? How about your spelling? *Dieing? How about *dying? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's more like they cut all future spending for feature phones, plus the 4500 people working at the Hanoi factory that are transferred to the new company. Overall it's quite a big costs cut and they will focus on smart mobile devices. Can't wait to see what the new ones can do
  • Lol I agree it gets irritating sometimes when people jump to conclusions
  • They should make a high end phone coz everybody would buy it! as if it was an iPhone lol..
  • Microsoft has a first-party app problem too
  • ****. Super bad for Microsoft I tell you. It's like everything in the world carefully lined up to screw windows mobile *sigh*
  • Well I am still not leaving hopes!!!! Just wishing to see something in 2017 from Panos's team!!! Also something in budget category!! Hope that Make Your Device Insider program is till alive and kicking!!! Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Guys, for your own good let it go please... Nothing's going to get better on WP.
  • You can downvote me to oblivion if you want - just offered my sincere advice. The market has very clearly moved on and Microsoft does not have Lumia <anything> as their priority - they are a different kind of a company now. And that's just the reality. There are better ways to spend one's time rather than waiting for a hypothetical unicorn-phone which may or may not come into existence in the near future that will magically fix the central problem with WP (which is apps).
  • You confuse your opinions with reality
  • If you don't like windows phones then better don't comment on the posts of windows central.
  • Users here are delusionsal, its to be expected.
  • These butt hurt WP fanboys on their dead platform can't face reality.
  • "butt hurt" Do people still say that? GAY! GWAR! GWAR!
  • "GAY"? Do people still say that? Yeah, if you're 15 years old. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @eehsun I upvoted you.
  • There are better ways to spend your time than trying to sell your opinion as fact. There are better ways to spend your time than trolling a site for a product line that you don't care about.
  • Just, wow..
  • @eehsun I know right. Pathetic. I upvoted your posts too. People can't handle the facts.
  • lol maybe for you for me, Windows works great
  • Enjoy your platform with a non-existent ecosystem.
  • I think you mean Panos...
  • Expect some razzing from ex-Lumia fans if Nokia is successful in restarting its smartphone business using Android.  On the bright side, at least Microsoft got $350 million selling the Nokia feature phone rights to Foxconn.  The $7 billion they paid for the Lumia business isn't a total loss, just a 95% loss.
  • 95% is still a big amount!! Well May be not for MS!!! Well have to see how will it affect Samsung! Its the still king of Android smartphones - only company making profit out of Android. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia + Android had moderate success in the EU.  Nokia knows the EU market.  I only wonder if they will try to introduce a flagship phone first or go low- and mid-market first.
  • The Nokia X-series with Android was their best selling smartphone during the Elop-time and was outselling every other Lumia smartphone. No wonder Microsoft shut the X-series down when they bought Nokia as it became a real threat to WindowsPhone.
  • Did you ever see a Nokia X in flesh? It was lower than the low end.
  • Cheaper phones sells more, what is there surprising? They have sold even much much more feature phones at the same time so maybe that's the future one should bet?
  • The X series had an higher ASP than the Lumia series.
  • As far as I remember, there was just one phone priced slightly higher than Lumia 520, and if that's truth then I can hardly believe you.
  • Hahaha. What are you smoking? Share it, please. :)
  • Dancing Dave The Nokia X-series with Android was their best selling smartphone during the Elop-time and was outselling every other Lumia smartphone. No wonder Microsoft shut the X-series down when they bought Nokia as it became a real threat to WindowsPhone.
    None of us know for sure why Microsoft bought Nokia's smartphone division. My guess (DISCLAIMER: the following is totally conjecture by me!): Along with the WP/Nokia deal, minimum sales or something like that were written into the contract. Due to not meeting this quota, Nokia was entitled to a large payout from Microsoft. It was cheaper/simpler/possibly more beneficial to Microsoft to simply purchase the division.
  • According to Nokia's own CEO last MWC, they're going for premium devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I knew you'd be lurking somewhere out there like a CATFISH. Posted from PornHub
  • If they do, it won't be from this company. I can't see Nokia's shareholders standing for Nokia trying to get back into the smart phone business. Nokia as it exists now is still struggling financially.
  • I'm a Nokia shareholder and I'm standing for it. Nokia has a valuable brand and mobile patent portfolio. It would be utterly stupid not to use it. This was obvious 3 years ago and it's even more obvious now.
  • luxnws A "flagship" feature phone? Do you not understand what a feature phone is?
  • Have you read the article carefully. MS is only allowing Feature phone business to be sold not whole smartphone and feature phone. Feature phones are low devices running on sybian or java enable os. Its nothing related to smartphone. It has lumia line and also the hardware and patents.
  • Your mama runs on Sybian. ;-P
  • Symbian is a smartphone OS and its not included in this deal. Feature Phones from Nokia were based on S40/S30 platform. They will also get a manufacturing facility based in Vietnam. They can expand in future and also foxconn will be the manufacturer and distributer of Nokia branded Smartphones and Feature Phones. :)
  • Microsoft already wrote off the entire 7 billion. They're "getting rid" of 4500 salaries and other expenses related to the Hanoi factory, etc.  I was surprised when they announced new feature phones, I thought they would just kill the feature phone part of the mobile division. Getting 350 million for it should make shareholders happy, I guess.
  • It will not be successful - the Andriod market it way too crowed.
  • Nokia should create two variants of each smartphone. One with Windows 10 Mobile and the other with Android. 
  • The whole smartphone market is crowded. If you want success, using the best OS is to your advantage. Using an OS that no one wants to buy isn't a good strategy. Nokia already proved that Windows phones are a dead end. The OEMs making Windows phones will learn the same thing. They likely already know that though. They are hoping for a miracle or are looking for brownie points from Microsoft since they are dependent on Windows for their PCs (HP, Acer, etc). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They sold feature phone (dumb phone) not the smartphone design they got from Nokia. Nokia can't use those patents design that's why the only thing they are leasing out is their name.
  • False, microsoft licensed these patents they have the right to a perpertual license of said patents. Nokia as an entity still exists, Microsoft only acquired the phone division.
