Is another Windows phone reboot really a good thing?

Microsoft's Windows 10 'CShell' adaptable UI in images and video

CShell would become a modular framework for all of Windows, so Microsoft can allow hardware creators to pick and choose aspects of Windows 10 for different devices, complete with adaptable UI elements for smaller screens and tablets. Much of Windows 10 Mobile is being injected into Windows 10 for PCs as Microsoft moves to further converge the ecosystems.

However, that concept comes with downsides.

There's an interesting discussion taking place on the Windows Central forum right now about this specific topic.

You may be wondering what happened to Microsoft's ambitions in the mobile space. The company has been creating a lot of hardware lately, but it's focused on its Surface-branded line of devices running 'full' Windows. A new Windows Mobile handset hasn't been in the rumors for quite some time now. That changes today, because a new unconfirmed report now claims that Microsoft is testing just such...


As noted by our own Senior Editor Zac Bowden, Windows 10 Mobile with CShell looks as though it won't be able to run Silverlight apps, which means many of the apps Windows phone users currently rely on, including Whatsapp, will no longer function. Windows 10 Mobile with CShell would be a purely Universal Windows Platform (UWP) affair, but the benefits of Continuum, on-going development, and the future of the platform should (hopefully) outweigh the negatives.

What do you think? Is another reboot what Windows on phones needs? Or is this going to be the final nail in the coffin? We'd like to hear your thoughts, so hit the link below and sound off in the forums.

In the forums: Microsoft Reportedly Testing New Phone With New Windows Mobile OS

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