  • It's probably more than $7 billion in losses, as Microsoft in 2016 reduced their  Windows Phone marketshare to 1% globally, as PC's are loosing popularity Microsoft's bing business also in trouble since bing is not available outside US, so Google's search monopoly on mobile devices is going to reduce bing opportunity to become an alternative globally (outside US).  As Satya Nadella pointed out, Microsoft's only chance in mobile business, is on services like Office 365, Groove Music and Skype, anything else (advertising revenues) is impossible until Windows Mobile marketshare grows.  2016 will be the year of Google.
  • *lose Google is also facing a record, HUGE anti-trust fine in the EU. Please show me that Nadella quote. I'm betting that it doesn't exist.
  • Here you go  "And you see Microsoft has a number of apps for Android as well, too. There’s our Bing, Skype, OneNote." "hat we are announcing today is both offerings and a road map to build a comprehensive enterprise architecture for IT professionals to be able to bring together their identity management, access management, device management and data protection into one suite and one enterprise architecture that works across all devices, Android, iOS, Windows"  
  • What you quoted is a HUGE difference than what you said: "As Satya Nadella pointed out, Microsoft's only chance in mobile business, is on services...".  Nadella never made any "only chance" proclimations.
  • No, nothing lined up; Microsoft managed to do it all by themselves. You rarely see a company be as self destructive as Microsoft.
  • True!
  • And get away with it over and over again...
  • Right, they and their cronies on sites like this threw around the word "retrenchment" like their lives depended on it and they have seen their marketshare collapse, as they intended. No one else to blame but themselves but they're probably patting themselves on the back instead.....
  • They had to come up with a good souding PR push, that would allow losing billions of $$$ and yet keep their CEO in place and their board seats intact without a shareholder revolt. Actually a brilliant plan, because it worked out exactly as they wanted with the 'news' sites swallowing it and selling everyone on the idea that destroying the Nokia assets they paid billions for is actually a secret plan to help WP succeed.  
  • Pray tell me, how is this bad for Microsoft? Do you even understand what feature phones are? They don't run W10, or even 8.1, they're barely a step up from dumb phones. That's a good market, but that's far from Microsoft's focus area/objective. -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • HMD's new smartphone and tablet portfolio will be based on Android, uniting one of the world's iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile operating system and app development community.
  • Feature phones is another word for dumb phones actually. It's the same thing.
  • Touché -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • So no more Made in Vietnamese phones , after that deal how many factories will be under control by Microsoft?
  • Manaus in Brazil and Reynosa in Mexico.
  • Manaus was sold long time ago, not sure about Reynosa but likely gone as well.
  • Yeah another competitor in the overcrowded android market really changes a lot :D
  • The more Android phones are there in the world, the lesser the WP market share becomes.
  • A company who's back from the dead, trying to rise between hundreds of second-rate Android phones, and which for what's probably a lot of people it's still associated with Windows Phone? I don't think Microsoft has even stopped to laugh at this. This has no impact on Windows Mobile which, sure, is not doing great in sales or percentages, but it's backed by Micro-freakin'-Soft. Nokia should have called it quits, I'm sorry to say. They made good phones but the company died.
  • And that'll be my first Android phone ☺ but am not abandoning windows tho
  • Did you see the video yesterday where someone got W10M running on a Nexus 5X?  Dual boot ftw. Maybe someone at Microsoft will finally catch on and see the light.
  • I thought it was a nexus 6p Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not dual boot. It just a Custom ROM
  • I abandoned Windows 10 mobile temporarily, since 2017 will be when Surface phone arrives. I really hope app gap is fixed by then with iOS bridge working 100% as expected. So in 2017 I'll try Windows phone again, but in 2016 I'm with Android.
  • Windows phone will be killed in 2017 or late 2016. They have no path forward without a huge, revolutionary product. Windows 10 mobile definitely doesn't meet that requirement. It needs to be at least as big as iPhone was in 2007. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia not windows 10 mobile
  • What? Lumia is definitely dead, Windows 10M is just waiting for them to announce it.
  • Welcome Back..
  • This is the second chance for them. they will not follow the same path of failure with Windows Phone anymore. 
  • Actually Nokia was a great success with Windows Phone, its Microsoft who was holding them back with slow updates to the OS and generally a lack of interest and care. If Nokia had full control of WP at the time the 920 and 520 came out Windows phone would be at 20%+ market share in certain European markets and not fall from 15% back down to 1%.  
  • True
  • That's nonsense. Windows Phone was a huge money burner for Nokia. Even though they got paid by Microsoft to sell these phones they still made about 30 $ loss with every Lumia phone they sold according to Nokia's financial report.
  • All success, especially when breaking into a market dominated by two giants like iOS and Android, is not measured in pure profit, but rather in the long term potential once you manage to establish yourself as the solid third option, which Nokia was well on the way of doing.
  • At the time Elop decided to use Windows Phone in the future Nokia was market leader in the smartphone market. In 2011 Nokia sold nearly 30 million smartphones each quarter and still had almost 40% market share.
  • And were clearly not going to maintain that no matter what they did. Apple and Samsung were already taking the market.
  • Releasing Android phones that could compete with Samsung would have at least gave them a chance and allowed them some market if they couldn't stand with Samsung. Only building Windows phones was a sure failure. Everyone was saying that at the time, it was obvious. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well John it depends on what is success. Apple has 90+% by holding keys on the premium part of markets like US, Japan and China. Nokia never ever had any success in anything of these.
  • No it wasn't. It saw Nokia fall from being ubiquitous with mobile phones to being "who?" Nokia was great for WP. WP was NOT good for Nokia.
  • Agree with this 110%. Such a shame. MS alienated me with their Windows Last mentality so I went to Android. But I still got an HTC (M9) because they supported WP. But MS just doesn't know how to capitalize on anything. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Their path of failure had nothing to do with WP and everything to do with Symbian. They didn't realize it was outdated in time and got left behind by Apple and Samsung. By the time Nokia realized they had an issue it was really too late. Going with WP maybe hastened their death but it wasn't the reason for it
  • ON Android??? I cant believe :(
  • Well no ex-Microsoft employee is their CEO now, so not at all surprising.
  • They thought of going Android first before MS, but with their financial position....they knew they couldnt compete with Samsung who was already entrenching as the dominate factor.  They called it right.  They went with windows because MS paid them, duh here, and they stayed alive.  They also got to keep a large part of their patent portfolio (ask moto how that went with google who used them only for patents).
  • They didn't stay alive though. They failed, and failed big time. They were forced to sell the business for pennies compared to its previous worth. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's because you haven't been paying attention ;P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can. They probably want to make money and sell products.
  • Many people today will be happy... one waiting for Nokia to make android makes....
    some will be sad to see only WP supporter going to other OS :(
    Hope MS starts making great phones now!!!!
  • Nokia+Android=RIP Windows Phone . Praying it hits the market after 2017 (so I already would have bought Surface Phone and wont have enough money to Nokia's Android though I would lov to )
  • Why would that mean RIP ? It`s like the 21321321 manufacturer that would make an android phone ... nothing changes. People don`t choose Win phone because Nokia was not with android or vice versa ... you guys act like little kids when they see big robots on screen ..
  • Well u right its just a drop in ocean, but NOKIA as a brand may help!! Some people even today want NOKIA Android devices.. May this turn the tables??? Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • At this point phones need to reinvent themselves, for me the Lumia 930 has enough power to drive everything I want to do with a phone for now. People keep on buying the next thing but nothing changes .. Galaxy S5 does the same as S6 or S7, take pictures (quality depends) and be a Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat machine .. Industry stagnates and this is shown in the manufacturers .. they try to push 4k in small screens and other meaningless stuff for it .. nobody is pushing the anvelope now like Apple did with the iPhone in 2007. MS is trying the innovation with Continuum but sadly they are trying it on a platform that doesn`t have much appeal ... and they are making small wrong moves all the way like having better support on their apps for the other platforms or removing stuff that they shouldn`t ... or just going the wrong way with design (round contact pictures on a platform that it`s based on rectangles and square design anyone ? )
  • Please don't drag iPhones into this. Apple did nothing. As for Microsofft and Windows (Mobile), they won't die out, don't worry. They're too smart for that. They may not have the most market share, but they will make a pretty decent OS. And as you said, your 930 does everything you want. The same goes for me, I have the almost exact phone (I have a 1520), and it does EVERYTHING I need. So it's not the end of the world.  
  • Apple did nothing? Are you mental? They only completely disrupted the whole personal device market by making smartphones fun and easy to use! Microsoft couldn't even begin to compete with them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can I add to your list of gimmicks..Curved Screens, phones with touch pens, phones like LG where you change batts, camera etc by slipping it in to bottom of phone....why?? Phone ads featuring Jason Statham? He can't be that skint....:-)
  • even i hate round contact pictures on Windows 10 Mobile. it looks so ugly :P
  • Please, take my single upvote and imagine it stands for 20.
  • Nokia as a brand still has a lot of power in certain markets; maybe not in the US, but everywhere else a Nokia phone regardless of the OS will garner a lot of interest from people, and if they do it right and differentiate themselves from other Android OEMs in a few years I can easily see Nokia rivaling Samsung.
  • Nokia was a giant in the past, they didn`t try to evolve at the right time and was plagued by having different design teams fighting each other internally and none winning due to bad leadership. At this moment Nokia in my eyes is seen worse than Huawei in the phone industry, if some one wants a cutting edge phone they won`t look at Nokia, but if they want a cheap or even free phone with their contract they will most likely get a Nokia non-smart phone ... From top to bottom with such speed.. but ofcourse everything can turn around ... it will be seen, but people just like to hype about everything lately.. and for now they don`t even have a product announced and I see guys going crazy in the comment section about it ...
  • Agree theese forums are full of ms haters (maybe influencers payed by ms competitors)
  • I don't know why you find it suprising that part of the sites readers have grown increasing bitter with Microsoft, they were here from the start with WP7 and Windows Central, supporting a great new Phone OS, and as time went on they got constantly screwed over and left behing first with WP8 transition, then promissed never again, just to see the same with W10m transition. That combined with the destruction of Nokia Lumia brand and the decline in Nokia WP apps that made the Lumia line so popular and you start seeing the causes of WP fans turning against Microsoft for what it had done with such a promising mobile OS.
  • Haha, look for a bunch of hyperventilating Nokia fan boys rocking free Nokia feature phones coming up. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My friend, set the pipe down for YOU are high as hell on crack. Posted from PornHub
  • Outside the US, Nokia was always a strong brand. It's the main reason WP was so successful in other countries (reaching double digit market share and even surpassing the iPhone in some countries). In countries where Nokia had a stronger brand it's Lumia devices sold better, it was obvious.  When Microsoft stopped using the Nokia name, it's sales dropped. Sure, a big part of the problem is the OS itself but the Nokia brand was helping sales. Some people realized the newer Lumia devices with Microsoft's name on them were still the same as the Nokia devices but now they'll see Nokia android devices and Microsoft Lumia or Surface devices. Which one will they pick? probably the Nokia Android, it makes more sense from both software and hardware sense
  • It's not just the brand, Nokia had alot more clout in bring alot developers into the Windows Phone arena. Which is why this would be very interesting to see how this unfolds as the world is in transition. Smartphones aren't what they used to be a few years ago in terms of use case. These days it's alot of people's sole computing device with a 70/30 split (70 - smartphone/mini tablets / 30 laptops/pcs/large tablets).
  • Do you understand what a "feature" phone is??? We're not talking smartphones in this article.
  • True. Nadella killed Windows on mobile and those of us who came with Nokia leave with Nokia now that Nokia is back.
  • feature phone != smart phone
  • At last, good to see the back.
  • Whuhw *-* never expected my follow up phone to the 1520 will be an android one but man :3 it feels good to get nokia back and get decent phones again Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Meh
  • Agreed!
  • Interesting how this will turn out.
  • Certainly their tabs will run windows 10 not the boring android. Android on a tab just feels like a big phone. Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • lol 
  • "As for the company itself, HMD is made up of ex-Nokia executives, which means we'll continue to see a strong focus on evocative designs." Not sure how one will mean the other, just the same it's very possible that these folks are the ones that drove Nokia into the ground to start with and now think they will be able to prove themselves right. Frankly Nokia willnow be just another Android OEM and as such will find the environment they have to operate in extremely hard and not open to anyone trying to innovate at a pricepoint above average. I say good luck to them as they will need it. Not expecting them to be able to go anywhere near 'Nokia quality' at the pricepoint they will be fighting at.
  • The folks who drove Nokia to the ground have names and are identified. They're Olli, Nokia's CEO before Eflop and specially Eflop, the mole.
    None of them are returning. Don't worry. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So when Elop arrived, i will for the moment think of you a child for calling another person a differnt name - like me calling you BJ4$...but i digress, and asked hey show me your phone to take on Android, they had NOTHING TO SHOW HIM.  They were developing Maemeo for years, LTE wouldnt have been ready for years, which was right (another group took it over and they finally got lte in like 2014).  Elop went the android route first, battling could they be successful, could they continue to bleed money while trying to entrench themselves into an Android war with someone with more cash and power, Samsung.  They couldnt.  So they fell on the 3rd OS at the time, WP.  Do you think google would have paid them millions to build an Android device like MS paid them?  No.  Instead, Nokia may have failed, struggled, and then been sold off for far less than the 7billion.  They wouldnt have been able to really use Here maps, just ask Moto how their skymap service went with google.
  • You should probably first learn how to read and then Google "Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo". And then read my comment once again.
  • Nokia was in trouble before Elop came on board. And if Nokia has such great minds and he was such a flop, why did they hire him?
  • Same answer as I gave above. Google Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and re-read my comment.
  • I am a loyal fan of Nokia.
    Nokia brought me WP.
    Then I begin to love WP.
    Alas, she left.
    Nokia will always be in my heart but Lumia/Surface Phone is my passion.
  • Die hard fan! . She left you now with me and she will be always mine
  • yes
  • exactly. now the situation has become very perplexing to me. i am adding to you. my 730 is in bad situation, i want to change it. i dont like 950, or 650(very basic with a high price tag). i want windows phone but i have no choice. now without giving better options, i'd like to say bigger options to buy from a wider range of lumias microsoft are selling their part of devices. i am losing faith on devices that are or will come from ms. i am really confused. i want a new windows phone but i can't find one!!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry to hear that mate.
    If your 730 can wait for Surface Phone, it worth waiting.
    MS seems to be discontinuing the Lumia line now for the SP.
    Yes, it is sad indeed.
  • Windows phone is dead for at least the next year. Time to use something else until it come back, if it ever comes back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, you can always leave the smartphone world and step down to a dumb phone (feature phone) and go back to Nokia.
  • Everything you said, same here. :)
  • Welcome back Nokia and bye bye windows Microsoft phones
  • good luck to them i hope they can take their position back from samsung
  • Sorry, I won't use those phones.
  • My last nokia is the 1520 and will not buy an android chinese phone
  • Oh! You wouldn't buy any phone then. Technically, almost every phone is Chinese.
  • If they keep up the old Nokia standards of quality and manage to make Android secure and free from sending all you data to Google, it will be an easy switch from Microsoft killed WP.
  • Just imagine partnering with BlackBerry :P
  • Android will be updating automatically and in the background when phones are released, so security will not be an issue. It is up to the user if they send data to Google, just like with Windows 10 and Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow i really admire the nokia in terms of designs ..
  • Nokia+android=1/rip windows mobile
  • NOKIA+android+foxconn=just another chinese phone with android
  • It's not Foxconn dude, it's HMD from Finland.
  • Foxconn buying the feature phones from Microsoft makes them part of the business. Hon Hai press release: "HMD has signed an agreement with FIH and Nokia Technologies to establish, on closing of the Microsoft transactions, a collaboration framework to support the building of a global business for Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets. "
  • HMD with no facilities to build a phone.  HMD and Foxconn will work to bring a Nokia Android handset.  Again basically all they would be doing is making sure it meets Nokia standards...not much else.  Nokia will have 'little' control over Android.  Unless they bring some crazy camera tech, android does not entice me, sorry Nokia not this time.
  • Big deal Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Who the hell do you think manufacturers your Xbox, mate? I'll answer that for you: It's Foxconn. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't have XBOX dude. It's a diffrence between an assembly (xbox) and brain trust (new branded nokias)
  • LOL I was going to say this.
  • like iPhone. Even you might be using a just another chinese phone. Just check where it is made?
  • It will not be the same Nokia though..
  • Right
  • True Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • RIP Nokia brand... Once Europe's greatest today an chinese cheap business
  • Uh... You do realise HMD is a Finnish company, right? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HMD that relies on Foxconn's hardware and Nokia brand.
  • I don't think you understand. Foxconn manufactures stuff. They do it for almost everybody. But the hardware designs, the technology etc, it will ALL be Nokia's through HMD. As I've been saying since 2013, Nokia (HMD) writes the book, Foxconn prints it.
  • We can't tell how much of Nokia's original essence will be in HMD's product until we see the real thing. It's possible that some of Nokia's product signatures be there but its also possible that Nokia's original quality be lost as the product needs to be highly cost competitive in today's Chinese OEM-dominated Android market.
  • Microsoft is also selling a Nokia Factory situated in Vietnam
  • Yes, to Foxconn and the branded nokia phones will be manufactured there
  • Who cares? I don't like android even from a finnish company
  • Touche
  • The beast is coming------>
  • Ugh.
  • Instant buy.
  • So that mean Nokia windows phones will get update on Android?
  • No.
  • Thx
  • Lol
  • Hahahah.... it would be big disaster!!!!!! Just think... phone update says.. Downloading Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow - this will make you phone to run even better :P Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Well at least we won't see random reboots then.
  • I never had random reboots on Lumia 730 OR new Lumia 950! Atleast after installing official build!!! Posted from ever slow HP Pavilion g6 running Windows 10
  • I never had random reboots on Lumia 730 OR new Lumia 950! At least after installing official build!!! Posted from ever slow HP Pavilion g6 running Windows 10
  • Ha, random reboots have been around on Nokia phones before WP ever came along. Heck, I left the old Nokia for a Samsung Omnia 7 because of how incredibly stable that phone was, plus the smoothness of WP 7.   
  • Interesting, but not market-changing. I can't exactly see them getting to dominate the Android market any time soon, if ever, the Nokia brand has suffered a lot and they've still got a bit of a stigma of being out-of-date and basic. They'll do okay, sure, but they're not gonna be in the ranks of the bigger OEMs, not for a long while.
  • To common people it would just be an Android phone from the old Nokia and their trust in the brand. Only we know that it won't be the same team or the same reliability.
  • Thing is, to what degree do general consumers trust a brand that publically fell behind the times and needed buying out?
  • HMD is made of ex-Nokia employees using Nokia technologies. I don't really see how did you come up with the "won't be the same team or the same reliability". If anything, reliability will be even better because Nokia won't be dependent on a third party to have a working OS. Anything Google doesn't have on Android, Nokia can add it without needing Google. The same didn't happen on WP (hence the GDRs).
  • Just check the latest market share reports: The small Android OEMs are the ones that are gaining really fast market share at the moment. Lot's of people are moving from Samsung, Apple or Microsoft to smaller Chinese or Indian Android OEMs. Also the Nokia name is huge especially in Asia and Europe: Just check what happened when Microsoft ditched the Nokia name for their Lumia phones: Their market share in Europe fell from 15 to 5 percent within less than 6 months.
  • Simply not true
    640 sold well in europe
  • Outside the USA, yes.  Funny thing about this all?  MS paid Nokia to make WP, now Nokia will be paying MS to make Android....oh the hilarities imo.
  • Umm, how will Nokia pay MS to make Android again?
  • I think they should aggresively market their phones in developing countries like India. People still have a soft spot in their hearts for Nokia. But Nokia needs to advertise it in such a way that people remember their old happy days with Nokia. Once its done.... Nokia is a success atleast in India. People here still say there is no phone i have used till date like an old Nokia. But its APPS APPS AND APPS nowadays so they have to go Samsung/LG/Chinese OEM/Apple
  • Well done Elop,a guy that can talks good game at product presentations but ultimately he wrecked Nokia.Firstly with his 'Burning Platform ' memo then the disastrous decision to concentrate wholly on Windows phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Elop got nice price from MS. Nokia just bought Alcatel-Lucent and has ~ 10 billion in the bank. This new enterprise is 0 risk for Nokia. Nokia receives royalties and keeps brand visible yet bears no operational risk.
  • Do you know why the burning platform even came to be?  Do you know internally what exactly was going on?  I could give you a history lesson if you really really wanted to know that you dont get rid of your CEO if you are doing great/fine....enter Elop, and the internal history of the Failed Nokia that rarely gets reported because it's easier for someone to blame Elop than to actually grip the reality that Nokia was in the gutter.
  • Let's check Elop's achievements: "During Elop's tenure, Nokia's stock price dropped 62%, their mobile phone market share was halved, their smartphone market share fell from 33% to 3%, and the company suffered a cumulative €4.9 billion loss." (Wikipedia)
  • That's not Elop but previous management & Symbian that caused it. In the end Elop saved Nokia and Nokia is now thriving. Staying with Symbian/Meego would have surely killed Nokia for good. Android.. no one knows as Nokia would still have had to made serious restructuring but without any outside support.
  • The article says Microsoft will continue to support lumia phones such as 650, 950 and 950 xl.
    So no more support for 640 xl?? It came out with Microsoft branding though.
  • That shouldn't be taken so literally, 'such as' means examples, not the full extent. They will support the 640XL, and any other Lumia with Windows 10. They don't need to have to write an entire list every time they state something. ☺
  • Time to move to Android Finally
  • No big deal, they will do as well as most oem in android, not well at all.
  • Good. Microsoft won't do it then let someone else do it.
  • Oh wow...... Sucker! Like it's something new. We ****** knew it 3 years back. Old news.
  • Qwerty phone please Nokia 
  • Well! Nokia once made me switch to Windows phone and now it will made me to switch to Android. Welcome back Nokia :) Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Why didn't they come back to windows 10 mobile AND android?
  • Because Nokia knows windows was good and neat till 8.1 phonea and now it's and ugly **** which lost its userfriendlyness. Also it might be possible but Microsoft will have itself for rival that would be LOL and also result in decrese in OTM sales.
  • You learn from your mistakes to make sure u don't commit them again, not to try them again.
  • If you burn your hand on a stove, will you put your hand there again? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If u cooking yes u will
  • Yeah, well, you know normal people don't cook their hands, right?
  • Who knows, they just might.  Considering the patent Royalties they now have to pay MS for in Android, they may get away with pushing out another windows phone to avoid the patent fees.
  • Lol. Nokia receives royalties from HDM. If HDM needs to pay also for MS its not Nokias problem.
  • They don't have to pay Microsoft anything to use Android. Many manufacturers don't. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • All that Nokia has to do to avoid ANY royalties to Microsoft is pre-install the Microsoft apps suite on their Android phones (like Samsung and Sony are doing). I can bet with you that Microsoft will rather forfeit the royalties and have that than be concerned with Nokia's return and that putting the final nail in W10M.
  • That's so cool for Nokia. Have been waiting to hear such a fantastic news. Been a fan of Nokia from day one. Find it hard to use other product. And as for Windows. With the development of Windows 10. I so got lot of hope in them. # WindowsTheBest # Nokia Live'sOn
  • from day 1??? were you born in 1865???  :P :)
  • happy happy....just got another reason to dump my 630... had enough with windows phone...
  • Me too. Except I haven't had enough of Windows phone.
  • If it's truly next year, l should manage holding my Lumia 525 till then.(and sure I go back to wp8.1.l can't tolerate wp10's annoyance anymore)
  • Buy a second hand phone to go through till then.
  • Oh no no. Buy another cheap phone if you want a phone right now. Who knows what will hapoen next year and then imagine the frustration... However I'm also excited for Nokia's return :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sorry off topic but is anyone having issues with the signature not too be seen below the comment after latest app update. Like just now. No signature below the comment.
  • I don't want a signature and had already diabled it. : )
  • Read people, feature phones, the stripped down lowest level 'smart' phone you can buy. Nokia tried a tablet too, how did that go? And I'm sure you've all read how Nokia has moved manufacturing right, I believe it was posted here not long ago. This is a last ditch effort to save the name and that's all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Nokia Z tablet was just a low level experiment limited to China. Although, they did create a few sales records in the few flash sales they had.
  • Why do you think it was limited to China...
  • Because it was a test to the new business model and Foxconn has their factories there.
  • You can say the Lumia 950 is a feature phone also as feature phones are charactarized by not having any apps...
  • It's not our fault you cannot count 600k.  I mean i know you only have 10 fingers and toes, and that is about as far as you can go ;)
  • I tried to use the built in calculator in W10M but it said "Resuming..." all the time. Sorry.
  • 2016 and people are still using raw app store count as a metric that means anything...
  • I love Nokia lumia with Windows 8.1, i hope Nokia still produce that lumia beside android, because i never like android.
  • Lumia is now Microsoft's. Nokia cannot even if they wanted to which they wouldn't want in the first place.
  • Longtime wait, Nokia. Cheers.
    Btw, microsoft doesn't know to price its phones for obvious.
  • They don't have sense of marketing like Samsung ,Lenovo and micromax. They need to learn lot
  • I'm done with windows phone. Or can I be?
  • All this means is the Microosft will make a SurfacePhone in order to complete their own refrence hardware OS lineup. Hell that wont cost them anything at least it will cost a lot less than 7billion, so if the new phones sell they sell if they dont it's just another Xbone.
  • on my exprince noika is king of quality product. but they failed to update there product on time and why dont you follow apple and come whit 4 to 5inch screan mobile phone in marked
  • If this is more than feature phones and the industrial design and quality Nokia brought to the game remains then I'm finally going to cave and switch to Android. Get Marko Ahtisaari back on board and I'm instantly sold.
  • Yep... The life-Cycle continues!
    Behold the return of the king.
    Yeah.. I know, android way though.
  • Good news, Finland needs this brand, hopefully they protect it.
  • I trust they will. The Finnish government has been everything but happy with how things unfolded since 2013. And Nokia itself is still a major part of Finnish economy.
  • I hope national pride (good if that means citizens choose to spend their money on the homegrown products) doesn't mean government involvement. If the government gets too involved, at least in the long term, that's unlikely to be good for the business. Governments do only two things well: tax people and break whatever they touch.
  • I'm not interested in Android, no matter how much I preferred Nokia devices, I will not go to Android. iOS if I really had no other choice.
  • I will probably get downvoted to hell for this, but....I would have been "ugh", but now that we are almost positive that the Surface Phone is coming, I'm to much looking forward to that to really care about this.
  • I will probably get downvoted to hell for this, but....I would have been "ugh", but now that we are almost positive that the Surface Phone is coming, I'm to much looking forward to that to really care about this.
  • Here's my upvote, Nokia in bed with China and android it's not worth the trouble
  • Yeah, because the Surface Phone, if it happens, will be manufactured on the Moon by a Martian company.
  • I bet you think your crappy WP was built in Redmond.
  • Not Redmond but in Vietnam and owned by Microsoft until today.
  • Welcome back, King :)
  • WP is irrelevant, no one cares, especially Microsoft, even they have seen the writing on the wall, the fat lady is getting her pipes ready. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lots of dreamer in here. Nokia is dead. Samsung must be on hyper hibernation for Phones with the Nokia brand to dominate Android.
  • It will be interesting to see how they fare using the Nokia name. Although it holds stock with a lot of people here and those of us who used Nokia phones "back in the day", I'm not so sure the name carries enough ooompf to really push any significant sales on that alone. It will really depend on how good the media hype is behind any products that launch.
  • Microsoft giving nokia another chance to rise with android
  • I'm rather interested in what has and what hasn't been kept by Microsoft after this sale. Anyone at WindowsCentral that knows what assets are still kept by Microsoft since the Nokia hardware division acquisition? Or is this a traditional buy and sell by parts of the old Nokia division?
  • Microsoft didn't get much from Nokia in the first place and what they got is mostly gone. After the sale of the feature phone business, Microsoft will probably just keep a handful of ex-Nokia employees and that's it. For example, one of Microsoft's new heads of Windows-UX, Peter Skillman, is an ex-Nokia veteran who moved to Microsoft after Nokia sold HERE to Volkswagen & Friends. Juha may also remain at Microsoft - if Microsoft actually knows how to value his work. But that's pretty much it. Microsoft is keeping some talent from the ex-Nokia D&S division but everything else is gone.
  • @DJCBS, thanks for the details. You've always seemed to have a really strong inside knowledge on this deal (or just very well-read on the public info) . While if I had to choose, I'd go with Windows over Nokia, I've always been a fan of both and have been sad how this whole thing worked out. You're notes here give me some comfort that the Nokia people are at least getting something of a soft landing back home with a new purpose. Cheers.
  • I'm actually happy about this.. I loved Nokia phones.. I'd drop $600-700 for a Nokia phone if they decide to make high end phones! Good news! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Make a well-built phone with MeeGo UI skinned on top of Android N. Then throw in some Nokia branding magic, and you have a winner.
  • You can get MeeGo icon packs on the Google Play Store that will turn an Android phone into a MeeGo look-a-like already. That's the beauty of Android. You can make it look any way you want.
  • I have the MS ecosystem everything. My money, time, and the loyalty that I have Nokia since 2000. They have strategically buried Lumia and as much as I didn't want to... I'm jumping ship.
  • Thanks to Nadella's new better vision for Microsofrt, you can keep the Microsoft ecosystem intact even jumping to Android. I did.
  • I wonder how many people here actually read the article. Nokia is not making the phones, they are only slapping the name to these phones. They will be involved in the creation it sounds like, but mostly this new company is using the name to try and sell phones. Nokia us still a huge name in the mobile industry, and this may work to sell some crappy phones. I'll wait until they release their first phone to make a judgement.
  • So you've seen the phones already and know for a fact they are "crappy"?
  • I think that Elop and Balmer are most powerful and unbeatable duo in businesworld ever seen. Their actios put two most significat compays in own field to the crisis that still continue. Their actions had cost billions of dollars today and the bill is not nearly paid yet. No man has ever do that before.
  • I'll be curious about how the first Android from them will be like, I mean with this new partnership. Hopefully they'll think of having them work with American LTE frequencies.
  • With Microsoft essentially selling Nokia's phone business back to Nokia/Foxconn, while incorporating some of the assets into its Surface division needs to maintain a presence globally if only for select Surface branded devices. Microsoft might not label themselves as hardware business but as long as they keep to manufacture quality and premium surface products, they need a global presence for after sales service. Because without a good after sales services like warrantee claims and repairs, original accessories support, batteries etc. There is no point in spending so much on a product. Not to mention official distribution and these after sales services provide a peace of heart to buyers. As a lumia owner from Pakistan, Microsoft Mobile's have essentially left the country and now I have no clear after sales service for my previously owned lumia 525 and 730. Also, because of this I'm shying away from buying either of lumia 650/950/950xl however much I want. Hope Microsoft figures their hardware strategy soon. Because you can't sell hardware without giving buyers the peace of mind that their products will be taken care of post sales.
  • The only reason I ever joined this whole Microsoft brigade was because of Nokia (I have never used another phone besides these two).
    Irrespective of how closely I have come with Windows, I'll ditch this dead OS as soon as something good is released with the Nokia name.
  • And here i find a Nokia Fan. Same here:) #LoveNokia
  • one more nokia phone ki to lag gayi india me,definitely Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey Nokia, babe....take my money & give me the phone. Let it be a dumb or smart one. #Nokiafan :)
  • The Android market is way beyond saturation point for hardware OEMs. I can't see them taking from the Samsungs, Sonys et al
  • Oh believe me, they'll quickly crush Sony. It's not hard. Sony has been making stupid decision after stupid decision for years now. And if Sony's CEO word is serious, Sony Mobile will probably be shut down or sold by the end of 2016 ("return to profitability or face the consequences" were his words).
  • Not surprised. This was their plan all along.
  • Finally i can also have a android phone :D Cuz only because of Nokia phone :)
  • Is there any risk for existing Nokia phones running windows ( such as 730,735 ). I mean like not getting future updates.
  • There are no future updates for those phones now and they have nothing to do with Nokia. Those are from the part of Nokia that was sold to Microsoft and support for them comes only from Microsoft.
  • Can't wait. Nokia always made the best phones back in the day. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't hold your breath.  It's FoxConn making the phones now, not Nokia.  It won't be that great.
  • Then say that iphones are not great too
  • Can't wait to get a Nokia Android phone :)  
  • U people are dumb it's another business that is licensing nokia name to make products, not nokia themselves designing and making products 2 different things Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It says all the execs are ex-Nokia 
  • Can't wait to see what they can come up with now that they got the monkey (WP) off their back
  • This will NOT be a "Nokia" phone.  It will be a FoxConn phone.  Sure it will have the same name, but will be built by the OEM that makes just about every other Android phone on the market today.  So instead of being special, like the original Nokia would have made it to be, it will be JAAS (Just Another Android Smartphone.)  This is a "slow news day" kind of news story.
  • They are designed by HMD in Finland, only built by FoxConn. Kinda like Xbox One. Is Xbox One just a "FoxConn console"?
  • Actually i agree. We wont see Made by Nokia sticker on any phone it will say designed by HMD Oy and Manufactured by FoxxConn. A sad  truth :( But i wish they get success and Nokia purchases HMD Oy along with that Jolla :P Nokia still has a factory in India. Once they resolve the issue we might see a Made by Nokia sticker again :)
  • Nokia will sell the factory as soon as possible. That part of India is not suitable for companies unwilling to pay bribes. Sad though as it used to employ thousands good workers and mainly women.
  • Missed you Nokia.
  • Rise from your grave..... Just like Altered Beast, we have not yet seen their final form.  
  • I'm really worried this'll be Nokia in name only. I hope it's done right.
  • King is back
  • Rip Windows 10 Mobile
  • Nobody saw that coming.
  • Windows mobile will be back strong next year!! The latest update for the fast ring is on par, if not better from ios and android. We only need two major updates, the one is for facebook and the other one for messenger. The Panos phones will definitely have strong effects for the division.
  • LOL, Next Year™
  • Feature and app parity? Not before end of 2018.
  • I didn't speak about applications! Have you tried the latest build?
  • You're freaking delirious man
  • Features are being removed. FM Radio, PDF Reader, panoramas etc. Is Android going to do the same?
  • MSFT's "Coming Soon ™ Coming Soon ™" & Finally Nokia has come back :D
  • I want Artoo Nummela to continue making Windows Monile phones :'(
  • I want Artoo Nummela to continue making Windows Monile phones :'(
  • I personally don't care about Nokia. Right now when I boot my windows mobile, it says Microsoft on it and I love it. :D
  • They can get away by just pre-installing MS apps.
  • LOL at the trolls that atack everyone ho's pro Microsoft
  • Man, this is why I hate coming back to this darn site. Nokia coming back is great general news, but to mention "Android," this should be in Android Central! What an insult to Windows and Windows Phones with this crap.   Unless I can port Windows 10 Mobile to an Galaxy S7 Edge with the Enyxos 8890, I might jump Android, after all it wasn't created by Google, so I'll let it slide. I let YouTube slide because it was created by On2.
  • YAY!!!!!
  • What is going to be the new Nokia is not just feature phones... Some folks need to read the first paragraph again. While I loved my 1520 I didn't like the os on it as much, it didn't have the flexibility I wanted . I fully expect to see one built like it but running Android on it this time around with all the features unlocked to take full advantage of it. If the specs are top notch I will buy one, if they aren't, I won't, simple as that. Will this effect WP, absolutely it will and I think in a very good way. I see the path clear for Microsoft to finally go ahead and build the Surface phone so many people have been longing for. It's not a Lumina and that is a good thing. The time is ripe for them to do this and if they don't they only have themselves to blame. Mobile technology is not standing still it's just that the deck is being reshuffled. Apple is starting to feel the pinch and is starting to loose money, same for Samsung and all the rest and at the end of the day innovation is going to be the driving force behind whose on top... Microsoft has the deep pockets for this, but hopefully they have new marketing people in place, not those who have done a lousy job in the past. I think Microsoft has seen the light with flooding the market with cheap phones and the Surface phone when it comes out will be as pricy as all of the Surface line of devices are, and people will pay for them just as they do for the rest. They have done a good job of getting their core apps to people and now they are going to reap the benefits of this strategy.. Or so they hope........ Anyway around it, it's going to be a wait to see what happens with this Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At last, maybe it will mean the people who love Nokia and appear to hate Microsoft and Windows will all go away and find some other place to chat and leave WINDOWS Central to people who like Windows.  
  • Microsoft has made many mistakes, and most of them have been on Mobile, its time to learn about those mistakes and think in the future. Microsoft is a $350 billion dollar company, I'm sure it will fix Mobile, but it has to be done efficiently and wisely.
  • Fixing is started by removing basic features and releasing buggy betas months after months. Windows mobile is fubar.
  • It would be nice to travel back in time and let Microsoft fork Android in 2014 before Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, and give Carriers and Tech enthusiast a flagship Lumia 1030 McLaren running an Android fork using a Windows marketplace that hosted APK android apps as Amazon does with FireOS for their Kindle tablets. We would probably  be talking about much more than 7% of global marketshare.  Today is 1%, it cannot go worst can it?  Well yes, it could, Windows Mobile is still alive, lets wait for 2017 people, when Surface phone is released.
  • "IF" the Surface phone is released. Microsoft may very well kill it if they have no revolutionary feature. The chance that they will come up with something market disrupting between now and then is very low. All of the OEMs making Windows phones this year will not return next year due to low sales. Apps will still not be available and many will leave due to the low market share. This will prompt Microsoft to kill Windows Mobile and the Surface phone, the same as they did Mclaren and Surface Mini. They are just going through the motions, if they were really dedicated to Windows Mobile, they would be focusing on it today. It is going to be even harder to succeed next year. The things Google announced today will be implemented by then and Android will be even stronger. Windows Mobile will barely be out of Beta, let alone able to compete with a mature ecosystem and OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I predict it will drow amidst a sea of other generic Android phones. Sorry but I highly doubt that Nokia has enough differentiation to make a comeback against the few big companies selling Android phones (off the top of my head, Samsung, LG, Sony...)
  • The marketshare in smartphones is very dynamic  in 2015 it was: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi In 2016 it is  Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo  Chinese brands come and go, but the popularity of Samsung and Apple is still very strong, I'm pretty sure if Nokia makes the things right we could be talking about something like this in 2017 Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Nokia.  I have strong feeling that Sony is going to become very popular again and be on the top 5.
  • I agree with everything except the Sony part. Sony is making mistake after mistake on mobile. Their latest Xperia X range is their biggest yet. And they keep losing money. If Sony's CEO makes good on his word, I doubt there will even be a Sony Mobile in 2017.
  • I'm Windows Phone all the way (love the ecosystem and the (current) MS strategy), but I have to say to DJCBS: you were definitely right on this. You've been predicting this since the sale of the division to MS.
  • I know it's farfetched, but unless Nokia decides to sell a Windows Mobile device, I'm staying out. Android served no purpose to me when I switched for a few months. I missed my Windows Mobile device the entire time.
  • People, so really... do you WANT NOKIA to fail?  Having a company succeed ANYWHERE means jobs and a better life for people.  I for one hope they do well, for the employee's both current and future..  that said I wish some NOKIA people would have the same outlook for Microsoft products. The seething hate for something by some on this forum is shocking to be honest.  I would mention some people but I know it will do no good... they are blinded by hate on something as silly as a phone.  I know we will hear the normal "... but I own 37 Windows Phones..." but in the end not supporting something for the benfit of all is just a nasty attitude.. So here's (no pun intended) to Nokia!  Lets hope they do well in thier (kinda) new endevor! :)
  • Most logical thing I've read in a while. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Simplistic at best.
  • First BlackBerry and now Nokia. Who's next?
  • now microsoft will see the power of nokia brand.most of the windows phone sales in india was beacuse of nokia brand,people will still buy nokia phone bcoz most of nokia fans dont care about os.i m one of them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mostly different people and being built outside of the company....not close to the same as before.  No need to get excited.
  • don't care at all, nokia is dead to me, i just wan't great windows mobiles such as the hp elite.
  • Like me also. eng . Ahmed Al-Kttawy
    Lumia 640XL
  • Android, iOS, or Windows 10 Mobile. I'm not picky. I just want my updated 41 megapixel sensor with improved algorithms, latest Snapdragon processor and updated features like live view changes for shutter speed(and extended up to 30 seconds) and ISO and the ability to manually adjust white balance. That technology is begging to be updated with the horsepower it truly deserved in the first place. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • GooD bye beta OS
  • Well just waiting for new NOKIA PHONE.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wouldn't it be great for Nokia to come back with a Lumia 920-like design in a 5.2in form factor with a Snapdragon 652, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage with microSD, and a 3000+ mAh battery? If they could also have a good camera (>12MP) and the camera shutter button, that'd be gravy, too. I'd definitely be interested, W10M or Android! Just imagine if that was ~$350 USD. (:
  • It's funny to see some people so adamant on proving the failure of Nokia even before anything concrete has come up. When MS took over Nokia these people were saying that Nokia can't ever come back in any form, whenever someone talked about Nokia's return. It's the same this time, nobody knows what will happen in future regarding Nokia's success. I'm always optimistic. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP is irrelevant, put a fork in it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I might get new Nokia now! ^^
    well going to first see what specs and other quality it has.
  • great, I'll buy at least one.